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Dinner is Served

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****This story has explicit watersports and scat, you have been warned****


“What time are you leaving work?” Tory asked with a hint of mischief that Steve was very familiar with.

“I’m leaving about a half hour early. No one else is here and I’m just spinning my wheels. What do you have in mind?” He replied. It was a warm Friday in the summer, which meant that anyone who had vacation time was spending it on short weeks and long weekends.

“Well, since you’re on a diet and all, I thought dinner would be a nice surprise. Eva has been telling me about a recipe for some time now, and I want to see if you like it.” She said, her voice still holding that special something.

The only problem was Eva. She was a friend of his wife whom she had met at the gym. Eva was a different kind of creature to say the least. She was oddly secretive about her work, but it was apparent that whatever she did, it paid well. The secrecy bothered Steve, but he let it go. Tory really enjoyed Eva’s company, and it had helped her reach her goals in the gym. Over the months of knowing Eva, Tory had developed the fit and tan body that she had always wanted. Eva’s little quirks were a small price to pay to see his wife with a good friend. Besides, Eva wasn’t mean or unpleasant, just strange.

“I see. I only had a salad for lunch, so I’m up for anything, as long as it’s not too fatty.” Steve said.

“Perfect, I’ll get everything ready. All you need to do is bring your appetite.” She chirped before blowing him a kiss and hanging up.

Steve finished the rest of the day and left his office as planned. He was wondering what kind of recipe Eva would know. Steve thought her diet was somewhat limited. She was big into fruit, pasta, rice, chicken and potatoes, to such a point that seemed be all she ate. It may have seemed like a strange thing to remember about someone, but a few dinners out with her had left it ingrained in his mind. She was very picky how her food was cooked and always burdened the waiter with special instructions. ‘It helps keep me in shape.’ Eva always said, and Steve could not argue with her. She was originally from the Czech republic, but had moved to New York. She was a medium height blonde with a slim body that held just enough curves to be dangerous, and her accent made her even more so. Yes, Eva may have been strange, but she was also undeniably hot.

The evening weather was perfect and Steve actually enjoyed his commute home. He was expecting to smell the food cooking as he approached the door to his condo but didn’t. He shrugged it off. It would be just like Tory to have already made the food before calling him. Sometimes his opinion didn’t matter either way. If he had said no to dinner, she would have still made him eat it. Oh well, it was the burden of the modern man.

“Hey, I’m home!” Steve called out as he closed the door. He didn’t see Tory and he still didn’t get even a hint of food. He sat his satchel down as Tory’s voice floated from the bedroom.

“Go ahead and get your tie off and relax. We’re going to have dinner in the bedroom tonight. Come on in when you’re ready.” Tory told him.

Steve smiled. He was beginning to see what Tory had planned, a romantic dinner, probably consisting of finger food. She had done it before, but it would probably now consist of some health foods that Eva provided. He loosened his tie, and a thought hit him as he did. She hadn’t come out of the room, and maybe she couldn’t. He remembered a news program about women who hired themselves out as dinner displays. The food was placed on their naked bodies. Tory had taken interest in the story, and Eva’s choice in foods would probably fit right in with the concept.

Steve tossed his tie onto güvenilir bahis a chair a headed toward the bedroom. He was all ready for the buffet that he thought was waiting for him, but was surprised when He entered the room. Tory was sitting on the bed, quietly waiting for him. She stood and came up to him, giving him a big hug and kiss. She had gone to the beach after her usual trip to the gym, and her skin smelled of warm coconut and fruit oils. It was a scent that always caught Steve’s attention.

“Mmm…you smell good.” Steve said as he buried his face in her neck. He took a deep breath and inhaled in her scent.

Tory giggled and let him nuzzle against her for a few seconds before pulling away. She pulled him over to the bed and him sit down, but remained standing herself.

“First, I have some news. I found out what Eva does for a living.” Tory said with eagerness to tell flashing in her eyes.

“What?” Steve asked. He was curious, not only as to her occupation, but to as why Tory was so excited.

“Dominatrix. That’s right, she’s a Dominatrix.” Tory blurted out.

Steve couldn’t help but smile, and then chuckle. It fit her. If Tory would have said any other job involving sex, he would have been skeptical, but Dominatrix fit. Eva’s personality, accent and body made her perfect for the job.

