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DJ Pt. 19

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In Part 19

Jamie and DJ are back to normal

The boys second day of classes

Jamie and DJ have a plan to help Bryan

The boys first day of volleyball

DJ Part 19

About 3:00 PM Tuesday afternoon, DJ was ready to leave with some deliveries. With me on honeymoon, DJ needed to make the deliveries I normally would make, all week long.

“DJ, I think we need to chat, can you come here a minute?” Gloria said, DJ went into the pharmacy and faced Gloria.

“Sweetie,” Gloria asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” DJ replied, looking down, “what makes you think something’s wrong?”

“Sweetie, I can read people, and you haven’t been yourself today, did you and Jamie have a quarrel or something?”

“Not a quarrel,” DJ replied, “more like a discussion.”

“You guys haven’t broken up, have you?”

“No, Gloria, we just had a little glitch, I think we’ll be ok”

“You still love Jamie, don’t you?”

“With all my heart and soul,” DJ replied, tears in his eyes.

“Sweetie, even those of us that are deeply in love, occasionally have a misunderstanding, or hurt each other, but if love is there, love can conquer all. I’ve missed your smile all day, do you want to tell me what happened?”

“Not really, Gloria, Jamie hurt me, but I think he really loves me, and I think we’re going to be okay.”

“I sure hope so, sweetie,” Gloria said, wiping DJ’s tears away, “Give me that smile.”

Just that little chat with Gloria did help DJ to feel a little better, and he displayed that patented smile, and got one back. Gloria gave DJ a warm and welcome hug, making DJ feel even a little more better. DJ is looking through the deliveries, and saw one for the ‘Golden Age Senior Community’.

“Gloria, I do have some good news, you met Joe’s Mom, my Granny at the wedding. Well, Granny had decided she isn’t going back to California. She’s rented a room here, (DJ is pointing to the delivery for the ‘Golden Age Senior Community’). Until Dad and Joe got married, I’ve never had a grandparent, and I love my Granny a lot, I didn’t want her to leave, and she is staying. I’m really happy about that!” Now DJ displays his real smile, and he left with the deliveries.

DJ and Jamie both got off from work at 9:00 PM and followed each other back to Jamie’s house. Karen had a snack prepared for them, but Granny had already gone to bed. The boys ate quickly, mentioned they had to leave early for school, kissed Karen goodnight and headed to bed.

The boys stripped, and cuddled, and shared a passionate kiss, causing both of them to get hard. Jamie was fondling DJ’s hard cock, wanting it in his mouth, but he was a bit leery, remembering what DJ had said that morning when Jamie touched it.

Jamie, speaking softly and romantically, “DJ, I’m still hungry for something special, may I eat?”

DJ is thinking how good it feels to have his cock in Jamie’s warm mouth, and having about a 3 or 4 day accumulation in his genitals, told his lover to go ahead. Jamie was on it in about 30 seconds. Jamie, also, was horny and hard as a rock, and leaking precum.

DJ, speaking softly, “Baby, I don’t think I could ever leave you, who else would ever be able to pleasure me the way you do, I’m already feeling your snack on it’s way, and I can’t hold off for very long.” Music to Jamie’s ears.

DJ, moaning softly, “I’m close—I hope you’re ready—Jamieeeeeeeee!”

DJ wrapped his hands behind Jamie’s head, holding Jamie’s mouth on his cock, and feeling his orgasm happening. Several spurts of DJ’s sweet cream flooded Jamie’s mouth, and Jamie held it there for a few seconds, relishing the feeling, then started to swallow. Jamie was on the verge of cumming, and he thought he was going to cum on the sheets, but didn’t.

“I almost came on the sheets, and I’m still quite close, do you want to finish me or should I use my hand, I need to cum.”

Without a word, DJ spun around and took Jamie’s throbbing, precum covered penis in his mouth and started to suck, and about two minutes later felt Jamie start to pulse.

“Baby, that feels—so—good,” Jamie gasped. He’d gotten off the day before when he and Bryan jacked off, but this was just so much better, and with the boy he really loves.

The two boys readjusted their positions, cuddling close, and preparing to sleep. They shared a passionate kiss, tasting each other’s cum in each other’s mouths. It was good.

“Thanks, baby,” Jamie remarked, “I really needed that, and your cream always tastes so sweet.”

“Jamie, I think you taste pretty awesome too, thanks.”

It seems the boys have ‘consummated’ their relationship again, at least we hope so.

* * * * * * * *

Jamie’s phone alarm went off at 7:00 AM Wednesday morning, causing both boys to open their eyes to greet the day. They slipped out of bed and pulled on their boxer-briefs, went to pee and then wandered to the kitchen where Karen already had coffee made.

