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Dirty Talk

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This story was inspired by two songs: “Dirty Talk” by Wynter Gordon and “Skip to the Good Bit” by Rizzle Kicks. Listen to the songs, read the story, and be inspired to get it on. That order of operations is not required. Enjoy!

* * *

She looks delicious in the shadow of the bar. The woman is like something out of a fashion magazine: five foot, eight inches, long golden brown hair that falls in ringlets across her bountiful breasts, and a sharp face with a wide mouth that flashes perfect white teeth with every laugh. Her shirt dips low between her breasts, giving the world a look at the fruit of her loom. When she first walked in, her hips swayed from side to side, the leather skirt looking like a second skin suctioned to her round ass.

He watches her from the bar, where he is seated on a stool along with his buddies. He is almost six feet tall and has a smooth, shaved head. His skin is bronzed, a caramel color that stands out against his white shirt and black slacks. He sips a beer and laughs at his friend’s joke, always keeping an eye on the mysterious woman. She meets his gaze a few times, giving him a wink or a sultry smile.

After an hour or so, he stands up and walks over to the table where the woman is sitting with her friends. When he approaches, the woman leans back in her chair, pushing her tits toward him. “Hi,” she says with a smirk.

“Hello.” He extends his hand to her. “I’m Alexander.”

She takes his hand in hers and shakes it. “Hi, I’m Amelia. Nice to meet you, Alexander.” She pulls her hand away slowly, letting the tips of her fingers drag along his palm. “These are my friends, Bethany and Rita.”

He takes each woman’s hand and then asks, “Can I buy you ladies a drink”?

“That would be nice, thank you,” answers Amelia sweetly.

“What’s your drink of choice?” He knows that whatever drink she chooses will tell him about the kind of person she is.

“Tequila, straight.”

Alexander smiles and returns to the bar to get tequila shots. ‘Someone is looking for some fun tonight,’ Alexander thinks to himself. When he comes back to the table, he has the shots in hand and his friends by his side. They pull chairs over and squeeze in around the small wooden table. The salt is poured, tequila swallowed fast, and their limes sucked hard. Amelia look Alexander right in the eyes as she pops the lime in her mouth, the juice dripping out of the corner of her lips. She pulls out the rind and licks the run off slowly.

Amelia leans forward on her elbows, making her tits swell between her arms. “So Alexander, tell us about yourself.”

Alexander takes a swig of his beer and settles back in his chair. “Well, let’s see. I’m a paramedic, I own a sweet blue pit bull named Sadie, and I love Thai food.” Amelia looks side to side to each of her friends and then back at Alexander. “Did I answer correctly?” Amelia meets Alexander’s gaze and while staring into his eyes, takes another tequila shot and gives him a wink.

The men and women chatted and drank for a long time, flirting and having fun in the dimly lit bar. Alexander and Amelia hit it off, as their friends did with each other. But after a long evening, Amelia calls it a night. “I’m sorry everyone, I have to get going. I need to go to the office tomorrow morning for a meeting and to pick up a few things.” Amelia puts on her coat and then takes her cellphone out of her purse. She puts it on the table in front of Alex with a grin. “You should give me your number and we’ll go out some time.”

Alex takes the phone ciplak izle and plugs in the numbers. “That would be great, Amelia.” He stands up, gives her back her cell, and gives her a kiss on the cheek. “Talk to you later.” Amelia kisses her friends goodbye and turns away, but not before giving Alexander a wink and a little wave.

A few minutes later, Alexander feels a buzzing in his pocket. He reaches down, pulls out his cellphone and an unknown number flashes across the screen. “Hello?” He says in a confused voice.

“Get your ass to the bathroom.”

Alexander covers the mouth piece with his hand. “Would you all excuse me? It’s work and I have to take this call.” He gets up from the table, still holding the phone to his ear. He can hear heavy breathing across the line. “Where are you?”

“I’m in the unisex bathroom. Door is unlocked. Get in here!”

Alexander turns the corner and enters the dark hallway near the restrooms. He sees the sign for the unisex bathroom and slowly pushes the door open. “Amelia? Are you in here?” No answer. He takes out his phone and dials the number back. The phone connects but Amelia doesn’t speak. “Hey, where are you?”