“When did she tell you?” Steve asked.

“Well, it actually slipped out a few days ago. I was going to tell you sooner, but I had a better thought. Eva told me a few tricks of the trade and I want to try them.” Tory said, her hand rubbing absentmindedly up and down her thigh.

“Okay, like what?” Steve wasn’t going to turn down sex, and he could tell from Tory’s speech and movement that she was already excited.

“First of all, you and I have watched some pretty…raunchy porn films. I’m not going to run down a list, so I’ll let you think about it. Anyway, quite a bit of Eva’s daily routine is designed around her work, even her diet. So, I’ve been trying her routine and now I want to try another part of it.” Tory explained.

“Okay, so what?” Steve asked. They had watched plenty of porn movies so that was not a helpful clue, and he was lost as to what she wanted.

“It’s better done than explained. So just go with the flow.” Tory said, a hidden force in her voice. Her short black hair framed her face like a heart and her entire body, although only five feet was poised for action. She was dressed in a short black skirt with a white tank top. From the lace on her thigh that was visible, Steve could tell that she was wearing stockings instead of pantyhose.

“Good, I’m glad that you agree.” She said with a smile before Steve could reply. She lifted a foot and placed it against his chest before pushing him over on his back. The bed seemed to have a strange texture, as if something was under the sheets, but it was a point that Steve did not have the time to investigate. Tory climbed onto the bed and straddled his chest. She slid forward, and with her legs pinning his arms to the bed positioned herself over his face. It was a position that they had frequently used, but not with his arms pinned down.

“Okay, that’s good. It’s been very difficult waiting for you to get home.” Tory panted. She was seemed deep in concentration and her words sounded as if she were speaking to the empty air.

“Open up.” She ordered and tugged at his jaw to emphasize her point.

Steve complied right away. Tory had played dominant before and was always exciting, but this was different, and more exciting. She wasn’t just playing dominant, she actually was. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. He was prepared to lick her pussy all night long if that’s what she wanted. But that wasn’t what güvenilir bahis siteleri Tory had in mind.

The first squirt caught Steve totally off guard. He was so shocked that he wasn’t really sure what had just happened. The second squirt left no room for mistake. Tory had shot a spurt of piss directly into his mouth. He sputtered as a third shot hit in directly in the back of his throat.

“Drink it!” Tory ordered, and another blast splashed across his tongue. He was still so surprised that he hadn’t even tried to close his mouth.

“We’ve watched the movies and I want to try this. We’ve tried plenty of things that you’ve wanted, so don’t be a bitch. Drink it!” Tory growled.

There was something about the look on her face and the tone in her voice that made Steve obey her. He wasn’t even thinking about the taste as he began to gurgle down her warm pee. It wasn’t heavy in taste, being slightly salty. It tasted almost like the water that is left after boiling pasta. Steve could see her face through the stray spray of her piss. She was looking down at him with her eyes burning with intensity and was biting her lower lip. She looked as if she were in total ecstasy.

The spurts became longer in length until she was pouring a steady stream into his mouth. Steve tried to keep up, but his swallowing caused the extra flow to flow down his cheeks and on to the bed. Tory noticed the spillage and cupped a hand near each of his cheeks. She caught some of the liquid and spread it around his face like a lotion, leaving him shiny and wet with her golden juice. The stream stopped abruptly, leaving Steve to catch his breath.

“Don’t worry, I saved some for later. After all, I know you’ll want an after dinner drink.” Tory said with a smile that was far more toothy than usual. It gave her a sinister appearance, and Steve could only guess what she had planned next. The writing was on the wall, but at this time he preferred not to read it. He could only watch as Tory leaned forward, positioning her ass over his face. She reached back and gripped each cheek, spreading her ass wide.

Steve stared up and could see Tory’s asshole. It was pink and crinkly like a rosebud, and it winked at him. It winked. It winked, and he knew what that meant. He now knew what she had been talking about earlier. The Scat films that he and Tory had watched were definitely the strongest films they had ever seen. He had never ruled the activity out, but he had never fully endorsed trying it either. Parts of him wanted to kick and try to force her off of him, but then there was the other side.

