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Diane , John Ch. 06

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This is the sixth in a series of “Diane and John” stories. They are about a young girl’s introduction to love and sexuality by an older man. “Part 1 – Diane” is her version of the story. “Part 2 – John” is the same story from his perspective. Diane and John hope you enjoy both versions.


Part 1 – Diane

Our day started with a lovely shower together. We washed, played, kissed, shampooed each other, and had a great time. We must have been in the shower for half an hour. The highlight for me was when he had me lean back against him. He kissed my shoulders and neck while his wet finger gently stroked my big, aroused button. John stroked and kissed me until I had a long, gentle orgasm that left me feeling energized, lively, and very much in love.

When we got out of the shower, I saw myself in the foggy mirror. With my wet hair and no makeup, I looked like a little girl. We dried each other, and John kneeled down to give me a nice nipple sucking and a warm, wet licking of my cleft. My button was so out front and prominent that he had no trouble finding it with his tongue, even when I was standing up with my legs together. I got really tingly and excited like I was going to come, but he stopped before I could go over. He said he was going to make me wait a while for that. I told him he was a tease, but I admitted that I loved it. I got my hair dryer and made John leave me alone in the bathroom until I could get my hair looking presentable again. I soon had myself looking pretty good. I don’t look like a little girl anymore. What girlhood I had left has disappeared in the last few days. I think I’m all woman now.

I needed a kiss, so I slipped on a robe and found John standing out on the balcony. He was fully dressed with his jacket on, watching the storm and the ocean, drinking coffee. It was too cold for me to go out there, but I needed my kiss. I knocked on the glass door, made a kissing motion with my lips, and John came back into the room. As we kissed, he opened my robe and put his arms around my naked body. His clothes and hands felt cold and sort of rough against my skin, and it was exciting. I rubbed myself against him in appreciation. He kneeled down and gave my breasts and tummy a kissing, then I went back into the bathroom to put my makeup on, but I left the door open so we could talk.

John said, “You don’t need that stuff on your face, you know. You have a beautiful face and a perfect complexion.”

I said, “Maybe I don’t really need it, Lover, but I like it. I Hlike the way it looks and I like putting it on. It makes me feel all grown up, and it’s fun. If you’d rather I didn’t use it, I won’t, but I want to look nice for you.”

“Honey, you go ahead and use it if it makes you happy. I just wanted you to know that I think you’re beautiful without it, and that you don’t need to use it to please me. As far as being grown up, I know women twenty years older who aren’t as adult as you are.” I don’t really believe that, but I love hearing it. I think I have matured a lot in the last few days, though. I sure have grown up … sexually.

He came into the bathroom and put his arms around me from behind, and I totally forgot about the makeup. He opened my robe, pulled the collar down in back, and kissed my neck and shoulders. He took a breast in each hand and gently rolled my nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Mmm

He whispered, “I can’t keep my hands off you, Sweetie.” I had no words to tell him how wonderful that made me feel.

I tilted my head back so he could kiss my throat, and I could feel my pussy start to get wet. It sure doesn’t take much to get my pussy’s attention these days. I guess my neck and shoulders are some of those erogenous zones John told me about. He can’t keep his hands or lips off me for very long, and I love that. I love being touched, kissed, played with, caressed, stroked, petted, and ……… everything he does.

When he had my pussy wet and my nipples swollen and hard, I turned around in his arms for a lovely kiss, and his erection was poking me through his pants. I didn’t want him to stop, but he said he would leave me alone to finish my makeup. I must be sure to put some Vaseline on and in my pussy before I get dressed. As long as I use it regularly, it seems to take care of the soreness I feel after making love. By the time we make love again, I’m mostly healed up and ready for more. I’d hate to ever be too sore to make love. I wonder how many times it’s possible to do it in a day. I guess that depends on how much two people want each other. Well, John’s recovery time has a lot to do with it. Oh, and pussy soreness, too, I guess, but I’ve never been too sore to make love. I wonder how many times we have to … do it before I stop getting sore from that wonderful big cock barging around inside me.

The weather was so bad that we decided to go back home rather than spend a rainy day at the ocean. John jokingly apologized for not making the weather bursa escort perfect. He said there wouldn’t be much going on back home, and that we’d have to make our own entertainment.

