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Did It For The Team Ch. 06

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Dave and Jason dove on the other side of the bed to hide their nakedness from the unexpected visitor who had just barged into our room without knocking.

The coach spied me in my towel and gave me a once over and then flashed his winning smile. The coach’s massive frame filled the open doorway. His gaze zeroed in on me standing mid-room, all but naked except for the towel around my waist. He gave me a once over and flashed his intoxicating smile.

“I’m glad I caught you Mike, I want to go over some things with you before tomorrow’s finals. Can you swing by my room?”

“Sure coach, no problem, let me just throw on a pair of shorts and I’ll be right over.” The coach looked over to the other bed, smiled a little, turned and left the room.

As I quickly dressed, Jason commented, “Guess you’re the top dog now, Mike. Looks like you’ll be unseeding Kent on the relay, that’s probably what he is going to tell you. But rest assured, I don’t think Kent will take it too well. He is used to being the coach’s number one pet.”

In my defense, I quipped back, “You guys kept stressing that I should give it all for the team, so that’s what I did. Or does that just apply to when you need your dicks sucked? I am not going to apologize for my performances. On my knees or in the pool. I exited the room and headed towards the Coach’s room.

As I knocked on the coach’s hotel room door, I thought about the comment about Kent not taking the whole thing well. In fact, he hadn’t said much to me after the race. I had trained hard for this meet, and wasn’t going to play second fiddle to Kent. Especially since I had posted better times than him in the prelims. And quite frankly, the coach was paying a lot of attention to me, and he was not only a super coach, but one handsome man. Who wouldn’t want to please him? Kent certainly didn’t have a problem digesting that huge load I saw getting fed to him a few weeks ago. Or is that how he became top dog?

The coach answered the door quickly and immediately invited me in. He was clad in a V-neck white tee shirt that more than did justice to his amazing pecs. His sweat pants of course clinged perfectly to his oversized package and perfectly shaped butt. His room was a little bigger than the standard rooms we had; it had a couch, a small kitchen area, a king size bed and a desk area where he had all of his paperwork.

“Come on in, Mike, have a seat,” he said as he directed me to the couch. I sat there and enjoyed both the going and coming views as he walked over to his desk and then brought some papers over.

“Tomorrow you have your two finals and I am also going to put you in for the breaststroke leg of the relay. I know it’s a lot of responsibility for a freshman at his first meet, but I am fully confident in your talent. I’m pleased with your performance and quite honestly, you have really done more than could have been expected of you. You’ve proven to be the biggest asset to our team. You respond well to direction, always perform beyond expectation…a true coach’s dream.”

The coach had his hand on my shoulder as he told me this and looked me right in the eyes. I saw his hazel green eyes sparkle as he spoke to me. I immediately felt a rush of blood into my crotch and started tenting my shorts. I looked over to the coach’s pants and his were bulging more too. For a brief second time seemed to freeze. The coach moved closer and held the side of my head and kissed me. His snaked open my lips and his tongue worked its way into my mouth. I was hardly an expert at kissing men, as I had only done that with the team captains, but kissing the coach felt like the most natural thing in the world. He was gentle yet masculine at the same time. My head swirled with passion as I realized I was making out with the hottest man I had ever laid eyes on. His shortly cropped hair, tanned skin, perfect smile and sinewy muscled body made him a sight to behold.

The coach lowered his sweatpants to reveal a completely full light blue speedo. This was the suit I had seen him wear on the deck – the one that perfectly encapsulated his ass and crotch. It also had a copious wet spot on the front. The head of his dick was stretching the top of the suit’s waistband as if trying to escape.

“Maybe you could help me out of this, Mike,” the coach added as I gazed at this incredulous sight. I put my hand on the suit and tugged at it to try to set that monster inside free. As I yanked it quickly past his egg-shaped balls, his cock bobbed in the air twice and then stood straight up proudly against his dark pubes. I had seen it from afar when Kent was chowing down on it, but up close and personal it looked more alive, more robust, and simply bigger. Coach wrapped his beefy palm and long fingers around his shaft, then slowly pulled on it from the root to the ridge of his mushroom. He moved his fingers across the top of the head while I watched entranced. He then took a wet finger and moved it to my lips so I could taste the precum on his finger. I savored the sweet, tangy taste in my mouth şişli bayan escort and wanted more.

