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Destined Hearts Ch. 01

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Hello guys and welcome to the first chapter of this lovely story “Destined hearts.” I really hope you guys will enjoy the first chapter.

Destined hearts is a story I have decided to work on and deliver to you guys with love. I know that you all are waiting for “Wild Flower” to return but it is still on production break. It will return to you real soon. This story as usual has lots of dialogue to make you get into the story more and really enjoy it, This story doesn’t contain a lot of sex scenes and if sex is all you are looking for then this might not be story for you. However, if you are a fan of wonderful, hot and sizzling plots then join me on this journey.

I just hope you will start this journey with me and end it with me as well. I might not be posting faster than I did with other stories but I promise to keep you entertained. I missed you so much guys and I love you.





It was a great day at the temple. People from all walks of life were going in and out of the temple to praise and worship the almighty for what he had done for them. The temple was one of the biggest and most popular in the entire city. The people of Ashton, a country rich in culture knew exactly what they needed to do in order to please the Lord.

Emilia Gonzalez and her husband Harvey were also at the temple. She had her hands put together, staring at the statue that was right in front of her. She had a smile on her face because God had done a lot in her life. She usually came to the temple to praise and worship for every little thing that happened in her life.

Emilia Gonzalez was a really beautiful woman. She had deep blue eyes, a well curved body and her face was just to die and maybe that was the reason why her husband loved her so much. He was handsome too and they were one of the richest families in all of Ashton. Although she was a rich woman, she was an honest and generous woman who gave to the poor and anyone that needed her help. That was how she was.

“I know the almighty will answer each and every prayer that you have offered to him.” Harvey said with a smile, wrapping his arm around his loving wife’s shoulder.

Emilia opened her eyes and smiled back at him. “Yes! I know he always has and he always will. And now, I know that we will continue to rise because he is faithful to us.”

“Yeah!” Harvey breathed, chuckling softly. “Are you done?”

“Yes!” She smiled back. “Let’s go.”

The happy couple turned and then stopped to admire the little boy that was seated on the floor, playing with a tiny ball. His name was Antonio and they loved him so much. He was a really cute boy, five years of age and really adorable. He had short chocolate brown hair, a cute smile, light green eyes and really handsome for his age.

Antonio was the second youngest of Emilia’s three children and she simply loved him so much. In fact, he was her favorite and she treated him like her own little prince.

She took a deep breath and then started heading to her son. Reaching him, she picked him up, kissed him on the head and then enjoyed the giggles that were coming from him.

They all started heading to the car when Emilia got the boy to the ground so that he could play a little as they went back to the car. She was talking with her husband and laughing with him. The couple were so engaged into their conversation that they had no idea that the ball Antonio had been playing with had slipped from him and now it was moving towards the road.

When the boy saw the ball, he started running after it and unfortunately for him it stopped right in the middle of the road. The boy rushed towards the ball and once he got to it, he started playing with it right in the middle of the road.

Suddenly, a huge truck appeared out of nowhere and was rushing towards the road with a killer speed. The driver of the truck who wasn’t even paying attention because he was so engrossed in his phone was just driving carelessly.

Meanwhile, Emilia and her husband reached where they had parked the car. She noticed that her little bundle of joy wasn’t with her. She turned around to see if he was behind her but he wasn’t. She looked at her husband quickly and he looked at her with a raised eyebrow, wondering what she was looking for.

Emilia had no idea where her son was but she was really worried. Her little boy could easily get lost in such a crowded place. She needed to look for him. Emilia took a deep breath and turned around, looking all over the place to see if she could spot him.

However, Emilia’s heart started racing as soon as she turned and saw her son right in the middle of the road with a huge truck closing in on him. Tears formed in her eyes and her breath came out harshly. She trembled in fear and her voice suddenly went. She couldn’t speak or move any part of her body. It was just scary.

Meanwhile, when Harvey turned to look at his wife, he got scared when he saw the state that she was in. She Ankara escort was looking right ahead and he had no idea what she was staring at. He quickly went towards her to see what was wrong.

