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Do You Wanna Find Out?

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“So what was it you were going to ask?” I typed, my fingers flying across the keyboard. “I can’t even say it. I’d be too embarrassed,” came his reply.

“Can you at least give me a hint?” I persisted.

After a long pause he replied, “It has to do with ‘food’ and whether or not you ‘eat’ all your food.”

I realized suddenly what he was talking about. He’d had a crush on one of our coworkers and had gotten wind of a conversation she and I’d had one afternoon about oral sex practices. She confessed that she couldn’t stomach it, and I didn’t see why it would be any harder to swallow. I hadn’t told her that not only do I tolerate it, I love it.

“You mean am I a spitter?” I typed mirthfully, wishing I could see his facial expressions.

“That’s why I couldn’t ask you,” he replied. “I was wondering, but it’s not something I could just ask.”

He was wondering? I thought. As in, he’s been fantasizing and he wants to make that part more accurate? My body temperature shot up as sweat broke out on the back of my neck. “Wow. That’s hot,” I typed. “You mean you’ve been wondering this whole time if I swallow?” I paused, an idea unfolding in my brain and I continued, “Wanna find out?”

As I hit send I thought, If he wasn’t already saluting the superintendent, he’ll be erect now.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” he replied.

Fuck, I thought. Didn’t take the bait.

Frustration getting the best of me and not knowing what else to say, I signed off and went to lunch.

When I returned the inbox showed new messages again.

“What are you doing after school today?” his message read.

“I don’t know. Do you have something in mind?” I asked.

His reply was instant; he must have been watching the inbox. “Do you want to go for a drive?”

“Okay,” I returned.

“Meet me at the Broadway McDonald’s lot at 3:00.”

When I arrived, the lot was sparsely populated, and I had no trouble finding his tan CRV in the mix. Pulling up Yozgat Escort next to him he motioned for me to hop into his car, so I parked and grabbed my purse. He didn’t say anything, just backed out the moment I was in and took off down a side street. I understood; we were still too close to the school where we worked and we could be easily seen here. He was concentrating on making us disappear.

“So,” he spoke slowly, his voice barely above a conspiratorial whisper as he navigated backstreets in a southerly direction, “I have had the most frustrating day, and I blame you.”

“Is that so?” I asked, glad we were breaking the ice. I turned in my seat and rested my elbow in the console and my chin on my hand, leaning forward to invade his personal space, hoping it made him at least a little bit uncomfortable. “What did I do?” I asked, wondering if he could see down my shirt at that angle.

He glanced toward me and I could smell his soap. “Jesus, Alexis,” he purred, “you’re going to make me wreck the car.” I guess that means he could see down my shirt.

“If we’re going for a drive, I think we should have a little fun,” I shrugged. “But it would be okay with me if you just wanted to…talk.” I rested my hand on his thigh, high enough that I could feel his heat and I knew he must be hard inside his jeans.

“Actually,” he said glancing down at me, or my chest, I couldn’t be sure, “I was thinking we might go play some tennis.” He emphasized the word because it had been his code word for naughtiness in several of his sexy emails.

I moved my hand further up and gave him a soft squeeze and contemplated where this was going. “Oh, good,” I replied, “I could use some exercise.”

Outside of town he turned down a farm road, turning again and again through a maze of dirt roads, seeming to know where he was going. Finally he left the road and drove into a field, stopping under a grove of cottonwood trees and hopped out.

Coming around Yozgat Escort Bayan the truck he opened my side. Instead of stepping out of the way so I could climb down, he blocked the doorway with his body and turned me toward him, wrapping his arms around my waist. Pulling me against his chest he kissed me for the first time, his beard and mustache softly scratching my lips as his tongue hungrily sought my own.

His hands went to my chest, his thumbs immediately finding and massaging my already-erect nipples, and kneading my breasts. I responded by wrapping my legs around his waist and grinding our hips together. My chin became raw from the coarseness of his goatee, but I was beyond caring about that.

Groaning, he pressed against me, then stepped back momentarily and pulled me from the passenger seat, leading me around to the tailgate, which he opened. The back was devoid of its usual sporting equipment and the seats had been folded down flat. What was left was a pile of blankets. I got the picture.

We both climbed in and he pulled the door closed behind us, hesitating only briefly to look at me and draw a deep breath. In moments he was on me, his hands pulling at my clothes, touching my skin, taking in every bit he could access, while our mouths kissed and licked and sucked each new bit of flesh exposed.

My hands found the bulge in his jeans and I squeezed and rubbed and positioned him between my legs while I loosened his belt and unzipped his pants. As soon as I had access, I thrust my hand into his pants and inside the waistband of his boxers, and felt his cock jump as it came into contact with my palm.

The tip of his penis was already slick and drooling his arousal. I pushed him off of me and rolled him onto his back so I could fully access his manhood. Squeezing his shaft again I inspected the beautiful package. The shining rod leapt in my hand as I ran a finger up the underside. Cupping his testicles I bent and sucked his Escort Yozgat penis into my mouth and ran my tongue along the length. After five or six strokes, I released him and stripped off my own jeans before climbing back on top of him and straddling his cock.

He watched intently as I guided him into my soaking depths, and we both groaned at the exquisite feeling of being completely inside. He reached for my shirt, pulling it over my head and ran his hands over the soft pale flesh of my sides and my stomach as I rocked back and forth on his pole. Then, grabbing hold of my torso he pulled me to the side, twisting his body, and I found myself on my back with him panting over me.

“It is my turn to lead,” he said, enunciating each word with his soft Spanish accent, and his mouth covered my own as he pulled his penis almost all the way out before thrusting in again. I moaned my pleasure against his mouth as he withdrew slowly and thrust into me again and again. His rhythm was deliciously deliberate, each stroke deep and undeniably intended to bring him maximum pleasure, and it was having the same effect on me. Each time he pulled out, he lifted slightly to run the shaft of his slick penis along my engorged clit. He was making me crazy.

One such stroke pushed me over the edge and I wrapped my legs around him, pinning him inside me while wave after wave of pleasure washed over me, and I knew he could feel me pulsating wetly around his engorged shaft. When I released him, he pulled back, taking my nipple into his mouth for a moment and biting it softly, before letting it go and resuming his deep, delicious rhythm.

I could tell he was getting close as his breathing became more shallow and his eyes glazed over. I pushed up on his chest, reached down between my legs and pulled out his slick member.

Thinking I was going to have him shoot on my chest, he assisted by walking his knees forward, but he gasped in shock and pleasure as I sucked him back into my mouth.

“Aaaaagh,” he cried out as he emptied his balls into my hungry mouth, and I greedily sucked down every drop and licked his shaft clean.

“Oh my god,” he breathed, collapsing on top of me. “Please, can we do that again?”

“What are you doing after work tomorrow?” I asked.

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