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Thomas sat at his computer looking up some porn sites, nothing else to do, he thought. No one was home and figure he would get online and have a private masturbating session. He saved the hot pictures on the computer in a special folder, he had to be careful because he also shared this computer with his little sister, they didn’t have private sides like most personal computers. They shared the computer whole, and it wasn’t a big deal anyways. They had their separate folders and no problems yet had come from it.

He found a nice website with teenage girls in school uniforms, a lot of up skirts and panty showing, and he felt his dick grow from the voyeuristic pictures, as he scrolled down the current girl’s pictures. She had her red hair up in pigtails and glasses on, she started to remove her clothes. First her top to show her braless little breasts under the white uniform shirt. Her nipples were light pink and small, they looked great for her small frame. Thomas found his hand slipping down to his dick covered by his shorts. The next picture of her made his dick grow even more, she was spreading her legs and you could see her puffy pussy lips peeking out the sides of her bright green panties. Feeling his breaths grow heavier, he knew he had to save this girls picture set. She was very hot, and he’d be a fool not to save them. The picture set continued on, as did his stroking his now hard dick. The schoolgirl had pulled her green panties off to the side to show all of her shaven puffy pussy. Her lips were slightly open and were wet, you could see her entrance very well. She probably shaves to look even younger, Thomas thought to himself, while stroking his dick through his shorts.

Her pictures ending with the claimed high school girl having three fingers deep inside her little pussy hole and leaving off with the final picture of her licking her wet fingers. The fingers looked soaked, they were so inviting, his mind was thinking of what he would be doing to her if she was here with him now. His stroking became faster as he kept one of the last pictures on his screen up, she had her three fingers halfway inside her pussy, her legs were open wide and bottom lightly lifted off the ground opened up wide enough to show her little butt hole. She was smiling wide at the camera, Thomas could feel himself almost ready to cum any moment now. He quickly grabbed some tissue to shoot his huge load in that. He fell back into the office chair and kept looking at the picture of the teenage girl with her fingers stuffed inside her pussy. “Wow, you are nice looking.” He kept looking at it.

When the blood returned back to his brain, he began to notice this girl sort of looked like his sister. Though his sister had dark brown hair and slightly bigger breasts, but everything else was nearly spot on. He felt weird now, the more he thought of it the more he felt himself thinking of his sister. Feeling weird and turned on again. So what, he thought to himself, there are millions of girls on the internet and of course some will look like someone you know. Trying to put himself at ease, he just couldn’t, he kept thinking of his baby sister, Leah. Well not baby, she is after all two years younger than him and he is twenty-one, but he looks to her as his baby sister. Thomas kept looking at the picture, but in his mind putting Leah’s qualities on her, thinking of her pussy being the one getting fingered and the smile is hers, smiling back at him.

“Whoa!” Thomas caught himself as he was about to start stroking his dick again.


Thomas and his younger sister practically shared a bedroom, it was two bedrooms with a dividing wall down the middle with a door to each others room. It wasn’t as bad as they had thought it would be when they first moved in the house few years ago. The wall wouldn’t matter anyways, Leah and Thomas were close for siblings. They were brother and sister and also great friends. They knew where each other stood and most the time respected that. Leah had always looked up to her bigger brother, he was her protector in a way, she always felt he was the only guy that would always love her for her, and not what was between her legs. As time went on, she found herself getting a little crush on him, she felt weird, but when she masturbated, thinking of him. All those feelings went away and she would have some of the most powerful orgasms ever.

She often wish the door would be open during her fingering, just so Thomas could hear or even maybe, look in on her. Watching her fingers slide inside her wet, little sister pussy, that she keeps shaved and untouched by any man. She liked men, but she felt she would lose a lot of love and respect from Thomas if she ever let herself be touched like so by another man. She always like to think of herself as his, she knew it was silly, but that is how she felt. Even if it sometimes didn’t feel right. Even though he would never know. She felt like he would somehow still know. Leah knew he had been with other girls, görükle escort because she heard him and Katie one afternoon when mum and dad wasn’t home. She heard the faint sounds of slurping and sucking on the other side of the wall, so she got closer and overheard the whole blowjob. She heard Katie say stuff about how big his dick is, and how great it tastes inside her wet mouth. At that time, Leah already had her panties around her ankles and was rubbing her smooth pussy while overhearing her brother get a blowjob from one of the girls from school.