“Emilia!” He quickly moved towards her and pulled her closer. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Emilia still couldn’t say anything. She was like a statue. Her mouth trembled terribly and a tear was going down her cheek. Her little boy… her wonderful joy and her prince was right in the middle of the road.

“Emilia!” Harvey shook her.

At that moment, Emilia came out of her shock and immediately started panicking. She quickly pulled away from her husband and started rushing towards the road, calling her boy’s name like she was going insane.


But the poor boy that knew nothing and probably couldn’t hear his mother’s call was just playing innocently in the middle of the road. Never had Emilia been so scared in her entire life. Her heart was pounding so deep in her chest that she felt as if she was about to have a heart attack.

Harvey who was still confused started running after his wife, still wondering what could have made his wife act the way she was acting. He was trying to call her when he saw Antonio in the middle of the road. His eyes widened and his breath came out harshly. He increased his speed, trying to run as fast as he could. He needed to save his boy.

“Antonio!” Emilia cried at the top of her voice. “Somebody please, save him…” She cried.

Emilia looked around as she ran but it seemed there was no one near her boy. As she moved closer to the road, the truck also got closer to the little boy and her fear just maximized. She had never been so scared.

Emilia ran as fast as she could but she didn’t run far before she tripped and fell to the ground with a thud. She didn’t even mind the pain that she felt. She knew that it was all over for her boy. There was no way that she was gonna reach the boy before the truck. It was all over.

She quickly tried to get up but felt arms wrapping around her. It was her husband and he was holding her tightly. She tried to get up but her husband had a tight grip on her. She cried at the top of her voice, begging him to let go of her so that she could save her son. But he wouldn’t let her go.

She was sweating. Her whole face was wet with both tears and sweat. Her head was pulsing terribly and her body trembled in fear. She was struggling but her husband was just too strong. She knew that it was late to reach her boy but she still needed to save him.

Emilia quickly moved her eyes forward and the big truck had obstructed her view. She couldn’t see her son. She screamed at the top of her voice as if she was going insane. She felt her strength leaving her and she started beating on her husband’s chest as hard as she could, pleading with him to let her go but he was just too strong.

She buried her head in his chest and wailed right there, crying for her boy. Harvey on the other hand knew that there was nothing he could do to save his son. He just held his wife and closed his eyes. He couldn’t watch as his son lost his life. He just couldn’t do it.

“No!” Emilia cried at the top of her voice, gripping her husband’s chest. “Antonio…”

She could still hear the noise being made by the huge truck as it passed and she knew it was all over. Her wails increased and she cried like she had never done before. She loved Antonio so much that his death guaranteed her death as well. There was absolutely no way she was gonna survive when her little boy was gone.

Emilia continued crying right there, pouring her heavy heart out. Her wails were so loud that they attracted some people that were passing by and those from the temple. They all came rushing towards where she and her husband where.

“What’s going on?” They asked, trying to understand what could have made a woman like Emilia cry like that.

“What’s wrong?”

But Emilia and her husband couldn’t even utter any word to anyone. They just continued crying, calling their little boy’s name. Never had they experienced such pain in their lives before. It was just too much for them to bear.


Suddenly, Emilia opened her eyes and furiously got up. Her husband tried to hold her but she quickly moved away and started running towards the road, screaming her son’s name. Her husband and the people were following her behind. They had no idea what was going on but from her expressions, they knew she was deeply hurt.

“Antonio!” She cried as she moved closer and closer to the road.

Emilia’s heart was on fire. The more she moved closer to the road, the more her strength left her and the more scared she got. She didn’t want to see her son’s dead body on the road. But she knew she had definitely lost him.

When Emilia got to the road, she just stood there helplessly looking all around. It was painful to watch. Emilia felt as if a sharp, hot sword had just pierced through her heart. Her Ankara escort bayan body trembled terribly and she fell to her knees with her eyes right on the road. It was all over.

