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Do Me Daddy Ch. 03 – and do Kate too

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Authors note: This story is the third chapter in my Do me Daddy series. It can be best understood after the previous chapters have been read but hopefully can stand alone. I will endeavor to not repeat too many things already revealed. All characters are eighteen years of age or older when engaging in any sexual activity.


The plane ride on Friday morning to New York was a time for reflection and afterglow for Lauren. The previous night had been quite wild indeed and she was still in a hyper-stimulated sexual state.

No doubt some of her father’s jizz was still inside the crevices of her pussy and ass even though she had showered well.

That thought excited her as the memory of the previous evenings fuck-fest excited her.


Unlike the previous time she had fucked her Daddy, this time afforded the two of them the opportunity to discuss the implications of what had transpired.

The ride to the airport had offered that opportunity as Brian had insisted on driving his daughter so they could talk things out. He was catching a flight out West a couple of hours later so riding together made logistical sense.

“Lauren, are you going to be okay with this visit to your sister?”

“What you’re really asking Daddy, is can I keep what has happened between us a secret. I don’t know exactly. I’m not sure about what I’ll say or how I’ll say it.”

“You know Lauren, I don’t regret what we did. I did regret it after that first time but not last night. You wouldn’t have worked so hard to get us back together if you didn’t really want to have sex with me again.”

“I’m sorry Daddy that I had to spring another surprise on you but I kinda thought a part of you wanted it to happen again or you wouldn’t have set up another date with Vicky. I figured you would go with your heart and hardon if we could keep your inhibited mind out of it.”

“I’m sorry too princess that I tried to deceive you about not being in town. What we’ve done is so outside of the norms of most people that we have to be very cautious. Does Vicky know who you really are to me?”

“I don’t think so but she did give me a bit of an unusual smirk when I left her this morning. We had quite a session of loving after you left, licking and sucking your juices off of one another. She really is quite the bomb isn’t she dad?”

“I can’t argue there but don’t sell yourself short. You are so very hot in your own right and you have the added feature of being someone I love very much.”

Lauren stroked Brian’s thigh as they were approaching the exit ramp to the airport and said to him. “I love you too Daddy. I love what we did and I want to do it more but I really love you. I don’t want to cause any trouble for you or for us. Kate loves you too you know.”

Brian startled a bit at the memory of the conversation he and Lauren had that night at the steakhouse where Lauren had revealed to her Daddy just how big of a crush his younger daughter had on him. His adorable eighteen year old daughter.

He pulled up to the drop off lane and turned to Lauren asking, “What are you going to say to your sister?”

“I’m not sure yet Daddy but I’ll be careful. I mean it when I say that I don’t want to cause anyone any hurt. I love you Daddy.”

With that said Lauren leaned over and kissed her Daddy goodbye with a very undaughterly kiss. It was passionate and prolonged as if two long time lovers were saying their farewells as opposed to a father dropping his older daughter off to see his younger one. After she was inside the terminal he drove slowly back to the rental car return lot.


The taxi ride from the airport to the brownstone in Brooklyn flew by quickly. Lauren was about to see Katie and would have to decide what and when to tell her little sis about the new family dynamics.

When she used her key to open the door Kate jumped up from the sofa and ran to her sister and hugged her.

“I’m so glad to see you sis. Daddy didn’t call so I didn’t have to say anything about when you’d be arriving.”

Lauren took this in and didn’t offer that Daddy already knew all about her change of itinerary.

“It’s great to see you too. Are you excited about college and graduating from your boarding school? That’s coming up next month right?”

“That’s right. Eighteen and soon to be off at college, just like you big sis.”

“Have you narrowed your choices down? Do you want me to help you decide?”

“I have decided. I’m going to Cornell.”

“Wow! That’s Dads alma mater.”

“I know silly. That’s part of why I want to go there. It also helped me get accepted as a legacy student but I had to decide as of last month.”

“If you’ve decided, then what did you need me up here for?”

“I had to use the excuse of deciding about college to get you up here but there’s something else I wanted to talk with you about. First let’s order some Thai delivery for lunch. You must be hungry. There’s that great place two blocks away and we can talk while we munch.”