I replied, “Darling, I don’t want to have anything to do but be together. In the last few days, I’ve discovered that you’re greatest source of enjoyment in the world. Don’t worry about trying to entertain me, just make love to me a lot. Oh, and feed me. What should I wear?” I never put clothes on anymore until I ask John what he’d like me to wear. He likes different things at different times, and all I care about is pleasing him. I wonder if he let me give him a nice cocksucking before we leave.

“Just wear jeans, sweatshirt, and your coat, Diane. It’s really pouring out there, so there’s no use wearing anything fancy. Besides, we’re just driving home, and you may as well be comfortable.”

I started getting dressed, knowing that John was watching me as I put on my bra and panties. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t feel at all embarrassed. In fact, I was sort of turned on by him watching. He had left no doubt that my body pleased him, and that he loved to look and touch it.

Wearing only my underwear, I walked over to where John was sitting, leaned over to part his knees, and kneeled on the floor between his legs. He didn’t object at all when I unzipped him,and I soon had his pants and shorts off completely.

John’s testicles looked very inviting, hanging there right in front of my face. I stroked his cock while I licked and sucked his testicles, and he was soon fully erect and flowing a steady stream of the slippery stuff. He seemed to especially like it when I would suck a testicle gently in and out of my mouth. By the time I was finished down there, his scrotum was wet from my saliva and I had a couple of hairs in my mouth. I removed the hairs with my fingers, showed them to John, put them on my tongue, and swallowed them with an exaggerated gung. He told me I was lewd, and that made me giggle.

I used my lips and tongue to spread the slippery stuff all over his erect cock, then I teased him by gently kissing and licking the sensitive places. I knew he wanted it in my mouth, but I made him wait. The wait wasn’t long, though, because I wanted to feel the heat of his hard shaft gliding over my lips as the tip touched the entrance to my throat.

He was rock hard and throbbing with impatience when I put his tip between my slightly parted lips. I very, very slowly lowered my head, parting my lips as I engulfed him with my mouth. John gave a groan of pleasure as the tip touched the furthest reaches of my mouth, and I had as much of him as I could possibly take. No gagging or choking; just nowhere to put anymore of him.

I slowly raised my head, keeping a firm seal around him with my lips, until only the head remained in my widely open mouth. I had my lips around that very sensitive part, just beneath the head. I opened my eyes to look up at John, and his eyes were on me, watching me make love to him with my mouth. He had a little smile on his lips. I looked into his eyes as I licked that extremely sensitive spot on the underside of his head, and John rewarded me with little sounds of pleasure.

By milking him with my hand as I held the tip in my mouth, I got a nice big stream of slippery stuff to coat my lips, tongue, and the inside of my mouth. I bobbed my head slowly to glide my lips over that hot, slippery cock, and John moaned with pleasure and stroked my cheek with my fingers. I must have lost the seal with my lips for a moment, because I felt a drool roll down my chin, dribble onto my chest, and run down my breast into my bra cup. I thought that felt very sexy, so I intentionally let some more dribble off my lip down into my bra.

Because of the prolonged testicle sucking and teasing, John was very excited. I was too, but this was for him. I knew it wasn’t going to last long, and I wanted to make it as good as possible for him. He whispered something about saving it for later, but I knew his heart wasn’t really in that. Besides, I knew what I wanted.

The flow from his little slit turned thicker, and I knew that meant he wasn’t far from coming. It was a little saltier than normal, but I had developed a taste for semen. It would never be on my top ten list of favorite tastes, but it was served in a way that made the taste unimportant.

John said, “Baby, if you keep that up, I’m going to come.”

I lifted my head and said, “I know,” and swirled my tongue and lips around his head with a loud slurp.

I lowered my head to take as much of his cock as I could into my mouth and moved my head around to try to get more in. I moved my hand to fondle his testicles, but they were drawn up in preparation for his orgasm, so I just stroked them with my fingers.

A few bobs of my head, sucks, and licks, and John was at his point of no return. He was going to come, and I was going to make it the best he’d ever had. bursa escort bayan I sucked hard, bobbed, licked, and gently squeezed his testicles. I was rewarded when John moaned with pleasure, his penis suddenly got huge and gave a hard jerk.

