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Do It Yourself

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(Authors note: I quite enjoyed working on this one. I do apologise for any editing errors, I’m a bit rubbish when it comes to that job. However I think I may come back these two in the future)

There comes a time in a girl’s life when she has to spread her wings and do all she can to escape her mother’s influence. And I had every intention of doing so. I loved my mother beyond all else, but she drove me up the wall day in, day out and I needed my own place where she wasn’t able to just walk in on me in the shower every morning.

So that’s why I was stood in the middle of a building site, surrounded by houses and flats in varying stages of construction. Mud covered my boots and dust hung in the air from the near-by cement mixer. Delightful, but mine. Or soon to be anyway.

Technically this site wasn’t even open yet to prospective purchasers, with no show house or sale room available. But I knew the foreman and he had wrangled a preview for me. OK so the house I was after was still just a shell, yet to have its fixtures and fittings put in, but that didn’t bother me in the slightest. This was escape territory and I was raring to go.

Smiling at the man who was picking his way towards me over the ruts and muddy pools, I was caught up in a quick hug as he appraised me.

“Hello Sadie, finally getting out huh?” he asked as he beckoned to a tall man walking past.

“Finally got the money to get out,” I corrected with a laugh. “Not seen you for ages, where you been hiding yourself?”

“Wife and kids take up all my time,” he said with a grimace. Handing me a hardhat and a hi-vis vest, he watched me put them on. “Damn you look sexy.”

“Married man,” I reminded him with a chuckle. “Can’t see Karen being best pleased you are flirting with a younger woman.”

“If Karen had her way I’d be dead anyway,” he muttered under his breath. Turning his head at a new arrival, he tilted his head back to look him in the face. “Mark, this is my friend Sadie, she’s here to look around Plot 3.”

Mark shrugged at his boss as he turned to me. He was what? About 20 years older than me, that weather worn face of his tanned and deeply lined, especially about the eyes. And those eyes were most wonderful blue I’d seen in a long time.

“Hello,” I said brightly as he did a quick scan from the top of my head to the floor.

“Hey, he answered with a lazy tilt to his deep voice. “Plot 3 is just over here.”

Turning to look with him, I inspected the 3 story town house that was stood near the main entrance to the new estate. Unlike most it had its roof and windows installed, but that appeared to be about it. The rooms inside were dark and the front garden was piled high with rubble and equipment. Hefting a bag higher onto my shoulder, I offered Mark a bright smile and held out my hand. “Lead the way.”

He slanted me a questioning glance before wandering over to the house, his long legs making light work of the muddy gulley’s of the dirt track. Yelping as my feet slipped, I flailed for help before I could dive headlong into the filth. Mark spun around and grabbed my arm, yanking me across the path and onto solid ground just before I fell. Tumbling against him, I clung on as I got my heart rate under control and whilst I had a surreptitious feel of his body. It was wiry and strong under his dust covered clothes.

Stepping back, I blushed and thanked him for the timely rescue, earning me a soft ‘Hmm’ in return. He must have been aware of my intentions as he held me safe in the curve of his arm. I was such a hussy.

He stared at me for a few more moments before he turned and walked up the short path to the front door. Taking a large bunch of keys out of his pocket, he quickly flicked through them to the key for the front door. Tumbling the lock, he pushed the heavy wood door open and stepped in, his boots echoing on the concrete floor of the dark entrance hall.

Stepping over the deep step, I stood just inside the door and waited for my eyes to adjust. Mark obviously knew the layout of the property already, but I was new to it and was predisposed to go arse over crop in the gloom. Looking around, I noticed the staircase turning upwards to my right and the start of a kitchen on the left. Glancing in I noticed coils of wires laying around the floor, waiting to be channelled into walls before plaster board could go on over the breezeblocks. Not huge, but then neither was it a tiny room. Perfect for me, and it opened at one end into the living room.

Following the tall figure as he wandered into the living room, I looked around the spacious room, the small garden at the back churned up by diggers and tippers. The patio doors almost stretched the entire width of the house letting in lots of light. Yes this was just perfect for what I was wanting.

