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Denise’s Desires

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Denise had always desired to be with Sandra. She had wanted to be with her ever since she was a teenager. Now that Denise is 21, her lust for Sandra is stronger than ever. Not only because Sandra is hot with her long brown hair and stunning green eyes, Sandra also works out regularly. Her body is tone and firm. To add to her beauty Sandra is well endowed with 38DD breasts. What makes Denise’s desire even stronger and hotter is that Sandra is not just a close friend, but she is also her older sister.

There is five years between the two siblings but they have always been close with one another. Sandra accepted the fact that her younger sister preferred to be with other women rather than with men. The two had shared many secrets over the years. However Denise has a secret that can’t hide any longer. She wants her sister so badly that she gets hot and horny whenever she thinks and sees Sandra. Her panties have often been damp from her daydreams of being with Sandra.

Denise spent many nights lying in bed and masturbating as she thought of her sister. On those nights, she wished that Sandra were there with her, kissing and cuddling with her. They would share long passionate kisses as they night drew on. Denise would orgasm time and time and again. So much that her bed sheets would be damp from her pussy cum. One particular night when she was very horny, she started to lick her own cum from her sheets, wishing that is was Sandra’s cum she was licking and tasting off the sheets.

So last month when Sandra said that she needed a roommate and that she wanted Denise to share her two bedroom apartment with her, Denise jumped at the chance without a second thought. She would have the chance to be closer to her older sister again. She wondered if she would get the chance to sneak glances at Sandra while she took a shower, just like she did when they both lived at home. Every time she did, it sent waves escort bursa of hot lust through her. She often wondered what would have happened if she had been caught. Denise imagined that she would be invited to join Sandra to wash her back, and even more.

On a rainy Thursday night, Denise couldn’t get to sleep. Sandra is in the next room asleep soundly. Just knowing that Sandra is there made Denise hot. She masturbated every night since she moved in with her sister, but tonight, playing with her pussy was not enough. She knows that she has to see Sandra, to perhaps even touch her as she sleeps.

The urge is too strong for her to resist. She gets up out of her bed and sneaks to her older sister’s bedroom. She carefully opens the door and looks in. She sees Sandra asleep soundly on her bed. During her sleep she threw off her sheets and covers. She is wearing a long t-shirt and white panties. Denise can feel her pussy already getting wet as she watches her sister.

An idea then popped into Denise’s mind. She knows that she could easily take off Sandra’s panties off of her without waking her up. Then she could have her panties to masturbate with. Denise touches her thighs lightly as she thinks about taking Sandra’s panties. Her own panties are soaked with anticipation. She rubs on her panties on her lips and she came. She then sneaks over to the bed and leans down to where her sister is in a deep sound sleep. She then very carefully moves Sandra’s right leg as she spread her sister. She held her breath as she takes off the white panties. Denise is positive that this would awake Sandra. But Sandra still sleeps, unaware of what Denise has just done. She slides the panties down Sandra’s silky smooth legs. As soon as they are free, Denise holds them to her face and inhales the scent of Sandra’s pussy.

Just as she was about to leave, Denise takes a look at Sandra’s pussy. Sandra is trimmed bursa merkez eskort and her pussy is nice and pink. To Denise, it is the most beautiful pussy that she has ever seen. She had been with other women, but none of their pussies compared to Sandra’s. It looks so warm, moist and inviting to Denise. She has to get closer, she knows that she just has to know of what her sister pussy tastes like.

Denise moves closer to between Sandra’s legs. She received the sweet aroma from her sister’s pussy and she inhales it in deeply. She is now within less than an inch of the sweet pussy lips. She knows that she is this far and there is no turning back now. Without hesitation, she kisses Sandra’s pussy. Lust and desire empower Denise as she keeps kissing Sandra’s pussy. The taste is intoxicating like a very fine wine and Denise savors the taste.

She hears Sandra moan in her sleep. She knows that at any moment, her sister will wake up and see what she is doing. Denise does not care, all she knows is that she wanted to eat and taste her sister’s pussy for so long. She started to lick and slide her tongue in between the sweet lips.

Sandra starts to wake up. She feels something strange. She has no idea what is happening. She feels someone is giving her oral sex. She has no boyfriend so her first thought is that it is an intruder. Her lamp light switch is right in reaching distance to her right, so she turns on the light quickly and looks to see who is in her bed with her. When the light is on, Sandra gets a surprise. It’s not an intruder that is licking between her legs, but it is Denise, her own sister Denise.

“De…DENISE!” Sandra managed to say after say after some of the shock is wearing off. “What are you doing?”

Denise looks up at Sandra and replies. “I can’t help myself. I have wanted you for so long.”

“But you can’t do this. bursa sınırsız escort This is not right! You have to stop!” “I don’t want to. Don’t you like this?” Denise asks and then she went to kiss Sandra’s pussy again.

Sandra still stunned did not know what to say then. She knows that its wrong, but it feels so good. Never has nay man ever licked her the way that Denise is. Her sister knows exactly where to lick and how she likes to be touched. She lets out a moan as she feels her sisters tongue on her clitoris.

“So you do like this then.” Denise commented when she heard Sandra moan.

“Y…Y…Yes.” “Show me how much you want this Sandra.”

Denise then dives into Sandra’s thighs and starts to lick and kiss away. She thrusts her tongue deep into Sandra and licks deep inside her sister. Sandra rocks back and forth and moves against Denise’s face and tongue. She moans with pleasure as she orgasms. Her pussy juices flows all over to Denise’s waiting mouth and tongue. The passion rises inside of Sandra as she feels another orgasm. She thinks that this is so hot and erotic to have her sister love her pussy. The idea that this is forbidden sex makes it that much hotter. She starts to love the idea of incest.

Denise feels her sisters cum flow from her lips and she licks and drinks it in hungrily. She wanted this for so long and this is so much better than she had ever imagined. She quickly starts to rub her own pussy while she licks her older sister’s hot cunt and she cums. Denise cums so hard that she squirts her love juice all over her fingers and on Sandra’s bed sheets.

Sandra then grabs Denise’s head and moves it all over her throbbing wet lips. She screams loudly as she has a second orgasm. Her love nectar soaks her sister’s face and hair. She has never felt as good as she does now and she loves every second of it.

“Oooohhhhhh… ooooohhhhhh… Denise… ohhhhhhhh,”

Denise cleans her sisters pussy with her tongue and mouth. When she finishes she goes up to her sister and kisses her long and deeply. Sandra can taste her own cum from Denise and kiss more passionately. They hold each other close as they both start to fall asleep in each other arms.

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