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Discovering ‘Family Love’ Ch. 03

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In the last two letters I told you about how Robert was seduced by his sister, while Johnathan was seduced by his manipulative Aunt. In this letter, I will explain to you what happens when Johnathan comes to visit his brother and sister at their apartment.


Robert had been having sexual relations with his sister Angela for eight months now, throughout both the first and second semesters of their respective college programs. Living together in an apartment paid for by their parents there was no restraints placed upon the rate at which their relationship could grow. And it had grown in leaps and bounds. Angela had early expressed her submissive nature to Robert, asking his to take control of their sexual positions and to demand sex from her as the impulse struck him. Once offered the opportunity to fully control his sister’s body and to use her as he pleased, Robert soon recognized within himself the naturally dominant character to his own personality.

Initially Angela had been the more sexually experienced of the two, having had a boyfriend before her relationship with Robert. But in introducing her brother to sex and assisting him in refining his techniques, soon thereafter Robert took up the reigns and dominated his meek minded sister, who instinctively accepted the role of submission and obedience. Robert quickly established the routine that they would live by for the remainder of their school year. Keeping his own bed in his separate bedroom to maintain appearances, each morning Angela would enter his room completely naked. Standing before him with her slender tall frame Robert would look up from his bed at her soft white flesh, her perky apple sized boobs, her muscular long legs, the flatness of her smooth belly and her cleanly shaven pussy lips. Pulling back the covers to reveal his own naked body and erect penis his sister would assume her position between his legs. Flipping her long straight dirty blonde hair behind her neck Angela would lean forward and begin the process of giving her brother his morning blow-job.

A young man wakes up with a hard-on pretty much every morning. That cock needs to cum every morning. Most young men just jerk themselves off each morning, in bed or in the shower. Robert had done so for many years. But he decided that he deserved better. He decided that he deserved to have his cock sucked every morning. And he decided that when he came, it should be into the gaping mouth of a sexy horny woman. Johnathan decided that his sister would be the one to suck him off and swallow his load each morning. Angela had sucked cock before and was familiar with the process, but now with the continuous daily practise that she was receiving her own technique improved substantially. She loved her brother, she loved his cock, and she loved pleasing him. She enjoyed the daily routine and often woke up before the allotted time and began rubbing herself, anticipating when she would have his cock to please with her mouth.

At first she would focus on the head of his stiffy. Licking, caressing with her lips, kissing, gently sucking, taking pleasure from his pleasure. Working her way down the shaft she would slowly devour each inch by inch with her tongue and lips, occasionally interrupting her progress by returning to suck on the head of his cock. On reaching the base of his long beautiful dick she would begin to pamper his balls, lathering them with broad long licks. Her brother had a big set of heavy balls and she loved to please them as much as she enjoyed pleasuring his cock. Taking each testicle into her mouth she would gently suck on the treasure.

Having warmed up his cock as well as her own appetite she would then return to the head, and placing it her mouth, she began the process of feeding the full length of his cock, inch by inch, into her hungry mouth, descending a little further with each deep gulp, then raising her head upward and descending down a bit further again. Eventually she would have his entire cock engulfed within her heavily salivating mouth, the head pressing hard against the back of her throat.

At first she could not take his full length, but Robert insisted on personally training his sister to perform as he desired. And so for many weeks every night she would sit before him on the floor while he sat on the couch watching TV and Robert would have his sister practise the art of feeding his whole cock into her mouth. When she felt like gagging or found it hard to breath and would begin to panic Robert would seize her head by her long hair and force her head to stay in position, and then even force her face down over his cock a little more.

“Look up at me my slutty little cock sucker.” Robert would command, and Angela obeyed. With their eyes locked and her head pinned on his cock Robert would watch the fear in her eyes gradually recede as she began adjusted to the feeling of the hard cock deep in her throat. Holding her firm she got used to not resisting, and görükle escort bayan ultimately to trusting her brothers judgement. When her eyes began to roll back in her head from not being able to breath Robert would relieve his clamp and release her for a gulp of air. Then she would return to taking the cock into her mouth and feed more and more in, gradually learning day by day to accept more cock into her throat. When again she would choke and panic and try to back off, then Robert would repeat the process grasping her by the hair and binding her tightly, holding her head in position, until she surrendered her resistance and blindly trusted her brother’s control.

