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Double D

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David had lived with his sister Debbie all their lives, they even moved out of their parents house and into their own, it made financial sense to them but while they lived together they did lead separate lives each trying to give the other space when it was needed, such as when Debbie brought a boyfriend home, or David a girlfriend.

Working different job patterns they were always coming and going through the day and that is what changed the way they saw each other.

David had been at work in his office all morning not really getting anywhere with what he was doing, it had been a long few days and he just wanted to get some rest, he had recently become single again so working was the last thing he had on his mind.

Leaving the office early to clear his head, David made his decision to just go home and leave the work until tomorrow, after all there was all weekend to get it finished and he didn’t have any plans anymore.

“Home it is,” he said to himself as he walked in the bright sunshine

Arriving home David found the door was locked, his sister Debbie, must have left for work already he figured which meant he had the house to himself, that intrigued him as it had been some time since his last release.

Unlocking the door he went inside, the room looked empty and he could not see any sign that his sister was still home. The dog was nowhere to be seen either

“He must have gotten up stairs” David reasoned before pouring himself a drink from the fridge and relaxed nothing thinking about it any further and not realizing that it wasn’t the dog upstairs but his sister.

Debbie groaned out as she felt the hard rubber cock poking against the back of her thigh. She was on her knees leaning forwards over the side of her bed, her hands holding the dildo tight as she anticipated the hard cock sliding into her wet pussy.

“I need this so bad!” she moaned huskily as she moved the thick dildo and tried to guide it into her pussy.

Soon enough she felt the tip enter her, the lips parting as the hard tip thrust in deeply, taking Debbie’s breath as she gasped and pushed it deeper into herself, her juice making it easy to slide in

“Oh fuck!” she gasped as her hand thrust the hard rubber cock deeper inside of her own pussy, she was excited to have something inside herself once again, it had been a while since she last got the chance to feel herself getting stretched again as every inch sank in, the warm wet hole accepting everything it was given.

Debbie moaned and gasped as she felt the thick shaft move deeper, the large head of her dildo opening her pussy wider then any man had done before, she just wished it was a real cock fucking her, right then she would have had anyone in the world as long as he would thrust hard into her and made her scream with delight.

“Oh fuck yes!” She groaned as she felt the wet rubber shaft deep insider her wet pussy, the cock was so big every little move it made drove her towards orgasm, she could feel herself on the edge as her hand pulled the cock back out and then thrust it back in hard, her whole body shaking.

David finished his drink and got ready to go upstairs to take advantage of his alone time in the house, kicking off his shoes he un-did his shirt and started up towards his bedroom.

“Tyke you better not be on my bed” he said as he reached the top, it was then he heard a whimper and it seemed to come from his sister’s room but the door was closed tight, he figured she must have shut him in by mistake and though it best to release him in case her needed to go out and do his business but the closer he got the more noise he heard.

“Oh fuck!” it was his sister’s voice for sure, a whimper followed and then his sister again made a loud moan. David stood and hesitated, he did not know what was happening but it did not sound right, she should have been at work so if she was home something may be wrong. This disappointed David as he had made plans for what he was going to do but concerned for his sister he opened the door since neither of the siblings had locks on them.

Debbie didn’t know the door had been opened, she was too involved in the huge orgasm that was washing over her, her knuckles were white as she clung onto the sheet with her free hand, her pussy dripping as the huge dildo thrust in her, her hips jolting back and forth as she thrust the large cock into her drenched pussy.

David stood watching his sister as her hand pounded the dildo into her naked body, sweat was glistening on her skin as her round arse cheeks shook from the orgasm she was experiencing, her head was leaned down as she gasped and moaned, her full round breasts wobbling as she moved with every thrust she made back against the large life like cock.

Debbie was still oblivious to her brother, she was too wrapped up in having the hard thick cock fucking her, every second it was in she could feel another gush of pleasure filling her body, it just seemed to keep coming a never ending flow of orgasmic bliss. Her hand a blur almost as gorukle escort bayan she worked the dildo fast and hard.