“There’ll be power points on each wall,” Mark was saying as he leaned against the wall and watched me, his hands tucked into his pockets. “They’ve not started yet, so if you want any extras cosmic love france izle just have a word with the boss and he’ll sort it.”

“That’s cool,” I responded, my mind’s eye already planning out the furniture and where I would need extra sockets. “Will the garden be sorted before I move in?”

“Depends when you intend to move in,” he said with a shrug. I noticed the sharp line of his shoulder; there couldn’t be an ounce of fat on this man. “You move in soon as the house is done then you get a bomb site. You wait until four or five others are ready for viewing and they’ll send in landscapers, who quite frankly will roll it flat and put turf down over rubble.”

“So better to do it myself.” I turned and strolled past him, my arm just brushing against his as I wandered into the hallway again. There was a definite charge between us, my skin tingling where it had met his. Closing my eyes for a second, I took a deep breath and got myself under control. I was acting like the worst kind of tart with a total stranger.

And yet I felt drawn to him, my body responding in a sexual way to him as his scent reached me. He wasn’t far behind me, so close in fact I could feel the warmth of his body. Turning up the stairs, I climbed quickly to cover my confusion. On the landing I looked right and left at the bedrooms, again bare floors and walls waiting the electricians and plasterers. In front of me was the main bathroom, boxes of tiles stacked in the corner waiting for cement.

“You’ll get to choose your bathroom suite and kitchen cupboards,” Rob was explaining as he leaned in the doorway, watching. “We’ve already got them all in store so it won’t take long to get the fitters in once the boss puts in a call.”

“So how long could it be before I could move in?” I asked as I looked up at him. He was a good foot taller than me and I was having to really crick my neck to look him in the eye in this small bathroom.

“Depends.” He shrugged again and I was aware of his blue eyes resting on my body. “If you want to be able to access easily then I’d give it another two months then this area and the garages will be tarmaced. Earlier and you’ll have to park out on the road or be lost in a muddy hell.”

“Nice,” I agreed. Standing there, I just looked up at him as his broad shoulders filled the doorway. He was definitely a bit older than me, this close I could see the fine lines as well as the deeper ones lining his face. Strong jaw and nose, and scars from a full life dotted here and there. And all the while those blue eyes of his watching my every move. In them I thought I saw the warmth of attraction, but he didn’t move or betray it in his face at all.

“There’s another floor?” I suggested tentatively, my voice wavering the merest fraction. I coughed to clear my throat as his eyebrows raised a fraction. Stepping back, he waved me on ahead and up the second flight of stairs.

Brushing past, I blushed again at the evident spark and climbed the stairs. Stepping through the doorway, I looked around the master bedroom, and then through two more doors into smaller rooms.

“Wardrobe and en-suite,” Mark said as he stepped in behind me.

He was so close, only a few inches behind me. I froze and waited to see what happened. Neither of us moved or spoke for at least a minute, then I felt the tip of a work roughened finger touch the nape of my neck. A shiver ran down my spine and across my limbs, raising goose-bumps all over me. At the same time my nipples hardened and pushed against the cups of my bra. Just one touch and I was aroused.

A soft sigh escaped between my parted lips as that fingertip trailed a little down my spine and then around the collar of my shirt. His touch was so soft and gentle, and so damn hot. His clothes rustled against the hi-vis vest he was wearing as he stepped closer to me, the heat radiating from his body warming me further.

I closed my eyes as one large hand rested softly on my hip, holding me there as that finger trailed its way around and onto my cheek, gently swirling little circles on my blushing skin.

“Will you give me your number?” he asked quietly, his deep voice rumbling in his chest.

I considered his request as carefully as I could, aware my thoughts were scattering to the four corners of the room as he slowly and gently seduced me. There was no denying the fact I was attracted to him. I’d even surreptitiously checked out his wedding ring finger as we climbed the stairs and was pleased that it was empty of anyone else’s tag.

Who was I kidding, I was so going to give him my number.

“Will you give me yours?” I asked, concentrating on controlling the tone of my voice so it didn’t come out as a squeak.


His finger continued to caress the lines of my face, his body inching ever closer to my back. I was so desperate just to step back and lean in against him, but I wanted him to make the first real move. And besides, the location dahmer monster the jeffrey dahmer story izle was making me nervous. What if an electrician walked in on us?

