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Dominated by My Niece Ch. 02

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[This story includes caning and bodily functions, so if those topics bother you, please read no further. All characters are 18 or over.]

I did get used to living at Jenny’s house. I came to appreciate her generosity and kindness. After all, I was a widowed aunt to whom she hadn’t been especially close, and she had no obligation to take me in. Yes, I could’ve lived on my own, but it was far more exciting–as well as embarrassing at times–to live with Jenny.

Jenny’s partner, Glenda, was also in her early 30s, while I was more than ten years older than both, at 44, but getting closer to 50 every day. Glenda was a delightful housemate, pretty and friendly. Jenny was nice, of course, but being a powerful executive, she tended to get to the point fast. Glenda was tall and rangy, while Jenny was slighter, although not at all petite. Glenda did not tend to dress as well as Jenny did for work, probably because Jenny was a high-flying executive.

Glenda had formerly been responsible for doing the tasks I was now assigned around the house. When I hadn’t done something right, she did discipline me, not as hard as Jenny would have, but it still hurt me, physically and psychologically, though I did learn from her that Jenny spanked her, too. They were partners in love, but Jenny was the one in control. I suspected that Jenny had shown Glenda just how to administer a caning.

Glenda did give me one that morning, because I hadn’t taken proper care in making the beds. I did also find a pair of Glenda’s panties next to the bed and was surprised that they were stained, with, as I put it to myself, pee, poop, and period stains.

I boldly showed them to Glenda, who took on a much sterner expression and told me that it was not my place to embarrass her. She ordered me into the bedroom where she sat herself on a chair at her dressing table and patted her lap to signal to me to lie across her lap. She started spanking me hard and it began to hurt very soon.

You should understand that I am caned regularly by Jenny and sometimes when I was being supervised by Karen, the attractive neighbor girl, all of 18, who had been delegated to watch me by Jenny. Karen, I had learned, could be quite sadistic despite her youth. She caned me severely, and when she was angry with me, had me lie on my back in the bathtub as she perched her bottom above my face and did her business on me: sometimes she and Jenny did that even when they weren’t angry with me

Yet Karen too had a loving side and when her boyfriend Dennis visited, as he usually did when Karen was babysitting me, she invited me into the bed with Dennis and her.

I was grateful to her for her kindness and her obvious self-confidence because she was pleased to satisfy Dennis’s incredible libido by allowing him to have sex with me while she watched, and then to permit me to observe the two of them as they enjoyed truly thrilling lovemaking sessions.

This did revive my own sexual desires, although there wasn’t much occasion for me to satisfy them except when Karen let Dennis fuck me.

Glenda in the end didn’t give me that long a spanking and apparently had decided not to cane me. Underneath her crisp exterior, she was gentle and kind. In her own way, so was Jenny. After all, she hadn’t had to take me in when my husband left me. Her mother, who was my sister, had passed away several years ago, and I had not been close with either Jenny or my sister.

After the spanking, Glenda took me in her arms and hugged me and gave me a sweet little kiss on my lips. I told her I was sorry for making such hurtful comments to her earlier about her panties. This time, though. she looked like she was going to cry.

“Sometimes, Debby. I do wait too long to get to the bathroom,” she confessed. “This is really embarrassing but that’s why my panties get stained. It really is awful for a woman my age, and I’ll admit to you that Jen gets terribly upset with me and canes me if she sees my panties are dirty.”

I said softly that I hadn’t meant to embarrass her and that I had been a naughty girl. It was still early, and Jenny was unlikely to come home until later. Glenda grinned and asked me to come into their bedroom with her. I hoped she wasn’t going to spank me again, but she held my hand and sat me down on the bed.

She then took me in her arms and began hugging and kissing me. She began to disrobe me, too. I decided that I didn’t really have any problem with what was happening, so I let her unbutton and unzip me and soon was in just my bra and pants. She pointed to my shoes and obviously wanted me to slip them off, along with my socks.

Then she stripped down from her work clothes and was also in a pink bra-and-panty set. Glenda has nice boobs and I liked getting to see them when she unhooked her bra and took it off. I moved in and kissed her nipples and caressed them too with my fingers. She reached over and unhooked my bra and soon she was playing with my already aroused nipples.

