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DJ Pt. 36

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Big Tits

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is a young, gay boy, 15 year old Fernando, whose father has kicked him out (which happens way too often in real life) and CPS (Child Protective Services) have placed him with foster parents, a married straight couple. There is no direct, or implied, sexual activity between Fernando and any other character in this story.

* * * * *

In Part 36

March 10th, Danny White gets released

DJ, Jamie and the cousins visit the park

The cousins talk Jamie and DJ into a Circle Jerk

The four cousins make a vow

The cousins discuss the Pros and Cons of moving

Joe and Doug take the cousins to the airport

* * * * * *

DJ Part 36

On Saturday morning, March 10th, about 7:30 AM Karen woke up without the alarm. She had noted before she went to bed the night before that DJ was off and none of the other boys were scheduled until 3:00 PM or after. She donned her housecoat and went to the kitchen to start the coffee. She double-checked the ‘whiteboard’ and noticed that Jamie had crossed off the 4:00 and written ‘OFF’ in big letters.

Halfway through her first cup of coffee she heard the bathroom door close and knew that somebody was either up, or maybe just needed the bathroom. About two minutes later, Damion and Brandon came out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, both wearing their boxers.

Karen, intuitively pouring two mugs of coffee, “Good morning guys.”

“Good morning Aunt Karen,” the two boys replied, in unison.

Karen, pulling a plate of five Cinnabons from the microwave, “Do you boys have any plans for today?”

“Yes and no,” Damion said, “we plan to spend the day with our cousins, but we have no idea what they might come up with, for us all to do together.”

“I know you all had a pretty tough day yesterday, and I don’t know what time DJ and Jamie went to bed. It’s after 8:00, if you guys are going to have much time together you might want to wake them up.” Karen and each boy had one of the rolls, leaving two on the plate.

“Are these all the Cinnabons, or do you have more?” Brandon asked.

“I have more,” Karen replied, “I just figured you’d both eat two.”

“We’ll give them a couple more minutes to sleep,” Brandon said, smiling, “we wouldn’t want these Cinnabons to get cold!” Karen grinned, as the two boys devoured the last two Cinnabons.

Damion and Brandon entered DJ and Jamie’s room, and smiled at each other, noting that DJ and Jamie were cuddled together and sleeping so peacefully.

Damion, rocking DJ’s shoulder, “Are you guys gonna sleep all day? It’s almost 8:30.” The sound of Damion’s voice also woke Jamie.

“We’ll be up in a minute,” DJ said, placing his lips on his boyfriends, and kissing him tenderly. DJ and Jamie could both feel their erections touching each other, a sensation they both liked.

Damion and Brandon, grinning, grabbed the sheet and blanket and pulled it down, exposing not only DJ’s and Jamie’s nakedness but also their erections.

“Dami, look,” Brandon stated, grinning, “they’ve both got hardon’s!”

DJ, as he and Jamie both jumped out of bed, “It’s just morning wood, don’t try to tell us you don’t wake up with them sometimes.” Jamie and DJ picked up their boxer-briefs off the floor and pulled them on.

“Yeah, it happens,” Brandon admitted, “even to us straight guys.”

The four boys headed out of the bedroom toward the kitchen, Jamie and DJ stopping by the bathroom to relieve their bladders. Karen poured a cup of coffee for DJ, and refilled the cousin’s mugs, and set a glass of juice on the table for Jamie. She also placed four more Cinnabons in the microwave for DJ and Jamie, and started a second pot of coffee.

“DJ,” Damion asked, “what are we going to do today, to have some fun together?”

“What would you guys like to do?” DJ countered.

“What is there around here TO do?” Brandon asked.

“Not a whole lot, in this little burg,” Jamie replied, “there’s a bowling ally, and a four screen cinema. We do have a rather nice park, if you guys would be keen on doing some hiking.”

“That sounds like fun,” Damion remarked, smiling, “we don’t have hiking boots, would sneakers be satisfactory?”

“That’s all we ever wear,” DJ said, “it’s supposed to be about 75 today, shorts and sneakers would be cool.”

“Done deal!” Brandon exclaimed, “let’s get dressed.”

While the boys were all getting dressed, in shorts, sneakers and tee shirts, Karen cooked up a pan of Sausage and Eggs with cheese, and English muffins, to feed her boys before they left. About 9:30 the boys all climbed into the Tracker, and DJ drove them to the park. Surprisingly, there were only a couple of other cars parked there.

“There are paved walkways,” Jamie explained, “that are mostly used by bikers and joggers, and some other trails that aren’t paved. Those are the best ones for hiking, and they can go quite a ways into the woods.”

“What is a good trail to hike?” Damion inquired.

