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Dorm Room Secret Ch. 01

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In college I had a room mate that introduced me to male/male sex. We met in our sophomore year and had the next three years to enjoy each others bodies, fully exploring our sexuality. Mike is now an orthopedic surgeon and at the time was a pre-med student. We’ve stayed in touch over the years and recently I went out to Colorado to visit with him and do some cycling. During my visit, we talked openly about those days and that, even after 25 years, our memories of those years continue to be as fresh and exciting as ever. After getting Mike’s permission, I have decided to share some of those memories, most of which are based on what we recorded during those crazy college days. I hope you enjoy reading about it.



Week 1


When Mike and I became room mates in our sophomore year he was pre-med and I was in engineering so we had no shared classes. I had met him the spring semester of our freshman year through some friends and we got to know each other pretty well. Over the summer we learned that we both needed a room mate for the following year we agreed to share a place.

Mike and I were both 19 when we met and oddly enough share a birthday, February 20, 1960. For the first semester that we roomed together both of us had a lot of lab work that kept us away from the dorm room and we didn’t socialize much. But when winter came in the spring semester, right before we turned 20, we were locked indoors much more often and spent more time in the room and with each other. A few weeks before our birthday is when things changed dramatically.

We had been doing some home work in our dorm room for about an hour when Mike spoke. “Hey Jake. Do you ever have pain like…down there?”

“Not really. You OK?”, I asked.

“I don’t know. Been having a sharp pain lately.”


“My dick. I don’t know if I bent it or slept on it wrong or what. Fucking hurts though.”

“Did you see a doctor?”, I asked.

“Not yet. I was hoping it would just go away on its own, but it’s not. Does this ever happen to you?”

“Yeah, once. I bent my dick stuffing it into my pants. I was in a hurry and the fucker hurt for a week. Does it hurt when it’s soft or hard?”

“Both, but it’s a lot less painful when it’s hard. In fact, this may seem like an odd request but here goes. Do you mind if I take off my pants? This is killing me.”

“No, do what you gotta do, bro.”

Mike stood up and began to take off his pants and when I turned around to ask him a question, I noticed he had taken off his underwear also and he was hard as a rock. His cock wasn’t long or fat, just normal size like mine. I had played sports so seeing a guy naked was no big deal and I didn’t think anything of it.

“This is where it hurts”. He pointed to a spot just below the head.

“Maybe you beat off too hard and strained yourself”, I said with a laugh.

“If I squeeze it a little like this the pain goes away.” He took his penis in his hand and slowly wrapped his fingers around the shaft. “And if I move it up and down a little I can feel a bump in there. Here, you can feel it.”

Before I realized what I was doing Mike had grabbed my hand and put it on his cock, closing my fingers around it.

“Do you feel it? Do you feel that bump?”

“No”, I said, amazed that I was touching Mike’s cock. It felt warm and super hard. It was firmer than mine and it felt good in my hand. I had never touched another man before and I started to move my hand up and down his shaft a little to feel for this so-called bump. Mike was very “clinical” so even at this time it seemed oddly normal to do what I was doing.

“I still don’t feel it. But then again I am not trying very hard to feel up your cock!”

“Then maybe we should compare and you’ll see what I’m talking about”, he said, very matter-of-factually. He encouraged me to stand up and strip off my pants and for some reason this made sense at the time and I have to admit I was curious to compare.

In a matter of seconds the two of us were standing in the room naked from the waist down, hard as a rock. We were about the same height and our dicks were remarkably similar. In fact our entire bodies were almost mirror images, right down to the curve of our cocks.

“Let me see if you have a bump in yours”, Mike said. He reached down and began to fondle my cock, searching for a bump. “I don’t feel anything, but wait”, he said. “We need stuff to make our hands slide easier for a better examination. Let me get some stuff.” Mike went to his night stand and drizzled lubricant over both our hands and our stiff dongs and quickly, without words, he began to slip and slide his hands over my cock. It felt awesome.

“Let’s sit on the bed and now let’s see if you can find the bump”, he said.

Our hands were now gliding up and down each others cocks and Mike began to run his slippery fingers over my balls. “Sometimes bumps hide here”, he said, gently sliding his hands over my nuts. “I want to make sure I check you out. So far, everything feels normal.”