“Tell me what you want to do to me.” Alexander can hear heavy breathing on the other end. “Go in the bathroom, lock the door, and tell me what you want to do to me.”

Alexander does as Amelia says. Once he is alone, he shuts his eyes and tries to think of how to tell her all the things he wants to do to that fucking hot body. “The first thing I would do is push you against the wall and kiss you. I would kiss you like we just had a fight and I want to kiss the hate out of you: suck on your tongue, bite your lips, pull your hair, control you with my mouth. Is that what you want me to do to you?”

There is a sound on the other end and Alexander can feel himself getting hard, just hearing those soft moans. “What about your hands? How are you going to control me with your hands?”

Alex instinctively puts a hand down and feels his erection through his pants. “Fuck,” he whispers.

“Yeah, ‘fuck’ is right,” Amelia whispers into the speaker. “Tell me what you want to do to me and I’ll do it to myself.”

“When I start kissing you, one hand will be tangled in your hair and the other will be around your throat, holding you down. Then I’ll move that hand lower, pushing it down your shirt to squeeze those tits. I want to feel you writhing under my touch.” Alex starts rubbing his cock through his pants, imagining its Amelia’s hand. “While I’m doing that, I want you to feel how hard my cock is for you.”

“I am pressing my hips against you, rubbing myself on your package while I put my hands up your shirt. I bet you are all muscle under there.”

“Oh, there’s more than just muscle under there.” Alexander leans back against the cool wall and slowly starts to unbutton his pants and untuck his shirt. “I’m starting to take my pants off.”

“I’m pulling my skirt up around my waist and I want you to touch me. How would you touch me, Alexander? Tell me.”

“I would put my hand over you, rubbing my palm over your mound so I can tease you. My other hand is still in your hair and I am pulling your head back so I can kiss down that long neck of yours. Then when you start to moan and I feel you dripping wet, I would slip a finger into your panties and inside you. Are you doing that, Amelia? Are you putting your fingers inside you right now?” There is a whimpering noise coming over the phone and a soft ‘mhmm’ follows. “Good girl. When I commander fort izle think I’ve teased you enough, I am going to slowly slide my fingers in and out of you and let you beg me for my cock.”

“God, that sounds amazing. But you don’t get to be inside me until I do a little teasing of my own,” Amelia coos. “Are your pants off?”

“Yes,” Alexander replies, his hand already starting to work on his shaft, slowly but firmly.

“I want you to imagine that I am kneeling in front of you, looking up at you with my mouth open and ready to take your cock. I put my hands on your shaft and start to move my hands up and down while I lick the head. I would take the head all the way in my mouth and twist my hands around the base. I want you to move your hands like that and pretend it’s me. Does that feel good?”

Alexander puts the phone on speaker and drops it in his shirt pocket before doing as Amelia told him to. “Shit, this feels amazing.”

“Now imagine me taking your cock all the way in my throat. I am holding onto your hips while I push my mouth farther and farther down your shaft until the thick head of your dick touches the back of my throat.”

“Baby, imagining you doing this to me is so hot but it’s such a fucking tease.”

“Maybe you should come find me,” Amelia whispers. “That way, we can finish the job together.”

“That’s going to be difficult considering I have a raging boner.” There is a devilish giggle on the other end of the line. “Pull your skirt down and come find me. I need you, Amelia. I need you right fucking now.” The line goes dead and Alex’s eye shoot open. He tries to call Amelia back but there’s no answer. Then there is a knock at the door. “Occupied,” Alexander yells.

“I hope so,” a soft female voice says from the other side. Alexander unlocks the door and opens it to find Amelia, her hair a mess and skirt off kilter, biting her lip like a sexy school girl. Alexander looks just as disheveled: shirt untucked at the waist, face flushed red and a hard cock standing straight in front of him. He reaches for Amelia’s hand, pulls her into the stall, then slams and locks the door.

When they come together, it is just as they described over the phone: Alex holds Amelia against the wall, she grinds her hips onto his erection, and they bite and suck and kiss until their lips are swollen. Then Alexander hikes up Amelia’s skirt and fingers her dripping wet pussy until she is squirming under his touch. “Fuck, you weren’t kidding when you said you’d tease me and then tease me some more,” Amelia pants into Alex’s ear.