The food arrived Rize Escort and the two sisters talked about a variety of topics while they ate until Lauren got to the point. “What exactly was it you wanted to talk with me about?”

“Well… it’s about sex.”

“What about sex? I know you know all about the birds and bees and all that. What could I tell you that you don’t know already.”

“Well Lauren, you’ve been in college and I know you’ve had boyfriends. I’m worried that when I start having sex I won’t be any good at it. How do you make a guy get interested and what do you do when he is?”

“You haven’t had boyfriends? I know it’s a girls boarding school but they have mixers right?”

Katie remained silent.

“Are you trying to tell me you’re a virgin?”

“Yes.” Katie looked down, embarrassed by this confession.

“I’ve dated a little but I freeze up when a boy tries to move things along. I guess I never felt pretty and confident like you.”

“Not pretty! You’re beautiful Katie. You have a much nicer body than mine. You’re built like mom was, in fact you’re her spitting image.”

“But my skin?”

It was true that Katie had suffered from some pretty serious acne in early adolescence but due to an excellent dermatologist and a change in diet that condition had cleared up nicely and the acne was all but unnoticeable now. She was also a bit nearsighted and had once chosen for herself some rather unattractive eyewear until Lauren had helped her pick a very becoming design on a previous visit.

She was a stone fox but didn’t see herself that way. Some of her lack of experience was probably due to boys being intimidated by her absolute beauty and of course some was due to the nature of her single sex school environment.

“Your skin is fine Katie. Anyone would want to be with you. How far have you gone? Have you done much kissing?”

“Some. I’m not sure how good I am at doing it though.”

Lauren moved closer to Kate on the couch and said to her. “I know this sounds a little weird but I can help you practice a little and evaluate your technique. You could close your eyes and imagine that I’m some boy you’re really interested in. Your emotions have to be into the sex as a woman for it to be good. You have to feel loved and you know I love you sis.”

Lauren had put her left arm around and over her sisters shoulder, pulling her closer. Laurens right arm was softly running up and down Katie’s right arm straying once or twice to touch her sisters thighs with a very delicate touch.

Kate did not answer but neither did she pull her head back when Lauren leaned in and placed her lips on the side of her neck and flicking out her tongue elicited a shiver from her.

A shiver of delight.

When Lauren leaned in again to have their lips meet and kiss, Katie had taken her advice and had her eyes closed imaging, her dream lover.

Kate initially had her lips pressed tightly together, only opening slightly when Lauren poked her tongue out and tried to probe her sisters mouth.

She pulled back and instructed Kate to keep her mouth slightly open. That she was going to french kiss her and that Kate should try to match and mimic her tongue and lip work.

“Kissing is all about foreplay. The penetration of the tongue into your lovers mouth gets you ready for different and better penetrations to come.”

Katie nodded, her eyes still closed, and this time when Lauren started kissing her she was more relaxed and much better at it. The kissing went on for several minutes and when they came up for air Katie said, “Wow! That was good. Have you ever kissed a girl before?”

“Yes I have little sister. But that’s not important now. Now I’m kissing you.”

Lauren resolved to tell Katie all about her experiences with Vicky as the weekend visit wore on and would tell her much more depending on how she responded to each new piece of information. For now though she was going to bolster her sisters confidence in her own desirability.

“You should touch me when you’re kissing me Katie. Make belief I’m that dream lover and run your hands over my body. I’ll do the same to you.”

Kate did as she was instructed and when Lauren pulled off her top, took her sisters hand and positioned it on her smallish boobs, Kate began to fondle them gently, instinctively knowing what her older sister would like in her touch.

“That feels nice Katie. Would you kiss them for me?”

Katie lowered her head to Laurens chest and took an erect nipple into her mouth.

Lauren moaned in delight and placed her hand between Katie’s thighs and began to rub and stimulate her sisters pussy through the material of her shorts.

After some time on the couch Lauren suggested that they move into the bedroom. They chose the bedroom Daddy used when he was in town as it had a larger bed than the double bed in Katie’s room.

The two sisters got naked and Lauren lay next to her sister and embraced her gently.

They held each other close and began to once again Rize Escort Bayan kiss soulfully. Laurens’ hand grazed over Katie’s wispy pubes and a finger made deliciously light contact with her clit.