“Really? gaziantep escort What would be abnormal?”, I asked.

“Lumps or hard spots. Like here. Your testicles should feel firm and when I do this”, he squeezed very gently, “there should be no pain. But the danger is that problems can arise very quickly with genitalia.”

“Like what?”

“Cancer. Prostate enlargements, testicular cancer. All these things are very aggressive and if you were not checked frequently enough they could take your life.”

“But I’m only 20 years old. Is this really that big of a risk?”

“My cousin was 24 when he died of testicular cancer. He had been going to the doctor for regular exams but one time they missed it and unfortunately by the time he was diagnosed he was beyond treatment.”

“24? Are you fucking kidding me?”

“I wish I were only kidding. Another student in one of my classes mentioned losing a brother and an uncle to prostate cancer last year.”

I was hardly paying attention to his cock but then I felt it. I actually felt the bump he was describing.

“I feel it!”, I said excitedly. Realizing how it sounded and trying to recoild from sounding too effeminate, I quickly added, “I think I found it dude. It’s small but…is this it?”

“Yeah, Mike said. That’s it. Now you should check yourself very thoroughly”, he said. “Face me and I’ll show you what I mean.”

“Make sure you run your hands like this, up and down. And wrap your fingers around tight, then let go slowly while you slide up and down.” Mike’s nuts were heaving up and down as he spoke and slowly massaged his penis. “The problem with men is that self-examination is very difficult to do properly. For example, you felt a bump on me after only a few minutes of stroking me, but it took me a few days to feel the same thing. That scares me.”

“It scares me, too”, I said. “Wow, it would be awful to die of something just because you didn’t catch it in time.”

“Exactly. And another thing, the prostate is OK to massage on your own, but really for a man to have it properly examined it should be done by someone else.

I didn’t even know what he was talking about at the time so I just nodded with a blank sort of look. Mike briefly explained the prostate and the danger of letting it go unchecked.

“Have you examined your prostate or massaged it?”, Mike asked.

“No, never. Do you know if your cousin had his examined?”

“Yes, by a doctor once a year because of his family history. Even still, they missed finding an abnormality when he was 23 and by the time he went back it was too late. Here. Come to the edge of the bed. I’ll show you what they do. It’s not what you think. It actually feels pretty good.”

Mike knelt down on the floor and I sat on the edge of the bed at the corner.

“Move your butt out a little more and lean back. Use some pillows.”

“I don’t know, dude! This is getting a little weird.”

“I’m a med student. Relax.”

“True”, I thought. I did relax and decided to let him do his thing.

“First we warm up our fingers. I am only going to need one finger and you can see my nails are very closely trimmed. I massage my prostate all the time, at least twice a week to ‘milk the bull’ which is very healthy.

“Milk the bull? What’s that?”

“It’s a massage technique. When I milk myself, semen just sort of dribbles and leaks out, but some men experience a full orgasm with strong ejaculation. The massage is meant to evacuate stale fluid out of your prostate. It’s good for you and it should be done on a pretty regular basis. As an added benefit it feels really, really good!”

I leaned back and moved my butt cheeks apart enough for Mike to tap a finger at my ring.

“OK, I am going to slide a finger in and feel around for your prostate. Have you ever had anything up inside you?”

“Yes. Once, a few years ago, I was home alone and found my sister’s anal vibrator and used it. It felt great”, I admitted.

“Well, this probably isn’t going to compare to that! You might have to help me find it, OK? Just tell me when you feel the pressure. It will feel good.”

Mike’s finger slid inside me and it of course felt very strange having his finger wiggling around. I could see the top of his bony hand moving toward my back as his finger penetrated a few inches. Then very suddenly I felt incredible pressure.

“OH! Oh my god!” I looked down and saw my balls tighten.

“OK, good. Now I’m going to run my finger all along it. Tell me if I push too hard. It should feel good, not painful.”

Mike’s finger rubbed along the inside of a body part that I didn’t even know existed. My cock was rock hard and every few seconds a pool of milky fluid drooled out of the tip.

“Now bear down on my finger a little. This will feel more intense.”

I did as Mike instructed and immediately felt a sharp, deep sensation of incredible pleasure combined with a thin, watery jet of come leaping out of my cock.