“Mike, I need you to suck my dick.” He simply stated the obvious. I knew that was going to happen. In fact, I knew deep down when I left my room to come to his that somehow Coach’s sperm would wind up in my gut and I was actually quite fine with that idea. I knew Kent had serviced the coach, and I wanted to do the same. I wanted to please him completely.

I looked at his huge slab of beef and licked my lips, eager for the feeding that awaited me. This perfect specimen of manhood, as well as the looks and masculinity that accompanied it would be nearly impossible to resist for any man. I can see why even a guy like Kent would drop to his knees in a heartbeat for this man.

I guess I didn’t move fast enough because the coach hooked his arm around my neck and began moving me towards his large hard dick. I took that as my cue to get busy pleasing him. Unlike the other times I had sucked dick, this time I was a fully cooperative and my mouth was stretched open by the time I reached his head. I felt the velvety head in my mouth, licked around the rim and tasted a few more delicious drops of precum. I knew the drill. Men liked having bobbing heads on their cocks, so I had better get busy soon. I worked my way down to almost seven inches of this wide cock. The last inch or so eluded me. I pulled back up, coating the entire length of his shaft with my saliva. I once again nursed a few drops of his tangy precum out of him and heard him let out a long satisfied sigh. I knew I was doing a good job and it felt great to see the coach so relaxed.

I hummed slightly on his cock as I dutifully moved up and down on his dick. The coach looked down with a raised eyebrow, probably sensing that I had done this more than a few times before. He held the sides of my head gently and moved his hands through my hair as I worked my way towards the base. I was determined to get him all the way down. Luckily, as his dick was now awash in my saliva it moved easily across my tongue and into my throat. I increased my momentum and suctioning. I felt the coach give me a little push downward and suddenly my lips were nestled in his man bush. I had just deep throated the coach. I continued to breathe through my nose as I savored my achievement. My eyes shifted to look up at the coach. His were glazed over. Evidently I was not only a better swimmer than Kent, but also better at sucking cock.

I withdrew his spit covered cock from my mouth and saw the rivulets of both precum and saliva bead off of it. I hungrily gobbled him up again and continued my quest for sperm. I quickened my pace and made sure to run my mouth under the ridge of his cock on the way up and then tightened my lips on the way down. The coach seemed to like this and I could tell he was getting close. “This is soooo good, Mike. You really know how to please a man. It looks like someone trained you well.”

“Mmmm, hmmmm,” was all I could mouth as there wasn’t much room in my mouth. It was jammed full by his large, wide, throbbing cock. The coach brought his hands to the back of my head and applied pressure to get me all the way down on his cock. I slightly gagged, but the coach, ever the coach, told me to relax my throat and breathe through my nose. Once I did that, I was able to get all the way down consistently. I liked how the pubes tickled my lips when I went all the way to the base. This seemed to be especially pleasurable for the coach. It never occurred to me until much later, how coach had known the perfect technique to achieving deep throat.

I continued bobbing up and down this beef, determined to make him cum, which proved to be a few seconds away. The coach whispered, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna shoot.”

And shoot he did. He yelled out as he unloaded deep into my throat. I continued bobbing but the coach held my head tight, probably to keep me on it. That was not necessary because I had been trained to swallow the entire load since day one. Perhaps the coach was unaware of this, but nonetheless, he happily uncorked a ten second orgasm into my esophagus. It went down nicely. The coach looked down at me, pulled me up to him and kissed me. Just like he had with Kent. I guess I was now one of his service boys too. I liked that feeling.

The coach pulled me up off the carpet and brought me up to the couch. He quickly worked my shorts and briefs off and dove down on my engorged cock. I was hung, but not in the same class as the coach. I never envisioned the coach to be a cocksucker; boy, did I have a lot to learn. He toiled steadily on my throbbing member while I enjoyed the sensations of his warm moist mouth. He pulled off my cock momentarily and pointed over to the bed. He pulled me over there and laid me on my back. He licked my quarter shaped nipples and made a wet path towards my crotch. When he took my cock this time, he swallowed me all the way to the base in one smooth motion. He held me in his mouth and looked up at me with his sexy eyes and raised eyebrows. şişli escort He then closed his eyes, moaned and continued to work my cock with his full wet lips.

