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Double Trouble Ch. 01

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It all started a couple of months ago when me and my younger sister Jessica went over to my older half-sister Lissa’s. I needed to get some yard work done for her since she recently divorced her husband and her two sons weren’t ever around.

It was a hot day in the middle of summer, so I wasn’t wearing a shirt while mowing the lawn. I’m a pretty average guy, about 5’10 and thin, I don’t have much in the way of muscles, but I do have some. The girls were laying out in their bikinis trying to get some sun. They had the radio on listening to a mix of genres, while sipping some drinks I made them since I just started bartending at the beginning of the year.

After about an hour of pushing that damn lawnmower back and forth I finally finished. I wasn’t quite ready to end my day outside so I decided to run up onto the pool deck where my sisters were sunbathing, and do a cannon ball into the pool in an effort to get them wet. Well, the plan worked brilliantly, they both got drenched from head to toe. They yelled at me, calling me a brat and I replied with a teasing laugh then sticking out my tongue. I then decided to invite them in telling them that since they were already wet they might as well.

As they got up I was glad I had my sunglasses on because I couldn’t help looking each of them up and down as they stood. Jess had just turned twenty one a few weeks ago and her body definitely matched her age. She had a slender frame like me with a delicious v running from her hips to parts beyond. She was also blessed with perky b-cups that shimmered in the sunlight. My older sister Lissa, who was fifteen years older than my twenty three, had an athletic build. She was a huge fitness buff, she worked everyday and even boxed every few days. She got some good genes from our mother with her outstanding d-cups. I was brought back to reality when I heard them giggle as they jumped into the pool and each splashed me.

We swam around for a little while splashing and laughing, calling each names as we always did. Finally when all of our fingers and toes were pruned we decided it was time to get out. They went back to their chairs and drinks while I dried off and told them I was going to grill us up some dinner. Still in just my shorts I cooked some burgers hot dogs for us to chow down on. As Jess took a huge bite into her hot dog a big glob of ketchup dropped right onto her cleavage. I watched it fall and then almost started drooling as I watched her scrape it off with her finger and stick it into her mouth pulling it out slowly sucking all the ketchup off her finger in an innocently provocative way.

At this sight I could feel all of my blood rushing southward. We were finishing up dinner and I still couldn’t get the thought of Jess sucking her türbanlı escort finger out of my head, and as I stood up I realized I still had a raging boner. And I wasn’t the only one, in unison my sisters said “well it looks like someone is excited about something!” I blushed and rushed into the house. I could hear them giggle as I went inside half embarrassed and half turned on.

I decide its time for me to get a shower to wash off all the sweat, grass, and chlorine left on my body. I walked out in my towel to go to the room with my clothes and as I walked past Jess and Liss, Liss’ dog jumped on my and effectively pulled my towel down with him. Still being half hard from the dirty thoughts I had in the shower it didn’t take me long to get full mast. I didn’t react fast enough and they saw everything. I quickly grabbed my towel and wrapped it back around my waist, but it was too little, too late. I looked up to see both my sisters mouths open in amazement at my huge eight inch cock. I told them I was going to go take a nap since we were going to go out to our favorite bar tonight and I was tired from the afternoon.

I laid in bed with all kinds of thoughts running through my head. I was still hard and so I decided to fix it by beating off. I heard some muffled noises by the door which was slightly open. I strained my eyes through the darkness to see what was making the noise. To my surprise, Jess was standing there her arm down at her at her waist and I think she was moaning! Once I realized she was watching I didn’t stop, but started going harder and started to moan louder. As I blew my huge load I heard her moan pretty loudly a couple more times until she was finished and when she realized I was too she quickly ran away.

I fall asleep til about nine or so and then get up and start getting dressed just as I’m putting my boxers on Lissa barges in and forces me to zip her dress up. I complained and asked why Jess couldn’t do it, she told me that she was finishing up in the shower. I thought of what a dirty girl she was earlier and turned to Lissa and said I’d be glad to help. I zipped it up slowly running both my hands up her back and then I felt her shudder. I asked if she was cold and she said just a little with a giggle. She turned around gave me a peck on the cheek with a smile and pranced off to finish getting ready.

I decided to play a few rounds of call of duty while they finished getting ready, and when they finally called me down I could feel my jaw drop when I viewed them in their beautiful skin tight and skimpy dresses. Just then I felt a punch on my arm and saw Jess ready to hit me again when she said stop ogling and let’s go get drunk! I snapped out of my daze and grabbed tüyap escort the keys to my convertible.