“That’s good!”, Mike said. “The next test is all about your come; the texture, how it smells, even how it tastes.”


“Yes. It’s something I’ve been working on for a few months. Diagnostic procedures for prevention and overall health. I’m pioneering using ordinary human techniques and interactions to diagnose and treat certain maladies. It’s sort of like natural medicine using certain sexual activities to understand the human body. Put it this way: if you were married and your wife’s pussy suddenly tasted different than it had for years, wouldn’t that alert you that something had changed?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Well, that’s essentially what I am suggesting…using your body to examine someone else’s body. We’re very stoic and way too uptight here in the United States. Techniques like what I am suggesting date back thousands of years.”


“Definitely. So do I have your permission to examine you more thoroughly?”

“OK”, I said, a bit confused but somehow completely at Mike’s mercy.

“Now I’ll make you orgasm. When you are ready to climax, please tell me so I can catch the semen in my mouth. That is a big part of the test. Certain tastes indicate poor nutrition, not enough calcium, too much sugar, stuff like that.

“You really want me to come in your mouth, Mike? Are you serious?”

“Relax, dude. I’m a med student. Just go with it.”

With his finger still inside me, Mike began to stroke and lick my cock and massage my nuts. Seconds later I was ready to go.

“Dude, I’m ready! I’m gonna blow!”

“OK. I’m ready. Just let yourself go and I’ll catch it and taste it and let you know what I think.”

Mike clamped his mouth over my cock and sucked hard. Between his expert cocksucking and fingering me deep inside a collosal load boiled out of me and spat into Mike’s mouth. It was as much as he could handle and then some, with a tiny trail of come running out of the corners of his lips and down his chin. He slowly slid his mouth off and stared at the ceiling as he tilted his head back and opened his mouth. He stuck out his tongue momentarily, tilted his head back down and swallowed.

“Do you drink a lot of caffeine?” he asked.

“I have a few cups of coffee in the morning”, I said, my rod still hard and hovering. His hand was still curled around my firm shaft as he spoke.

“How about sugar? Do you eat a lot of sweets?”

I was utterly fascinated by the insight Mike had gained into my diet by simply gulping down a load of my come. It was like visiting a psychic, although I would imagine relatively few soothsayers end up with your come swirling in their mouth.

“Actually, yes. Probably more than I ought to.”

“Hmmm…” he pondered. “Let me get my notebook.” Quickly, deliberately, and rather clinically Mike rummaged through his things until he found his record book. “I’m going to start a new series of entries for you, sort of like your medical chart if that’s OK with you. I won’t share it with anyone. I only ask that you keep my identity and these procedures confidential because I am considering making these techniques common medical practice in the future and I want to retain ownership of the process. The only way to do that is to keep the techniques secret until I’m ready to publish, which is years away.”

“No problem. I don’t want to advertise this either.”

“Great.” Mike scribbled some notes in the book and without looking up asked, “now if you would be so kind, I’d like to move on to my own diagnosis. Purely clinical, you see.”

“You mean you want me to do this to you?”

“Well”, Mike said, “reciprocal testing is ideal. This allows patient and doctor to become acclimated to each other and refine the diagnostic techniques. Otherwise, how would we ever validate results? I mean, if you can think of a better way I would be willing to listen, but I don’t know how that’s possible.” he said with a ‘you-mean-you-don’t-get-this?’ sort of look.

Yes, it all seemed so perfectly logical and sensible. Why would I not validate the results? What was I, stupid?

“Let’s try to remain as similar as possible in technique and execution, especially on these first few comparisons. Are you ready?”

First few comparisons? Were we going to do this again? This was beyond weird.

Mike sat on the edge of the bed and I stared at his thick, curved penis. As I got down on my knees I was hesitant and scared but his detached demeanor made me feel strangely at ease. I was a part of a new clinical diagnostic process; I was breaking new ground in medical theory. What an honor it was to be a part of it!

“Be sure to make notations mentally or otherwise about the firmness, shape, and other attributes. You’ll be comparing this to future sessions, so please try to remember as much detail as you can.”

I began to lick the head of his rod, which was very similar to mine. It was deep purple and very spongy and sort of fun to lick. I never really thought about giving head to another man but this was very exciting. I let Mike’s cock slip past my lips and bump against the back of my throat.