“Mom,” Jamie asked, “how do you do the schedule you keep? You’re the last person we see when we go to bed, and gaziantep escort the first we see when we get up, and then you cook dinner for Dad before he goes to work, it just seems you never get much time to sleep?”

“I guess,” Karen explained, “it’s probably a combination of things. As we get older, most of us don’t require as much sleep. I usually go to bed right after you do and so I get a couple hours before Carl gets home. Sometimes, while all of you are working, I take a 2 or 3 hours nap. Even with Aggie here, we both nap in the afternoon.”

Granny entered the kitchen, hugged and kissed her grandsons, and sat between them, listening to the conversation. Karen poured her a cup of coffee, and set it in front of her.

“I guess we tend to underestimate you,” Jamie commented, “being a stay at home mom and housewife isn’t as easy as it would seem.”

“But Honey,” Karen replied, smiling, “it’s worth it, when a mother has a family as wonderful as I have been blessed with. I wouldn’t trade my life for a lot of other women’s lives. I’m happy, doing what I do, and I love my family so very much!”

“There’s an old saying,” Granny spoke, “a man may work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done.”

“Ain’t that the truth, Mom!” Karen stated, as she removed a pie pan from the oven.

Karen cut the ‘pie’ into slices, placing a slice on each of two plates, and added a serving of hashed brown potatoes to each and set them in front of the boys.

DJ, looking at the plate, “Pie for breakfast?”

Karen, smiling, “It’s not pie, DJ, it’s quiche, have you never had quiche?”

“I don’t think so,” DJ replied, “I guess it’s another ‘first’ for me.”

“Karen, I don’t usually eat this early, but, seeing that quiche, I’m suddenly hungry for breakfast, if it’s ok?”

“Sure, Mom,” Karen replied, fixing two more plates for Granny and herself, “I’ll save the last for Carl, when he gets up.”

DJ, after tasting the first bite, “Mom, I can tell its got eggs and cheese, but what’s the green stuff?”

“Spinach,” Karen replied, “do you like it?”

“It’s different,” DJ responded, “Actually, it’s pretty darn good!”

By the time they finished breakfast it was 8:15 and the boys hustled to the bedroom to get dressed for school and grabbed their backpacks. On the way out they kissed Granny and Karen goodbye, got into the Tracker and headed for school. DJ will be working 3 to 9 today, doing deliveries, and Jamie 4 to 9.

After Computer class, and as Jamie and DJ were almost ready to leave campus, they caught up with Bryan. As they approached Bryan, he smiled.

“Bryan,” DJ stated, “we’ve got a plan to get you moved out of your parents home and in with Phil, if you really want to do it.”

“I want to, but like I told Jamie the other night, my parents aren’t going to just stand by and watch me take my stuff out of the house.”

“Do your parents work, and what hours?” DJ asked.

“Dad works a regular job, Monday through Friday, he leaves about 7:30 AM and gets home around 5:00, Mom doesn’t work and is home most of the time. So what is your plan?”

“We need a little more information,” Jamie said, “is your mom up when you leave for school? What we need to know, is, if there is a time when you could sneak some stuff out of the house without them knowing.”

“Maybe, Mom watches TV late, and usually doesn’t get up until 10:00 or even 11:00 in the morning. Dad and I have to get our own breakfast.” DJ and Jamie are grinning.

“So,” Jamie said, grinning, “if some of your stuff grew legs and walked out with you when you leave for school, your mom would likely not see it happen, right?” Bryan nodded, smirking.

“But how would I get the stuff to the hotel, I wouldn’t have time to take it there, without being late back home. They know my schedule, and I have to tell Mom when I’m leaving for school, so I can’t leave early.”

“Bryan, that’s where we come in,” Jamie explained, “you sneak your stuff out, and into your car, then we hook up here, put your stuff in our car, which might be DJ’s Tracker or my old Honda, and we deliver it to Phil’s hotel room. This will take a few days, depending on how much stuff you have to move.”

“Do you have anything big,” DJ asked, “that you need to keep?”

“The biggest thing is probably my X-Box, and games and a few CD’s, but it’s mostly clothing.”

“Oh,” DJ added, “and get your important stuff, like your high school diploma and birth certificate, cause once your out of there, you don’t want to have to go back. I went through this about 9 or 10 months ago.”

“I have my diploma, but Dad put my birth certificate in a lock box somewhere, and I have no idea where it is.”

“If you need to, you can get a duplicate birth certificate from the state,” Jamie said, then, smiling, “the last day, leave a note on the bed telling them you have moved out and won’t be coming back.”

“Do you guys have an 11:00 AM class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday that lets out at this time?” Bryan asked.