Leah was laying on her bed, she had just woke up and felt her pussy wet from a dream she had the night before. Thinking again of that afternoon when she got to hear her older brother Thomas get a blowjob. She smiled, thinking of what it would look like to see another girl’s mouth slide up and down on his cock, and also, what it would feel like for herself, while she laid there fingering her wet pussy. She hasn’t seen him naked since the baths they use to take when they were very young, but size changes over time, and she never really even looked at him in a light like that, anyways. She got out of bed and slipped out of her Pajamas and slid on jeans and panties with a white shirt. Her hair was still down, but she wasn’t worried about putting it up today.

She had the day off from school and had the house to herself, she loved it when it was like this. She felt like she had control over the whole house. Not hungry, Leah decided to get on the computer and look around online or maybe play a game. Booting up the computer, she started for the bathroom to go pee. She lowered her jeans and panties to her knees while she was sitting on the toilet seat. She felt the pee come out of her and began feeling her bladder become relieved with each passing second. Reaching over for the toilet paper, she grabbed a wad of toilet paper and began wiping herself. Jeans and panties back on and hands are washed, she went back to Thomas’ side of the room and saw the computer was finished booting.

Leah looked over at Thomas’ bed and saw his sheets weren’t made up and he had some clothes all over the floor. She smiled and looked back at the computer. Brushing her hair out of her eyes, she opened up a folder of hers, where she keeps her game saves. A half hour passed and Leah quit the game and started to think about Thomas again. She loved that the computer was in his room, it gives her an excuse to be in here. Often wondering what Thomas kept in his folders, she didn’t want to betray his trust, but it wasn’t like she was stealing or messing anything up of his. She opened up his main folder and saw little subfolders, ranging from reports, essays, and bingo! Photos. She grinned, wondering if he had anything naughty on here. “And what do you save that is worthy of being saved?” She said to the computer, feeling herself grow excited from the trespassing and possible images of what her brother liked.

Nothing. She was disappointed, all he had was game screenshots, digital camera photos, scanned photos and other stuff. She felt herself lose the excitement and her pussy not tingling anymore. She figure she would see what kind of school essays and reports he does, opening up the folder to his reports she only found reports. “Well you’re boring, Thomas!” She told the computer. “Essay folder.” She silently said, opening up the folder. There were more subfolders inside that one, she felt her pussy tingle again the excitement come back. She knew this had to be it, she wanted to see so badly what her brother sees to masturbate and stroke his hard dick. She knew he looked at porn, he forgot to clear history one night and she came on next morning and found the websites. One subfolder was called biology essays, she opened it and found essay documents along with another folder. Yes! she thought, feeling her pussy wet up and her body grow with wave after wave of excitement. She opened the folder up to see picture after picture of naked girls.

Her eyes widened, her pink nipples stiffen, pussy wet up, and her mind thinking about her brother, sitting in this very chair and masturbating to these hot pictures. She opened up a couple of the pictures to see them full size, there were a lot of up skirts and panty shots. She found herself growing aroused by the hot girls she was looking at, and along with the thoughts of Thomas, too. She lifted her shirt off and tossed it through the open door back into her room. Her little tits feeling so good in the bare while she is sitting in his room. She kept looking at the photos, some other girls were peeing and fingering a lot, too. She saw where some kept their pussy lips opened with their fingers while they used their two middle fingers to finger themselves. Another girl has just three fingers shoved inside her tight pussy hole. One girl even had her two fingers shoved deep inside her own butt. God, I never thought of that, Leah thought to herself, getting more and more turned on by the images, eskort bayan thoughts and new found ideas she is looking at.