Kate arched her back to increase the contact and whispered, “That’s so nice sis. I’m the only one who’s ever touched down there.”

Lauren started to penetrate Katie with her forefinger and Katie gasped, “Careful sis, remember I’m still a virgin.”

This was confirmed when Laurens’ progress was stopped by her sisters intact hymen.

“Wow! Don’t worry sis. I won’t go any further inside.”

Evidently not even so much as a toy had gone into Katie’s deliciously tight pussy.

“I’m saving that for someone very special. You’d probably think I’m crazy if I told you who.”

“No I wouldn’t Katie.”

Lauren suspected she knew who the someone special was but didn’t want to guess aloud just yet.

“Has anyone ever licked you there? Have you ever sucked on a boys penis?”

“No to both. I guess there is so much to learn.”

The two sisters were still lying side by side on the bed and casually stroking and fondling the others breasts while the conversation continued.

Lauren said, “I have a confession to make Katie. You remember my friend Vicky? I think you might have met her once when you came down for a visit a couple of years back.”

“I’m not sure if I do or not. I was only down there a couple of days and you introduced me to so many people.”

Lauren leaned over spontaneously and took one of Katie’s nipples in her mouth, biting on it gently and swirling her tongue around it. Her right hand was lightly stroking her sisters thighs and sometimes teasingly grazing her mound. She raised her head back up and said, “Anyway, Vicky is the girl I kissed.”

She then told her sister about all of her sexual involvement with Vicky from the time the two of them had tried out at the strip club off campus to Vickie’s transition into the sex escort business.

She continued to fondle and play with her sister and she also took Katie’s hand and put it on her pussy and asked her little sister to stroke and play with her as well.

Katie did.

Lauren went on and told Katie about the three times she had joined Vicky with clients. She went into great detail about the last client, the one who had the Daddy daughter fantasy, and how Vicky had begged and enlisted her help for that night.

Katie’s arousal level increased measurably while Lauren was relating this last escapade. Her virginal little pussy was moistening nicely and coating Laurens fingers with her desire as Lauren concentrated more on that area during the telling of this last tale.

“You’re not ashamed of me are you little sis? I mean for having sex with strangers for money?”

“No. I am a little surprised though. I knew you had boyfriends and all but I never thought this.”

“Do you like what I’m doing to you now? The way I’m touching you?”

Katie nodded.

“Would you like me to lick you like I did with Vicky?”

Katie hesitated in responding to that and Lauren added, “It won’t make you a lesbian or anything. Just imagine some boy you really like doing this to you and close your eyes. You’ll have the best feeling you ever had. I’m quite good at it or so Vicky tells me.”

Lauren had a pretty good idea who it was Katie would be imagining going down on her and that thought thrilled her as well.

“Yes. It’s ok. I’m closing my eyes.”

Lauren then trailed light kisses from her sisters beautiful breasts down her body towards her steaming pussy. She gave gentle little bites and tongue swirls along the way and then lingered a little on Kate’s inner thighs. Katie tried to shift her position to force contact with Laurens mouth but other than a brief kiss and two tongue strokes which elicited a quiver of delight, Lauren avoided her sister’s pleading pussy for the time being.

She worked her way down each leg and back up with her talented tongue while one of her hands maintained contact in the region of her sister’s box, gently grazing and tickling the wispy pubes covering the pretty little mound.

Lauren continued this deliberate buildup for some time. She worked her way back up Katie’s beautiful body, giving her sisters pussy a cursory kiss, before spending additional time lathering those full spectacular breasts with kisses, nips, and licks.

When she worked her way downward again Katie took hold of her head by taking a fistful of hair in each hand to direct her sister’s mouth to her special spot so in need of attention.

Lauren complied.

“Ooohhh…” Katie sighed, when Lauren began her lascivious lathering of those virginal pussy lips and swollen clit with her experienced tongue.

“Does that feel good little sis?”

Katie answered by pulling Laurens head tighter to her cunt and moaning “Mmmm…”

She was very close.

Lauren began a rapid side to side flicking and licking of Katie’s hot button while she was busily fingering fucking Escort Rize herself.