“We sure do,” DJ replied, “so can we expect to transfer your first load on Friday at this time.”

“You sure can, “Bryan smiled, “this is a crazy plan, but I think it will work just fine. I love you guys, and please know I really appreciate what you’re doing for me, really for Phil and me, I can’t wait to get back with my baby!”

DJ and Jamie headed toward home, and were discussing the events of the last half an hour. Bryan might be a little late getting home today.

“Jamie, you have Phil’s number, don’t you? Maybe you should call him and let him know our plans.” Jamie placed the call.

“Hi Jamie, got some news for me?” Phil answered, excitedly.

“We just left the campus and we just wanted to share our plan with you. We heard you’re looking for a roommate?”

“Well, you heard right, but I’m kind of particular, his name would need to be Bryan.”

Jamie spent the next five minutes explaining the plan to Phil.

Phil responded, “That sure sounds like a plan that’ll work, my hand is tired, between washing dishes and stroking it every night, maybe I can give my poor pud a break! I’ll be forever grateful to you guys. Look, when you come to the hotel, it’s room 120, and on workdays I usually leave about 2:00 PM so I can eat something before I clock in at 3:00. I’m tired of Denny’s food, but with my discount, it’s the cheapest thing I can eat. So you should be bringing the first load of Bryan’s stuff on Friday afternoon?”

“That’s the plan, Phil, and then a load on Monday, and one Wednesday, until he gets all his stuff out. I guess he can deliver the last load himself. DJ and I are happy for you guys to be getting back together.”

“You can’t be nearly as happy as I am, being away from Bryan for so long has nearly killed me, I’ll look forward to seeing you on Friday, after lunch time. Bye, and thanks for the update.” They hung up.

“How did Phil sound, Jamie?” DJ inquired.

“Excited and anxious, baby, I’m so glad we could help them.”

“I have an idea,” DJ remarked, “After Bryan gets moved, and they get settled, maybe we could all try to get a Saturday night off and we could take them to the Waterhole, kind of like a double date.”

“That’d be neat,” Jamie grinned, “we’re about due for a night together anyway, and they would be fun to be with, I’ll bet they’ve never been there, and I’d like to go back there again with you.”

* * * * * * * *

It was about 1:15 when the boys got back to Jamie’s, and Karen had lunch (well, dinner) on the table, Granny, Carl and Karen were already half done eating.

“You’re late,” Carl said, “Is everything OK with you guys?”

“Yes,” Jamie replied, “we spent a little time with one of our friends at school, I hope you didn’t worry.”

“We were just a little concerned,” Carl said, “you boys are usually home from school by around 12:30.” The boys sat down and filled their plates, and then their tummy’s.

“Mom.” DJ remarked, “I think you missed your calling, you should have been a chef, you seem to enjoy cooking, and you’re so good at it! Everything you make comes out so perfect and tasty!”

“Why, thank you DJ,” Karen responded, “I probably wouldn’t want to be a chef, as an occupation, but I do love cooking for my wonderful family!”

About 2:00 PM the boys excused themselves from the table and headed to their room to change into their work clothes. When they had removed their clothes, down to their boxer-briefs, Jamie pulled DJ down onto the bed and wrapped his arm around DJ, caressing his torso, and lay his head on DJ’s shoulder. DJ’s arm found it’s way around Jamie’s torso and the two just enjoyed being close.

“Baby,” Jamie softly spoke, “I wish we could stay here like this all afternoon, it just feels so—right, and—comfortable.”

“It’d be great,” DJ snickered, “but we’d likely both soon be unemployed, and I think we may need the money. I can maybe spend another 5 minutes before I need to get ready to leave.”

“DJ, I think I love these intimate times like this, just as much, maybe even more, than when we have sex, but that’s good too, I like both—a lot.”

The two boys shared a few minutes more of their precious intimacy, and DJ slid off the bed, put on his skinny jeans, work shirt and sneakers. He then kissed his lover goodbye, then went to the living room and kissed and hugged Granny and his Mom, and hugged Carl, then left the house and headed to the store.

After DJ left, Jamie went through much of the same ritual, but then joined his parents and Granny in the living room, as he had nearly an hour to kill before he had to leave. Since he had the time, he explained the short story to Karen and Carl, about the situation with Bryan and Phil, and what Bryan’s parents had done and were doing.

“Jamie,” Carl asked, “how old are these boys?”

“Dad, you’ve met Bryan, he was our server at Applebee’s the night of my Birthday Party, and he’s almost 21, and Phil’s about the same age.”

“Bryan’s folks had to have known,” Carl stated, “I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out, if two 18 or 20 year old boys are comfortable sleeping with each other every night, there’s no way those boys are straight! Bryan’s parents must have hearts that are overflowing with hate! What happened to parental love?”

