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Desirae’s Journey Ch. 07: UP TO DATE

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Desirae’s life settled into a routine after Sam died. There was no one she saw regularly. The property Roger and she had purchased was wanted by the large corporation next door, just as Roger had anticipated. They finally sold it to them for ten times what they had paid for it. Desirae repaid the original half million back to their other company. She used the rest to purchase a small office building into which they moved all their businesses except Anna’s. They rented out the lower floors to other companies. The combination of all the revenue generated by their businesses was sufficient. Desirae no longer needed the original business. She had a dozen young women with nearly one hundred clients. There was no way she could get rid of it.

Desirae asked Savannah to come by to see her. Savannah was now a partner in a downtown LA law firm.

“I need to find a way to insulate myself from my original business. How can I do this without pissing off all these clients and girls?”

Savannah looked at her and shook her head. “I’m afraid you either must give it away or shut it down. Either way, you would still be liable if anyone of the people involved needed to make a deal.” Desirae sat and wondered how she could have cornered herself like this. Of course, there is no free lunch. You always pay the piper, sooner or later.

Savannah moved closer to her, and said, “Let’s take a walk.” Desirae looked into her eyes and nodded. They went into the Southern California sunshine and walked to a park that was nearby. They sat on a park bench.

“What I am going to say next, I didn’t say. We never had this conversation.” Desirae had a cold shiver run through her as she nodded. “You will need protection from nosey cops. Not mob protection, political protection. You will need to get a high-ranking politician either on the payroll or compromised somehow. It will then be his job to keep your private business private.”

Politics was something Desirae hated. Every one of them had HUGE egos, and she always felt the work needed to keep them satisfied wasn’t worth the trouble. Now, she knew Savannah was correct. She either needed to seduce a high-ranking politician or get something on one of them. They went their separate ways, and Desirae went back to her office.

Her opportunity came a short time later from an unexpected event. She hadn’t seen Roger in a while, and when he called to ask her to go to a political fund raiser, she almost begged off until she remembered what she needed. She finally agreed to go with him.

The event was for an up-and-coming U.S. Congressman from the LA area. He was comfortable in his safe seat. He was married to a rich man’s daughter from LA. Everything looked perfect.

Roger picked her up early for the black-tie dinner. “I wanted to talk to you before we go into this thing. I have an ulterior motive for going to this thing. I hate politics as much as you do. However, Congressman Smothers needs a little help. His top aide has asked me to meet with him before the event. I think this is something you can help with. I’m not going to lie to you, this could be dangerous. If you want to drop out, I will understand.”

Desirae looked him in the eye and shook her head. “What have you gotten yourself into this time?”

“No, I haven’t done anything yet. I will let him tell you. It is about someone blackmailing him. I may be able to help because I know who it is, even though the Congressman doesn’t. I have a couple of ideas about how to handle this person. I just might need some female help, that is all.”

Desirae knew this could be bad, but it also could be the solution to her problem. A congressman would wield enough power to keep the police off her, and she might like having someone in Washington that owed her something. “Ok, Roger. I’m in.”

“That’s a good thing, because the person responsible is one of your employees.” The shock almost knocked Desirae to her knees. None of the people in her companies would do that. None of them even knew anyone around the congressman.

“I can’t believe that. None of my people have anything to do with a politician.”

“It’s someone from your newest company. Tina.”

Tina. Well, Desirae said she was a snake. “How could she know something?”

“The same way she sells houses. She sleeps around and gathers information. She knows a lot about a lot of people in LA. She is usually smart enough to never “threaten” anyone, just point out what “might” happen. This time, she has film of herself with the congressman, and they weren’t discussing policy. It was on one of his campaign swings through here. His wife was in Washington, and he was stupid enough to go to a hotel room that she had selected. Enough said.”

“And you want me to, what, threaten her?”

“Something like that. But first, let’s meet the congressman to see what he wants.” She agreed and they headed to the event’s location. They arrived early enough to call his private cell phone and he met them in the kitchen of the hotel.

“Thank you, Roger, Bostancı Escort for meeting me like this, and who is this?” He pointed at Desirae.

