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Do People Really Do That? Pt. 03

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I know these stories aren’t supposed to go all over the map, but sometimes that’s the way life is. That’s the way my life has been recently, that’s for sure. Part one was about how, for the first time in my 72 years I sucked another man’s cock, and I posted it under Gay Male. Part two was about oral sex again, but it was about coming home and eating my wife’s pussy with a wild delight and abandon that I’d never experienced before, and fucking her with that same intensity, and I posted it under Erotic Couplings. But then it was also about telling her what I had done the night before. Part three…well, I don’t know where I’m supposed to post it. Maybe I’ll figure it out as I tell you the story.

We never got dressed the next day. We spent it in bed, fooling around a lot, fucking a little, and talking…a whole lot. June (might as well use her real name) wanted to know all about what happened, how it happened, why I decided to do it, how it felt…

Did I like it?

Oh, yes, very much.

What did I like most about it?

Partly the idea of it. That it was forbidden. But mostly the physicality of it. A cock…a man’s cock. So strange and new…I’d never felt anything like it before, never anything close to like it. And yet so familiar…it was a cock, just like my own.

Would I do it again?

Hard to say. Maybe doing it once was enough. I mean, all cocks are pretty much alike, aren’t they?

At this, June giggled. “You’re Karaköy escort bayan asking me? How much experience do you think I’ve had?”

It was just a joking, throwaway remark…or was it? In all our nearly five decades of marriage, June and I had never talked about our past sexual history. It had never come up. Or maybe I had just never dared to ask?

“Well?” I said. “How much? You…you always told me I was your first.”

“You were,” she said. “You were the first man I ever had inter…the first man I ever fucked. But before that…”

“Before that…?”

Remember, just to set the scene for you again, we’re a nice, older couple, spending a leisurely morning naked in bed together, for the first time in I don’t know how many years. June took my penis and laid it across the palm of her hand. “My, aren’t we curious all of a sudden?”

“Pillow talk,” I said. “I’ve told you my secrets.”

“Well,” she said, “It all started with my brother…”

“Bob? No!” I started to laugh. She started to giggle.

“Oh, yes. He wasn’t always a fat insurance salesman, you know. Once upon a time he was a skinny 14-year old, and I was 13, and one day he told me, ‘I’ve got something that you don’t.’ ‘What?’ I said. ‘Unzip my fly and you’ll find out.'”


“And a few times in high school…I didn’t ever go all the way…but sometimes I went…”

“Most of the way?”

“You could Escort Kayaşehir say that. And in college,..”

“In college? We started dating freshman year.”

“But you didn’t propose till junior year.”

She was gently and playfully stroking my cock through all of this, nibbling at my chest and stomach, and I was so turned on, and just feeling so good all over, that I couldn’t have felt jealous if I’d tried. And I’m not sure I would have, anyway. As it was, I led her through a blow by blow description of all the cocks she had sucked through freshman, and sophomore, and the first part of our junior year. It was a pretty good list, but she remembered all of them, and described all of them in mouth watering detail.

“And after that, no more?”

“Of course not. I was engaged to you.” Now she zeroed in on my cock, with long, lazy circular tongue strokes around the head, making me let out little yips of delight. Then she lifted her gaze to mine, with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “Bachelorette party doesn’t count, right?”

I thought about my bachelor party. A couple of overpriced drinks at a topless bar, and then we finished up the evening playing darts at a local pub. I gulped

“Oh…er…of course not. But… wasn’t your bachelorette party an all-girl affair?”

“Oh, yes, absolutely. Just us girls. And the strippers.”


“I guess you’d call them that, though Küçükçekmece escort the truth is, after the first few minutes, they didn’t have anything left to strip off.”


“There was one…a black guy, about 6 feet tall, with an athlete’s body and a cock that was…”

She paused, and I could tell she was remembering. There was a faraway look in her eyes. “A cock that was…?” I prompted.

“Perfect,” she said. “No other way to describe it. “It was a little bigger than average, maybe eight inches, and a little thicker, but not freakishly big. It was straight as an arrow. He was a deep chocolate brown, but his clock was darker, almost pure ebony. A beautiful, symmetrically shaped head, with purplish highlights. And as he swayed in front of me, it…danced.”


“It was hypnotic. I was following it with my eyes, and a couple of my friends saw me, and said “June sees something she likes!” Then someone else called out, “Gonna suck it?” And everyone started chanting, “June’s gonna suck it, June’s gonna suck it!” And it kept getting closer to me, and there was no way I could resist. I took it in my mouth like I was on fire with malaria and this was the only cure.”

“You know something?” I said. “I never imagined in a million years that I’d be saying this, but I’d like to see you with a big cock in your mouth.”

“Mmmm,” she said. “And you know what? I never thought I’d say this either, but I’d like to see you…”

“I never said I would do it again,” I said.

“Mm-hmm,” she said, focusing her mouth’s energy back on my willing member.

“But…they’re all different?”

“Every one is a new and special experience.”

“And would you like to be sucking a new one right now?”

“Would you?”

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