“Not too deep, now. Remember: we’re most interested in comparative analysis. You’re collecting data, right?”

I nodded slightly and grunted in affirmative response with Mike’s meat planted in my mouth. When I got over the initial shock of what I was doing, I realised that my mouth is very sensitive to texture, firmness, and temperature. I closed my eyes and concentrated, and it allowed me to discern a great deal of detail. I felt the contours of the head and felt the veins and muscles in the shaft. I felt the curve of it, the highly dense and less dense portions of the skin. It was interesting! I was enjoying the sensation of it all, but within a few short minutes he began to moan and I rightly assumed he was going to ejaculate. At that moment I was anticipating an entirely distasteful event but instead it was almost nonchalant. As Mike began to come I focused on the task at hand, which was tasting and remembering, gleaning minute details of the flavor and consistency of his semen. I had also throughout cupped his balls in my hand, gently fondling them and feeling the change within them as he approached climax. They had slackened mid way through my sucking his cock and tightened against his body right before he came.

Mike had an unremarkable orgasm; it wasn’t huge buckets of come nor was it extremely powerful. It was a normal shot of jizz, just a few bursts, that were of very low viscosity, almost watery.

“Well?”, Mike asked.

“Tastes…salty. And it’s not very thick. It’s like water.”

“Good!” he said enthusiastically. “Do you sense a bitter taste? Are there any peculiar or unusual flavors?”

“A little more sweet than bitter I think”, I said.

“Excellent. Let’s record this.”

Mike got up and once again scratched some notes into his book.

“Did you notice any unusual textures to my penis? That is, were there any bumps, odd or unusual areas of density or other areas that were out of the ordinary?”

“Below the head, where I felt it before. The spot that’s harder than the rest of it. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same all the way down the shaft.”

“This is a great start. I think when we do this next week we’ll have an excellent initial point. Let’s plan on next Friday at 11:00 AM.”

Without even thinking I agreed that we’d meet again next week for further analysis.


Next Friday


By 10:35 AM my final Friday class was over and I headed back to the dorm room. I had just taken an exam and had a paper due on Tuesday, so my mind was on autopilot as I walked up our dorm room door. When I opened the door the first thing I saw was Mike on his bed, naked, masturbating.

“Perfect! You’re right on time”, he said. “Let’s get to work. I’ve altered my diet this week somewhat and I’m looking forward to collecting more results. If you don’t mind, I’d like to be the first to ejaculate because I have some ideas to share with you.”

“Mike, I just walked in the door. Can I put my books away?”

Mike laughed. “Sure! I don’t mean to be so forward or presumptuous.”

“No, it’s OK, Mike. I want to, you know, get this done, but I had other things on my mind this morning. I actually forgot all about this to be honest.”

Completely ignoring me he said, “I’ve been doing extensive research on fellatio and I want to share those techniques with you. I think we may be able to refine our diagnostic methods.”

I put away my things, got on my knees and Mike got on the edge of the bed. As if in a daze I began to suck his cock and it felt nice and warm in my mouth. It was comfortable and enjoyable and I felt his shaft, really felt it this time, curling my hand around it and exploring it and feeling it for differentials. I kneaded his balls which hung free over the edge of the bed.

“Excellent”, he said. “I was going to suggest further exploration of the testes. Gentle, now, but make sure you get a good mental picture of their texture and shape. Any odd protrusions or bumps should be noted.”

Mike’s totally clinical language made the experience all the more interesting. I was really getting into the idea of being a part of something special medically and this process really was a valuable method of exploring another person’s body. I really enjoyed sucking Mike’s cock and I began to suck harder as I gave him head. He was clean and firm and before I knew it he blew a load into my mouth and I immediately began to mentally tick off the differences between this and the first time. There was a little more of it and it definitely tasted different than last time.

“Less watery this time. Very sweet. More powerful, too. I really felt it blast into my mouth this time!”

“Great. With the sweetness…any specific taste?”

“It sort of tasted like…pineapples?”

“Yes!”, Mike said out loud. “Exactly! I ate some at 9:30 to see if you could pick out that taste. You are really getting good at this!”

We got out the notebook and pored over the previous entry and entered the appropriate updates. I explained that there was also a spot in his balls that was firmer than the first time but might not be much to worry about and the entry was recorded.

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