“You’re nervous,” he said as his body finally pressed up behind me and the full heat of him invaded me. There was a heavy scent of sweat from hard work, but I found it attractive rather than repulsive.

“Worried someone will walk in,” I said honestly.

“No-one is tagged to work in here for another week,” he assured me. For a second I felt his soft breath on the back of my neck, then his lips touched my skin and I shattered into pieces. The stubble on his chin was past the scratchy length and into a soft tickling beard, and it was driving me horny as he gently kissed his way around my neck, his hands sliding around my waist to rest on my stomach as one leg moved forward to rest alongside my thigh.

“So we can’t be disturbed?” I asked, clarifying the situation for my overtaxed mind.

“No.” I heard the laughter in his tone as he broke off the kisses. “Is that a problem?”

“No,” I agreed. I mulled over my next question as he resumed his kisses. There was no polite way of asking this one. “Are you seeing anyone?”

He broke off at that and leaned forward so he could look sidelong at me. “Going through a messy divorce and resolutely single,” he said, his face lined with a serious expression.

I nodded again and dropped my bag on the floor. “Go for it.”

He didn’t need any more encouragement from me. His large workers hands slid all the way around and then pulled me back against his torso. His lips returned to my neck and he held me tight as I melted into the lovers embrace.

It had been far too long since I had been with a man, and even then it had been cold, feeling it was something I had to do to be normal. But this time, now there was heat and desire and so many emotions racing through me I couldn’t think. So I stopped trying and gave myself up to his assured moves.

Mark slowly inched us towards the wall where he could lean back against it, cradling me against his thighs as he continued to kiss me senseless, and his hands were free to roam over my body. Moving slowly, he teased my shirt free of the waistband of my trousers, then he carefully touched his fingertips to my stomach. I jerked away, then giggled as he froze.

“I’m ticklish,” I explained to him.

“Ah, right.” His fingers pressed back to my stomach, harder this time to avoid my reaction. He rested them there as he kissed under my ear, his breathing loud to me as I closed my eyes and leaned back, my head resting on his shoulder.

His touch felt so good, so safe but so arousing. My breasts already felt swollen and tender, and he hadn’t touched them! I was so desperate for him to touch me like that, and I was desperate to touch him but felt so unsure about doing so.

His stubble was tickling me, and unusually it was heightening my arousal. Every touch of him was zipping down my spine and straight into my stomach where it pooled in pure heat. And I could feel just how wet I was, my underwear clinging to me as I soaked it through. It was no good; I needed to touch him regardless of what he thought.

Twisting my head away, I turned and caught a glimpse of his confused expression before I slipped my arms around his neck and crushed my mouth to his in a kiss. That brought out a low groan from him as his arms slipped about my waist and pulled me up against him. After a second his lips parted and his tongue darted out to touch the tip of mine. I responded to the physical query and stood up on tiptoe to make it easier for us to deepen the kiss. My fingers slipped into his hair brushing the nape of his neck as his hands cradled my backside, keeping me balanced up on my toes.

Breaking apart, he chuckled as I smiled shyly at our response to one another. Resting his forehead on mine, those bright blue eyes gazed into mine, the corners crinkling in a smile. “What would you say to me taking you out to dinner tomorrow night?” I tried for a nonchalant shrug, but my face was screaming eager little puppy. He laughed again and pulled me into a hard embrace. “I’ll give you a ring later and arrange somewhere to meet.”

“You could always cook for me,” I suggested. Trailing a finger along his jawline, I watched the thoughts skitter across his mind as he considered that proposition.

“Not inflicting that on you yet,” he finally said. “Or letting you in my place for fear I’d just drag you to bed.”

I controlled my breathing and tamped down the excitement his casual comment had raised. I should not be trying to act like a brazen hussy! And yet the feel of his body pressed to mine, the distinct hardness against my stomach, none of it helped my determination.

“My place is probably better anyway,” I said shyly. “Erm…”

He raised an eyebrow as he looked down at me, his hands slowly kneading damned saint izle my buttocks.

I wriggled my hips against him, eliciting a sharp intake of breath as I rubbed his erection through his jeans.