“Just pick a trail, bursa escort any trail,” Jamie remarked, “and we’ll follow you.”

They walked another couple of hundred feet on the paved walkway and Damion turned off, onto one of the trails. The others followed.

“Where are the restrooms?” Brandon asked.

“There aren’t any,” DJ answered.

“I don’t think I needed that last cup of coffee,” Brandon whined, “I’m about to spring a leak!”

“Brandon, we’re in the wilderness, and standing in the middle of natures largest restroom,” DJ said, unzipping his shorts, pulling out his cock and letting out a healthy stream. Brandon and Damion followed DJ’s lead, watering the ground. Jamie was fine, as he had only drank that one glass of juice. Zipping up, they continued on the trail.

Jamie, spotting a memorable location, “Baby, remember that spot?”

DJ, snickering, “I don’t think I’ll ever forget it, that was the day those two bears caught us, doing a sixty-nine.”

“Wait!” Brandon exclaimed, “there’s bears around here?”

DJ and Jamie were cracking up, explaining the gay slang terminology of ‘bears’ to these neophytes.

“I sense a story coming up,” Damion remarked, grinning “Please tell us what happened.”

DJ and Jamie told Damion and Brandon the whole story, in detail.

(Note: The whole story of what happened that day is in Part 7)

“I can’t believe that you guys would have open sex, right out here in public.” Damion said, “I’ve done a sixty-nine before, but I couldn’t do it with another guy, yuck!”

Jamie, grinning, “We happen to think pussy is pretty yucky, different strokes for different folks!”

They traveled further up the trail and came upon the clearing, with the log, where they had had some fun with Ryan and Todd, the Cleveland boys, another happy memory. They stopped and rested for a few minutes all four of them sitting on that log.

Brandon, out of the blue, “Have any of you guys ever taken part in a circle jerk?”

“Bran!” Damion exclaimed, “That’s dangerous territory, and really gay.”

“You didn’t think it was gay when we used to jack off together.”

“That was different,” Damion said, his face turning red, “we were younger then, and we were brothers. Neither of us had girlfriends to fuck, and we just had a need to empty our balls now and then.”

Brandon is quietly rubbing a ‘bulge’ in his shorts.

“To answer your question, Brandon,” DJ stated, “that year I was in military school, we had those open showers, where about eight guys could shower at the same time. We were all straight, well, I thought I was straight, back then, anyway, getting soaped up in the showers, we sometimes got hard, and the urge to get it off was strong.”

“Brandon, quit playing with yourself,” Damion said, “It’s making me hard!” DJ and Jamie glanced down at Damion’s shorts and they definitely were tented. It’s nearly impossible to hide a boner in boxers.

DJ continued, “Sometimes five or six of us would have a circle jerk, just jacking our own cocks. We’d get off, and the water from the shower washed away the evidence. Sometimes we’d play stupid little games like, who could cum the quickest, or the most, or who could shoot the farthest. None of us ever thought of it as gay, it’s just something all guys do.”

Jamie and DJ, just from watching Brandon, became aroused. They had not had any sex since before Granny suffered her heart attack, and their balls needed relief as well.

Brandon standing up from the log, and starting to remove his shorts and boxers, “Are you guys gonna just watch me shoot my load, or are you gonna join me in a circle jerk.”

DJ and Jamie couldn’t help staring at Brandon’s handsome 8″ of hardness, accepting the fact that he was considerably bigger that either of them. DJ and Jamie both stood up and removed their shorts and boxer-briefs, their hard cocks standing at attention, with precum dripping from the tips. Rubbing some of the precum onto the shafts, they started to slowly masturbate.

“You guys have all gone crazy!” Damion exclaimed. “I can’t believe you’re doing this!” Then, about one minute later, “Fuck it!” He dropped his shorts and boxers on the log, exposing his rather attractive 7″ of erect manhood, which was also leaking precum, and he started to stroke, along with the other three guys.

“Oh, Oh, Oh yes, Oh god yes, Watch this guys!” Brandon remarked. “Oooooh!” as that first rope shot like a bullet from his pee slit, landing at least ten feet out from where he stood. Brandon continued to stroke slowly, shooting several more gobs of cum, that landed three, or four feet out. “I really needed that!” Brandon exclaimed, grinning, his eyes now focused on the other three guy’s cocks.

“I’m close, baby,” DJ uttered softly. Jamie immediately squatted in front of DJ, taking that beautiful black cock into his mouth and letting DJ fill his mouth with that delicious cream.

“Oh, gross!” Damion exclaimed.

Jamie was nearly ready to cum when he paused to grab that snack, and when DJ unloaded into his mouth, a quick touch görükle escort on his own cock caused him to shoot his load right between DJ’s legs and feet, onto the ground.