“She’s the woman that is going to solve your problem. Meet Desirae Dubenai.”

“Nice to meet you. I would still rather just talk to Roger if you don’t mind.”

“Fine, I don’t mind, I can leave.”

“Please, I’m not trying to be rude. It’s just that I’ve been compromised by one unknown woman.”

She’d had enough. “It seems to me the only one who caused this is you. If you don’t want my help, fine.” She turned to leave.

Roger looked at Smothers. “I think I’m going with her.”

“Ok, ok. I guess it doesn’t really matter any long, anyway.”

Roger started. “Did she give you a copy of the file?” Smothers took it out of his pocket and handed it to Roger. “Fine. What exactly is she asking for?”

“She wants to be on my LA staff. She told me she would give me the original after she had worked there for six months.”

“Did she ask for money, or anything else?” He shook his head. “Ok, we will work on this. How long until you must give her an answer? Did she say what would happen if you did not do what she asked?”

“I have one more week. She said if anything happened to her, the file would be delivered to the LA Times. Whatever you can do will not be forgotten.” He turned and left.

Now that they didn’t have to go to the actual event, they left to go to his house and talk about this.

Desirae started the conversation. “I’m sure this isn’t the first time she has done this. She must have a safe place to keep this information. She also must have someone to deliver the goods if she has an accident.”

“Yes, the storage place is certain. The other part might be an idle threat. I don’t know if she has anyone she would trust enough to risk delivering this stuff to the papers if she turned up dead.” What Roger said made sense.

“You can be sure she isn’t going anywhere near that stuff now. The only thing that might be keeping her alive is that cache of incriminating documents.”

Desirae had an idea. “I may know of the one person who she might have told where it might be found. I’ll check and let you know tomorrow.” She thought Anna might have something from Tina that would be a clue.

The next morning, she called Anna and asked her to come to her office. “We have a problem. I now know how Tina has been so successful at this business. She has been filming a few prominent people in town in compromising situations with her, and she blackmails them for whatever will help her.”

Anna was shocked and sickened. To think she had started her in this business, and now to learn Anna has been profiting from that kind of business. “What do we do?”

“Information first. Is there any private place in your offices she might stash this stuff? Has she said anything to you about what you should do if she had an accident?”

Anna thought for a while. “No, there are no places in our building anyone would feel secure enough to put anything important.”

“Okay, don’t say anything to anyone. If you remember anything, please tell me quickly. I only have a week before I must confront her. I will not allow this to continue. She is playing a dangerous game and it could involve us if we don’t put an end to it.”

Desirae was sure she had as safety deposit box somewhere. Finding it would be impossible without a clue. She decided they would have to confront her before the week went by.

Anna called Desirae the next day. She was excited, and said she was coming over. When she arrived, she had one of the office girls in tow. “Desirae, this is Wilhelmina. We all call her Willie. OK Willie, tell us what you know.”

“I don’t want to get into any trouble. Please don’t make me do this. Tina will kill me if I say anything.”

Desirae sat down beside Willie. “I know you are afraid. However, Tina has gotten herself into something that is going to get her killed. If you know something about it, they will kill you too, if they think you know something. The safest thing for you to do is tell me. I can deal with Tina if I know what she has done. If you don’t, she can’t let you live to testify about what you know.”

Willie started crying. They let her cry until she finally had cried out. “You will deal with her? I don’t have to?”

“Yes, Willie. If you tell me what you know, I can deal with her. Please, a lot of innocent people will be hurt if we don’t do something about it.”

“She made me memorize something and gave me a key to hide for her. I have it here on my keychain. She pays me every month to stay quiet. Not a lot, just a few hundred. It helps a little bit.”

“What did she ask you to memorize?”

“American Savings Bank, box 712. I was to take the key there and do what the paper in the box said. That was it, except, there was supposed to be a lot of money in the box. She told me I could keep all the money and do what the paper said with the rest of the contents.”

“Thank Ümraniye Escort you, Willie. You just got sick. If anyone asks, you have the flu for the next couple of days. Anna, watch over her until this business is finished.”