It took many weeks of hours every day to fully teach his sister how to accept the full length of a cock down her gullet as easy as her pussy accepted his dick, but it was worth the effort and sacrifice. Now, each morning, she performed her job dutifully and wonderfully, and he would watch as she impaled her face with his cock and then fuck her own skull by quickly pumping her head up and down while tightly clamping her lips around his dick, just as he had taught her. From time to time Robert would pin her head down with his fully dick in her mouth, holding her by the hair and admiring her golden locks. She would stare upward toward him and when he saw saliva begin to pour from her mouth down his dick and as he watched the white of her eyes appear, he would release his cruel grasp and without as word or a gag, as he had trained her, Angela would immediately resume fucking her face on his cock.

When ready to cum each morning Robert would pin his sister’s head down over his cock and holding her in place would release his semen directly into her throat. Angela had never been a fan of swallowing semen, but this her brother had also demanded of her, and now she eagerly gulped down the mouthfuls of slimy fluid, every morning going to class with a belly full of cum. Leaving her own sexual needs unattended to each morning to ensure that her pussy would be willing and eager for penetration when he was ready to cum again, Robert selected the clothes for his sister to wear to school each day. Where she had always been a shy girl and dressed conservatively in long thick skirts and heavy concealing sweaters, Robert had changed all that. Having her try on new clothes and providing her a new wardrobe, now Angela was required to dress like the slut that she served her brother as.

Robert bought her skin hugging mini-skirts, to be worn with bikini panties. He also bought her multi-colored tights, which she wore without any panties at all, and which therefore revealed every fine detail and curve of her perfectly toned and slender ass, hips and legs. For tops she had either to wear skin tight T-shirts without a bra, or semi-transparent blouses with laced push up bras that barely covered her nipples. Having to leave the top three buttons undone, her bra could always been seen, and her deep cleavage was clearly evident whenever she bent over.

Each morning Robert would lay out her attire for the day on her bed while she showered. When she entered the room he would help dress his slutty little Barbie doll, teasing her by describing how the boys were going to love staring at her bare legs, spying down her top, or admiring her perfect ass, making her blush as he did so. The outfits made her the envy and attention getter of the school. Some girls despised her while others sought her company. Boys flocked to her. She liked the attention, but was still a shy girl at heart and didn’t know how to reciprocate in kind, always coming across as the classic dumb blonde.

When Angela returned home at the end of each day Robert would hold her tight and caress the shapely curves of her body, teasing her by asking how many boys and professors had stared at her ass, tits and crotch that day at school. He knew this embarrassed her and couldn’t resist making her blush further. He would then typically tell her to go fetch him a beer, and with each beer she fetched, she was to remove an article of clothing. After Robert had enjoyed a couple of beer and received his third or forth she would be completely naked, which is how she would remain for the remainder of each evening.

When the impulse struck him, regardless of what his sister was doing, he would fuck her, stuffing his dick into her always willing and ready cunt. In the kitchen preparing the evening dinner, he would bend her oven the counter and shove it in. Serving dinner, he would bend her over the table and stick it in. Sitting on the couch watching TV, he would spread her legs apart and slide it in. As she studied at her desk, he would stick his cock in her mouth, then sit her on the desk, and fuck her good. He enjoyed watching his cock going in and out of her, enjoyed watching her breasts bounce as he fucked her, and enjoyed ordering her to play with her own tits or rub her clit while he fucked her.

