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Doing the Dishes

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It had been about four months since Elizabeth and I started our illicit relationship. She was my ex-girlfriend’s mom and I was living at her house after I graduated from college. We were the only ones living there, although her other grown children occasionally came to visit.

She had given me signals that she wanted a sexual relationship and I picked up on them and responded to them. Now we mated regularly- around four times per week. Since she was 59 and I was 23 she was post-menopausal, which meant that our trysts had gone on uninterrupted for this whole time.

We almost always had sex in her bed. When it was an “on” night, I would be in my room which was across the hall from hers. I would time it so I was ready to spring into action when the time was right. I would hear her go into her room and shut the door- although on “on” nights she would leave it open a crack, which was a confirmation that she would be expecting me!

I would leave my room and slip into hers. She would have the lights off, but she had a fish tank on a table in her room that had a dim light in it, kind of like a night light. There was just enough light to find my way to her bed.

I would crawl in bed with her and she would take me in her arms. her breath smelled so sweet and her perfume was like a bouquet casino siteleri of flowers. She wore a loose-fitting nightgown that I would immediately slip over her head (I don’t know why she had in on to begin with, but it was fun to take off!).

She had really large nipples on her medium-sized breasts, and I loved sucking on them. They were so big and hard, yet her breasts were soft too. I was a young man then and I was learning that there are a lot of contrasts involved in sex.

She liked to have me on top of her, and I liked being on top of her. She was old-fashioned and said it made her feel like a real woman when I was on top of her.

She spread her legs and I slid my concrete-like penis into her dripping wet vagina.

She moaned and called my name.

I pumped and pumped until I could sense her body stiffen beneath me. She held her breath momentarily and then I could feel her pussy start to throb. Again and again she called out my name as she writhed in ecstasy. Her orgasms were big and full, and she got every much as I did from our relationship.

A few seconds later, I too tensed up momentarily and ejaculated load after load of semen into her vagina. I shot what felt like several ounces of the white milky goo up into her.

Given that sperm güvenilir casino live in the female body for at least three to five days after being deposited into a woman, Elizabeth pretty much always had my sperm swimming around in her. I used to love thinking about that when my ex-girlfriend would visit. We would be at the dinner table and I would think that she used to walk around with my sperm in her and now her mom walks around with my sperm in her. Too bad they didn’t overlap! That would have been sexy!

On one occasion when her daughter had come over for dinner, I had this sexy thought in my head. Elizabeth was cleaning up after dinner and her daughter had to run back up to her college several miles away.

I had been in the living room watching TV when I heard Elizabeth doing the dishes. I thought I should go and help her so I walked back into the kitchen. She was standing at the sink with her back to me. I saw her beautiful round bottom staring at me. I stopped in my tracks and just stared back for about a minute. I had to fuck her. Right then, right there.

I walked up behind her and started to caress her shoulders. I told her that I had come to help her by drying the dishes, but now I said that might have to wait.

She responded by turning her head a little canlı casino and smiling at me. I moved my hands down over her back and to her beautiful firm butt. I caressed it gently and then with more strength. Then I reached around and cupped her tits in my hands. It was great!

She shut the water off at this point and grabbed on to the edge of the sink- where it meets the countertop.

I moved my hands down from her breasts to her pants. I unsnapped her black pants and slid my hand down to feel her lovely soft pubic hair. At this point I was getting so very hard and horny…

I put my hands on her hips and pulled her back a step. While still holding on to the counter, this caused her ass to stick out towards me more.

I then pulled her pants down to her knees and quickly pulled my pants down too.

Then I inserted my hard cock into her steamy pussy. Oh, the feeling! It felt so good to be inside of her!

I thrust in and out of her vagina like a great piston on a steam-engine. In only two or three minutes I exploded. I pumped another load of sperm deep inside Elizabeth’s pussy.

Of course all of this happened in the heat of passion and I had not put any thought into what we would do when we were done fucking! So I simply withdrew my spent penis and pulled up my pants. Then I reached down and pulled hers up too. I buttoned them up, kissed her on the back of the neck, and asked her if she wanted me to finish the dishes. She turned the water back on and told me to get a towel out of the drawer. “I’ll wash, you dry” she said.

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