She had me Bayan Eskort lie back on the bed and she put her thumbs in the waistband and slowly slid my panties down. Glenda was surprised to find me shaved down there, and I quickly told her that that was Karen’s idea.

“That girl gets too big for her big-ass britches,” Glenda observed coolly, and she slipped her own undies down and off. I saw that she had a nice dark auburn bush and she seemed to welcome my moving my head between her legs and finding her slit to lick under the fronds. This got her going and I began to push my fingers inside her already sopping pussy. I was at the same time licking her labia and clit and she was moving much more quickly.

I figured it would be fun to bring her off, so I pushed a finger down further and into her tight little anal opening. This was like flicking the switch because she began to breathe heavily and move her torso as I now moved my fingers on one hand in and out of her snatch. They were suddenly soaking, not from her arousal, but from the squirting that accompanied her major orgasm.

After she had started to come down from that lovely cum, she took me in her arms, and I hugged her. I was getting to like Glenda a lot because she was down to earth and didn’t have pretensions like my niece Jenny, nor was she as sadistic as Karen, the 18-year-old neighbor.

I kissed her a lot. Soon, I felt her fingers invading my vaginal opening. I lay back on the bed and she was getting me heated up in no time. I enjoyed the stimulation as my insides were quickly at the boiling point. She pulled my trigger by pressing into my bottom with her finger. I came harder than I ever had or knew that I could. It was exciting. I also felt incredibly wet in my puss.

Glenda saw how wet I was and referring, I think, to her own squirting, chuckled and said we both would need a shower to clean out our cunts before we put any panties back on.

“I may let you check me out sometimes to see if I’ve been a naughty girl and made stains in my undies,” she said. “Would you be willing to wipe me, by the way, after I…um, used the toilet?”

She could see that I was surprised because my face was quite red.

I rallied from reacting to that surprising comment and slowly answered her, “I’d love to be close to you like that and help you if you wanted me to.” Then I kissed her again. I think it may have moved her because she responded by apologizing to me for spanking me earlier.

“I think I was the naughty one, not you, Deb,” she confessed. I just took her in my arms and held her tight and told her she was such a nice person.

“Even after I spanked you, you feel that way?” she asked with a confused look on her face.

“Yes, darling,” I said. “I know you’re Jen’s partner, but I think you’re kind. I deserved the spanking, yes, for not doing my job right but even more for embarrassing you. You made me feel so good by asking me to get so close to you by wiping you in the bathroom.”

“Let’s get cleaned up,” she said briskly, leading me to the ensuite bathroom she and Jen had adjoining their bedroom. We walked in and she adjusted the large shower stall, in which we could both fit easily. Glenda then went in first and let me join her slowly.

She took soap and applied it to me, all over, including my boobs and in between my legs. She even poked a soapy finger up my asshole, which felt good. I reciprocated and soaped her up. I did include her pussy and pressed a little into her bottom but not as pointedly as she had into mine.

We rinsed and dried each other off. Then without saying anything, Glenda sat down on the toilet and let fly. I could hear her powerful pee stream and now I needed to pee too. In fact, my need was getting to be a pressing one. I told her shyly that now I needed to pee, and she grinned and said that I could do that as soon as she was finished.

But I then heard her fart a few times and make those other bowel sounds as I could see her pushing out a bowel movement. It must have been a big one because she was pushing and relaxing for a while. Finally, she said she was done and stood up.

I rushed onto the seat just as my urethral sphincter opened and my pee poured into the bowl. I could see her huge doody in there and I smelled it too as my strong pee stream pelted it. My pee tailed off and I quickly wiped myself and asked her if I could wipe her now.

She turned round and bent over away from me with her bottom facing me and spread her legs quite widely. I was staring at her asshole but took some toilet paper and managed to wipe her the right way, starting up front and pulling the tissue right through her furrow. There was plenty of pee on the paper and I had felt some fecal residue as I wiped through her rear and pressed into her rear hole.

I took the soiled paper and flipped it into the toilet and went ahead and flushed. Then I realized I needed to wipe her again, so I was certain I had gotten everything. I did Anadolu Yakası Escort just that and the paper had faint traces of shit on it as I dropped it into the toilet and once again flushed.