I knew the way to give him the most pleasure was to concentrate my lips and tongue on the sensitive area just below the head. I sealed my lips tightly around that spot, sucked until my cheeks hollowed, and bobbed my head up and down to make his climax as intense as possible.

After about two bobs of my head, I got what I wanted. After that, I just kept bobbing, sucking, licking, and gently squeezing. John groaned, his cock jerked, and a hard gusher of come spurted into my mouth. I kept my lips sealed around him and concentrated on the orgasm I was giving him. He had really manufactured the semen since he had come inside my pussy a few hours earlier, and I got gush after gush. I had to stop twice with just the tip in my mouth to swallow.

I knew John was having a very hard orgasm from the volume of come and the sounds of pleasure he made. He had one hand in my hair, but he never forced my head down to try to ram his cock down my throat. He was always gentle, he let me make love to him in my own way, and it hadn’t taken me long to learn how to give him maximum pleasure and satisfaction.

As the spurts diminished and his cock started to soften, John stroked my cheek with one hand and my hair with the other. He whispered that I’d given him a wonderful climax, but I couldn’t reply because my mouth was still full of warm penis. I milked the final drops of semen out of him, swallowed several times, and wiped my cummy lips and chin on the hankie he handed me.

I slid up into his lap, he wrapped me in his arms, and I knew I’d made my man happy.

He whispered, “I love you, Baby.”

I didn’t say anything, just hugged him and buried my face against his chest. I felt so wonderful, so in love, and so happy that I thought I was going to cry. He just held me for a moment until I got control of myself. Then he got the wettest, gooiest kiss I could possibly give him. He didn’t mind at all, even when I put a very cummy tongue as far into his mouth as I could get it.

After I cleaned us both with a warm towel, I finally got dressed for the day. My bra had gotten semen dribbled into it, so I went bare under my sweat shirt.

It was really pouring rain when we left Bodega Bay. I’ll never forget this little town. We weren’t here very long, not even twenty four hours, but some wonderful things happened to me. Even those three fishermen seeing me standing on that rock in my birthday suit seems funny now. I’ll sure never forget that! I’ll bet when they change the sheets in the motel room, they’ll know it wasn’t a father and daughter staying here. Maybe it’s best that we get out of town.

We headed for home, and it felt really nice, being in that snug little red car with the heater going, the wind outiside, and the rain beating on the canvas roof. I felt very cozy and even a little sleepy. It was so warm that I unbuttoned my coat and took my arms out of the sleeves.

We drove home on country roads, and there was hardly any traffic. When we stopped at a stop sign out in the middle of nowhere, John showed me how to put the gearshift in first, then put his hand over mine to show me how to shift gears while he worked the clutch. After that first time, he let me do all the shifting by myself. It was awkward at first, but I got pretty good at it after a little practice. I thought being left handed helped. That was the closest I’d ever come to driving a car, and I kept wishing we would come to more stop signs.

I took John’s hand off the steering wheel and put it between my legs, and squeezed my thighs together to keep it there. He looked over at me and smiled, and I parted my thighs to let him explore if he wanted.

After a little while, I scooted down in the seat and he put his hand right on my pussy. I took off my sneakers and put my feet up next to the seat so I could get my knees wide apart. John stroked my pussy through my jeans and panties, and I wished I wasn’t wearing so much down there.

John told me to put my coat back on, and, though I didn’t think I really needed it, I did as he said. Then he surprised me by telling me to take my jeans off. I just started unzipping them and said, “Oh, okay, panties, too?” It never occurred to me not to do what he told me.

He looked over, smiled, and nodded. He turned the heater up as I removed my jeans and panties, so I was still nice and warm although I was almost naked, at least my … vital parts. I was wearing nothing but my gym sox and sweat shirt.

I wrapped my coat around me, but John reached over and moved it so the coat only covered me from the waist up. There I was, naked below the waist, scrunched down in the seat, knees wide apart, and not even any pubic hair to hide anything. It was bursa merkez escort a little scary and embarrassing, but it was also extremely exciting. Especially when John put his hand on my bare pussy.