“Oh fuck Dave yes, fuck me bro!” Debbie moaned as she felt herself orgasm again, she did not know why she said her brother’s name but she was just thinking of any man and the thought of her own brother did give her a naughty thrill

“Oh my god…”

Debbie’s head snapped up as she heard the voice and she looked over to see her brother stood in the doorway watching her sucking her own pussy with the large dildo, her heart skipped a beat and she was lost for words, how could she explain this to him calling his name as she fucked herself?

It seemed like forever and she still had not said a word to her brother who just stood and looked at her naked body as she knelt on the floor, her round arse cheeks flexing with the last shakes of orgasm.

“Dave… I…” Debbie did not know what to say to her brother, she could not think of how to explain what she had just said, but the look on her brother’s face surprised her, he did not seem disgusted.

“Its ok Deb” he said closing the door and going to his own bedroom leaving his sister on her knees lean over the bed, her own juice dripping down her inner thighs after she removed the large dildo.

In his bedroom David lay on his bed, his mind was filled with the image of his sister with her pussy filled with the fake cock, her naked body swaying as she gasped and moaned, his mind conjured up pictures of the cock thrusting deep inside her pussy, the lips spread wide and swelled up with passion and lust. His cock got hard.

Debbie wondered what her brother was thinking, her mind was a blur but her pussy tingled still wet form the hard fucking it had received at the hands of the dildo she had been using, she could feel a steady stream of her own aroused juice dribbling out. Instinctively her hand moved down and scooped up a bit of the liquid, she brought it to her mouth, the scent filling her nose before her tongue sneaked out, and she took it in. She had never tasted her own juice before, it tasted much different then a man’s cum, like a sweet yet tangy taste dancing on her tongue.

David lay back and took his hard cock in his hand, his eyes closed he rubbed the shaft thinking about his sister ducking herself, his mind raced ad imaged filled his head, the hard cock deep inside her, the wetness she must have had in her pussy, everything sexual he could think of was driving his hand as he squeezed his cock near the head and groaned, his hips thrusting like she was sat on his hard pole right then.

“Oh fuck!” Debbie moaned as she fingered her pussy, the juice that had been accumulated in her squelching as her fingers ground in her tight hole, in her mind she was laid on her back while her brother fucked her. She had never thought about David in that way really until today, but having him watch her masturbating like he had just brought something out in her, her pussy was on fire as she thrust her fingers in and groaned out her brother’s name.

David clenched his teeth as he felt his orgasm nearing, in his head his sister was sucking his hard cock, her hands holding him still as she sucked the head and licked the tip then down the shaft, her breasts swaying as she was moved, her big hard nipples rubbing against his legs, teasing both of them.

“Oh… oh fuck!” David’s mouth fell open as he shot a load of cum over his stomach, in his head it was all flowing down his sister’s throat however. Debbie was reaching the same point, her hips were bucking wildly upwards, the springs under her on the bed creaking as she groaned, her fingers were a blur as she rubbed herself, her clit throbbing under her thumb as in her mind her brother fucked her with his hard cock.

Both siblings went to sleep that night thinking about each other.

Neither David nor Debbie spoke about what had happened for the next few days, they seemed to avoid each other but when they were together in a room there was just usual chatter between them, it was like both didn’t know how to bring up the subject of what had happened so just kept it quiet.

“Hey I have a few friends coming over tonight,” Debbie said from the kitchen as she poured herself a drink “You ok with that?”

“Yeah that’s cool” David said from the sofa where he was sat watching TV, they had several mutual friends so there was no reason for him to go out tonight he could just enjoy an evening in with his sister and the people who would be arriving, they had some bottles in from last time already.

The day went quick from then on, and in what seemed like no time the living room of the house was filed with people, all laughing and joking, David and his sister among them, she dressed in a low cut tight fitting top and short skirt that was drawing a lot of attention even from her brother who couldn’t help but notice how sexy she was looking.

“Anyone want a drink?” Debbie asked over the chatter and laughter in the room “We have bottles nilüfer escort bayan of lager or some softer stuff” she added

“Sure I’ll take one please Deb if you going” her brother shouted over to her followed by a few other people.