They were both now closing in on orgasms but Katie beat her older sister to it. She squeezed her thighs tightly against the sides of Laurens head and arched her ass off the bed as her entire body came alive with the pleasure of her first ever orgasm that was not self induced.

Lauren pulled her fingers out of her own pussy in order to have each of her hands free to reach up and fondle Katie’s boobs. She continued to lick and lather little sisters outer lips, being careful to avoid the hypersensitive clit for a while. When she thought Katie had recovered enough she began the process again and then once more, bringing Katie to orgasm three separate times until she could truly take no more and begged her to stop.

“Wow!!” Katie said when Lauren had finally rolled away and was looking lovingly at her little sister.

“You seemed to have enjoyed that a lot.” Lauren said with Katie’s juices fresh on her face.

“Oh hell yes I did.”

“Were you imagining some hot guy going down on you?”

“Would you be upset if I said that I was?”

“Of course not. I was the one who suggested that.”

“Well then yes I was.”

They lay together cuddling and fondling one another for a while when Katie realized that Lauren hadn’t orgasmed.

“Sis, you didn’t come did you? I don’t think I can do it as good as you did but I can try if you want me too. It’s only fair.”

“It’s alright. This was about teaching you about sex and your body. How it responds and all that. I can get off anytime.”

“Well thank you. That was so great. I never came like that before.”

Katie was still in her afterglow and fondling Laurens erect nipples when she asked her older sister, “So what did you think when you were playing with that guy who had the daughter fantasy? Did it turn you on?”

“I’m not sure I should have told you all that stuff. I don’t want you to think less of me, fucking for money and all that.”

“I don’t think less of you, really I don’t. I’m glad you told me, that you trusted me.”

“Why do you ask about the Daddy daughter guy then? Are you still hung up on Dad little sis? I thought you outgrew that.”

Katie blushed and was silent for a while and Lauren remained patient, knowing that her sister would open up if given time and knowing that she had plenty left to tell her as well.

“You can tell me if you are Katie. I trusted you. Daddy is a good looking man after all.”

“Ok. I’ll confess. I can’t get him out of my mind. I’ve been trying to tempt him with my body but he doesn’t want me or at least he won’t admit to himself that he does.”

“What do you mean tempt him sis?”

“Well, when he’s been home from business and I’ve been here on school breaks, I mean whenever we’ve been here together lately, I’ve been flashing him some. You know, sort of accidentally showing him my body.”

“Like how?”

“Well I sort of knew when he might be coming home and I would be waiting naked. When I could hear his key in the door I would run into the bathroom and turn the shower on. I’d give it a minute or two and then turn the water off and come out in only my robe and act surprised that he was home. I would come up to him to give him a big welcome home hug and my robe would open a bit. I saw him looking and he did hug back. I think he got a little hard the second time.”

“You did this more than once?”

“Uh huh. At least three times. I also let him watch me play with myself.”

“You what?”

Lauren was getting a very good idea about what had triggered her father’s insatiable desire for the Daddy daughter role play games he had engaged Vicky for.

Katie blushed some and said, “It was only one time. I left my bedroom door open a crack after I went to bed and lay on top of the covers with my nightie up over my hips. I was touching myself down there and waiting for him to turn off the TV and go to bed. I had my nightlight on so that he could see from the hallway.”

“Go on.” Lauren could feel her own arousal as this revelation unfolded.

“When the sound went off and I heard him in the hallway walking past my room to his I let out a moan that I knew he would hear.”

Lauren, who had been touching herself as they lay together on the bed, now took Katies hand and placed it on her own pussy and asked her sister to touch her there as she had touched herself with Daddy in the hallway. Then she asked her to continue telling her story.

She did just that. Telling how she had kept her eyes mostly closed but open just enough to see that she had gotten Daddys attention with the moan. He had opened the door a little more and she could hear him asking softly if she was alright. She had pretended not to have heard his question but instead had made belief that she was too far along in her masturbation to have noticed his intrusion.

She could sense him standing there in the partially open doorway watching his teenage daughter play with her smooth pussy and was able to see through her slitted eyelids that he was touching himself as well. She told Lauren that she had even gone so far as to softly call out the words Oh Daddy and Yes Daddy, all the time keeping him in the dark as to her awareness of his observation of her.

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