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Destruction Pt. 02

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This is the sequel to Destruction part 01, featuring the same characters. This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18, and all are fictional. Not based on anyone living or dead.


“Here you go. One cappuccino,” Daniel said as he handed Cassandra her warm cup.

For a second, their fingers touched. Cassandra felt her face getting red. Daniel was new at her work, but they hit it off instantly. He knew how to make her coffee just right.

“Thanks,” she said, smiling. “You’re sweet.”

“Not as sweet as you are, seeing as how you like it,”

“What?” she asked, feeling a spark of discomfort.

“Your coffee. Lots of sugar and cream,” Daniel explained.

A sigh of relief escaped Cassandra. These days, she felt weird when she heard a sentence that could be taken another way. “How you like it,” or “Did you like it,” were the main offenders.

He sat down and asked, “So, are you busy this friday night?”

“No, why?” Cassandra asked.

“Well, I was wondering if you were maybe up for getting a drink after work. Would that be okay?”

Cassandra blushed again. But she also felt some awkwardness. It had been a while since she’d seen someone. She wouldn’t mind going out, having a little fun. Not knowing where if it could lead to something exciting. But then, just for a moment, terrible memories flooded her mind. She shook it off, and smiled back.

“That would be fine. Looking forward to it.”

“Great!” Daniel said.

He looked around to see if no one was watching, then quickly stole a kiss from her. Cassandra nearly giggled. Daniel had just turned thirty, making him nine years younger than her. It felt good to be wanted like that again, with a soft kiss and touch. Especially by someone younger than her. As he got up to go back to his work station, she couldn’t help but stare at his tush. But as soon as he was out of her view, the sadness fell over her again.


On her way back home from work, Cassandra’s mind was wracking up with many thoughts and doubts. Daniel was the first man who expressed interest in her since her last boyfriend Steven left her. The reason behind the split from Steven brought back horrible memories of that fateful night. The night she last saw her twin sons, Eric and Michael. She never told anyone what happened, and had to live with her shame in silence.

She liked Daniel a lot. She even fantasized about making love to him. Holding him close as he entered her. A soft, gentle touch caressing her breasts. It made her wet just thinking about it. But the idea of being intimate was terrifying to her. Every time she was the slightest bit horny, the memory of her two sons violating her came flooding back. Their youthful, eighteen-year old cocks ramming into her without any regard. The dark night they betrayed her trust and raped her in their own home. The worst part? She secretly enjoyed it, though she would never admit this to anyone. Least of all herself.

She hadn’t seen them since. The only word was an envelope with pictures of them, taken that night after she passed out. That was four months ago when she received those. She turned 39 since then. A birthday she spend alone. She missed them. Despite everything they did to her, she missed having her boys around her. Those feelings had gotten worse this week. It was their birthday this week. They’d turn nineteen. On their own, God only knows where. Cassandra wished they would just let her know they were okay.


Cassandra came home around 8 PM. It was dark and she was tired from a long day of work. The ad agency she worked at for nearly fifteen years had become her escape from home. She dreaded coming here now, an empty house with dark memories. But like every night, she steeled herself and walked up to her house. There was nothing to fear, really. They were gone.

She took off her heels and headed upstairs. The sooner she’d get her work clothes off and into a hot shower the better. She unbuttoned her jacket and walked into her bedroom. She was about to unzip her skirt, when she noticed the light wasn’t turning on. Did a fuse blow? Or maybe the bulb needed changing? She walked in the dark, trying not to trip. She pulled the chain hanging from the ceiling, but still no light. She shrugged and turned around.

To her surprise, the door suddenly shut. The light from the hallway was cut off, leaving her standing in utter darkness. She heard breathing. Was someone in the room with her?

“Hello?” she muttered, afraid to hear a reply.

A push against her chest, like being hit full force with a basketball. The force of the blow threw her onto her bed. Before she could regain her senses, two strong hands grabbed her wrists and pulled her further up on the bed. A second pair of hands began to grope her ass, feeling around until roughly pulling up her skirt.