Anna took Willie and left. Desirae called Roger and they met at his house. She explained everything to him.

Roger thought about it for a minute. “You know, she probably is paying someone in the bank to tell her if anyone asks for that box.”

“What are we going to do about that?” Desirae knew nothing was easy.

“Oh, I know the President of that bank. I have a good bit of money there. I’m sure he could let us in at night to see what is in it.”

He called him and sure enough, he agreed to meet them that night. They went in through the back and the President opened the vault. He used his bank key as the second key, and Roger used Tina’s key. The box opened and out came the safety deposit box. They put everything in a bag and left.

When they got back to Roger’s house, they opened the box. It did have a lot of money inside. It also had envelopes with prominent people’s name on each. They didn’t open any of them except the Congressman’s. It had the computer drive they were looking for. They had her.

Desirae decided the quietest thing to do was confront her. She decided to do it in her office. Roger could listen in from the other office. That way, if she got violent, he would be there with his gun to ensure she didn’t do anything dangerous.

Tina came to her office later the next night. She knew this woman would be dangerous. There could only be one reason this woman wanted to see her at night. Tina had been right about her. She is the new boss. Tina figured she would have to straighten her out and lay down some ground rules at the beginning. She brought her handgun in her purse. She was always prepared.

“Tina, thank you for coming in so late at night. I wanted to talk to you, and I thought you might like for this to be unofficial.

As I am sure you have figured out, I bought Anna’s company several months ago. In going over the books, I have found some disturbing things in your accounts. I thought you might like a chance to explain yourself first.”

Tina looked at her and smiled. “Lady, I have no intention of explaining myself to you or anyone else. I can take care of myself. I don’t care what you think you have found. It can’t touch me.”

Desirae looked at her and smiled. “You are maybe right. On the other hand….” Desirae took several of the envelopes out of her desk and laid them on the desk. “You have been a very naughty girl. Unfortunately for you, you have angered several important people. When I return this information, you might have a problem staying healthy for long.”

Tina saw the envelopes with her handwritten names on them and knew Desirae had found her insurance. She would kill Willie as soon as they were done here. But first, she had to get her insurance back.

She smiled and pulled the gun out of her purse. “You see, I come prepared. I’ll take those envelopes if you don’t mind?”

“You honestly think a gun is going to make me give this to you?”

“If you want to live you will.” Tina didn’t see Roger come up behind her until she felt his gun on the back of her head. She dropped like a stone.

“Thanks, Roger. I thought she was going to shoot me.” He picked up her gun and tied her hands together behind her back.

“She was. She has a cold heart. Now, what in the hell are we going to do with her?” Desirae looked at the girl.

“I don’t think that is going to be a problem. I think when she finds out we are returning all of this to the original people without opening them, she might want to make herself scarce. The only question is, do we give it back before we let her go, or do we let her run.”

“We can’t just let her go. She is very dangerous. Besides, I may have solved our problem for us. I recognized one of the names. He is more dangerous than her, and he is on his way here.”

Roger rolled the unconscious woman over. He picked her up and sat her on the couch. He happened to squeeze a breast or two as he dropped her. She was slowly coming around as he finished with her.

“Well, Tina. I don’t think we have had the pleasure. I’ve certainly followed your exploits in the homestyle pages of the paper.”

“What are you going to do to me? We can make a deal.” She was terrified, and knew she was in serious trouble.

“Sorry. You are too dangerous to make a deal with. I have a friend you know coming to see you.”

There was a knock on the door, and a large man came in, followed by a small, older man. His eyes were cold and hard.

Tina screamed when she saw who it was. “No, no. I would never have done anything to you, you know that.”

“The older man spoke, “I know it now. Thanks, Roger, I owe you one.” Roger handed him an unopened envelope with his name on it.”

“I would prefer you do not owe me anything. I didn’t do this for you, but a Anadolu Yakası Escort friend of mine. You are the fortunate beneficiary of his good fortune.”

The old man pointed to the girl for the large man. He walked over to her, taped her mouth shut, threw her over his shoulder, and carried her out.

