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Doctor Daddy Deflowers Tight Virgin

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Double Penetration

“Can I please go on birth control pills?” Daisy pleaded to her doctor father. “I need it for my acne! All the girls at school are taking them. I mean, I’m 18 now, I’m going to be starting college soon. I don’t want to go off to school with a face full of pimples.”

College, of course. Soon she’d be out of the house, in a place with dorm rooms and parties and alcohol and sleazy guys.

He frowned at her disapprovingly. “You want me to prescribe you birth control pills? So you can start having sex with boys?”

“Of course not! I’m a virgin!”

“I’ll need to do a medical exam on you first. Come into my office.” He led her through the door of his home office and firmly shut the door behind him. He turned to her and said, “Now I’ll need to do a physical exam on you first. Remember, I’m just doing this as your doctor. Go into the bathroom and change into this gown,” he said, handing her the medical gown he kept on hand for the odd at home patient.

She took the gown and disappeared into the bathroom, emerging a minute later wearing the hospital gown.

He carefully placed his stethoscope behind her back. He could tell she was still wearing a bra.

“Ok, now I’m going to check your breast development to make sure they’re growing healthy and are the appropriate size, with no lumps,” he said in as stern and professional a voice as he could.

“Please take off the gown.”

She looked up at him with a surprised face. “Ummm, are you sure?” she stammered.

“Yes, I can’t prescribe you the pills without doing a full medical exam.”

Shyly, her eyes glued to the floor, she let the gown fall to her feet. “The bra too,” he added firmly.

She bit her lip and slowly slipped it off, covering up her breasts with her hands immediately. Her pale skin turned bright red. She looked down at her lap. Her father reached over and gripped both of her wrists firmly and pulled them off her breasts. “Now we can’t have that have we?” he gently chided her.

Daisy stared at the floor, her nipples pink and stiffening from the cool air.

“Ok, I need to make sure your breast development is on track with other girls your age.”

He carefully reached over and squeezed both breasts with his hands, letting his fingers graze over her nipples. She inhaled sharply as his fingers first touched her breasts. She tried hard to make no reaction as he kneaded her plump soft teenage breasts in his hands and flicked his thumbs back and forth across each of her fat nipples. He rolled them between his thumb and forefinger and gave each one a light pinch. Her breasts were firm and round, and her nipples extremely sensitive and tender.

“Ok everything looks to be alright here.”

She sighed, seeming both relieved and reluctant at the same time. She made a move to reach for the robe.

Ah, not so fast. He sighed deeply. “I’m afraid I can’t prescribe you the pills.”

She gasped sharply. “Why not?”

“There’s still the issue of the hymen.”

She paused and looked up at him, furrowing her brow. “What do you mean?”

“Well as a doctor, I’m not authorized to prescribe you these pills unless you’ve had your hymen examined,” he casually fibbed.

She sat frozen, her skin more flushed than ever.

“I don’t have cevizli escort an operating table,” he continued. “Why don’t we use my desk?” he suggested. “Lean back,” he instructed. “We can do this right now, right here in my office.”

She hesitated a moment. “Are you sure I need to do this to get the birth control pills? Is there anything else we can do?”

He snapped his fingers suddenly, as if she had just caused him to remember something. “Oh of course! You’re quite right sweetie! Thank you so much for reminding me! It’ll work better if you get my cock nice and wet first,” he told her gently, slowly unbuckling his belt. Let’s see how far I can push this, he thought to himself.

She stood there wide eyed as he pushed his pants and boxers down to his knees and his cock sprang to attention.

“Come here baby,” he guided her with his hands to the spot on the floor in front of him. “Get over here on your knees.”

She glanced at his face and timidly climbed onto her knees in front of him so her face was parallel to his cock.

“You know what to do,” he quietly encouraged her as he lightly pushed her head down onto his cock. “Like this baby. You take it in your mouth and lick it like it’s an ice cream cone. Lick it and suck it all over,” he instructed her. “Pretend in your mind that this is the most delicious piece of candy you’ve ever tasted and you can’t get enough of it. Your only goal should be to make it as hard and wet as you possibly can.”

She gingerly reached out her tongue and licked the underside of the head. Daddy’s penis twitched as her warm velvety tongue caressed his sensitive engorged cock head.

She hesitated a second and he pushed her head a little closer to it and encouraged her.

“Come on baby, suck it like you mean it.”

Daisy’s eyes widened as she struggled to wrap her mouth around the entire girth of this thick cock. It barely fit in her mouth but she tried her best to make her daddy happy and do what he said. She vigorously started licking and sucking down the shaft.

She paused for a moment to look up at him with her big eyes. “Are you sure this is ok?”

Daddy signed deeply and softly pumped his cock back into her mouth. “Yes baby, this is exactly what you need to do. This will make checking your hymen much, much easier in a minute.”

Her eyes widened and watered a little with the effort of stretching her mouth all around his cock.

Daddy grabbed her head and forcefully started thrusting his large cock down her throat. After a minute he stopped and sighed and slowly pulled her head off his cock, breathing hard with the effort.

“Well done baby. You can take off your panties and sit up on my desk now.”

She stood up, removed her panties, and sat on the edge of the desk, her knees locked together.

“Ok now open your legs.”

She knew she had to do whatever she could to get the pills, so she slowly opened up her legs until they were as wide as they could go.

Daddy looked excitedly down on the desk where Daisy had her sweet teenage pussy spread out in front of him

“Now I want you to tell me, ‘daddy put that dick inside me.'” he murmured softly as he lined his swollen wet cock up against her pink pussy.

She erenköy escort took a deep breath and met his eyes. “Daddy put that dick inside me,” she whispered.

