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Deer Camp

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Going to the deer camp has been a Texas tradition for many years. As a boy, when I was way too young to hunt, I would anxiously sit and wait at the cabin for my Father, Grandfather, and Uncles to return home after their hunt. Then we would all sit around the camp stove eating a big bowl of chili and talk about anything that came to mind.

I would sit and listen to stories about old loves, high school football, and they day they nearly got killed on some far off battlefield.

This was guy stuff at its best. I would try to tell my own stories, but my stories just couldn’t hold a candle to the day my grandfather jumped into a foxhole and found that a Japanese solder was already in it.

My grandfather would nudge me with his elbow and say “You don’t know what scared is, till you’ve done something like that.”

I’m eighteen years old now, and I still love going to deer camp. The stories haven’t changed much but now I can tell my own.

We talk all night long about football; I’m a linebacker, just like my dad was twenty five years ago, and whether we can beat our old rivals.

When the topic turns to the women they’ve loved my grandfather always asks me, “are you still dating that pretty cheerleader?”

I would grin and turn red. I didn’t need to answer.

Not that I could if I wanted to, my uncles were already messing with me about it.

A little annoyed by their ribbing I excuse myself and go outside.

I hear one of my uncle’s say as I walking out the door; “I bet he’s going to call her right now, under a woman’s control already, such a shame.”

Their kidding wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t true. I was going outside to call her. She told me to call her ever night. She told me that she would wait up for me, and that she would make the phone call well worth it.

The only way that I can get cell service at the deer camp is if I stand out in front of the cabin on an old telephone wire spool that we use as a table.

I dial her number and she answers the phone. “I’ve been waiting on you,” she whispers.

I start to tell her that we were eating dinner but she shushes me.

Let me do the talking, she says in a sexy voice that starts the butterflies to flying in the pit of my stomach. I’ve been thinking about you all evening she says.

“I put on those jeans that you like so much and I’m wearing that shirt that shows off my belly. You know the one’s I’m talking about don’t you.”

I sure did. Those jeans were my favorite. They hugged her butt just right and they were so low cut that when she put her hands in her pockets I could see her panties peeking out of the top.

Are you wearing the pink shirt, the one I can see your nipples through?

Yes she sighs in her sexiest voice.

“My nipples are extra hard tonight” she says. “I’ve been rubbing my breast and thinking of you. My nipples have been sensitive all day. If you were here I might even let you kiss them just to make them feel better.”

Oh my, I love it when she talks to me like that. My legs are becoming weak and my breathing is deeper and rapid.

“I have ran my hands all over my body just like you do but it doesn’t feel the same,” she say’s.

“Can you guess where my hands are right now she asks?”

I can think of a few places were I’d like my hands to be I say.

She giggles; “I bet we’re thinking of the same place.” “My hand is slowing making its way into your favorite jeans.”

I hear her moaning, my fingers have found that special place she says, I hear her moan louder.

“Oh I wish you were doing this,” she says as I hear her breathing become shallow and rapid.

I hear her phone slip from her hand and fall onto the floor. I can barely hear her now but her moaning tells me what is going on.

I can imagine her fingers furiously rubbing her clit and then I hear that unmistakable Ohhhhhhh.

I nearly fall off the spool as I listened to her climax. I dropped the phone and lost her. I tried to call her back but voice mail is all I got.

I can see her in my mind lying in bed trying to catch her breath exhausted after her orgasm, her phone lying on the floor right were she dropped it.

Man I wish I could have been there I say to myself.

“You and your girlfriend play much baseball?” A voice behind me asks? I turn around to see my grandpa sitting on the porch behind me.

No I say, I don’t play baseball grandpa, you know that. “I didn’t play baseball either he says but that didn’t keep me from rounding the bases with a few of my high school girlfriends.”

I realized that my grandpa heard that whole conversation between my girlfriend and me. Embarrassed I try to explain but he stops me.

“Your grandmother and I had our share of ball games.” Horrified by the idea of where this conversation was going I tried to stop my grandpa but it didn’t work.

Grandpa looked at me with a stern eye and factually stated “Your dad wasn’t a miracle you know.”