But it was always a tease. He would altıparmak eskort fuck her until he began to hear her moan, knowing that she was close to orgasming. And then he would deliberately deny her of this pleasure, keeping her ever ready to serve him again. Pulling out of her and returning to other matters, Angela remained desperate for more, hungry for satisfaction. To temporarily appease her desires she would sit near her brother and spreading her legs gently rub her pussy, masturbating before him in an effort to convince him to once again slide his dick into her. In time Robert would indeed repeat fucking her, but then also repeat depriving her of gratification. In frustration she would fall to the floor before him and suck his cock as his willing slave, begging to be fucked more, telling him that she was his willing cock-sucking fuck slut. On and off Robert fucked his sister repeatedly through the evening, torturing her pussy with denied fulfillment.

She longed for the late evening to come, knowing that then, and only then, would her brother make long sweet intense love to her. Fucking her long and hard, Robert would make his sister beg for cock. “Fuck me Robert, fuck your slut, I love you Bobby, I love you like crazy, please don’t stop fucking me Bobby, let me orgasm, make me cum!” She would beg until her pussy was brought to an intense and exploding orgasm. In fact she often experienced multiple orgasms. Her cunt would explode in pleasure, and as he kept fucking her until he came, she would often come again.

After cumming a second time, Angela’s body was completely drained and exhausted and she was barely able to move, often remaining in the position in which she was fucked for the remainder of the night. Recognizing the advantage this gave him Robert often made sure he had not cum by the time she had experienced her multiple orgasms. He would then continue to enjoy fucking his sister’s gorgeous and perfect body as she lay there limp. Light as a feather with her slender features he was able to flip her over to his convenience like a raggedy Ann doll and continue fucking her as he pleased while she lay there unable to resist.

Fucking her for a minute or two on her back he would get up and kneeling over her slide his dick into her mouth. Slapping her face, tongue and lips with his dick he would get up, go get a snack, return, flip her on to her stomach, prop up her tiny shapely ass and shove himself promptly back into her. In this way he could continue to fuck her and enjoy her for hours more, letting him cum into her pussy and mouth, and over her sweet tits and ass numerous times throughout the evening. Once he had his way with her and filled her twat repeatedly with his semen he would simply lift her up and deposit her in her bed. She was ordered to always sleep naked, in case during the night he had the urge to enter her room and fuck her. In the morning, their daily routine would continue, a sexual life that both enjoyed intensely.

It was during one of these moments when she lay immobilized after having experienced a multiple orgasm that Robert had an idea. Always wanting to explore the sexual limits that he could take his sister to, Robert said to her as he kneeled over her limp and helpless body with his dick in her mouth “You know sis, I couldn’t help but notice while doggy fucking your slutty tush what a pretty little asshole you have.” Her eyes opened wide but she found she was unable to speak. “I bet that sure would be a tight little hole to stick my cock into, don’t you think so?” And with a snicker Robert got up and left her alone in the room. Returning soon after Robert flipped his sister over onto her belly, and propping up her ass, began to rub Vaseline over her butt hole.

Her hips moved slightly in response, but she had no will nor power to resist. Holding her hips tightly in his hands he pressed the head of his cock against her puckered little hole. He had never fucked an asshole before, and so the first time was slow going. But Robert is patient when it comes to sex, and soon he had the head of his cock inside of her tight little butt hole. Her hips bucked slightly, and she whimpered pathetic little moans, but Robert was in charge and would do as he pleased with his sister slut. And so patiently continuing to work the situation, Robert fed inch after inch of cock into his sister’s virgin ass. Soon he found that he could slide his cock fully in and out of her like he had discovered another, tighter, cunt on his sister. Her pathetic sobs and cries did not slow his motion, and he practised fucking her asshole until he fully had control of the process.

Removing his dick from her bum, he saw how her well puckered anus was now spread wide and did not close from the lack of a dick in it. He tried shoving his dick in her again and it slid in easily! Fucking her a while more Robert then got up and collected another snack. Returning he found her still propped up on her nilüfer escort knees with her ass in the air and her asshole still gaping open. Smacking her ass cheek firmly with his palm he once again easily slid his dick into her accommodating asshole. Robert repeated the process, ass fucking his sister, then getting up, making a phone call, ass fuck her, have a snack, ass fuck her, sit beside her and tease her asking if she was enjoying her first ass fucking.