DJ sat on the log and pulled Jamie toward him, taking Jamie’s deflating cock into his mouth, sucking the last few drops out and licking the cum off that was still on the head of Jamie’s dick.

“If you guys want to watch me cum,” Damion said, “you better get over here now.” The other three guys surrounded Damion, watching him work his cock. “I’m cumming!” Damion exclaimed, as he shot several ropes of cum, none with the force that Brandon had, but still a decent offering to the ‘cum god’, it landed on the ground and Damion squeezed out the last few drops.

“I can’t believe you guys just ate each others cum, that’s about as gross as anything I’ve ever seen!” Damion exclaimed.

“Hey Dami,” Jamie countered, “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.”

“I don’t see that happening in THIS lifetime!” Damion remarked.

Damion and Brandon used their boxers to dry those last drops from the tip end of their cocks, DJ’s and Jamie’s cocks had been licked clean, and all four of them pulled their underwear and shorts back on.

Brandon, as they headed back onto the trail, investigating where else it might take them, “Are you guys all OK about what we did?”

“It was different,” Jamie said, “and you really surprised DJ and me, but I think we both had a lot of fun, I hope it was fun for you two also.”

“You guys aren’t the only ones that were surprised,” Damion said, “I think I was almost in shock, when Bran suggested a circle jerk, I guess we are all seasoned circle jerkers now!” They all laughed.

* * * * * *

Earlier that morning, Antonio had told Fernando that, with Jamie being off today, he was going to really need his help at the restaurant.

“Dad,” Fernando replied, “Liz had a date with Ron last night, and I think they are both gone to the basketball playoffs today, so I don’t really mind. Today is the day that Danny White is supposed to be getting released from Juvie Hall, and I’m kinda hoping he might come by the pizzeria. I would like very much to see him.”

“What did he do, to get in there?” Antonio asked.

“All he did was steal a candy bar from 7/11, ” Fernando explained, “and they gave him 90 days for that. He is the boy that protected me from getting raped by those thugs. He’s really a good boy, and he is also my friend, he just made a mistake!”

“Sometimes,” Antonio said, “the judicial system can be pretty harsh, Son, but we also need to protect you, and try to keep you from getting too close to questionable people. Maybe, if I meet him, I might not have a problem with you being his friend. How old is he?”

“Sixteen,” Fernando said, “he’ll be seventeen a week from today.”

* * * * * *

Back at the park, the boys continued to walk on that trail they were on. Sometime they walked single file, and sometimes as two pair. Most of the time Jamie and DJ were holding hands, and occasionally stopping to share a kiss. It was about 2:00 PM and the trail eventually came out onto one of the paved paths, and there was a sign pointing to the main entrance, and they headed that way.

“I’m starved,” Damion announced, “aren’t any of you guys hungry?”

“It has been quite a while since we had breakfast,” DJ stated, “even Jamie and I can’t live on love alone.” Damion and Brandon grinned at each other.

“You guys are in luck,” Jamie said, “Anthony, my boss at the pizzeria, wants to meet you guys. He told me last night to bring you guys around today so he could meet you, and he was going to feed us, on the house.”

“Pizza sounds awesome!” Brandon exclaimed, “let’s go.” The four guys headed down the paved path to the main entrance, arrived at the Tracker, and soon were on the way to Anthony’s Pizzeria.

It was nearly 3:00 PM when the four guys walked into Anthony’s. Fernie greeted them, giving both Jamie and DJ a hug, and asked who the other two were.

“Fernie,” Jamie stated, “these are DJ’s cousins, from California, this is Damion and Brandon. They came here for Granny’s funeral, and are flying back tomorrow. Guys, this is Fernando, and he is Antonio and Maria’s foster son.” Fernando, Damion and Brandon shared handshakes and Fernie offered them drinks, and left to get them.

Antonio, seeing the four boys, walked over to the table, and Jamie introduced him to the cousins. Antonio agreed to make them two large pizzas, a Chicken Alfredo for DJ and Jamie, and a Combo for Damion and Brandon. While they were waiting on the pizza, Damion opened a new topic of discussion.

Damion, a note of seriousness in his voice, “Until Grandma died, we didn’t know we had a cousin in North Carolina, and Jamie, we think of you as a cousin too, even though we’re not actually related. Brandon and I have thoroughly enjoyed the time we’ve all spent together. You guys are pretty cool, even if you are gay.” DJ and Jamie smirked.

“I didn’t know that I had any cousins either,” DJ said, “until this week. I think bursa escort bayan the feelings are mutual, and we think you guys are pretty cool too, even if you are straight!” Damion and Brandon grinned.