Debbie counted the number and went into the kitchen closing the dividing door behind her she rummaged around in the fridge and pulled out three bottles of lager. While looking at the bottles her mind went to her brother and his cock, she had thought about it a lot in the days since he caught her masturbating and the long neck reminded her of what his shaft must look like.

The bottle tops flicked off and Debbie stood looking at the bottles, she could feel her pussy growing damp in her thin knickers as her mind went to her brother again, a naughty thought crossed her mind and without hesitation, she grinned a wicked grin.

Picking one of the opened bottles up Debbie licked the top of it, the cold glass made her tongue tingle slightly and her knees went a little weak as she thought more about what she had planned. Carefully Debbie leaned back against the sink so she could keep an eye on the closed door behind which her brother and friends where, her free hand moved down and slipped under her short skirt and into the waistband of her tight knickers and down onto her pussy, she was quite excited and wet already.

Debbie brought her fingers up to her face ad took a sniff of her fingers, she could smell her arousal on them and grinned before using her hand to slip her knickers to the side exposing her pussy to the air, a sigh escaping her lips.

A drip of condensation rolled down the bottle as Debbie brought the tip of it to her pussy and caressed the lip at her entrance, her pussy lips clinging slightly to it and a cold but exciting shudder ran up her spine. Debbie held her breath as she pushed the bottle slightly and felt the neck slide inside her a little, the cold glass warming rapidly as it entered her hot cunt, the walls gripping it as more was thrust inside deeper, she was careful not to drip any of the liquid in the bottle out though, she wanted to add her own special taste to it.

Soft moans escaped Debbie’s lips as she slowly worked the lager bottle in and out of her pussy, her legs were spread and her knickers were off to the side as she squeezed the bottle with her pussy, she could feel her wetness all over it now.

Debbie looked at the clock, she couldn’t spend too long doing this or someone would com and ask what she was doing and she had been caught doing enough to last a lifetime after what had happened days ago she gave the bottle one last thrust into her pussy then pulled it out and looked to see it wasn’t too wet, there was no difference between it and the other two bottles it seemed, all three looked like they had just come out of the fridge, she was careful to hold her brother’s special bottle in one hand and the others two in the other so she didn’t mix them up.

“Drinks up” she said upon her return handing out the two unaltered bottles first then taking the other to her brother. “Here you go Dave” she said with a grin and took a step closer whispering in his ear “I think you’ll find it special”

David just looked at his sister as she smiled and walked away then he looked at the bottle, it did not look special. Raising it to his lips he soon found what was different about this bottle, the closer it came to his mouth the stronger the scent of aroused pussy became in his nostrils.

Debbie watched from across the room and grinned as she saw her brother’s face, a mix of shock and awe, she wondered what he would do next, he brought the bottle tip to his nose and took a sniff, she knew then he could smell what she had left for him and her pussy grew wetter at the thought of her brother sniffing her juice “taste it” she mouth silently willing him to do it.

David took another sniff and knew for sure what his sister meant about it being special, his mind for a second wondered if she had done the same to the other bottles but from looking his friends just seemed to be drinking from the bottle like normal; no it was just his bottle. Hesitating his eyes caught those of Debbie who smiled and made a drink up signal with her hand and giggled before waving and heading upstairs giving him a sly grin a she left the room.

Looking around David brought the bottle to his lips and pressed it against them, instantly he could taste the tangy unmistakable taste of aroused pussy juice, he knew for sure what his sister had done, this bottle had been inside her pussy and she had done it just for him. The lager inside also tasted different, the mixture of his sister’s pussy juice and alcohol made his cock grow hard, quickly he adjusted his trousers, he was stood in a room full of people after all before taking a long slow drink savoring the scent and taste of his sister.

Quickly slipping away from the party David made his way up the stairs, his cock rubbing the inside of his underwear with every step, as he bursa otele gelen escort bayan got to the top he wondered where his sister was, there was no time to look though he needed to get into the bathroom and do something about his hard throbbing cock.

Locking the bathroom door David turned to the toilet and his eyes grew wide. Debbie smiled at her brother, she was sat on the seat with her knickers nowhere to be seen, her legs slightly open letting him get a look at her forbidden pussy.

