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Desert Heat

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Teen (18+)

I’ve have been on this website for many years, but I have never written a story. Recently, I have been away from home and this is how I imagine my encounter will be when I return to my husband.

Please enjoy.


My eyes shot open and I’m staring at the ceiling. It’s April 27th.

The night before I laid in bed awake as the non-stop thoughts of leaving rolled through my mind. My husband laid beside me snoring softly. I had to leave and I couldn’t change it.

I enlisted with the National Guard back in 2015 because I wanted to go to college. Now I’ve been in 3 years and little did I know one day I would be on my way to training in Death Valley for 27 days.

“27 days too long.” I thought to myself. I could feel the exhaustion from lack of sleep already setting in.

I rolled over and checked my phone.


I sighed and forced myself to get ready. This was going to be a very long 27 days.


Day 14- Heat Wave

We were in the field now. It was 104 degrees in the dry and windy desert of Fort Irwin, California. Everyone was too hot to do anything, and thankfully our superiors understood that too. I sat in the sand, leaned against a pole. It didn’t matter how much water I drank, It was not enough. Good thing I’m just a Private, so in situations like these they don’t overwork us.

I was waiting for the sun to go down and the desert to cool off, but sadly it was only 1:30. I groaned and moved closer to the fan. It wasn’t doing anything, and it made hot air circle around the tent.

I looked around and noticed almost everyone was asleep. I tried fighting the sleep for a few minutes before my eyes finally gave in. In just a few seconds I started to dream.


There was a soft glow all around me. I noticed something off in the distance. It was a familiar figure. His face appeared in front of me. It was my husband, Adam, except he was glowing. Like Jesus walking towards me.

His skin was a perfect brown. Somewhere between tan and cappuccino. The thick black hair on his head was styled perfectly in a little swoop to the side. His big brown eyes filled with happiness, and his gorgeous white smile that was so captivating. He is much taller than me, standing at 6’2 and very solid. He wasn’t muscular, he was husky and I loved his body the most.

I have only been gone for two weeks, but I ran to him. Excited to see him I felt the smile on my face grow as I looked into his eyes.

“What are you doing here?” I laughed and hugged him.

“I missed you. I thought I’d come see you.” His Marmaris Escort voice was soft and low. He smiled back and took my face in between his hands and pulled me in for a kiss.

I practically melted. It felt so real!

I smiled against his soft lips and began to kiss him back. I had missed this feeling so much. My breathing increased and I wrapped my hair around his neck to pull him closer to me. I moaned softly as my hands began to guide his toward my waist.

I wanted him. It had been too long without him.

Our pace quickened, and I pulled away almost gasping.

“I need you.” I said panting and almost whispering against his lips. He laughed and started kissing my neck. My knees weakened at the warm and soft sucking of his lips. I could feel myself getting excited.

“Adam..” I moaned his name and closed my eyes. This was pure bliss. I enjoyed him kissing up and down my neck and sucking on my ear, but I needed more. I pushed him away gently and noticed a bed out of the corner of my eye.

Still in our dream state, I took his hand and guided him over to the edge of the king sized bed. I noticed I wasn’t in my uniform, but now a t-shirt and shorts. I sat on the edge of the bed to level with his lips. He pushed himself between my legs and grabbed the hem of my shirt. I willingly lifted my arms into the air and he pulled my shirt off.

I could always tell he was mesmerized by my breasts. They are his favorite part of my body.

“You’re so beautiful. I never get tired of looking at you.” He pulled me in for a kiss and unclasped my bra. It fell off my shoulders and onto the floor. He trailed his soft lips down my neck to my breasts. While one hand messaged one, his tongue began to swirl and flick the other.

I gasped at the way his tongue was working on my nipple. He moved back and forth between the two, eventually pushing my breasts together and licking them both at once.

“Oh my god, Adam!” My pussy was throbbing and I could feel it soaking through my panties. I pulled away and stood up next to him. I quickly took my shorts off and got down on my knees. I could see the imprint of his massive bulge on the outside of his jeans. My pussy dripped as I rubbed it from the outside. I wanted him so badly.

I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down both his jeans and boxers at the same time. His massive cock was unleashed and a soft moan came out of my mouth as I observed such a beautiful sight. It was at least 8 inches long and three inches wide.

I had to use both hands to bring it to my lips. I looked up at him and watched his facial Marmaris Escort Bayan expression shift was a licked the tip. I loved to tease him like this. I swirled my tongue around the tip and started to inch my way down the monster.