No, not this! Not again! she thought

She tried to scream, but a hand pressed down on her mouth. Two eyes looked at her in the darkness. A man’s eyes. His hand went off her escort bayan bursa mouth, to be replaced with the stinging sensation of fabric on her lips. A wad of cloth was shoved into her mouth. They were gagging her. She tried to scream, but it came out muffled. She couldn’t break loose as the second man pressed his knee down on her back. He was still stroking her ass, feeling her up through her nylon stockings. The other finished with her gag, then proceeded to tie her hands behind her back. She was trapped. Unable to budge and inch. The second man stepped back. A bright flash blinded her. He was taking pictures. Ten of them at least, with the flash bright enough to illuminate the room for a moment. Why was this happening?


Just when she wondered if things could get worse, the man who was groping her made his move. With a powerful thug, he ripped open Cassandra’s stockings around her ass, exposing her panties. Those didn’t last long either, as he tore those open as well. He chuckled as he revealed her pussy, covered with pubic hair as red as the hair on her head. Cassandra tried to scream when he inserted his fingers inside her. But the gag did its job, silencing her every protest. He tore her stockings and panties further to expose her ass as well, raising them up from the bed. Cassandra felt a tongue stroke over her clit, lapping up her juices with greedy determination, before heading up to her ass. She shivered. She couldn’t remember the last time someone licked her like that. A guilty part of her enjoyed the sensation. She felt her hips move along with his tongue. It felt wrong, but so very good.

Suddenly, the man snapped his fingers. The second moved around, flicking his finger over a switch. A bright light filled the room. Cassandra looked around, seeing two large lamps in the corner, like the ones used by painters. It was then she noticed three cameras, all set up on tripods and pointed right at her. To her shock, the man working the equipment was completely naked. His penis throbbing and hard. She looked up, right into her son’s eyes. Her son who had been missing for months, right before her in the nude. Her boy Michael.

Michael gave a brief smile and waved hello. She couldn’t believe it. It was really him. Cassandra tried to call his name, only to be blocked by the gag in her mouth. But if Michael was here, then…

“Hi Mom,” she heard her other son Eric say with cheer.

Not a moment after he did, she felt an unimaginable pain. Something was rammed up her ass with incredible force. She could feel her son’s hard cock throb inside her. Cassandra moaned out in pain. Tears streamed down her face. She felt Eric’s hands on her ass cheeks, squeezing them hard as he rammed himself deeper up her anus. Michael stood before her, making sure the camera’s caught every moment of his mother’s violation. He stroked his cock at the sight of his brother taking their mom. Eric sodomized her with complete disregard for her pain, ignoring her moans and slapping her ass whenever she was being too loud for him. To her own shock, Cassandra felt a twinge of delight every time he did. Was she enjoying her ravishment?


Eric was enjoying his mother’s ass for a while now, when he took note of his brother, still stroking himself.

“Hey, Mike. You okay there? Or do you want to get in on this action?”

Michael said nothing. He looked down at his mom for a moment, then nodded yes. Eric pulled his cock from Cassandra’s ass, the flipped her around on her back. He raised her legs in the air, lining his dick up with her ass again, and went right back at it. Meanwhile, Michael pulled the gag from his mother’s mouth.

Cassandra looked up at him and said, “M-Michael…plea-,” before he jammed his own erect cock deep down her throat.

She pushed it out with her tongue, but Michael simply squeezed her nostrils shut. Desperate for air, her mouth opened wide enough for Michael to get back in. He held her nose shut while he began thrusting himself deeper and deeper into her throat. She couldn’t breathe. She began to tremble as her son’s cock rolled over the tongue. Her body spasmed, which seemed to feel good on Eric’s cock when her ass clenched tighter.

Michael let go of her nose and pulled his cock out. Cassandra began to cough loudly, only interrupted by deep sobs. Her son leaned over and grabbed her shirt, ripping it open. In mere seconds, he had pulled out her breasts and began jerking himself off over them.

“You ready?” Eric asked his brother.

Michael nodded yes. Cassandra felt her boy’s cock spasm withing her ass. She tried to moan out the word “no”, but all she did was cough again. While Michael unloaded a stream of cum onto her tits, she could feel Eric spray his load deep up her ass. She cried. Once again, the boys she gave birth to and raised on her own had violated her.

Why? She thought. Why do they do this to me? And why does it feel so good?


Eric moved up to face his mother. It had been months since they had looked each other in the bursa sinirsiz eskort eye. His cock moved over her face. It smelled foul. Cassandra winced at the scent of her own ass coating her boy’s cock. Michael moved over towards her ass, taking photos of his brother’s cum leaking out of it. Eric patted his hand on his mother’s face.