“So did you like your drink?” she asked calmly with a cheeky smile

“Deb… I…” David did not know what to say, his eyes were fixed on his sister’s shaven pussy, the lips slightly open and so inviting, his cock throbbed in his pants as h stared.

“My face is up here you know” Debbie grinned, her words bringing her brother back to reality and making him blush as he had been caught “So did you like your drink?” David nodded, it was all he could do just at that moment and he felt his cock throb again, the bulge in his pants getting bigger and more uncomfortable.

“Good, you know if you want you can have a taste of the source” Debbie said seductively, slightly widening her shapely thighs and giving her brother a better view, her chest pushing out as she leaned back and stretched.

David stood chocked at his sister’s words, but it was not his head that was doing the thinking now, at least not the one on his shoulders! Stepping forwards towards his sister David held his breath; it was like a dream, something happening to someone else.

Debbie reached up and got to her feet her body moving ever closer to that of her brother’s until her arms slid around his neck and she thrust herself against him, their pelvises grinding together as she planted her lips on his, a deep passionate forbidden kiss followed between brother and sister.

Both siblings’ breaths came fast and hard as they pressed against each other harder, Debbie’s firm large breasts squashed against her brother’s chest as she slipped her tongue out and into his mouth, his hands squeezing her arse cheeks tightly as the kiss developed.

The world outside the bathroom seemed a distant memory as brother and sister kissed and squeezed each other, Debbie groaning as she felt her brother’s hands slide over her naked arse cheeks, one of her hands now rubbing her naked pussy, the juice coating her fingers as she dipped two inside her tight hole.

“Here taste” she gasped bringing them up to her brother’s mouth and sticking them in, David accepting them eagerly sucking and nibbling, getting every drop of liquid from then as Debbie licked her lips and ground herself against the bulge in his pants.

“Oh fuck!” Debbie grunted as she felt her brother push her backwards against the sink, he lifted her up and sat her on it, the cold tiles making her jump and a shock of pleasure rush through her. Debbie watched as her brother pulled her thighs apart, exposing her naked pussy to him, she felt so dirty and excited as he licked his lips and looked at it before burying his face deeply.

“So hot!” he moaned out as his tongue went to work licking his sister’s pussy lips, Debbie groaning and pulling at her brother’s hair as she felt his hot breath on her sensitive clit, then his wet tongue diving in lapping up the juice she was making just her him.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck!” Debbie groaned as she felt an orgasm build quickly, her whole body was shaking as her brother frantically licked her pussy; not missing an inch like this was his last meal on Earth

“I need to be in you!” David said as he stood up, his sister still on the edge of orgasm just nodded and pulled her top down exposing her big naked breasts to him. They bounced as she breathed rapidly, her heart almost exploding out of her chest as she reach forwards and yanked at her brother’s belt helping him remove his pants and underwear, his cock springing forth hard and ready.

“Get that up me right now! I need it so badly Dave; I can’t wait any more for your cock to fuck my tight cunt!” Debbie gasped as her brother moved closer to her, she spread her legs as wide as she could giving her brother total access to her pussy, her arse resting smoothly in the sink turning her hips upwards to him opening the lips of her pussy and showing him the glistening wetness inside.

Debbie watched as the pre-cum glistening head of her brother’s cock moved rapidly towards her own dripping pussy, she reached down and spreads the lips for him, giving him easy access to her and called out as she watched and felt her brother’s cock slide in, a hard thrust sending it deep, neither of them were in the mood to be gentle or slow.

“Oh fuck!” Debbie growled as she arched her back and her brother thrust his cock harder into her, she clawed her fingernails down his back leaving red marks as he began to pump his hips hard and fast, his thick cock pounding his sister’s pussy, the walls within quivering as the head smashed them open with every forwards movement.

David moaned out as he felt his sister’s pussy grip his cock, her juice making it shiny in the light as he pulled it back and drove it hard into her again. Each time he could feel his balls slap against Debbie’s arse cheeks, his sister holding him tightly against her body as she grunted and moaned, her breasts swinging as she was driven towards orgasm.

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