She takes his cock in her hands and when he pulls his slick fingers from between her legs, Amelia slides down him and takes him into her mouth. “That feels so much better than my imagination,” Alexander grunts out as Amelia twists and sucks his dick. When she takes him all the way deep in her throat, Alexander almost falls on the floor. “Amelia, you are going to make me come if you keep doing that, and there’s something else I want to feel before I do.”

Alex pulls Amelia up and kisses her hard, squeezing her ass and spreading her. With a gentle push, Alexander turns Amelia around and presses himself against her from behind. He nips her neck as he snakes his hands around her waist to touch her. “Please,” Amelia moans as she arches her back against him. “I want to feel you.”

Alexander slides his hands up the sides of her body, feeling her skin prickle under his touch. Amelia bends over, grabs her ankles, and then turns her head and copenhagen cowboy izle locks eyes with Alexander. Alex puts his hands on her ass and spreads her apart, watching her pussy lips stretch as he slides himself into her. Amelia puts an arm up against the wall to steady herself as Alex moves in and out of her, slowly, teasing her with every stroke. “I love the way you feel inside me, Alex,” Amelia moans. She moves her hands up and between her legs to play with her clit. “Fuck me harder, please.”

With that, Alexander starts making steady strokes with his cock, grasping onto Amelia’s hips so as to hold her and keep her from hitting her head against the wall. “Oh fuck,” Alex groans as Amelia lets him drive into her deeper by spreading her legs wider.

With every stroke inside Amelia’s hot cunt, Alex can feel himself getting closer to the edge. He moves one of his hands behind Amelia and starts to touch her ass. “Shit, yes,” Amelia practically screams when Alexander presses his thumb into her second hole. “I’m getting close, Alex. You’re going to make me come.” Alexander moves his thumb in small circular motions and he feels Amelia’s body shudder as she comes from his touch. When her pussy tightens around his dick, it sends him over the edge and he comes hard.

They ride their orgasms together, panting and shaking and moaning as the pleasure rocks their bodies. Amelia takes her hand from between her legs and puts it against the wall to keep herself from falling. Alex takes his thumb out of Amelia’s ass and rubs her behind gently as they both come down from their highs. After a few minutes, they come apart and both lean back against the wall, letting their breathing slow. “I don’t know what was better,” Amelia finally says, “The build-up on the phone or the sex itself.”

Alex looks over at her and brushes a stray hair from her face. “Both were great for me,” he says with a sweet but satisfied smile.

Amelia comes to stand in front of him and puts her hands on his chest. “Agreed,” she says softly and then kisses him.

“I guess you weren’t shy about calling or making the first move,” Alexander says when Amelia pulls away. She walks to the sink and cleans up a bit with Alexander staring at her bare ass the whole time.

“Honey, if you didn’t figure that out about three hours ago, you’re not as smart as you led me to believe.”

Alexander laughs and walks toward Amelia. He puts his hands on her hips and helps tug her skirt back down into place, and then fixes his own clothes. “I did figure it out,” Alexander says playfully, tugging on a brown curl of Amelia’s hair. “I was just making an observation.”

Amelia turns around and flashes that brilliant and sexy smile at Alexander. “I really do have to go to work tomorrow morning, so I should get going. But this was fun and I think we should do it again. Maybe not in a bathroom, but we should do all the other stuff.” They make their way out of the bathroom and get to the entrance of the bar without their friends noticing them. Amelia hails a cab and gives Alexander a kiss on the cheek before driving off.

Alexander goes back into the bar and finds his friends again. “Dude, where have you been,” one of his friends asks with a questioning grin.

“I’ve been outside on the phone. One of the new guys needed some calming down after working his first car crash. Sorry it took so long. What did I miss?”

His friends and Amelia’s friends looked back and forth and then burst out laughing. “So that wasn’t you, fucking the shit out of Amelia in the bathroom?”

“What?” Alexander feigns surprise at the question. “Of course not! I was on the phone the whole time and Amelia left before I took the call.”

“Yeah, sure. That’s what you were doing.” One of his buddies claps him on the back. “Let’s get another round,” he says. “Alex is buying.”

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