“You should be ready to put your panties back on,” I said with affection, and she looked at me, first wondering, I think, at my daring, but then appreciating my concern.

“Thanks,” she said very softly. “You’re a good friend now, Deb,” she went on to say. “I do love Jen, but I like you a lot. I think I can learn from you, too.”

I was happy to have made a friend, even if my ass was red and sore. I realized that at my age, I wasn’t as resilient when Jen, Glenda, and Karen were taking turns beating up on my bottom.

I decided to go for broke and asked her if Jen could be difficult to live with as a partner.

She hesitated for just a second and then told me, “She can get upset easily if she comes home and everything isn’t perfect here. I asked her what was going on once and she said that after everything she had to deal with at her office, she needed me to be a good support and even an arm to lean on.”

“I don’t regard it as prying on your part because you’re living with us now,” Glenda said. “It’s sort of crazy when it’s her time of the month because she is incredibly hot and horny, but also liable to go off on me if everything isn’t just right. I’m telling you this so that you watch what you say during that time with her. She doesn’t even let me come into the bathroom when she’s cleaning herself up then or changing a tampon.” Glenda made a quizzical face.

“I hope I’m not embarrassing you,” she hurried to add. “I realized I should have known first whether you still get your period before I went into all that.”

I nodded affirmatively.

“OK,” she smiled. “You’re one of the girls. I’ll let you know when she’s on. I don’t get so crazy when I get mine.”

I couldn’t remember when I had ever had this kind of conversation with anyone, not even with my girlfriends. I did remember when my sister got her period and my mom had to explain to me what was happening since Harriet was three years older.

I also understood about Jenny’s being hot and horny at that time of the month. That’s just the same with me. For all those years, my husband studiously avoided sex with me when I was on, because he couldn’t abide the bleeding. Soon, in about a week, I got my own period.

I didn’t tell anyone, figuring that this was something that they might leave me alone about. But one morning when Karen was supervising me, she took down my panties to spank me for some oversight. She saw my string and giggled. I asked what was so funny.

I told her about my conversation with Glenda and how it turned out that Jenny gets horny too during her period, just like I do. Karen laughed. I asked her what she thought was so funny about what I had said. She became much more composed and spoke very quietly, which was quite a change for her.

She told me that she had almost always had painful periods, so she had absolutely no interest in sex then. I told her I felt bad for her because having painful periods was certainly something no one should have to endure.

She thanked me, which was a pleasant change in her usual attitude toward me. We briefly discussed the several ways to deal with the pain. Then she looked at me with what looked to me like desire, or at least, appreciation.

“Debby,” she said, “you must have enjoyed being with Dennis when I let him have sex with you.”

I smiled and told her I was very appreciative of her kindness and yes, it was wonderful, and I also admired how she made love with him, which she was nice enough to allow me to observe.

“I’m ok with his fucking you again if you’re up for it,” Karen said warmly. “He loves having it off then, you know, during my period, but I can’t bear it. Since you like it, and he likes it, I’d enjoy seeing you two go at it if you’re willing. What day are you on?”

I thought this was wild but heck, why not?

“I’m on my second day,” I said. I’d never discussed this kind of thing with anyone. “This is my heaviest day and I usually wear a backup pad. If he would enjoy me at this time, well, it’s weird, I’m here for you and for him.” I giggled and added: “and for me.”

Karen smiled and punched a number into her cell phone. She didn’t say much but then after she finished, “He’s on his way over. It’s mid-afternoon so no one else should be around. I hope you enjoy this. And you’ll be pleasing me because he’ll be happy with me for setting it up.”

I looked at what I was wearing: a simple set of separates. Not bad, I said to myself, a nice navy blouse and paler blue shorts, with espadrilles. Yes, 40ish, I admit, but still ok. I looked at Karen as I pulled up my panties and shorts. I wanted to look put together at least when my bed partner arrived.

Dennis showed up in about a half hour and after greeting his girlfriend, had a lovely kiss for Pendik Escort me. Karen thanked him for coming over and escorted us to my bedroom. She decided she would help me take off my clothing while Dennis stripped down. He was tall, over six feet, and lean. Not all that much hair but a very enticing large cock and ball set. Sandy hair that had blond streaks–looked like sun, not peroxide.

