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Deepa’s Challenge Ch. 01

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Deepa’s understanding turned to disgust bordering on revulsion. She had initially accepted, even felt grateful about the manner in which her dearest friend Sunita had moved in on her father. Her father Shom (whom Sunita referred to as “Uncle Shom”) had recently been widowed and Sunita had come to spend some time with the family which was so close to her.

Sunita had a lot of sympathy for Uncle Shom for she thought he must feel lonely. And then she had chanced upon Uncle Shom masturbating furiously and sobbing as he came in great convulsions. That orgasm seemed to bring more grief than relief. The younger woman felt impelled to provide some comfort to the father of her dear friend. She had comforted the older man, at first masturbating him, allowing him to cling to her and play with her while he spurted.

The next day the old man showed his animal side as the emotions retreated and the needs emerged. Sunita was an unwilling participant initially and then a delighted companion as she feasted on the thick, robust cock which would have put her own husband’s cock to shame. From there is it was sexuality unleashed as Sunita hungered for the fullness and the raw stamina of the older Uncle Shom.

In those initial days after her mother’s death Deepa rarely left her father alone for too long. As she came by to check on her father she saw the blissful union of Sunita and Shom. Both were murmuring endearments to each other as their bodies thrashed; at other times they were screaming for each other in lust. Deepa saw it all. There was relief that her father, who had grown withdrawn and depressed at his wife’s death, seemed to find an emotional and physical anchor in Sunita. And Sunita was a dear, dear family friend. She could be assured of discretion. It was better to keep it within a closed circle.

Deepa did find her friend’s sexual energy go beyond the initial comfort and sympathy. Despite their age difference the two unlikely lovers seemed to go at each other with animal gusto. Gradually, Deepa had evidence of raw lust at play as her father marauded slender Sunita. She had had glimpses of her father’s member and gargantuan it was. She had no way of knowing how Sunita felt accommodating his girth — except for the sound she made; but her friend was petite and small built; the odds were that Sunita was stretched to her limit. That is how it seemed when watching her thrash, wail and blabber in orgasm.

Sunita’s visits were brief. In those short hours Uncle Shom and Sunita fucked with abandon. Deepa who was the reason for the proximity, became a formality that merely held up the main event. Deepa was anyhow in the know and Sunita knew that; whether the old man knew was unclear. If he did, he didn’t seem to care. His lust for the hot young woman he had known from her early childhood overshadowed any caution he might have wanted to show.

But Sunita was a working mother and lived in another city. Her absences were long and Uncle Shom clearly longed for the physical intimacy. To compensate for the long absences, Deepa had on at least one occasion organized for Sunita and Shom to spend a long night of lust together. It had not quite worked out that way when Sunita’s husband unexpectedly landed up as well. But that was the best Deepa could do.

And now for a long, long time, Sunita had been unable to snatch time away from work and home.

It was in this period that Deepa developed disgust at her father’s unbridled sexual needs. In the wash basket she regularly found his dhoti (sarong- type white garment worn around the waist) smeared with large gobs of cum as he had masturbated into it. If the garment wasn’t wet she had taken to examining it closely till she found the crusty, dry patch in the cloth where the cum had dried out. He seemed to masturbate at least twice a day; just before his bath in which case the dhoti was damp or the night before, in which case it had dried out.

It had also become impossible for her to just wander around the house without announcing her presence. The old man might be masturbating in an open bonus veren siteler place where anyone, including his daughter could walk in on him. While what he had been doing had become obvious, both father and daughter pretended nothing was out of place. On one occasion though, she burst upon him when he had just commenced cumming; he could not stop as his body was wracked with spasms; she exit the way she had entered avoiding eye contact with him the rest of the day.

She blamed Sunita for unleashing this animal in him. Perhaps, left alone, Shom would have come to terms with the changed circumstances and pushed sex out of his mind and turned to spiritual matters. Perhaps the availability of Sunita and Deepa’s own acquiescence had unleashed something unmanageable. Deepa started to see the reason in the Indian way of things when as people aged they were gently guided to spiritual pursuits.

At the same time, she remembered how she had initially felt about Sunita sexually engaging her father. She had felt warm and grateful. She was relieved that someone was able to draw out her father. And what Sunita gave seemed to solve it for him; that was something Deepa could not have given, or even guessed.

But time had passed. What was needed back then was no longer needed now. And Deepa was fed up with having to be circumspect around the house with her father. Wild sexuality has a way of looking incredible in the cold light of a normal day. Deepa could not come to terms with all that happened and all that she allowed when she looked back.

