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I call you in the middle of the day, telling you to meet me at our favorite restaurant after work because I got a raise and want to take you to dinner. The day drags on, and just thinking about seeing you is enough to make me wet enough that it’s hard for me to concentrate, which is only exacerbated by random emails I’m getting from you. Some of them are ordinary things, others aren’t, and by the time I get ready to leave work, I’m half crazy with wanting you.

I arrive a little early because I drove too damned fast, and you aren’t there yet, so I ask them to give me the big table in the corner. The lighting is low throughout the room, but just a little darker over there, and I think it looks just perfect for what I have in mind.

I sit down to wait for you and have a glass of wine – I’m slightly nervous, though I don’t know really why. I think I’m just anxious to see you, even though it’s only been since this morning. I see you walk in and look for me, and I catch my breath – sometimes I really feel like I’m seeing you again for the first time. You walk towards me, with that half smile on your lips, and I feel my face getting hot. I want you. You sit down next to me, kiss me and you can see it in my face. ‘Already, sug?’

‘Still.’ You laugh – god I love the way you laugh – and we talk for awhile, drinking wine and enjoying being together.

We have dinner, during which I reach over and undo your belt and unzip you, but nothing more just yet. A little Zonguldak Escort while later, you take a handful of the skirt I’m wearing and pull it up slowly, almost all the way up to my waist. I’m wearing panties, and you hook your fingers through one side of them and start to pull them down which forces to me to raise up a little so they’ll slide off. You get to my knees and let go, and I kick them off onto the floor.

Your hand is hot on my thigh, then between my legs, stroking my pussy lips softly and you feel how wet I am. Your hand probes further and is on my clit, sliding up and down, inside me, then out, and I’m leaning back, legs open with my eyes closed. I can’t think of anything but how your fingers feel inside me, and I don’t want to. I’m breathing in short gasps and your voice is in my ear, telling me to cum for you. I want to, but I’m not quite there yet, and you tell me I need to now, or you’ll stop. I’m trying, but I can’t, not yet. You do stop, pulling your hand away from me and when I open my eyes, you put your fingers in my mouth and tell me that I really should listen to you. I suck them, one by one, loving the way I taste on your hands.

I put my hand on your crotch, feeling you already mostly hard, rub back and forth a couple times, then take my hand away. I still can’t believe you stopped, and I start to slide my fingers over my clit myself, I want to cum so badly, but you put your hand on my arm and tell me to stop, Zonguldak Escort Bayan that you’re saving it for yourself. I try to pull my skirt down, but you tell me to leave it where it is.

Our server comes to the table to bring us more wine, and leans a little too far across the table – I look up and realize he can see my skirt hiked up and probably everything underneath it. I look away, at you, and see a tiny spark of jealousy in your eyes, then it’s gone and your fingers are back between my legs. You know he’s looking and you want him to, so he sees exactly what it is he can’t have. He lingers a minute too long, and then catches himself and walks away – just as you make me cum. You start to pull your hand away, but I close my legs and keep it there for just a minute and you push two fingers back inside me, then pull them out and tug my skirt down.

My face is flushed and I’m so turned on that I can hardly stand myself, but reach down to grab my panties to put them back on. I can’t quite get them, so I have to actually get under the table. When I do, you move your leg so I can see your pants are still undone. The tablecloth is long, but not quite long enough that someone who was looking couldn’t see me, but I don’t care. I get close to you, kneeling between your legs, and lean forward to kiss you through the fabric, pulling your pants down a little further, breathing hotly on you, kissing and leaving little wet marks.

I Escort Zonguldak feel you pushing forward slightly, I know you want to be in my mouth, so I reach in and touch your skin, pulling you out and immediately sliding my tongue down your cock. I hear you breathe in sharply, and your hands reach under the table to touch my face. I have one hand on your cock while I work it with my tongue, the other cupping your balls, bending down to lick them here and there.

I’m enjoying this – knowing that you want to make noise, and that you aren’t because there are people around us, and it’s making me that much more intent on making you cum. Sucking your cock, licking the head, rubbing that one spot on the underside with my thumb. Your hands are in my hair, pulling me forward, making me take you in my mouth, pushing yourself further in, down my throat. I feel you swell just a little more and pull back – you tease me, I tease you, but your hands find my head and pull me back towards you. You start to cum, thick spurts in my mouth, but I miss some of it and it runs down my chin. I’m swallowing the rest greedily, slurping every last drop of you up.

You’re done, and you still have barely made a sound, so I keep you in my mouth, licking you, rubbing you, until your hand pulls me up. I sit back down beside you, laughing a little, especially when I see the same waiter that had been hovering earlier staring at us, eyes wide, pointing and saying something to a couple other people he’s standing with. I lean over and whisper that I want to take you to a park overlooking the city and fuck you now, and you grab my hand and we leave, stopping to kiss and grope one another at least 5 times on the way to the car.

As we drive away, I realize I never did pick up my panties…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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