“We deserved that,” Brandon stated, grinning, “the point is this, now that we’ve met, and grown to love each other, we need to make a pact, to stay in touch, and get back together whenever we can!” Brandon placed his hand, palm down, in the center of the table. DJ placed his hand on Brandon’s, Damion added his on top of DJ’s and finally, Jamie placed his hand on top of Damion’s.

“Pact written, signed, and sealed!” Jamie exclaimed. Fernando delivered the pizzas, and they all attacked them. Damion and Brandon each ‘stole’ a slice of the Alfredo pizza, Jamie and DJ returned the favor.

“I feel really bad,” Damion remarked, “that Brandon and I haven’t found any time to spend with Uncle Joe and Uncle Doug, and the weekend is nearly over. We also had a couple of issues we wanted to discuss with them.” Damion glanced at DJ, noticing that he had a couple of teardrops sliding down his cheek.

“DJ,” Damion asked, “are you OK?”

“I guess,” DJ responded, “I just don’t want you guys to go back to California. Why don’t you call Joe, I think he’s still on leave, and I know Dad is working today, but maybe you could spend some time with Joe.” Damion nodded, pulled his phone out and called Joe, turning on the speakerphone.

Joe answered, “Hi Damion, what’s up?”

“Uncle Joe, this is our last night here, and Brandon and I haven’t had a chance to spend any time with you and Uncle Doug. DJ is taking us to the airport tomorrow morning, and we need to be there by about 10:30.”

“Is DJ there with you now?” Joe asked.

“I’m here, Dad,” DJ said.

“I have an idea,” Joe said, “would it be ok if Damion and Brandon used your bed tonight?”

“I guess so, Dad, but they would need to come out to Jamie’s house in the morning to get their luggage.”

“What I’m thinking, DJ, is that, Doug is working tonight, and he’ll be home about 9:30. If you take the boys to the Seldon’s now, they can pack their luggage and you can bring them here. That will give me some time with them, and Doug too, when he gets home. They can stay over here, and Doug and I can take them to the airport in the morning. That’ll take some load off of you, too.” Damion and Brandon are nodding, and giving DJ thumbs up.

“Thanks, Dad,” DJ said, “they’re giving me the ok on that, so I’ll bring them out, probably in about an hour, or hour and a half. See you then.”

Karen called Jamie, trying to plan dinner. Jamie told her that they had just polished off two pizzas, and wouldn’t need dinner, and were on their way home in a few minutes.

Damion, with Brandon, walking over to Anthony, “Great pizza, thank you so much.”

“You’re entirely welcome,” Anthony replied, “and I hope to see you again, hopefully under better conditions. Have a safe flight.”

“You just might see us,” Brandon said, “sooner than you think.”

Jamie, hugging Fernando’s shoulders, “Thanks, Fernie, I hope you have a good night.” He and DJ both like Fernando a lot, they regard him kind of like their little brother.

Arriving back at the Seldon home, Brandon and Damion started to gather their luggage together. Jamie explained the change of plans to Karen and Carl. About 20 minutes later, the boys came out to the kitchen with their luggage. DJ and Jamie carried it out to the Tracker.

Karen, facing the boys, her eyes wet, “I was hoping we would have another night with you guys here, Carl and I are going to miss you.”

“Aunt Karen, you and Uncle Carl have been awesome hosts,” Damion said, “Brandon and I really appreciate you sharing your home with us.” He kissed Karen on the cheek, and she threw her arms around him, hugging him tightly. Then gave Brandon the same kind of hug, and Brandon also kissed her lovingly on the cheek.

Carl opened his arms, taking both boys together and hugging them like he’d never let them go. Both Damion’s and Brandon’s eyes filled with tears.

“Uncle Carl,” Brandon said, “our parents never showed us that kind of affection, I sometimes wonder if they even love us.”

“I’m sure they do,” Carl said, smiling, “some folks just have trouble showing the love that they really feel for others. I hope you guys know that, if and when you might return, you have a place to come where you are welcome.”

“Thanks, Uncle Carl,” Damion said, “that just might be sooner than you think!”

Carl, right after DJ and Jamie left to take Damion and Brandon to their Uncle’s home, “Karen, the last thing that Damion said is haunting me. I told them that if and when they might return, they had a place to come, and he said that just might be sooner than I think. I’m just wondering if they’re having thoughts of relocation.”

“I don’t know Hun,” Karen replied, “maybe they’re just thinking of visiting us this summer.”

* * * * * *

It was 5:00 PM and business was picking up at the pizzeria. Fernando was constantly glancing at the door, hoping he would see Danny walk through it. Antonio had asked another server to come in that night and cover Jamie’s shift so that he could give Jamie the night off. A few minutes after 5:00 a family of four walked in, one of them was Danny White! Fernando lost control.

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