“No!” She cried, slowly moving closer. “Antonio…”

The people came running and found Emilia kneeling helplessly on the road, crying like a little child. Her husband quickly rushed to her and he definitely didn’t have strength too. He looked on the road and he couldn’t see a thing, not even his son’s body. His strength immediately left him and he fell to the ground and started weeping for his son.

The people that were watching were definitely surprised with what they saw. They wondered what could have made a man like Harvey and his wife cry like that. It was really painful to see.

“Hey!” One of them asked. “What’s going on? Why are the two of you crying?”

Harvey raised his face and looked at the people. He shook his head pitifully and cried softly. He didn’t even have the strength to hold or comfort his wife. His precious little boy was gone and it was the most painful thing he had ever experienced.

Meanwhile, Emilia just cried with her eyes right where she had seen her little boy. The pain she felt at that time was nothing like she had ever experienced before. She had been holding her little boy just a moment back and now he was gone. It was painful.

She kept on crying and crying as more strength left her. Then suddenly, Emilia gave a piercing cry that scared everyone that was there watching. She furiously got up and started rushing to the temple. She was running as fast as her legs could carry her.

When her husband saw her running, he got up and started running after her. He knew just how much she loved Antonio and he also knew his wife. He didn’t wanna lose her at all because he knew she could do something stupid because of what had happened.

But contrary to what Harvey was thinking, Emilia rushed back to the temple and when she reached there, she stood right in front of the statue and just looked at it as more tears flowed. She clenched as fists as more tears poured down her face. Her husband and the people arrived at the temple and stood behind her.

“For years…” Emilia said in a voice filled with nothing but pain. “…for so many years I have remained devoted to you. I have put you first in my life and I have always praised you.”

Emilia’s eyes were completely swollen. Her voice trembled and at that moment she had no idea if what she was feeling was pain or something worse than that.

“One thing that I have kept on asking you is to make my family happy…” She raised her voice, screaming with her entire strength. “…I have kept on asking you to let my children live for long. I thought that you had granted my wish but guess I was wrong.” She wailed. Tears were now going down her neck. “My little boy is gone now and you just watched without…” She sobbed uncontrollably. “…without even doing anything. Why didn’t you save him?” She shouted at the statue. “Why did you let my son die like that?”

Harvey knew his wife had definitely gone insane. He slowly walked to her, trying to hold her. But she pushed him back and just continued with what she was doing. He was definitely surprised and he couldn’t even comfort her.

“Why did you take him away from me?” She groaned, feeling as if she was running out of breath. “And if you had to take someone why didn’t you take me? Why my son?” She screamed. “Is this the price I have to pay for being devoted to you for so many years? Why?”

Emilia got closer to the statue, slowly nodding her head. She needed answers. “Answer me!” She yelled, suddenly feeling a terrible headache. “Answer me right now because I need to know what sin I have committed that I had to pay such a heavy price.”

But the statue didn’t even move. It just stood there with its palm open as if it was blessing her but that was a lie. Standing in that temple added nothing but more pain to Emilia.

“Answer me…”

She felt really weak and she couldn’t stand it anymore. She fell to the ground and started sobbing uncontrollably, still begging the almighty to bring her son back. That was when the people realized why she was acting the way she was. She had lost her child and the mothers completely understood her. She was such a devoted woman and it was just normal for her to act the way she was.

“Bring back my son!” She cried as she lay on the floor. “Take my life instead and bring him back.”

Harvey couldn’t stand seeing his wife in such terrible pains. He slowly knelt down in front of her and wrapped his arms around her. This time, she was really weak that she couldn’t even move. She just cried out in pain and begged the almighty to bring her son back.

“I am ready to do anything.” She sobbed uncontrollably. “Just bring him back.”

But nothing was happening.

“I have been nothing but faithful to you and… and you have just taken part of my joy away.” She was getting weaker. Escort Ankara “If you truly exist then bring back my son and take my life instead. I am begging you.”

But still, nothing was happening. The almighty was quiet and that was the moment that Emilia knew that the almighty had let her down. She had been wasting her time the past years she had been devoted and He in turn decided to punish her. It was painful.