“You happy to see us, Mom?” he asked.

Cassandra looked away, ashamed to be seen by her son like this. But to Eric, it was a rejection. It infuriated him.

“Are we done?” Michael asked his brother.

Eric looked up at him.

“Hang on. One more thing,” he said, as he now pressed his fingers on Cassandra’s nostrils.

She gasped for air, opening her mouth wide. To her horror, Eric stuck his erect cock deep into her throat. The taste was vile. She shuddered as she felt the bitter taste scrape over her tongue. Eric laughed at the faces she made as he fucked her mouth. Cassandra struggled, but Michael held her down.

“Hey,” Eric called out to his twin brother, bobbing his mom’s head down on his cock. “You’re welcome to fuck that ass, y’know.”

Michael said nothing. He simply shrugged. But the sight of his mother’s body was enough to get his blood flowing again. He stroked his cock with one hand, while taking his fingers and rubbing them over Cassandra’s clit. A muffled moan, blocked by Eric’s cock, escaped her. It felt good. Despite everything, Michael’s soft grazing of her pussy aroused her. Her pussy was now dripping wet. It was only because Michael shoved his mother’s legs apart that she knew what he was planning, otherwise she wouldn’t have been shocked when he guided his cock into her moist cunt. But unlike before, it didn’t hurt. She was so wet, he could glide in and out of her with no trouble. It felt good. Too good.

For the next fifteen minutes the twins continued to defile their mother. Eric fucking her mouth, while Michael took pleasure in thrusting into Cassandra’s pussy. Sweat rolled down their brows. Michael rubbed his hands over her breasts, feeling his previous load sticking to her skin. The thought of cumming inside her again after all these months excited him.

“F-fuck…” Michael groaned.

Unable to control himself, he felt himself ready to orgasm. He pressed himself against Cassandra, squeezing her tits. She could feel him shoot his load within her. Her son’s sudden orgasm stirred something within Cassandra. She couldn’t help it. She was cumming too. If she could, she may have even begged him not to pull out. But she snapped back to reality, realizing what just happened to her. She was violated, again. Violated still, as her other son still fucked her mouth. Eric kept moving her head onto his shaft, until he was in all the way down her throat. When she looked up at him, his eyes meeting her tear-filled ones, it excited him even more.

“Aah…you beautiful, fuckin’ slut-,” Eric groaned.

With one more rough thrust, he came deep into her mouth. He pulled out, causing Cassandra to gag. She felt like she would throw up. Her son looked down at her and smiled.

“Thanks for the cock-bath, Mom,” he snickered.

He then began to help Michael shut off all the equipment. Within moments they cleared out the room, leaving only their cum-stained mother tied up on the bed, softly weeping.

It wasn’t until midnight Michael snuck back into the room and untied his mother. He walked her into the bathroom, and rinsed her off. After he cleaned her up, he took her in his arms and gently placed her in her bed, tucking her in. Without a word, he left again. That gentle touch left her even more confused. What was going through their minds? But Cassandra couldn’t think anymore. She was spent. Exhausted. Why were they back? Why now? And why did they have to continue her destruction?


The next day, Cassandra carefully ventured out into the hallway, wearing nothing but her robe. Had they left again? Did they leave her alone? Should she call the cops? No, she made that decision long ago. If she did, they would go to prison. She couldn’t bear the thought of that, even after what they did. If she loved her boys, she needed to move on.

It was friday. She had to get to work in a few hours. Her arms were still sore from being bound up, and her jaw felt weird after taking their cocks for so long. God…today was her date with Daniel. She had to cancel. Her ass screamed at her in pain, and the taste of Eric’s cock still lingered in her mouth. Perhaps she should call in sick altogether. She instantly froze when she heard Eric’s voice say,

“Good morning, mom.”

She turned around to she her nineteen-year old son stand in the hallway, nude, with his arms crossed and his dick stiff as a board. They spend the night here.

“I…I…” Cassandra stammered.