He put his finger in his mouth to moisten it then started stroking my button very slowly and gently. His saliva and the Vaseline I had put there made it nice and slippery. I just closed my eyes, lay my head back and enjoyed. I know he couldn’t hear me over the noise of the car, but I made Mmm sounds.

John’s finger slid easily into me, but I was still so small inside that my vagina hugged him like a finger in a tight glove. He took his very wet finger out, brought it to his mouth, and sucked and licked it clean. I thought that was very erotic. He stroked my clitoris a little longer then took my hand and put it on my pussy. He put my finger on my button, rubbed it a little, then took his hand away. He wants me to rub my clitoris. Okay, it isn’t as if I’ve never done it before. I sure never did it with anyone around, though. Or watching. Or in a car. Or in the daytime. I can’t have an orgasm this way, but it feels good. I’ll just put my head back, close my eyes, and masturbate. I hate that word, it sounds so ugly, like some sort of a crime. The nuns say it’s a sin, but I’ll bet they never even tried it. I’ll just think of it as “playing with myself.” That doesn’t sound quite so sinful. Mmm

I moved the finger down from my button and slid it into my vagina. I was pleased to find that it had shrunk to about the size it had always been (minus the cherry, of course). It’s amazing how it can get wide and deep enough to take John’s big cock and still return to its normal size. It must have really stretchy and elastic walls.

It was nice and wet in there, so I put the finger in my mouth and sucked it clean. I put it back in my pussy then offered it to John, and he sucked it clean, saying, “Yum.” He got my finger really wet with saliva, and when I put it back on my clitoris it made it very slick. Stroking it really felt good.

I closed my eyes and played with myself. John put his hand over and stroked my inner thigh, and I got to feeling like I might even be able to come. John said, “Go ahead, Baby,” and I concentrated on getting myself over. I put my other hand down and used my fingers to hold my lips apart, exposing my button completely. I had never touched it before when I was that excited, and it had swollen so it felt huge. I used another finger to pull the little hood up, exposing a part of me I’d never felt. I wish I had another hand for my nipples.

I found a spot on my button, near the tip and on the side, that was the most sensitive and concentrated on rubbing there. It didn’t take long. There I was, almost naked, in a moving car on a public road going about sixty, in broad daylight, my legs spread wide apart, and rubbing my button as if I was all alone in my bed at home, under the covers, with the lights off. I thought about all those things and found that they added to my excitement. I kept my eyes closed, pretended that John was licking me, and that did it! I felt my climax coming, and I started rubbing faster and faster.

When I finally went over, my finger was going as fast as I could make it, and I had an orgasm like I had never experienced before. It didn’t roll over me in waves, it came really sharp, fast, and hard. It wasn’t like when we made love and I had those huge ones, but it was very intense. All my muscles tensed, I raised my bottom off the seat, I squealed, rubbed furiously, and I had a short, hard, straining climax. It didn’t last very long, but it was really strong. I relaxed back into the seat and said something like “Oomff.” Suddenly I was as limp as a rag and feeling kind of dazed.

John took my hand and sucked the finger I had been using on my clitoris. Then he said, “Honey, I think you’d better get your pants back on.” I looked out the windshield and saw the on ramp to Interstate 80 right up ahead. My God, those truckers will be able to look right down into this little car, and I’m naked. What if there was an accident and the trucker told the doctor at the emergency room that he was watching a naked girl in a little red car playing with herself when he ran off the road?

I hurried and got my jeans back on and my coat closed, but I didn’t take time for the panties. John reached over, picked up the panties, and put the crotch in his mouth and chewed, making smacking and grunting noises. This gave me the giggles and woke me up from my after-orgasm stupor.

I leaned over, kissed him on the cheek, and said, “That kind of got me out of control, Lover. I didn’t know I could do that to myself, I mean go over. That’s the first time I ever rubbed my button since you taught me how to have a climax. I hope my sitting beside you and playing with myself until I had an orgasm didn’t embarrass you.”

“Embarrass me?” He laughed. “Baby, it was my idea in the first place. Besides, you were the one who was naked. I’m sure you wouldn’t have done that on your own. I think I’m definitely contributing to your delinquency, but you seem to have a natural talent for it. Besides, that was just about the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you for doing that for me. I’m afraid I’m teaching you bad habits, though.”

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