After awhile of looking through the photos, she has seen, up skirts, peeing, fingering of all types, lesbians, hardcore, uniforms, and they were all teenage girls, around her age to a few years older than her. She noticed one girl though, it looked a lot like her, she felt really turned on now. Leah had shed her jeans and panties a long time ago and was sitting in the cushiony office chair naked. Her legs wide open while she looked through the pictures. When she saw the file name of this girl’s pictures, she saw he named it, Leah! Oh, god! Her pussy really became wet by this, she saw how the girl almost looked exactly like her and he named her… Catch your breath, calm down! she was telling herself.

Leah kept the photos of the school girl up on the monitor screen, she began fingering herself and rubbing her clit with her free hand. Looking at the photos and thinking of her brother stroking his cock to the picture and cumming all over. Maybe even in this very chair my naked body is sitting on, she told herself, while pushing a third finger inside her wet little hole. Her head was leaning over the back of the office chair while she shoved three fingers inside her wet pink hole fast. Feeling her orgasm building up, her fingers kept their fast pace and her pussy was spread open wide. It hit her and she let the whole orgasm overtake her body, she fell out of the chair, leaving behind a wet trail of pussy juice and cum on the edge. The rest dribbling over her hand and fingers, she felt herself catching her breath and her free hand pinching and rubbing her nipples. The other softly massaging her puffy pussy lips, laying on her brother’s floor naked and spent from a powerful orgasm.

Standing up and trying to gain her body back, stepping out of the bedroom real quick to go to the bathroom. She washed her hands and returned to his bedroom. She closed everything out, but left the computer on, and gathered her clothes. Laying on her bed naked, she kept thinking of that girl and how she looked like her. A smile was wide on her face, thinking of how her brother must think of her like she does! That cannot be a coincidence, she kept thinking of the picture. “How can I let him know I like him, too?” Leah asked herself.


After breakfast, Leah kept thinking of how she could show Thomas she wanted him. After many stupid ideas, one finally clicked with her and she knew that was it. She would take some photos of herself, without showing her face, like most of the pictures were in his folder, and have them naked putting them in his folder. She rushed up to her room and searched her desk for her camera. Finding it in the middle drawer, she quickly took it out and checked it for batteries. Good, there are some, she went to her bed and sitting on it she took some pictures of bare breasts. Her nipples hard from the thoughts of her brother finding the pictures of her and hopefully masturbating to them. She figure Thomas wouldn’t notice the pictures in the folder with having hundreds of pictures of different girls.

Putting on her bra, Leah took a tease picture of her covered breasts now, pushing out and laying on the bed. She hoped they came out looking like they were just close-ups of tits. Still laying on her back, she opened her legs up wide and placed the camera in front of her shaven pussy and took pictures. Her hand slid softly down her stomach to her pussy lips and she opened them up, revealing her pink wetness, she took several pictures of her young pussy.

Leah was feeling very turned on by now, she couldn’t believe what she was about to do. Watching the pictures load up on the computer, she rubbed her nipples a little bit, feeling the waves of pleasure shoot through herself. Shuddering, she copied the pictures in his folder and named them, Alicia. There are around fifteen pictures on there, over forty on the camera, but she picked out the ones she liked best and couldn’t put many on, it might give her away. They all looked like the other ones, close up and pussy or breasts. She smiled for many reasons, she couldn’t wait to see if this will work. She got up and headed back to her room. Falling on the bed, she opened her legs wide and began fingering herself again. This time her fingers were sopping wet, she couldn’t believe how turned on and wet she was. It was great, and it felt great! A wicked idea came to her as she was pumping her pussy with three fingers.

Turning over on her stomach, Leah raised her little butt up in the air, not missing a beat with her fingering. She slid her pussy drenched fingers out of her little hole and rubbed up and down over her pussy lips and moved up to her tight tiny asshole. Slowly rubbing two fingers over the entrance, her body was shaking with anticipation and excitement, feeling her wet asshole become softer and more inviting now. Her breathing almost altıparmak escort to a stop now, she was so excited about the new feeling and sensation she is going to give herself. Sliding the wet index finger into her well lubed hole, feeling the first knuckle sliding inside. Her tight butt hole kept squeezing on her finger, making it harder to push in.