I put on my favorite edm station and crank the volume and start to jam out. Jess and Lissa laughed at me but they soon join in on car dancing. We finally arrive at the bar and I order us each a shot and a drink. We down both the shot and the drink and order another. Slam those again really quick, and order another round of drinks.

They both start pulling me towards the dance floor, pointing to it excitedly. I’m slow to follow because I’m not the greatest dancer in the world but since they’re my sisters I decide to say fuck it and let loose. We all mingle around with the other dancers for awhile and then find our way back to each other. I tell them that I’m going to get another round of drinks for us and they beg me to get them another shot. I comply and when I get back I see the two of them dancing together. And I’m not talking about any kind of high school dancing either, its the kind of dirty dancing that will get a man hard. And that’s exactly what happened. They still hadn’t noticed me so I decided to watch them for a little. When I couldn’t take it anymore I went over to them and handed them their drinks. We take our shots and as I turn around they got on either side of me and started dancing on me.

At first I was a little embarrassed, but in my semi-drunken stupor I decided to go with the flow. I started to swing my hips with Jessica, who was in front if me and Lissa was soon to catch our groove. Jess backed up just a little more and I could feel her ass pushing against my cock. I couldn’t help my blood flowing to cock and got nervous she would stop dancing with me, because in truth, I was fucking loving every second of it. But instead of moving she pressed her ass tighter against me and turned her head and gave me a wink.

The next thing I know I feel two sets of hands on my waist and couldn’t believe it! Jess moved her hands down to my thighs and squeezed, while Lissa caressed my pelvis. I begin to think that wink wasn’t just for me. I turn my head back to look at my older sister, who winks and plants a big kiss on my cheek. The next thing I know I’m being spun around to face Lissa.

But I’m the only one who turns around. She keeps facing me and starts grinding even harder. I happen to snag a look at her face, which has a huge grin spread across it. I feel Jess move out from behind me and see her get behind Lissa. Then I see Jess’ hand slide down to Lissa’s waist and begin to massage her hips. I look to Lissa whose eyes are closed and a look of ecstasy on her face. I think to myself, this is gonna get interesting. I closed my own eyes for a few seconds to think to myself tuzla escort when I feel the pressure on my hips release. Before I can open my eyes I feel it again and when I open my eyes Lissa had turned to face Jess.

The thing I see really shocked me and put me in a spin. Lissa and Jess were making out! When I saw this happening I stopped cold. Lissa must of felt my hips stop moving because she turned to me and asking what was wrong. I stammered that it was nothing, my mind still reeling from what I saw. They were both looking at me and I said that I had to use the restroom.

I replayed the image of them kissing the whole time I pissed. After the bathroom I walked up to the bar to get a shot a clear my head. I pound the shot and order three more and another round of drinks to take to my sisters, when I approach the dance floor I see a small circle of people and wonder what’s going on. I decided to take a closer look and what I found in the middle of that circle surprised me.

Lissa and Jess were in the middle dancing wildly on each other while making out. I push my way through to them and yell at them to get their attention. They must not have realized what was going on around them because when they broke free of their embrace they had a look of shock on their faces.

I handed them their drinks and suggested we move to a table to let things cool down for a bit. We sit down and chug our shots. Somehow I muster the courage to ask them about their over friendliness to each other. They looked at one another then looked at me.

Lissa, always the one in command told me this wasn’t the first time they’ve done this. The look on my face must’ve explained what I was thinking because she went on to tell me that since Jess turned twenty on they’d go out once a week to clubs and leave their inhibitions to the wind. My mind raced, going through any possible scenario that it could imagine.

I asked them if they wanted another drink seeing their empty glasses. They replied no together and told me they wanted to go somewhere else. I asked them where they wanted to go and they said that they didn’t care. That’s when I remembered that I still had some MDMA in my car from the last rave I went to.

I told them to head out to the car while I settle the tab. We started driving towards my favorite EDM club, which wasn’t too far away. I find myself pondering how this night is going to end and pretty much blur out my sisters talking and even the music. We finally arrive at the club and they look at me unsure, so I reassured them that it will be fun because its open much later than any of the bars.

Before we got out I told them that I had a surprise for them. They looked at each with a look of surprise, curiosity, and wonderment. I reached into my arm rest and pulled out my MDMA. They saw it and quickly began to protest, that is, until I told them what it was and what it did. They each nodded in agreement after this thought and I immediately started getting hard again. I could hear the bass in the parking lot and knew I was in for a good time.

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