He reminded me that sex Maltepe Escort leds to babies and the fact that I have 8 aunt’s and uncle’s means he and grandma had a lot of sex.

My grandfather had that “I’m going to tell you a story” look in his eye. I’d seen it before and I know it meant that I better get comfortable because I was going to get a story whether I liked it or not.

My grandfather started by saying “I meet your grandmother in 1941.” She was a cheerleader in the same high school that I’m going to now. The same one my father and all my aunts and uncles went to as well.

He pulled an old billfold out of his jacket and showed me a picture. It was grandma in her cheerleading uniform hugging my grandfather after a football game. “That was right after homecoming our senior year” he said.

“Your grandmother was the prettiest girl in town back then and I was lucky to have her.”

I must admit she was pretty hot. Her auburn hair was pulled up into a pony tail and her big eyes held me captive as I looked at the old black and white photograph.

Her uniform was much more modest then the one my girlfriend wears but it still showed plenty of ivory white skin. She had a beautiful figure with perfect curves and breasts that made me have unnatural thoughts about my grandmother.

As I stared at the photograph I felt my grandfather nudge me “your grandma had a great pair of tits didn’t she” he said.

I was so surprised by his commit I couldn’t answer. My grandmother was a Sunday school teacher and my grandfather was a deacon in the church. I couldn’t make myself think of them as sexual people but as my grandfather continued he made it clear they had a pretty wild sex life.

“The whole time your grandmother and I were together in high school we were playing ball.”

“The day I got my senior letterman’s jacket I gave it to your grandmother, I never wore it.” “In the days after I gave her that jacket I got to cuddle with her a little but never anything more.”

“One night when nether of us were busy with football practice or cheerleading practice or studying we went out on a date.”

He said there weren’t many places to go in a small Texas town back then so you had to be creative.

“I decided to take your grandmother fishing. Her little brother went with us at the insistence of her father.”

“We rode out to the creek on an old wagon that my dad had. It was pulled by the mule team that we used to pull the boll buggy at harvest time. I had packed a picnic lunch and we all sat on the edge of creek and enjoyed life. Her brother decided to go upstream a bit where there was a deep pool. He asked if I wanted to come along but I told him I’d be up later.”

“I wanted to be alone with the girl that I had fallen in love with, and finally I was. We sat and talked about the future and what we both wanted to do with our lives.”

He Said “I don’t remember a thing that ether of us said that day, all I could do was look at her”. “After we talked she scooted up to me and kissed me.”

“I wasn’t sure what to do after that. We cuddled a little and as I held her I was thinking to myself “what am I supposed to do now?”

“I soon built up the courage to kiss her back and when I did she immediately wrapped her arms around me and kissed me again.”

“I started to pull back but she held me close and wouldn’t let me break off the kiss.”

“Luckily for me instinct soon took over and I wrapped my arms around her and we started making out.”

“We held our bodies close to one another and I could feet her breasts pressing against my chest.”

“Our tongues touched each other and when they did it felt like little electric shocks.”

“Her lips left mine and she held me tighter to her chest. She started to kiss my ear and when she did I started to feel a feeling like I never had before.”

“I felt weak, powerful and scared all at the same time.”

I thought back to the conversation that I had just had with my girlfriend, “weak legs,” and butterflies in my stomach,” I know exactly what feeling he was talking about.

“Suddenly we heard some twigs snap and some bushes rustle behind us.”

“We quickly broke of our embrace as her brother walked up holding a stringer of bream.” “I think I caught them all” he said “you want to try another pool downstream” he asked no thanks I said.”

“We had better get back before you dad starts to worry.”

“We both had a grin on ours faces as we headed home.”

“When we arrived to her house her dad met us outside. He asked if we had fun and if we had caught anything. Her little brother held up his stringer of fish but I didn’t have anything to show him.”

“I guess I’m not very lucky” I said, trying to hold back the smile that was dying to get out.”

“No, I guess your not” he replied as he helped his daughter out of the wagon.”

“She went inside but her dad just stood there glaring at me. I was starting to sweat, could he smell her perfume on me, Anadolu Yakası Escort was I wearing her lipstick.”