“Shit,” he breathed. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall. “Do that again and I’ll come.”

“Should I do it again?” I asked archly, giving up on decorum and going for the full brazen hussy routine. Not like I got to do it every day.

Mark’s eyes slammed open and his head tipped forward to look at me in surprise. “Did you just suggest what I think you suggested?” he asked incredulously.

This time I did manage a nonchalant shrug for him, and I noticed the way his gaze slipped down to my breasts as they lifted under my jacket.

“Minx.” He grinned at me. Leaning back against the wall, he gripped my backside hard and lifted me up with a jerk so my legs were practically draped around his waist. “There is nothing more I would like to do right now than strip you naked and take you right here on this floor.” I blushed at the honest description and heat flooded my cheeks, but I wriggled a touch until I could lift my knees alongside his hips, pressing my sex against his. “However I am also aware we have only just met, and I don’t habitually carry protection with me.”

It took me a moment to understand what he was saying, but when it did a part of me cursed at the fact as it did quick calculations: I couldn’t risk it.

“Neither do I,” I whispered. Sliding down, I rested my feet on the floor and wrapped my arms about his waist. My whole body was screaming out that it wanted nothing more than to do the world’s oldest dance with this man, our bodies moving together with nothing between us. And unless I wanted all fun to end in precisely nine months I couldn’t.

“Unless you want to try something a little different?” he asked. I looked up and saw a lazy smile twisting his lips.

“Such as?” I asked. I wanted to kiss him again, so much so that all I could see were those lips.

“A little mutual gratification,” he said. Pushing away from the wall, he steered me towards the door into what would be the bathroom, well out of sight of the staircase and any windows overlooking the construction site.

I frowned and was opening my mouth to ask further when he kissed me and all thoughts scattered. His hands slipped around me again to caress my backside before they travelled up my sides and around to the fastening of my jacket. Popping the buttons one at a time, he broke the kiss and looked down at what he was doing. When the last one slipped free, his hands slid inside and to my shoulders, then down my arms sliding the jacket to the floor.

Being undressed by a man you have only just met should be wrong and I should be protesting, but my whole body was screaming for his next to mine and it was drowning out all coherent thought. Catching the jacket before it hit the floor; I tossed it in a far corner and made sure his fleece joined it quickly.

Grabbing the bottom of his t-shirt in my hands, I tugged it up and over his head, throwing it away as far as I could. I wanted all of his clothes off as quickly as I could as I wanted to get my hands on his body, just as he did me.

Giggling as my shirt was unceremoniously tugged off, I turned so he could unfasten my bra without fumbling it; even so he cursed as his large fingers stumbled over the catch. He muttered an imprecation against female underwear as the bra slipped free and I tossed it over to the now growing pile of clothes. For a brief moment I had a feeling of uncertainty; I was a good girl who didn’t sleep around or chase men like this. But this felt so damned good and right that I brushed it aside.

As the bra left my fingers his arms stole around me from behind and his work roughened palms rested on my stomach. They were chilly and I jerked back a bit, coming up against his warm chest with my naked back. His lips came back down onto the curve of my neck again as his hands slipped up my torso to cup my breasts.

His touch felt so good, gentle but sure. I’d never been touched like this before, and to be honest I’d barely been touched. Not really been a part of my life up until now. And here I was panting for a stranger who was apparently feeling the same about me.

I didn’t know which was more delicious, the touch of his lips and the tip of his tongue on my neck, or the way his large hands cupped my breasts, his fingers sliding over my taut nipples to arouse me further. I’d never really been that bothered by anyone touching my breasts before, but with him it was sending shivers through me.

“You are so hard for me,” he breathed in my ear, his fingers gently pinching my nipples. I gasped in a breath at the movement, and leaned my head right back on his shoulder. Reaching back, I placed my hands on his hips and held on tight. He was taking me for the most amazing emotional and sensory ride, that I felt I would collapse if I let go of him now. “Do you know how hard I am for you right now?” he asked.

I opened my mouth to reply, but nothing came out except a soft sigh as the heat from his hands made my breasts ache with arousal. Instead I titled my hips forward so I could press my buttocks against his crotch. Even through the thick material of his jeans I could feel the length of his erection held captive against his leg.

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