The other side of Steve was what he referred to as his dark side. It was the side that would try things his normal self wouldn’t. The dark side always seemed to know what the true course of action should be. It was the dark side that was still wrapped in the coconut and fruit scent. It was the dark side that was excited that the scent was now mingled with musky scent of her pussy and the tart scent of her piss.

Steve continued to watch through his dark side as the bud of her flower began to bulge and expand. It was like watching a flower bloom on some time elapsed tape. He tried to bloom, but stopped. It repeated the process as if it were not sure that it wanted to expose itself to the sunshine.

“Take out your cock and stroke it. I want you stroking your cock as you taste my special treat.” Tory commanded him.

Steve hadn’t even realized how hard he was. His cock had forced its way trough his clothing and was throbbing under the waistband of his shorts. He fumbled quickly with his belt and pulled his cock free into the air. It was hard and hot in his hand, and he groaned as he closed his fingers around it.

“That’s iddaa siteleri it, but don’t come until I tell you.” Tory ordered.

Steve obeyed her and returned to watching her pink bud. It now seemed determined to open. It bulged, parted and collapsed back on itself, but quickly repeated the process. It finally began to part, and this time it didn’t stop. The flower kept opening, and it’s pistol came into view. This pistol with a deep shade of brown and was by far, too large for the flower. It continued to push and the pistol grew until it dominated the flower. It began to slide out on it’s own, stretching the pink flower until it was just a tight ring.

“Lick it…Lick it.” Tory hissed.

Steve’s tongue came out on it’s own accord, and time seemed to slow as it traced the shortest distance to it’s prize. It didn’t end with a poke, but a wide lick, the kind you get from your dog on from returning home. Steve had a hint as to what it would taste like. He had licked his wife’s ass enough times to get a few stray tastes. But this was actually different. It would never sell at a restaurant, but it wasn’t that bad. The taste reminded him of the inside of a nut. Not the shell or the nut, but the thin skin or veins that usually accompanied them. It tasted like bitter almond, but it was more than tolerable. Steve rubbed the thick paste against the roof of his mouth and swallowed.

“Good boy, now suck it!” Tory ordered.

Steve was going to lean up, but Tory did the work. She pushed, and the last few inches to his mouth were bridged. She squatted lower and He was forced to open his mouth. The warm tube slid into his mouth and was surprisingly smooth. It was heavy and thick but creamy like cheese. His dark side was like a humming in his head, and his cock throbbed with every beat of his heart. He sucked like her were sucking a chocolate covered banana, and his mouth became awash with her taste. He quickly had thick syrup that dripped down the back of his throat, and he no choice but to swallow.

Swallowing was a signal, and Tory pushed, forcing more into his mouth. It filled so quickly that he was forced to keep swallowing, barely having the chance to break down her shit. She continued until a thick rope curled around his lips and his mouth was full.

Tory turned around and mounted his face again, but was now facing his feet. She could see his face coated in her shit and could see his hand barely gliding over his hard cock. She reached out and grabbed his hand, then forced it into the coil above his mouth. She made him take a handful and put his hand back to his cock.

“Come for me. I want to see you get off with my shit on your cock.” She told him.

Her shit was smooth and warm, and coated his cock better than any lube ever could. He stroked his cock slowly at first while his tongue mixed her shit in his mouth. His hand began moving faster and he knew there was no holding back. As his hips began to buck, Tory placed her weight on his face. Her ass not only pressed her shit into his mouth, but also caused it to cover his face like a mask. He was lost in the warm stickiness of her shit and the heat of her ass. He came with a yell that filled his throat with her shit, causing him to gulp it down. He hadn’t noticed before, but could feel Tory shaking, and then feel her climax and she stroked her clit.

It took a few minutes for Tory to compose herself enough to move. She licked her lips, smiling at the taste of Steve’s come. He had shot like a rocket and had even splattered her face. She climbed off and grinned at her handiwork. Her husband’s face was covered in her shit, and his cock was stained brown and still hard. She started to tell him to take a shower, but she got a better thought.

“Finish eating dinner and I’ll give you that drink, but be a good boy and eat it all.” She said, nudging his cock with her foot.

Steve was unable to talk, but nodded his understanding. In the back of his mind, he wondered what was for dessert.

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