“I had just gotten to first base with his daughter and I was scared out of my mind that I was about to get busted for it.”

“I felt his heavy hand land on my leg. I looked down and saw that he was smiling. He said “tell your folks hello for me and good luck at the game this Friday” and then he walked away.”

“I let out a long sigh and headed the mules towards home.”

“The whole way home all I could think about was that kiss.”

“I could still smell her perfume. I could still taste her lips. I could still feel her body against mine.”

My Grandpa looked at me and said, you now what? “After all these years I can still taste that kiss and smell her perfume.”

“Your grandmother and I had plenty of those make out sessions over the next few weeks, even though your grandmother would never admit to it now, or at least not to you, he said looking over at me.” “Each time we did I got a little more relaxed and a little bolder.”

“The night before Homecoming, the night before that picture was taken; we were at the homecoming bonfire.” “Your grandmother and I snuck off to be alone, and for the first time I got to second base.”

“We started out as usual with plenty of kissing and nibbling on ears and necks but this time I let my hands wander and she did not resist.” “I had felt her breasts press against my chest plenty of times but this time I wanted to feel them in my hands.”

“They felt soft but at the same time firm. I could feel her hard nipples and as I rubbed them she began to moan.” “I have never heard a women make sounds like that. I thought that I might be hurting her but when I pulled my hands away she stopped me.”

“She put my hands back on her breast and moved them in a tight circle around her nipples.”

“Her moans grew loader and I found myself getting very excited. Her hands left mine as I continued to massage her breast. Her arms wrapped around me and she pulled me close to her body.”

“My erect penis pressed against her and she begins to grind her body against mine.”

“Her moans became louder as I rubbed her breast faster and she pressed herself against me harder.”

“I was feeling that feeling that I had the first time I kissed her but now it is more intense and uncontrollable.”

“I led her backward until her back was against a tree and pressed my rigid penis against her hips.”

“To my suppress she pressed her hips back into me and began make sounds that drove my passion further.”

“My hips began to buck involuntarily as her moans become louder.”

“Her legs wrap and around my body and suddenly her eyes opened and she screamed.”

“At the same time a feeling of ecstasy releases in my loins and traveled through out my body.”

“My legs become weak and I could no longer hold her up.”

“We both collapsed to the ground exhausted. I looked at her and ask “what was that”. She replies that she didn’t know but it sure felt good.”

“After we recovered our strength we got up, straightened out our clothes and made our way back to the bonfire.”

“The Marching band was playing; we hoped that it was playing loud enough to cover our screams.”

“We held hands and looked into each others eyes that rest of the night. “That was the night that I knew that I wanted to marry your grandma” my grandfather said. “I knew after that night that she was the only women that I ever wanted to be with.”

My grandfather rubbed his hands together as he sat in that rocking chair on the front porch of our hunting cabin. He had a look on his face that I had never seen before, one that I can not describe.

My girlfriend and I had dry humped before and we have both climaxed as a result of it. But I could not describe my experience as being anything near what my grandfather had just told me about.

As I looked at the picture of two teenagers who would one day become my grandparents I realized that they had so much more the lust. They had love.

My grandfather and I sat in silence on the porch of the cabin that I had been coming to as long as I could remember.

We listened to the crickets chirp and watched the moths fly around a kerosene lamp.

The silence was broken when my grandfather said; “we never let things get that far again”. “That was not the way a gentlemen treated a lady”.

“We were inseparable for the rest of the year. We made out a lot but we never let our lust get out of hand.” “We both grew up on a farm and we both had an intimate knowledge of the fact that sex leads to babies.”

“At that time a girl who got pregnant out of wedlock was usually shipped off to a distant relative or to a special home for unwed mothers to stay until there babies were born. They seldom finished school and almost never returned to a normal life. I couldn’t live with myself if I had done something like that to your grandmother.”

“As our senior Ümraniye Escort year wore on, you’re grandmother and I spent more and more time talking about our future together.”

“Nether of us could imagine a life apart from one another. But as we talked about forever both of us, in the back of our minds were worried about what the summer would bring.”