He might be headed for age forty, but his body sure didn’t show it and his cock responded like it was sixteen. Holy shit! He hadn’t even gone soft. I stared at that dangling hunk of still rock hard manhood as his lips worked on mine. As he maneuvered his body sideways and I noticed his cock a few inches from my mouth. Like a baby needing to feed I attached myself to it and licked it hungrily. For a few minutes we assumed the hot 69 position, each of us swallowing each other’s penis over and over. The room was completely quiet only sounds were the lip smacking and the muffled moans and sighs around our cocks produced by this tandem sucking.

The coach’s hand began touching the area under my balls. First he kneaded the knot just under them. It was a hot spot I didn’t even know I had! Then he segued to my anus and began tracing circles around it. He pulled off my cock, lubricated another finger in his mouth, and then proceeded to push it into my tight hole. I moaned around his cock which was pretty much buried in my throat. The coach then pulled out of my mouth and turned me on my stomach. His mouth made a beeline for my ass and within seconds his wet tongue was tracing circles around my opening. “You have one hot ass, you know that? I spotted it the first day of tryouts, and have jerked off ever since thinking about it,” he said before diligently working his tongue into my still virgin hole. I moaned in ecstasy knowing he had fantasized about me too. This was further compounded by the intense feeling of his tongue entering me as his beard stubble grazed the inside of my ass cheeks. The coach reached to the night table and applied a gel to his finger and moved it in my ass. I jumped at the coolness of the gel and while he took a few extra seconds working his finger in me, I immediately relaxed as he glided towards my prostate.


Kent was mesmerized watching the action intently from the small couch on the other side of the large motel room. He had originally been spying on Mike blowing the coach from the barely-cracked-open bathroom door, but once they were both lost to the world concentrating on each other, he stealthily slipped out and planted himself on the sofa. Being just a few feet from the live sex show fed his voyeur fetish well, but he was more than ready to shift to being one of the participants. His cock had been hard and without relief for far too many long minutes. He finally pushed the waistband of his briefs down, snugged it under his rumbling balls, and began taking long, slow pulls on himself.

“Now I know why coach told me to get to his room and hide in the bathroom. He wants me in on this too, but not until the exact right time. Just like how properly timed strokes in the pool makes you a winner, I have to wait until he has Mike totally primed and ready for me to join in the action without any argument. But fuck…hurry the hell up and let me know it’s time before I empty this load up my abs instead of down our boy’s throat!’

Kent knew where things were headed. Coach had filled him on the plan earlier. In his very natural authoritarian manner, he let it be known without coming straight out and saying it, that he was the one that was picking this cherry. Kent didn’t argue. He knew better. Coach owned him. Ever since he had been in the same position when he was the new rising star on the team. To this day, the coach was the only one that had ever fucked him.

Kent shook off the disappointment of not being the one to break in Mike and went back to concentrating on the hard flesh in his hand as he watched the coach get Mike in position.

* ** * *

The coach withdrew his two fingers again and I thought he was going to add a third finger, but what I felt was something blunt touch my nervous hole. I looked back and sure enough, he was gripping his cock and trying to ease it forward into me. He moved up and whispered in my ear, “I want you Mike, I want to be in you.”

I took a deep breath and as I let it out, I felt the head of his cock start to open my ass. I could feel my hole desperately trying to expand, trying to let him in but it started to hurt before he made it very far in. I was moved forward, trying to ease the strain and perhaps rethink this whole thing. “Coach, I don’t think…,” I muttered as I again felt him pressing forward.

“Just relax Mike. You’re going to love this. I promise.” After a few seconds the pain passed and I felt my hole open a little further to swallow another inch of his cock. Coach was obviously (and thankfully) taking his time, because this must have been the slowest fuck in history. Several times he would ease an inch or so inside of me and the pain would stop us, but it would quickly pass as I took a few deep breaths. He pressed forward again and I was really feeling the pressure. I instinctively tried to get away by crawling forward on the bed, but the coach was mecidiyeköy escort deep enough and simply followed me on his knees. I stared at the headboard and wondered how could Dave have enjoyed this so much? My tender hole felt like it couldn’t stretch anymore and I was about to ask him to stop when I felt his balls touching mine and his pubes tickling my anus. Unbelievably, I had taken all of him. His entire shaft was buried in me; I was no longer a virgin.