Sunita’s long absence allowed Deepa to close the curtains on that episode. Gradually she acted on her disgust and let it be known in subtle ways that she disapproved of the old man’s behavior. She knew he still needed those violent masturbation sessions but she didn’t take note of them or of the evidence.

Like all sexuality in Indian society, it was known but unstated; known but not sanctified by acknowledgement.

And then came Sunita’s announcement that she would be visiting. Deepa went into a tizzy. Just when things were looking like they would fall into place and get under control, the temptress was arriving. She knew that the two would feed on each other in as depraved a manner as possible and as shamelessly as they needed to be.

She phoned Sunita to find out if she was coming with husband and her kids. That would force her to maintain a modicum of restraint which would help Deepa.

“So? You have decided to find time for us after a long time!” she moved towards her real agenda after the initial pleasantries in the conversation.

“Hanh,” sighed Sunita with a long exhalation of air. “Its been long since I spent time with you guys. Doesn’t look nice you know, we are so close and then suddenly long absences. Actually, this place is getting too much for me. Am majorly stressed out between work, home, kids and Karan’s demands on me,” she explained.

“You are coming with all of them aren’t you?” asked Deepa, tense as she waited for the reply.

“Actually, no,” replied her friend. Deepa’s tension mounted.

“But why? Bring them! You know I enjoy playing with the kids,” pushed Deepa.

“No I just need to be there on my own. I need to relax,” said Sunita firmly.

Deepa could not guess what was in Sunita’s mind. Was she really craving peace or was she looking for privacy?

“But I will look after the kids. You relax,” suggested Deepa, hoping against hope her friend would take the bait.

“Come on. You know how the kids are,” said Sunita. “Chal, see you on Friday,” she said, underscoring an end to the conversation.

Before Deepa could say anything further Sunita had put the phone down. Deepa became thoughtful. She presumed — and the past provided every justification for it — that her friend was looking for private time with her father. You couldn’t have called it a ‘quiet’ time she mused. It would be noisy if the past was any evidence. Huffing, puffing, moaning, groaning and sometimes endearments and call-outs bordering bedava bahis on the obscene.

Despite her new attitude to their sexuality she found herself juicing up at the thought of their sexual encounters. She allowed her mind to drift, envisioning the time she had come up the stairs and found Sunita astride her father. Their eyes had met. And then there was the occasion when Sunita was on the phone with her while fucking Uncle Shom. Deepa’s hands wandered tenderly over her own body She teased herself as she imagined how the small-built Sunita might feel and take the large-built Shom. She pinched her own nipple and played with her pubis. It felt nice and warm and she briefly found herself wondering about her own father — and then her upbringing pulled her back from the forbidden.

Not only was it forbidden for her, it was also forbidden for her to let Sunita fuck Shom like this.

“Lust is forbidden… Pleasure is forbidden!” she thought as she let her hand drift down to vale between her legs and the other hand reclaimed her heavy breast with a vengeance.

“You can’t go for this!” her mind screamed as her hand pressed down on the Mons and thumb and forefinger searched out the long brown taut nipple.

“Nothing is allowed!” she hissed, grinding the base of her palm on her pubis, squeezing out a small sliver of pleasure as she imagined the rock hard pillar of flesh that Sunita had come to worship. She thought of it as an anonymous cock as that was all her mind would allow her to visualize. The grinding palm caused her to shudder as she took a small dip of pleasure.

Then steeling herself, she shook herself out of her warm, fuzzy reverie. She would have to do things to prevent an outbreak of lust in her house. This time she would have to redraw the lines. If she didn’t, she felt, the time after Sunita’s departure would be impossible. Shom would get back to masturbation. And as for her own self… she had no idea how to control the undercurrent of her own emerging sexual needs. Those screams of Sunita’s told Deepa she was missing something. How long could she hold out? And what was her outlet? She preferred to shut out the wild, the outrageous and the forbidden.

In the few days that were there between now and Sunita’s visit she rearranged the furniture in the living areas of the house so that there could be no partially hidden zones. She guessed Sunita and Shom would have some initial inhibitions and if no opportunity was provided the inhibitions would keep the unlikely couple in check. She got a carpenter to come and dismantle the door to her father’s room.

When Shom asked his daughter the reason she lied to him that the doctor had advised that there should be access to his room at all times. It was completely unconvincing but Deepa didn’t care. The door was removed and stowed away before her father could comprehend what was happening. She broke down the concept of privacy in his bedroom by adding a TV and a DVD player putting in some extra seating alongside his easy chair. “We’ll watch some movies together,” she explained and moved off before she was asked for any further justification.