“As you wish, Roger.” He followed the large man out. They watched them on the security camera as they walked to a car. The large man threw the girl into the trunk and slammed it down. They left and Desirae erased the security footage.

The next day, Roger called the Congressman. He met with him and gave him the envelope.

“How do we know she might not have another copy?”

Roger looked him in the eye and said very slowly. “She doesn’t have anything anymore.” The congressman gulped and shook his hand.

“By the way, you can thank Desirae for this. She is the one who found her stash and confronted her. She’s a tough woman. You could have no better friend than her. I would trust her with my life.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Why, you might want to thank her someday, okay?” The congressman nodded and smiled for the first time in weeks.

One by one, Desirae visited some of the most influential people in town and handed them an unopened envelope. She informed them they were safe. The woman would never bother them again. She now had all the help she would ever need if someone wanted to bother her in the future.

Meanwhile, Wilbur’s wife had finally divorced him. He was happier in the office. Molly and he had a playful banter in the office. Over the next months, Molly had several strange clients.

The craziest was a man who wanted a dominatrix. Molly had never done that sort of thing. She had to buy an entire wardrobe for it. She decided she needed a little help with this. She called a friend who was a dominatrix. Her name was Madam Mary, and she made a living doing this. Molly was going to watch this one.

Madam Mary was a forty-five-year-old black-haired woman. She looked like someone that expected people to do what they were told.

The two of them arrived at Steve’s address on time. He opened the door and was surprised to see two women there.

Molly spoke up. “I have brought a friend who is more experienced at this sort of thing. I am going to watch. You will not be charged for two, only one. I thought you would enjoy it more with someone who knows what to do.

He let them in, and they went to his basement. He had a dungeon set up. He was into this thing. He just needed someone to use this stuff on him.

Madam Mary spoke for the first time. “What is your safe word?”


“Okay worm, strip.” She hit him with her whip. She had to find out what he wanted, and the best way was to try everything until she saw what worked.

He quickly stripped down until he was naked. “On your knees, slave” He did so. She looked around the dungeon until she found cuffs and chains. She had Molly put the cuffs on his wrists and ankles. She then put a hood over his head. The only hole was for his mouth and nose. She told Molly to take her skirt and panties off. Molly was surprised. She was going to just watch, not participate. But Molly didn’t want to mess with Madam Mary while she was working. She did as she was told.

“Okay, slave. Open your mouth and pleasure this young woman.” Molly pushed herself up against his face and shoved him into her. He eagerly began licking her as she held herself to him. She enjoyed his enthusiastic obedience. After a while, Mary pulled Molly away. “Okay, slave, stand up.” He stood up as best he could with his hands cuffed. Mary pushed him against a cross in the center of the floor. She had Molly fasten him to the cross. When he was attached, Mary hit the power button, and the cross lifted him up. When he was off the floor, she hit another button and he flipped over on an angle. She liked the toys this man had in his basement. Mary began whipping him on the arms and legs. He squirmed and hollered out. The more she hit him, the more his dick grew. As he hung there, sweating and with the welts over his body, his dick was ramrod straight.

“Slave, my girl wants to suck on you. You will not contaminate her mouth with your slime. You will not come until I tell you to.”

He was nodding and she pointed at his dick. Molly could do this. She stepped up to him and put him in her mouth. He was large enough, and he was very hard. The veins were bulging. Molly enjoyed sucking on his lollypop. The more she worked on him, the harder he tried to not come without permission.

The madam told Molly to stop. He was sweating and wanted to come badly. She lowered him to the floor. She had Molly unfasten him. He fell to the floor and lay there. Molly went over and put her feet on him. She walked up and down his back. She then rolled him over. Madam told him to suck on her toes. She stuck her toes into his mouth. She licked and sucked them hard. Molly changed feet every so often. He licked the soles of her feet and continued until Madam told him to stop. He was leaking pre-cum all over himself. Madam grabbed him by the balls and yelled at him. “Bitch, I didn’t tell you to start leaking like a crying little girl.” She squeezed his balls until he was squirming to get away from her.

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