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Did I Mishear?

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It’s my first day of junior year in high school, same school that I’ve loved the previous two years. I get moving to homeroom, ready to get my schedule for the next however many school days we have. Lucky me, I got the study hall I asked for – it’s during 5th period. Most of the day is a drag. Every single teacher explains the rules and dress code enough times that it imprinted in my brain. 5th period comes along and I go to my designated study hall room, just to tell the teacher that I plan on being an aide for my favorite teacher. She lets me go, marking me on some kind of list. All giddy and excited, I walk so fast it’s almost a run, to my old Spanish room. I get to the room and give her a giant hug, expressing how much I miss her. I’m so emotional seeing her again that I almost cry. She has a class this period so I sit in the blue chair by her desk while she takes attendance.

As she walks around her desk, passing behind me, she whispers in my ear, “I want you to fuck me.” Confused and stunned can’t even explain how I felt as she said that. She kept walking but looked back at me with a smirk. So many things start to flood in my head in that moment. Last time I saw her, last time I talked to her, it was not like this. She never showed any interest in this kind of relationship, we’ve always just been friendly, so where did this come from? Did I mishear her? I’m pretty sure I didn’t…

The rest of class was normal, nothing else was said. She asked me to help with teacher type things like usual, and that was it. We didn’t even get a chance to talk. I tried to stay a little bit after but another teacher came in to talk to her. So I just left. I guess I’ll just figure it out later.

Any moment throughout the day that I wasn’t busy, I’d look for her. I wanted to figure out bursa yabancı escort what was going on. All I could think about was what she said to me. While looking around on my way to class, I noticed Chris. He had been sitting in the cafeteria waiting for me. He skipped school, and somehow came to mine just to talk. I told him I was busy and couldn’t at the moment, but he followed me anyway, being his annoying, clingy self.

The principal announced that we had a school assembly today. I walked down to the gym with my friends, Chris tagging along. They kept chatting away but I was completely distracted. Somehow with a chance of luck, my friends and I stood not too far from her. I wanted to confront her and see if she’d say anything. I didn’t want to straight out say it if I had misheard her. That would make things awkward. A part of me has been excited, and hoped that I had heard her right. The other part of me realized what that meant, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready, okay, or knew how to be with a girl. Not to mention if someone found out.

I ditched Chris and my friends and started towards her. The same teacher was with her again but I didn’t mind that. I walked right up to her. “Uh, so earlier, in class…I don’t know if I misheard you or what? Can we talk?”

“Sure,” she said smiling. It was so weird how she acted like nothing was going on. Maybe I really didn’t hear right…

We walked out of the gym, away from all the noise. We were in an empty hallway, so I stopped, ready to talk. But she grabbed my hand, and pulled me along. Where the heck are we going? At the end of the hallway was a room I never thought much about. No one really goes in there; I assumed it was a closet or something. She pulled out a key and unlocked it, pulling bursa sınırsız escort me in. She didn’t turn on the lights, so it was kind of dark and creepy. There was just a small ray of light peeking through the window that was covered mostly by a sign. She locked the door.

“What are we doing in here?” I asked. Now I am beyond the point of confusion. I have no idea what is going on.

She didn’t say a word, she just walked toward me, where I leaned against the wall, and stood directly in front of me. My heart was pounding in my chest. I was nervous and excited by all the mystery of what was going on. She got closer and closer until our faces were just inches apart. I could feel her breath on my cheek. She leaned in and kissed point blank on the lips. I’d thought of her this way before, but never imagined she felt the same way. I’m still unsure of how I feel.

As she slowly and gently kissed me again, all my worries faded away. I stopped over-thinking and just went with it. She moved me away from the wall, pulling me towards her. I had never done anything like this, and I was beyond nervous, but as we were kissing, she led my hands up her shirt, and I pulled it off. As wrong as this was, it felt so right. I don’t know why I was so surprised she was breaking the rules like this. She’s always made exceptions for me.

I tossed her shirt onto a desk and just admired her beauty. She lifted me up onto the table and began to undress me. I sat on the table in just my underwear and bra. I had never been this exposed in front of someone and suddenly got very self-conscious. She noticed my worry and kissed me again, this time working her way down my body. She got to the lining of my blue lace panties and stopped, looking up at me. I assumed görükle escort she was asking for permission so I bit my lip and smiled. She then proceeded to pull them down the length of my legs, leaving my lady parts exposed.

As she kneed down, she wrapped her arms around my waist, kissing my stomach, getting lower and lower. She started to use her mouth in magical ways, ways I’d never felt before. Moans unexpectedly left my mouth. Her hands replaced her tongue as she came back face-to-face with me. I pulled her close, kissing her intensely, breathing in the aroma of her citrus scented hair.

Her beauty was intoxicating. I got off the table, taking off my last article of clothing – my bra. I was completely bare and was determined to have her join me. I started to strip her down as well, revealing her perfect breasts and feeling her wondrous curves. It escalated from there, to places I never imagined I’d go. I was a completely new to things like this. I had never done anything of the sort. I wanted to take control and please her as well, but I was unsure of how to.

She was on the same table I sat on a moment ago, except she was laying down. I leaned over and kissed her, moving my hands across her body, memorizing her every curve. She guided me along, showing me how to be with a woman. Her hand atop of mine, she taught me the motions of pleasing her. Luckily I’m a good student, and quickly learned what she liked. The moan that escaped her lips as she finished was the hottest thing ever. I could have gone on and on but with the sound of footsteps we knew the assembly was done and it was time to get going. I wish we didn’t have to rush the amazing moment, but we got dressed, and shared one last kiss for the time being.

We exited the empty classroom, locking it back up and went our separate ways. I couldn’t shake off the smile that was plastered on my face and was anxious to see her tomorrow. I can’t imagine how this could get any better. The rush of breaking student-teacher rules, trying new things, and being with my best friend is the most perfect feeling in the world.

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