Coach didn’t speak or move for a bit, then he kind of rotated his hips and I could feel his cock rooting deep in me. It felt good. I dropped my head down as sign I was ready for him to continue. He read the cue perfectly. He slowly pulled his thick dick out of my ass and then gradually opened me back up with it. The sensation was incredible. I had only recently learned about the prostate but I knew enough that I was able to feel his dick sliding over it, and I realized he was definitely hitting it just right. He put his hands on my hips and settled into a steady rhythm of fucking me. I liked not only the feeling of his dick in my ass but I realized I liked submitting to him. I resigned myself to let him have me as long as he wanted.

I realized that I was getting fucked and actually handling it pretty well. I also wondered if Jason knew something because he had told me I would lose my cherry that weekend. And there was no denying it. I was filled to the hilt with an 8 inch cock and was willingly and gladly accepting it, just like I had seen Dave do a little while ago. A few moans of unintelligible vowels escaped my mouth as I felt the coach’s strokes deep inside me.

“I knew he would take it. Any guy who swallows a load will give up his ass. It never fails.”

I was shocked to hear Kent’s voice as he walked over towards the side of the bed with his usual grin. I didn’t realize he had watched this all of this unfold from the couch. As I had been facing the wall, I had no clue he had seen this all, but I suddenly panicked as I saw Kent slowly stroking his own shaft while watching the Coach ream me out. I tried to get up, but as I did the coach simply pushed his dick all the way up my ass and held my lower back down on the bed.

“You aren’t going anywhere Mike,” he hissed as he poked harder up my ass. Plus, you need to suck his dick.”

Without even hesitating, I inched forward, the Coach following me with his cock buried in my ass until I reached Kent. I started sucking Kent, taking as much of him in my mouth as I could and Coach resumed fucking my loosened up ass. Kent was now kneeling in front of me and the coach was now up on his knees behind me. It was mind blowing that I was being spit roasted between both of these men. I felt an exciting nervousness in my stomach as I realized I was no longer a virgin. I really got off servicing them both, evidenced by my rock hard cock flopping underneath me. The most difficult part was trying to concentrate on giving Kent the head he expected while being distracted by the exquisite feeling of Coach steadily thrusting my hole.

After a few minutes, Kent put his hands on my head and made that familiar groaning. I knew what that meant and prepared myself for the bucket sized cum load about to come. I was doing my best to accommodate him and was determined to make him cum which turned out to be just seconds away. He held my neck tightly and let out a long sigh. I had one hand wrapped around the base of his cock and felt it start to jerk, while at the same time I tasted the first jet of cum in my mouth. I started swallowing quickly, aware of the amount of sperm Kent produced. After six or seven strong sprays Kent let out a long moan and completely relaxed while he let his spent tool wilt in my mouth.

The coach had been keenly watching all of this and clearly got excited seeing Kent unload into my mouth. His thrusts had gotten faster and a little harder. He was pulling back on my hips with each stroke, which got his dick a little deeper in my ass. I welcomed the feeling and liked the accelerated motion. His breathing was getting a little ragged and I could tell he was about to lose it too. He moved his hands from the side of my hips to under me and started really pulling me back on his cock. I could hear the steady slapping of my ass against his stomach and feel his balls spanking on each stroke. After a few more especially hard thrusts, he lunged forward and pulled me towards him at the same time. I thought I had gotten used to his cock but it felt thicker and longer now as he buried every bit of it to the hilt in my tender ass. Then I felt the entire length of his shaft start to pulse as he pumped his cum into me. I could feel each throb of his swollen cock. I felt like hot glue was traveling inside me. One final thrust from his hips nailed my magic button hard and as the coach’s final cum blast flowed over it, I went over the edge and shot my own record-breaking explosion all over the sheets…without anyone, or even myself, touching my cock. He held me back against him for a few seconds after he finished and then relaxed and sat back, wincing as his dick slid out of my no longer virgin ass. Kent finally let loose of my ears and pulled his flaccid cock from my mouth. He grinned at both of us as he got up and headed for the bathroom.

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