Sliding her finger out of her butt, she sucked on it getting it wetter to slide in with better ease. Returning to her virgin butt, she slid it back inside and this time it went in easier. She felt the second knuckle go in, spreading her tightness to a better comfort. When she finally relaxed and got over the initial excitement and anticipation, finding herself relaxing her butt more to slide in as far as she can go with one finger. Pushing it in and out, stretching her little hole and feeling a little bit of pain, but that soon turned to pleasure. The new feeling took her over fast, she flipped on her back again with her finger still in her asshole, she shoved two fingers inside her dripping pussy to finish herself off. Her breaths fast and barely coming out, and her body sending out wave after wave of pure, raw pleasure. Her double hole finger fucking left her breathless and shaking on her bed. Her small body naturally curling up and she slid her fingers out of both entrances. Her ass finger feeling slimy from the saliva and pussy juice mixed with ass. And her other two fingers and most her hand was drenched and sticky from her pussy juice and cum.


Later that night Leah was in the shower, while Thomas was getting ready to get online to work on school work. As time went on, he was growing rather bored with typing and was thinking about playing a little bit of his new game before going to bed for the night. He looked around his desk for the CD and found it under Leah’s digital camera. Little sister took some pictures today? he picked her camera up and turned it on. He always enjoyed the pictures she takes, they are normally outside shots or some still shots she does with parts of the house. Dramatic lighting and shadows. He found the saved images and saw a few outdoor shots with birds on a tree limb with the sun shining vibrantly through the spaces. Another of their fence in the backyard and the shadow it created on the ground.

As he clicked through the pictures he got to a couple of face shots, her smiling and looking pretty for the camera. He smiled at the pictures, she was so cute, he thought, looking at her hair not even done up and still looking wonderful. After a few headshots it showed her in her bra, his smiled became bigger, shit, he looked at them. She has bigger breasts than I gave credit for, he looked at them covered by her bra. His dick began to harden up slowly rise inside his shorts. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, after last night with the girl he saved pictures of, he is at better ease of looking at his sister. He came to understanding and it feels less of a taboo and more of a turn on.

His eyes almost popped out as he kept flipping through her pictures, he couldn’t stop, he wanted to, he always respected Leah’s privacy. It is just he wanted to see more, he wondered if she does this often as he looked at her bare breasts now. They looked like a nice B cup, her nipples were a soft pink and looked just right to suck on. His dick now hard as can be from looking at her pictures. He couldn’t believe this, he hit the jackpot! Picture after picture of her naked body was coming up, not one part of her body was spared in these pictures. Most were very up close and personal, her fingers spreading her pussy open as far as it could go, another of her free hand spreading her butt cheeks to show her puckered little asshole. He enjoyed the pictures of her fingering herself the most, he loved seeing how her pussy hole wrapped snuggly around her two fingers, all wet and knuckle deep inside of her. His dick was aching now from being so hard, he wanted to get off so badly to these. He had another idea though, they would go very well in his folder, he thought. He knows it is wrong, but this is a once in a lifetime chance!

Opening his folder up, his jaw nearly dropped to the floor, there they were on top! She had put them on my computer! his mind racing over everything that is hitting him all at once, not only did he see his little teen sister’s naked body, but she posted the pictures for him! Glad now he didn’t masturbate, he is going to confront her tonight about it and, well, hopefully she felt as strongly as this as he is. Knowing what he was thinking and planning was extremely wrong, he didn’t care, she made the first move and they both now stand on the same grounds with each other.


Sitting on the edge of her bed in her room he watched the door waiting for it to open and in she comes. His heart was racing and his hard on was still hard as ever, he covered it with one of her pillows as he sat there waiting. Alas, she is done with her shower and returning back to her room, the door opened and in she walked in with her red towel wrapped around her petite body. Turning around she froze and let out a gasp, “Thomas, what are you doing in here?” She said, holding her towel tightly now, until she noticed a look in his eyes.

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