He briefly considered slipping on a condom but then quickly discarded the idea. For this first time, he wanted to ride her bareback. He wanted her to feel every inch of his hard warm veiny cock as it entered her sweet tight untouched little pussy.

He firmly held onto the thick rod of his pulsing red penis and slowly pressed the swollen red mushroom head against her opening. Her eyes widened and she let out a little gasp, but it didn’t budge. Her virginal pussy was so tight, like a tight little pink rosebud. He pushed again, a little harder and his cock just bounced right back.

Her breath quickened and again, her eyes bugged out but still his cock didn’t penetrate her tight little opening. He stopped and got out some lube. He rubbed the slippery lube all over the head of his penis and down the shaft. He then squirted some more lube onto his fingers and gently rubbed it all over Daisy’s pussy lips, all over her clit and her inner labia. Daisy held her breath as she felt the cold lube touch her sensitive skin.

Daddy then squeezed even more lube from the bottle and rubbed it on his fingers. He found her opening and gently pushed inside, lubing the insides of her pussy walls to make them nice and slippery and ready for his cock. Damn, she was tight, the tightest he’d ever felt by a long shot. He could barely even work one finger in.

He settled in and tried again to push his well lubed cock into her tight sweet little hole.

Daisy braced herself as she waited eagerly for him, both excitement and fear crossing her face. She secretly couldn’t wait for him to make her a real woman finally.

He gripped his penis in one hand and pulled her body towards him with the other hand. She took a deep breath as he slowly guided his cock head inside.

Finally, he was able to squeeze the very tip of his cock into her sweet tight little slippery vagina. She winced as he slid it in one millimeter at a time. She squirmed uncomfortably between him, he was stretching the walls of her pussy in a way they had never been stretched before. She wanted to be brave and take it but she was a bit scared

“Ow It hurts Daddy. Is that enough? Have you put it in enough? Have you broken my hymen yet?” she demanded breathlessly.

“No sweetie,” he chuckled. “It’s barely even one inch in. You’re very tight, you’ve been keeping yourself good for me like a good little slut. Daddy needs to push it in a little further. Just breathe and try to relax. The more you relax your muscles, the more you’ll enjoy it. If you tense up, it will continue to hurt.”

Daisy bit her lip and tried to relax her pussy muscles, which was hard as they were now being stretched around something hard and long and thick. She wanted to be a good girl for Daddy and let him do what he needed. She wanted to cry out but she bit her tongue. She didn’t want him to stop, even though it felt like he was splitting her apart.

Very gently and slowly without removing the tip of his penis from inside her, he squeezed a little more lube onto his shaft and eased his way in another inch until finally esenyurt escort the entire head was buried inside her.

He couldn’t believe it had taken so much work just to get barely the head of his dick inside her.

He looked down at his sweet beautiful baby girl spread open beneath him, looking up at him with eyes so soft and trusting that without thinking he reached down and rubbed her little clit.

She involuntarily gasped and squirmed beneath him, her pink pussy wriggling to get more of his cock inside her.

Daddy smiled. He kept rubbing her clit, this time more nonstop

Daisy forgot about the pain and the pressure and discomfort she was feeling from having this large foreign object invade her most intimate zone. She moaned a little as Daddy’s fingers found her most sensitive spot

“I don’t know what you’re doing but it feels good daddy. It doesn’t hurt as much anymore.”

She started lifting her hips up so he could have better access, and that pushed his cock a little bit deeper into her pussy. She could feel the amazing pressure as he filled her, prying her open, ripening her. It still hurt, but she was now getting used to it. And the feeling of having her clit rubbed was an amazing new sensation she didn’t want to stop, all warm and tingly.

The pressure in her pussy didn’t hurt as bad. it now started to feel kind of good, kind of like it was filling her up inside.

He had the patience of a saint and he knew he wanted to wait until she asked for it before driving the rest of his cock all the way in.

She definitely wanted more and she was ready for him now. “Yes daddy, fuck me harder daddy,” she pleaded breathlessly.

Daddy pushed his cock in until it was about halfway in and he felt a bit of resistance. He knew this was her hymen. He looked deeply into her eyes. Ready or not, here I come, he thought. With all of his force, he thrust in and held his cock there, grabbing her firmly by the hips so she couldn’t pull away.

She screamed as a sharp shooting pain rushed through her. Almost instantly though, it was replaced by a dull pleasure.

He reached up and squeezed her soft round breasts with their fat pink nipples.

Daddy began using long slow strokes to pump away at her pussy. It was hugging him so tightly like a vice, that warm velvety softness. She could feel him big and hard inside her, penetrating her.

She wondered wildly what Mom would think if she could see them now. Probably nothing good!

His deep velvety voice urged her on, “yes that’s it baby, take it. Take daddy’s big fat cock.”

Daisy closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure.

“Your pussy is so much better than your moms,” he said, to which she moaned a little, her face contorted in a mix of pain and undeniable pleasure.

Daddy pumped faster and faster until he could feel the cum building up in his balls. With a deep cry, he unloaded all his hot cum into his baby girl, spurting stream after stream of cum into her tight teenage cunt. She squealed a little as she felt his cock pulse inside her.

Daddy withdrew his cock slowly, out of her sopping wet and well fucked pussy. A few drops of blood mixed with cum dripped onto the floor. As he pulled away from her, he stopped to kiss her deeply on the mouth, his tongue playing with hers and gently pulling on her lips with his teeth.

Breathlessly, they both retreated from the kiss. “So, um, do you think I can have those birth control pills now?” Daisy asked gingerly.

Daddy laughed. “Of course sweetie! Whatever you want!”

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