Rolling her on her back he raised her hips up onto his legs and with a little effort once again worked his cock into her butt. Using her hips, legs and ass for leverage, he moved her body back and forth over his cock. Her eyes bulged huge and her tongue hung from her parted lips as saliva drained from her mouth into pools on the floor. Robert admired how her pretty breasts danced on her chest as he used her asshole to fuck his cock. She was so light, and her asshole was so stretched, there was no resistance to his motion. Taking a finger he prodded her cunt. Yup. Sopping wet. He knew that she would enjoy this. Knew she would never had agreed on her own to being ass fucked. But also knew that she would like it once he shoved himself into her and ass fucked her for a while. Laying her on her back and pushing her legs high in the air Robert proceeded to fuck his sister hard in the ass with his face suspended above her until he came hard into her bowels. “I hope you enjoyed the first of the many ass fuckings I will be giving you.” He teased. Then kissing her on her extended tongue he withdrew his dick from her asshole and carried her to bed.

The next morning she arrived on schedule to provide her brother his daily blowjob. Walking into the room like a cowboy who had to ride a horse all night he asked if her ass was sore. “Yes.” She said, with her head down, her eyes cast at the floor, biting her lower lip.

“Did you like your ass fucking?” He inquired.

“Yes.” She whispered in confession.

“You want to get ass fucked again?” He asked inquisitively

“Well, eventually, yes.” She confided.

“We will save that for ‘special’ nights.” He finished and she nodded in compliance. He thought that morning she gave him the best head of his life. Ass fucking evidently brought out the lustful animal slut in his otherwise shy sister, Robert thought.

With the school year coming to an end and summer quickly approaching Robert and Johnathan planned how they would spend the summer months. As twins the boys did everything together, shared everything they had, exchanged every secret they held, and spent much of their time together. Johnathan agreed to visit his brother at his apartment for the first two months of summer, while Robert would visit Johnathan at their aunt’s house for the last two months.

The day of Johnathan’s arrival Robert did not insist on Angela dressing in a slutty and provocative manner, wanting to save sharing of the secret of their sexual relationship with Johnathan at a suitable moment. Robert was certainly intending to share this secret with his brother, and so much more, but not just so soon. They actually had a special night planned for Johnathan. Angela had a best friend, a very pretty young lady, who expressed an interest in meeting Johnathan, always having had a crush on Robert but being told that he already had a girlfriend. When Johnathan arrived in the late afternoon Robert said “I hope you are hungry, as we are heading out for drinks and dinner once Angela’s friend gets here.”

The doorbell rang soon after and Angela’s friend Kate came into the apartment. She was a stunning girl, long dark brown hair, short skirt showing her shapely calves and thighs, and a tight blouse accentuating her curved bosom. Angela came from her room also dressed up fabulously for the evening, her long dirty blonde hair tied back in a ponytail and wearing skin tight black leggings and a loose sweater. Kate and Angela actually had much the same figure, and other than the differences in the color of their hair were both beautiful young shapely women. Kate and Johnathan hit it off right away and were already chatting openly on the cab ride to their favorite restaurant. Eating and drinking freely the evening passed pleasantly. It was obvious how well Johnathan and Kate got along and by the slurring in their voices Robert knew that both were rather tipsy by the night’s end. Getting back to the apartment Robert continued to serve drinks but soon Johnathan announced that he had to hit the sack as he was exhausted from his day of travel. Robert had put an air mattress in his room for his brother, and Johnathan was soon asleep.

Angela had no extra bed for Kate, and so when they all decided to also hit the hay, Kate crashed on the couch in the living room area of the apartment. Escorting his sister to her room Robert whispered in her ear to go to bed naked as he would return when everyone else was sound asleep as he wanted to fuck her. He told her to be absolutely quiet though when he came in and not to talk or make a sound during sex so as to not alert Kate or Johnathan. Drunk and horny Angela kissed her brother good-night and stripping herself nude climbed into bed, eagerly anticipating the return of her brother, little suspecting the plan he was plotting.

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