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Dinner with Kerry

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Big Dick

It is late Friday afternoon and I’ve only been home a few minutes. The phone rings. It is Kerry. Talking in her little girl breathy voice she wants to know if we could go out for dinner. Kerry is neither little nor a girl. She’s a quite well built professional woman in her mid-forties with grown up kids. We met at a seminar a month ago and over the course of a weekend she gave me her life story – early marriage, kids, divorce, loneliness, etc. I knew within minutes that she’d go to bed with me, but I held her off till the final day, fucking her over her packed suitcases and sending her late to the bus with ripped pantyhose and mussed hair.

Since then she’s asked me out each weekend. She’d suffocate me if I let her, so I play this my way. Her need is so achingly obvious that she is willing to do anything I want. This together with a strong submissive streak means that I am able to explore my darker side.

I agree to go out for dinner and name an expensive restaurant. There is a pause and I wait. “I like you a lot James,” she says, “and I like being with you.” I wait in silence. After a few long seconds she blurts out, “I just don’t want you to do that thing to my bottom again.”

I hang up. I loosen my tie and take a sip of wine, remembering the previous week. After dinner (she’d paid, as always) we went back to her apartment and had sex. Büyükesat Escort Kerry loves sex and is capable of cumming several times. I hadn’t waited for her to undress but had pushed her top down to expose her sizeable breasts, and had her go to her knees and suck my cock till it was hard. She gets off on this and I held and tugged her fat pulpy nipples till they were erect (didn’t take long), then pulled them up until I was suspending her hefty breasts by her painfully taut nubs. She was breathing heavily through her nose and sucking up and down on my dick like a machine. For long seconds I stayed like that then, feeling the jism in danger of rising, let her tits go, raised her up then roughly pushed her over the arm of the sofa.

Ripping her pantyhose down in one brusque tug, I told her to open her legs and aimed my cock at her lightly haired cunt. The lips were already puffy and damp and I was able to enter her in one hard thrust. She let out a loud whoosh but I didn’t pause and pushed down on her with my full weight. As I plowed into her I started smacking her plump buttocks, telling her I was sick of her wearing panty hose and I wanted her in stockings. She was grunting from the force of the fucking and I knew she would be rubbing her clit if we were up on all fours rather than over the Elvankent Escort arm of the couch.

I was again in danger of coming and had to slow down. I slumped forward onto her back, making her support my full weight, then reached forward to roughly squeeze her hanging tits. She gasped and groaned, pushing her bottom back into my groin. I took this as encouragement me to work her harder. I pistonned my hips and caught her nipples, twisting and pinching cruelly. She gasped that I was hurting her but in barely a minute she shuddered into an orgasm. I needed all my weight to stay in place, pressing my face against her sweaty neck and biting the soft hollow above her shoulder.

It took a while before the shudders died down. Giving her nipples a last twist I pulled back and smacked her buttocks again. I told her that her cunt was too wet to properly stimulate me and that I was going to fuck her arse. Catching her breath, she asked me not to, saying she’d give me a really good blow job to get me off. But I held her in place and pushed my dick against her crinkled pucker. She squirmed and struggled but I was relentless and my cock slowly slid into the hot hole.

It was a pretty good fuck and within a minute or so she was bucking back at me, taking my cock deep into her bowels, like she Beşevler Escort always des when I bum-fuck her. I worked her tits again and she soon came with me following shortly after.

The phone rings again, interrupting my reverie.

“OK,” Kerry says in her breathy fuck-me-I’m-just-a-helpless-little-girl voice. “I guess we’ll see how things work out after dinner.” I remain silent. After a long pause, she relents. “If you want to do that again, I guess I’ll go along with it.” I grunt an assent. There is another long pause. Then, in a pleading whine, she adds “but don’t put it in my mouth afterwards. It’s really foul ….”

I hang up. I know her game. When it comes to sex, she loves being taken; she loves being told what to do. Last week, when I’d finished cumming in her arse, I pulled my softening cock out of her clenching anus and stood back. Kerry lay panting where I’d left her. After a moment she looked up, clammy strands of her dark red hair across her face. Her eyes were glazed and I could see she was still riding out her orgasm. I knelt beside the sofa, put my cock to her lips and told her to clean it. She resisted at first but I wiped it around her mouth, semen and the odd fleck of shit greasing her lips until she suddenly opened and sucked me in. As her tongue swished around my cock I lightly slapped her breasts.

Sucking cock is her speciality. Not many women seem get off on it. But Kerry can’t get enough. If we go long enough she’ll have an orgasm; and the spurt of cum into the back of her throat sends her into a spin.

The phone rings again.

I pick it up but don’t say anything. There is a few seconds silence. “You win,” says Kerry.

“Pick me up at eight.”

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