She also cooked a variety of dishes and froze them to head off any chance that something might happen while she was in the kitchen cooking. She was determined not to leave them alone for any length of time. Deepa thought of all the situations which the younger woman- slutty younger woman- would be alone with the older man — dirty old man.

It was when Deepa turned her attention to the guest room that Shom guessed what might be happening.

“Sunita beti: is she coming?” he asked. Deepa straightened up from laying out a new sheet on the bed. As she stretched out to her full length her breasts thrust forward. Quickly she dropped her shoulders. She had been imagining Sunita on that bed, with Shom pounding her into the mattress and the copious stains she had found on the sheets after Sunita left. Or of Sunita riding him. Deepa’s nipples had stiffened, ready to burst and were jutting out and she was deneme bonus ever so conscious of that. She didn’t want her father spotting that. Quickly she pulled her top to ensure the protuberances were not visible.

“Yes,” she nodded to her father. Their eyes briefly met and Deepa thought she saw a glint.

“Is that what the changes are about?” asked Shom, unable to control the twitch in his groin. He angled himself at the doorway so that it would hide the obvious.

“There are certain standards by which Ma used to maintain this house. I am have to do my best to keep that going, no?” she said, busying herself in the room again. The reference to her mother, Shom’s wife, was intended as an oblique reference. It conveyed many things. Deepa hoped it conveyed to her father that his fucking Sunita was no longer acceptable to her. She glanced over her shoulder but Shom was no longer standing there.

That night as she brought him his bed-time glass of milk, Deepa saw him lying on his easy chair, hand under his dhoti, caressing a large erection.

“Sunita!” he murmured as he stroked himself. It was entirely possible that the images in his mind were the same as those in Deepa’s mind. His stroking varied from slow to quick rapid jabs. Then again, stroking caressing. Then a steady faster rhythm. Deepa watched transfixed as her father lifted his hips off the chair and thrust himself up. It was easy to imagine that thrust was to spear a hot, bubbling Sunita whose cunt was splayed open over his cock.

For now it was his clenched fist. Shom groaned in frustration as he opened his eyes and saw that there was no Sunita over him. In his mind he was seeing the breasts, smallish but alive, swinging in his face, there for his mouth to suckle and his hands to tease. Not as large as his daughter’s he thought and then pushed that thought away. Why flirt with the forbidden when he had Sunita?

He fucked hard, unmindful of the creaking of his chair under his weight. Twisting, turning, and ramming his cock hard into his wet fist, Shom came, moaning the name of the woman who he hoped to fuck the very next day.

Deepa watched as the convulsions signaled the cumming. She watched his hand plunge down, allowing the cum to shoot onto the cloth that covered it. She watched his irregular rhythms with which he stroked as he came. These were lessons she needed to learn, she thought to herself. And she listened to the ache in his voice as he repeated her friend’s name over and over.

Shom calmed down as the orgasm subsided. Deepa watched as the man let go of his cock and wiped his hand on the dhoti; amazingly, the cock was unabated in its erection. It could not be quenched by mere masturbation it seemed. The only one to tame her father was Sunita. And Deepa was not in a mood to let that happen.

If Shom was going to masturbate like a teenager, then that was how it going to be henceforth she said to herself.

No Sunita. Definitely not if the mere mention of her name was going to make her old man dirty all over again. Any sex between them would take the genie right out of the bottle.

Deepa braced herself for her new role as the moral police in her house. In this frame of mind she could not allow her own body to dictate to her a sexual release. Resisting all temptations to masturbate, she lay down to sleep. The challenges of the next day came up several times in her dream and she thought she orgasmed in her sleep. It was dream; a shameless dream. In which she and her friend fucked.

At first she saw Sunita lying back and Shom burying his face in her crotch. That was when Deepa in her sleep felt the flow in her pussy. Then abruptly it was she who was doing the fucking. There was a man but she did’nt see his face. Both she and Sunita took turns fucking him. It was when she was on top of him and he leaned forward and sank his teeth into her succulent tits that she felt her pussy squirt in her sleep.

The desperate Deepa tried to push all these thoughts and feelings out of her mind. She needed to keep both her father and her friend within acceptable social norms. Finally, it was sheer fatigue that led her to fall asleep.

It was the phone call that woke her up in the morning. It was Sunita. She was about to board the plane at the other end.

Deepa’s challenging day began.

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