The husband and wife continued crying right there. Emilia buried her head in her husband’s chest and cried weakly. She was remembering her son, her lovely boy. She could still remember his cute little face, his gorgeous smile and his little voice. She just couldn’t forget about that and she still couldn’t believe her little boy was gone.


Suddenly, Emilia heard her little boy’s voice and it just added to her pain. She buried her face in her husband’s chest and cried even more. Hearing his voice in her head was really painful. She could still hear his cute voice.

“Antonio!” She wailed.


Suddenly, Emilia stopped crying and slowly moved her head. She looked at her husband in shock and he looked back at her with the same expression.


Emilia felt as if a strong wind had just blown on her face. She got scared and her heart started pounding deep in her chest. Her breath stopped for a second and she slowly moved her head to see where that little voice was coming from.

Just when she turned, she got the shock of her life. Her eyes widened and she felt as if she was dreaming. She froze for a second and held her breath, trying to see if what she was seeing was real or just her own imagination.

Emilia looked at her husband and it was clear they were both shocked.


But it was all real. Antonio was standing just a distance away from them and there was a woman that was holding him. He looked a little dirty but other than that, he was right there in front of them, staring at the both of them with tears in his eyes.

“Son!” Harvey quickly got up. He couldn’t mask the surprise in his voice.

The woman that was holding Antonio let go of his little hand and he rushed to his parents. Both of them opened their arms and he ran into them. When Emilia held her son at that moment, she couldn’t believe it was him. But she was holding him, flesh and blood. Her little boy was still alive and she was really happy.

“My son…” She sobbed, holding him tighter. “…you are still alive. You’ve come back to me.”

Emilia and her husband embraced their son, kissing him like a billion times and just cried out of joy. The almighty had just granted her another request. Her son was still alive. He had brought their son back to them and Emilia was thankful for that. Even everyone that watched the beautiful scene were pretty happy.

Meanwhile, the woman that had saved the little boy’s son felt happy and emotional at the same time when she saw just how much love the parents of the boy showed him. She was happy she had saved his life and she thanked God she had been nearby at that time to save him. She had barely escaped that truck but she was glad she had saved the boy.

“Thank God I have saved his life.” She smiled brightly, taking a deep breath. “I am happy seeing another mother really happy.”

The woman slowly moved her hands to her tummy and slowly rubbed on it. She smiled even brighter when she felt the baby kicking. She was pregnant and just seeing the way other parents showed love to their children made her extremely happy. She couldn’t wait to hold her baby and show him as much love as she could.

The woman bowed to the idol and slowly turned, heading towards the exit of the temple.

Emilia who was busy hugging her son moved her eyes and saw the woman she had seen with her son going away. She kissed her son, slowly let go of him and started rushing towards the woman. She needed to thank her for what she had done.

“Wait!” Emilia shouted.

The woman stopped quickly and turned when she heard someone telling her to stop. She quickly turned to see Emilia rushing to her. A bright smile appeared on her face. She knew Emilia and her family but not personally. She had heard a lot about them and also read about them so she knew who Emilia was.

“Yes… ma’am.”

“Just wait a minute.” Emilia rushed to her, slowly rubbing her tears. She went and stood in front of her, just staring at her. “You are the woman I saw with my son and…”

“Yes!” The woman smiled brightly. “I am the woman who had actually saved your son.”

“Oh my God,” Emilia covered her mouth as she felt emotional again. “I thought I had lost my son and…”

“It’s really fine, ma’am.” She grinned. “I did what I did because I just couldn’t watch as a little boy…” She paused and then took a deep breath. “…anyway,” She smiled. “…just forget about it ma’am.”

Emilia moved closer to the woman and just stared at her, the woman that had just saved her son’s life. She was a really beautiful woman, her son’s savior. She had deep blue eyes, long blonde hair and her skin was just lovely. From the way she was looking, Emilia knew that she was just a middle class woman but she didn’t care.

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