“Mmm.. I know you’re getting wet but don’t touch yourself. Let me do that.” I nodded and his hand made its way to the back of my head and guided his cock in and out of my mouth.

I pushed myself further down until I could feel it expanding my throat. I heard his breathing get harder the longer I deep throated his cock. I loved sucking dick, and his was a treat. I wished I could touch my pussy to see how wet I was.

“You’re such a freak babe.” He looked down. Spit started rolling down my chin and onto my breasts. I took away both my hands and grabbed his legs to pull myself all the way down. My lips were touching his soft curly hair.

“Fucking hell. You’re so precious. My beautiful wife..” I moaned against his dick. Nothing satisfied me more than to get him off.

I shake my head against his dick and pull away gasping and choking for air. My panties completely soaked through.

“Fuck my mouth.” I demanded that my mouth and throat be dominated by him. I needed him to.

“God I love you.” He smiled devilishly. He didn’t object, grabbed a fist full of my hair, and forced his raging erection down my throat. I was holding onto him for support as more spit begin to roll down my breasts and tears running down my face. I was his completely. I could feel him teasing up and I pushed myself away. He wasn’t getting of that easily.

I climbed back on the bed, got on all fours and pushed my face down and ass up as far as I could. His strong hands rubbed my cheeks and slapped them each a few times just to warm me up.

“Adam… please.” I begged him to touch me. My pussy was aching to be touched. I was going crazy! I moaned as he pulled the thin lace panties over my cheeks revealing my glistening pussy lips. His hands spread open my lips and blew his hot air onto my dripping sex.

“Please babe, please eat me out, please!!” I jumped and gasped when his warm tongue found my clit almost immediately. I pushed myself against his face as he lapped up all my wet juices. I was shaking in a matter of seconds, over come by a life changing orgasm.

“Oh my god! Please don’t stop! Don’t stop!” I grabbed my breasts and squeezed them hard as another wave hit me. My pussy dripping all over his face made him pick up his speed and I was screaming. He covered his mouth all over my pussy and sucked my lips and clit into his mouth. Escort Marmaris If he kept at this I was gonna come several more times.

He loved it. His pleasure was watching my body shaking and drip all over his face. He lived to make my pussy never want anyone else except him. He felt me tightening up again and pulled away. I was left gasping and moaning softly into the bed.

Just as I got myself back together he started rubbing his cock against my pussy. I was still soaked and he begin to use my juices to tease my clit.

“Oh my…” I groaned as he begin to slip it inside my hot cunt. It sucked him in inch by inch pushing all the way inside me. I was still bent over backwards and he had a perfect grip on my round hips.

“Oh my god you’re so tight.” He slowly pulled out and then slammed right back into me.

“Holy fuck! Ahh! Adam yes!!” He began to pound away. My pussy was so hungry for his cock every thrust pushed me closer and closer to the edge.

“Yes! Fuck my pussy baby!” I saw a vibrator lay close to me, I grabbed it and turned it on the highest setting. As soon as it touched my clit I screamed. My pussy tightened and I began to squirt all over my husbands massive cock. My juices flew everywhere and it kept coming.

“Squirt more for me babe.” My husband pulled his cock out and slapped my pussy with it. I still held the vibrator to my clit and the slight pain from him smacking my lips made me squirt all over his cock.

I was shaking when he flipped me on to my back.

“Yes baby more!” He loved watching and making me squirt. He knelt in front of me and started fingering my pussy as I played with my clit still using the vibrator. My pussy juices sprayed right into his face as I screamed and came over and over.

“Oh my god Adam I need to you fuck me! Please I need your cock inside me now!” He didn’t hesitate and shoved his cock inside of me. He pulled me closer to him and start fucking my pussy hard and fast. I playey with my nipples and watched him get sloppier with his thrusts.

“Baby I’m gonna cum.” His face began to twist.

“Yes baby cum in my pussy, give me every last drop.” I started pushing myself on him while we both began to climax together. My pussy tightened around his cock as soon as his thick white syrup shot out of him. He stood still, just barely thrusting as he finished inside of me. He slipped out and collapsed next to me. He took his hands and held mine. “I love you.” We kissed and looked at each other. The glow around him began to fade away and the rest of the dream slipped away.


I woke up in the same spot. I looked around and felt so exposed that I had such a dream around my fellow soldiers. I sighed with relief as I realized everyone was still asleep. There was a puddle of wetness in between my legs that needed to be satisfied.

That would be a different story for a different time.

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