“That’s the kind of story we hear about,” Karen lamented, her eyes wet with tears, “and it happened right here in our own little town. How could any parents be so cruel to their child, it’s heart wrenching!”

“Son,” Carl said, “I know your Mom is with me on this, I’m proud of you and DJ for taking the humanitarian approach to help these young men. From what you’ve told us, they need all the help they can find. Bryan’s parents are nothing but Assholes and Bigots.”

“Dad, Mom,” Jamie replied, tears in his eyes, “I really appreciate your support, I thought you might tell me that we are sticking our noses where they didn’t belong, as it’s not our problem.”

“Jamie,” Karen explained, “if those friends mean anything to you, their problem becomes your problem, it’s an ethical thing, and I think you and DJ are doing the right thing.”

“Thanks, Mom, thanks Dad, I need to get to work.”

Jamie and his Dad both needed to leave about 3:30 for their respective jobs. Jamie kissed his Mom and Granny goodbye, Carl kissed Karen goodbye and both men headed to their cars and left.

Meanwhile, at Southside Drug and Pharmacy, DJ needed to talk to Randy.

“Randy,” DJ said, “I have a problem with tomorrows schedule. You have me scheduled for 3 to 9, and I have a Phys Ed class from 2-4, and I’ll need time to shower and grab a bite to eat. There’s no way I can be here to work before about 5:15 or 5:30.”

“My bad, DJ.” Randy replied, “I just wrote you in to cover your Dad’s delivery shift, just come in as soon as you can, and I won’t consider you late, I’ll keep the deliveries at a minimum, and you can likely get them all delivered before 9:00 PM. Since you have a long day at school on Thursdays, I will try to schedule you off, after tomorrow.”

“Thanks, Randy,” DJ replied, smiling, “Let me go and take care of these deliveries, and I’ll see you in a little while.”

* * * * * * * *

Wednesday night, like the night before, the boys followed each other home from their work. Like the night before, Karen had food prepared for them, homemade bean soup, and cornbread. They went to their room shortly after eating.

“DJ,” Jamie stated, “our computer instructor told me to bring my laptop to the lab tomorrow, and I can install the student versions of the software on it. Then we can both do some of our computer homework on the laptop, I can connect our printer so we can print off the results to turn in.”

“I guess that’s cool,” DJ replied, “but I don’t even know how to start it up, I’m pretty dumb when it comes to computers.”

“I’ll help you baby,” Jamie assured, “and you will learn a lot in the class too, it’s one of the advantages in taking that class. By the end of the semester you’ll be a computer whiz!” DJ smiled, doubtfully.

“Jamie, do we need anything special for the volleyball class”

“Yeah,” Jamie replied, “gym wear, and towels, we better get that stuff packed tonight, I have a zipper bag, big enough for both of us to use.” Then, retrieving it from the closet, “Here it is.”

“DJ, go into the bathroom, in the cabinet, and there should be a plastic soap dish, and grab our deodorant, and a couple of clean bath towels and washcloths.”

DJ went to the bathroom and found the requested items and returned to the bedroom, where Jamie had some stuff laid out on the bed.

“OK DJ,” Jamie announced, “Two pairs of gym shorts, sorry they’re both blue, two tank tops, two pairs of clean boxer-briefs, 2 pairs of socks, and 2 clean white t-shirts. DJ, go to the kitchen and get a plastic grocery bag.”

DJ, returning from the kitchen, “What’s the bag for?”

“To put the wet washcloths in, after we shower,” Jamie replied, “I’m off tomorrow, but you’re working, get a clean store shirt and fold it carefully. When we leave campus tomorrow, you can just drop me off at the house, and you can head on to work.”

It took the boys all of five minutes to arrange everything in the bag and Jamie pulled the zipper to close it. They broke from their normal routine, and started to undress each other, even pushing each other’s boxer-briefs down to the floor. Their arms encircled each other and they shared a deep, romantic kiss, their erecting cocks also seemed to kiss, causing both boys to giggle a little.

They were soon cuddled together in bed, knowing they needed to be in class at 9:00 AM, and set the alarm for 7:00 AM,

DJ, just before sleep took over, “Jamie, do you have any idea how much I love you, and need you?”

“I think I have a pretty good handle on it,” Jamie softly replied, “I don’t want to even think about how lonely my life would be, without you in it. I think we need each other equally, I love you, baby!”

The two boys held each other tightly, and fell asleep shortly, their naked bodies lovingly touching. These boys may only be twenty years old, but they seem to have grasped how much more there is to love, than just having some good sex.

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