Eric approached her, like a shark hungry for prey. He pinned his mother between himself and the wall, looming over her. Cassandra feared for what he might do. With one hand he opened her robe, exposing his mother’s escort bayan naked body. He cupped her left breast, kneading it gently. His own body was barely an inch away from her’s. Cassandra could feel Eric’s cock rub against her. A trail of precum was left by him moving around. She closed her eyes, anticipating her son’s fit of lust. He would throw her down on the ground and take here, right then and there. She was sure he would. It came as quite the surprise when he suddenly planted his lips on hers. He kissed her softly. No roughness. No anger. Just a loving kiss. She felt like returning the kiss, but her fear of escalating the situation was far greater than her desire for gentle love.

“No,” she muttered, breaking off the kiss. “I can’t-“.

“I know. You need to go to work. Don’t worry. We have work to do ourselves. Just go and get dressed,” he said in a gentle voice.

It was a tone she hadn’t heard him use in ages. From long before he grew up into a man. A version of Eric that seemed so distant now. She wandered back into her room. She had no choice but to go to work now. If she stayed, who knows what her sons might do to her. They could snap back to their most primal urges. Rape her again, in broad daylight. She couldn’t chance it. Work it was, no matter how queazy she felt.

She began to sort her outfit for the day. Yesterday’s clothes were ruined by the boys. Ripped to shreds and coated with stains. She picked out her ensemble, but couldn’t find any of her bras or panties. She shuddered, knowing that her sons must’ve taken them. But she feared to go and ask for them back. Who even knew what could set them off? Going commando was her only option. Her jacket seemed to cover up her nipples, which protruded right through her shirt. As long as she kept it on, she’d be fine. Cassandra stepped out into the hallway, ready to head out, when a strong grip grabbed her by the arm. She shrieked as Eric pulled her into their old room.

“Shut up, you skank,” he laughed. “We’re not gonna fuck you. We just wanted to show you something.”

Michael was sitting on his old bed, working on a laptop. He too was completely naked. He flipped the computer around and showed his mother their little project. It was some sort of video editing program, with last night’s footage being cut together. Michael pressed play, replaying the rape of Cassandra. Her blood turned to ice. She had a feeling where this was going.

“We’re gonna have some rules from now on,” Eric began. “You will do exactly as we tell you, without any arguments or complaining, or this little video will hit the net. A Facebook. A Tumblr. Anything. We’ll even send out e-mails with link attachments to anyone that might be interested in knowing what a little whore you really are.”

Cassandra began to sob. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She was trapped. Absolutely trapped. Her bounds from last night didn’t feel as binding as this. She barely struggled as Eric pushed her down to her knees, stroking his cock at her face. Michael stood up and joined him, holding a camera in his one free hand. They filmed every moment of her, crying as her two boys jerked themselves to her. Right up to the moment they both climaxed, hitting her face with streams of hot, sticky cum. She tried to wipe it away, when Eric grabbed her wrist.

“Leave it. Don’t you dare wipe that off. Under no circumstances are you to clean yourself,” her son hissed.

He pulled her up from the ground, took off her jacket and sent her on her way. To work, covered in her children’s cum.


It caused quite a stir at the office when Cassandra walked in, her face covered with her boy’s cum and her nipples poking though her shirt. Daniel said nothing. He simply gawked at her as she sat down at her desk. She held back her tears as best as she could. It wasn’t until 11 AM someone finally asked if she was okay. She said nothing, pretending she was fine. Her heart was racing a mile a minute. She felt a stirring between her legs. Was she getting wet? But why? It couldn’t be because of the humiliating display of herself? Being silently judged as she walked around with her face coated in cum. Or could it? Was this turning her on? That troubled Cassandra even more.

The manager of her department called her in. He offered her a hot towel, but she refused it. He tried his best to get Cassandra to tell him what was going on with her, but she remained tight-lipped. With no other options, he send her home early. They would have a serious talk next monday about her position within the company.

“Cass! What’s going on? Where-,” Daniel began, but Cassandra pushed past.

Cassandra stumbled out the building. She simply wandered to her parked car, and got in, where she finally broke down. Tears streamed down her face. But that wasn’t the only thing she failed to contain. Her hand wandered down her pants. Her fingers grazed over her hair, stopping at her clit. Ignoring every sensible thought in her head, she circled over her most sensitive parts. She had no idea why she was playing with herself after going through such a trauma. It didn’t matter. She wanted to feel good. She liked being a public disgrace. Seeing herself in the mirror, her face still stained with Eric and Michael’s cum. She remembered them from this morning, furiously stroking their cocks to her. Giving her their all.

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