When I was down to my panties, Karen had him come over and take my hand to lead us to the bed. I lay down but Dennis said, “No, you’re going to be on top.” So, I moved over and let him lie down on his back. Then I mounted him.

Karen enjoyed playing a part in this escapade she had engineered. She had prepared the bed with two large towels. Then she sat on the bedside and reached down to grasp my tampon string and gently pull it so the tampon just eased out, the way a woman who had plenty of experience would do it, not yanking it out, like most men would tend to do it, given the chance.

I felt exposed because I do have a heavy flow the second day. But Karen helped me position myself, so I lowered my torso onto Dennis’s rampant cock. It did feel a little strange as I moved onto it. It went deeper and deeper inside me. I thought that this may have been the first time I was ever on top in sex. I did take to it. So, I began riding him and I just loved that nice cock moving in and out of me. I almost forgot I had my period.

I was feeling so good that I didn’t bother to look down at the moving parts. Karen was becoming a wonderful friend even if she had shaved me and caned the hell out of me. She was destined for an open marriage because she seemed to enjoy watching her man fuck another woman. She must have figured I was not real competition for her, and having seen her go at it with Dennis, I certainly would confirm that she was a hot number.

I finally let myself look down and saw the dark red streaks on Dennis’s cock as it pistoned in and out of me. I wasn’t squeamish about my menses, and I now was certain that Dennis wasn’t either, but this was something I’d never seen before. It seemed strange to me that I had never previously had sex while menstruating. I usually extracted my tampon and let it drop right into the bowl. It had just been a bodily function–one that, thinking of Karen, I was lucky to have had little issue with.

Dennis was warming me up plenty. The feel of his cock fucking me in this position was absolutely heavenly. If I dared to glance to the side, I saw Karen focused sharply on our copulation. I thought to myself that she probably got off herself on watching us. I felt myself increasingly aroused and close to popping. Then I felt Dennis spurt deep inside me and that was enough to bring me over the top.

I wasn’t thinking straight about that because I was already on top. Dennis slowly withdrew and rose to hold me tightly in his arms and kiss me softly. Then I rolled slowly off his firm torso and managed to land on my back and still on the towels Karen had so carefully positioned on my bed.

I felt so good even if I had been the beneficiary of the desire of another woman. Dennis knew that he had to perform once again with gusto, but his ardor was strong enough that he was up to the challenge–when I glanced at him as he stood up, his lovely cock was once again standing up too.

He absented himself and I knew it was to go to the bathroom and clean himself off from my red flood. When I looked down between my legs, my menstrual flow was mixed with his cum in a softer red rivulet that seemed paler than my dark-red effluence. When Dennis returned, I managed to clasp one of the towels between my legs and make it into the bathroom where I carefully sat myself on the toilet so as not to drip onto the floor.

After cleaning myself–not douching–I plugged myself and happily went back to my bedroom. In the meantime, Karen was hugging Dennis and he was feeling her up. It was so cheering to see them so enraptured with one another. I felt that Dennis’s screwing me was a perfect first course in his banquet of enjoyment.

Karen was now on her back on my bed and Dennis was between her legs licking her split joyfully. I couldn’t help admiring her youthful full breasts with big, pointed nipples and her flaming red hair–on her head, that is, as her pudendum was shaved in the manner of most of today’s young women.

He had her rocking now as he teased her clit with his tongue. Soon he had brought her off and she must have decided that the cowgirl stance had worked very nicely for me. She easily slid onto Dennis’s speedily-revived cock and while she did move up and down, soon she let him do the work of propelling his prong into her cunt as he moved up and down. She did hold herself up on her strong arms and had the pleasure of his caressing her breasts and suckling them, too.

They were truly conjoined. I marveled at her confidence and ability to continue in this personal intimate manner while I was observing them go at it. It was exhilarating for me, and it made me feel much younger, if not as youthful as they were. There was no missing Karen’s series of powerful orgasms that shook her as they continue their exertions. Dennis must’ve spurted inside her because he was beginning to slow down.

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