For me graduation meant not only completing high school but it also meant I was eligible for military service and after the attack on Pearl Harbor we both knew that I had to go.”

“Several of my friends were planning to enlist in the Marines but my mother begged me not to join them.”

“My brothers had all joined the Navy and in there letters home they talked about clean sheets and 3 meals a day.”

“I had to admit that sounded a lot better then getting shot at on the beach, sleeping in the mud and getting occasional meals out of a can.”

“That convinced me I joined the Navy. When the recruiter asked me what job I wanted to do, I couldn’t think of one.”

“The recruiter suggested that I be a corpsman. He told me about the hospital ships loaded with nurses and about how much I could help others. Sounded good to me and I signed up.”

“Your grandmother was happy to hear that I would be working at a hospital he said. She couldn’t stand the thought of me getting shot at.”

He grinned at me and said “I didn’t tell her about the nurses”. “The night before I shipped out I borrowed a car and took your grandmother to a nice restaurant in San Antonio.”

“We started to see a movie show but when she started to cry during the war news, we decided that a walk along the river would be just as nice.”

“We sat down under a pecan tree and held each other as we watched the water go by.”

“The next day I got on a train and left for San Diego.” “I would not see your grandmother again for 3 years” my grandfather said.

Now when my grandfather starts telling war stories he gets a special look in eye. Today would be no exception. He sat up in his chair and looked at me and said “when I got to basic training I was ready to see some nurses but all I saw was other guys. Turns out those guys were looking for nurses too. It would appear we all got lied to.” “Navy corpsmen don’t work in hospitals along side nurses.” “No” he said, “Navy corpsmen go onto the beaches and take care of Marines when they get shot.”

“So six months after I told your grandmother that I was not going into harms way I found myself on a Navy troop transport, attached to a bunch of marines, wearing a helmet with a big red X on it.”

“We were heading to some island in the Pacific Ocean that no one knows the name of.”

My grandfather asked me “do you know how fast 20 knots is”? No I say. “It’s about 17 MPH my grandfather tells me.” He then asked “do you know how long it takes to get across the Pacific Ocean going 17 MPH”? I don’t know the answer but I’m guessing a long time. “It seems longer when you’re jammed into a tin can with about 2000 other men all of whom are very bored and scared he said.” “One day,” he tells me, “this ship pulls along side us. Sailor’s on both ships start shooting lines across to each other and rigging ropes.”

“A carriage was sent across on the ropes and in the carriage were several white duffle bags.”

“I had no idea what the bags were,” my grandfather said, “but a veteran Marine Sergeant knew exactly what they were. Mail he said, and it’s about time.”

“All personnel return to quarters for mail delivery” a voice said over the ships intercom.”

“In a large room filled with hundreds of hammocks we gathered and waited for something special from home.”

“We all got excited when a seaman stepped up on a bucket in the middle of the area where our squad was assigned and he started shouting out names.”

“He pulled one letter out of the bag and smelled it. He then rubbed the envelope on his shirt and said this one’s special.”

“He shouted out my name and I snatched the letter up before he rubbed anymore of the smell good off it.”

“My grandfather reached back into that old billfold and pulled out an envelope.”

“Your grandmother has always had the prettiest hand writing that I have ever seen and when I saw this letter I knew that handwriting instantly.”

My grandfather held the worn envelope up to his nose and smelled it. “I can still smell the perfume” he said, “but I doubt you’ll be able to as he handed me the envelope.”

As I reached out to take it from him he snatched it back and said “if your grandmother knew that I was letting you see this, she would kill us both”. “Me because I showed it and you because you’ve seen it”. I nodded and told him I won’t tell anyone and he handed me the envelope.

The paper was worn on the edges and looked like it could tear apart at any moment. On the envelope, my grandmother’s very neat handwriting could be faintly seen. “Your grandmother had mailed me a lot of letters since I left Texas but this was the first letter that she had sent that had perfume on it and the picture; well look for yourself” he said.

I slowly and reluctantly opened the letter. Inside I found a picture wrapped in pink tissue paper. I unwrapped the picture and saw the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

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