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Debra Does Robert and Amy

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Marie had a serious problem with Her son Robert and His girl friend Amy. He had a monster cock that was over 12″ long that terrified Her the first time She saw it and didn’t even want to touch it, much less play with it. In order to satisify His sexual needs, Marie had been sucking and fucking Robert when He came home sexually frustrated. As She said several times, “What’s a Mother to do.”

Marie decided to enlist the aid of Debra, Her daughter-in-law who lived across the street. She was a very beautiful and sexy Woman, who Marie also knew, liked Robert and Amy.

Marie’s plan was to have Debra play with Robert and show Amy how much fun it is to play with a cock that big.

When Debra heard how big Robert’s cock was She was anxious to help, cause Her husband’s cock did not really satisfy Her. After a long talk from Marie and Debra, Amy finally agreed to try it. Of course, Robert had no objection cause He was secretly in love with Debra.

Several days later when Maria’s husband was out for the night, everyone met at Her house. After a few drinks to loosen everyone up, Debra was on Robert’s lap, kissing Him and feeling His cock through His pants.In a few minutes, She got on Her knees between Robert’s legs, opened His belt and pulled down His pants and shorts. His cock sprung free in Her face. She took His cock in Her two little hands and began to lick and suck the head as Robert began to moan.

Maria undressed Amy and had Her sit next to Robert on the sofa.

“Amy, I could play with a cock like bursa eskort bayan this for hours,” said Debra, “You don’t realize what You are missing. Put Your hand above mine and stroke it with Me, squeeze it and feel how it throbs,” said Debra.

As Debra kissed Her boyfriends cock again, Amy finally gave in and leaned over to kiss it also. Her lips touched Robert’s cock and Debra’s lips at the same time and She was hooked.

Before Amy knew it She was deep kissing Debra and had forgotten about the monster cock in Her hand.

“We better get back to Robert’s cock and we’ll get together later,” whispered Debra.

With Her little hand on the base of Robert’s cock She started to slap it against Amy’s cheeks and lips as Robert’s moans got louder.

“I think I’m ready to suck it,” Amy said, as She took the head of the monster deep into Her mouth. Up and down Her head moved as Amy got a taste of Her first cock.

Debra moved down to lick and suck on Robert’s balls as it became obvious that He was about ready to blow.

“Amy, I don’t believe You are ready to take a load yet so let Me have His cock,” said Debra, as She took over the action.

“Keep Your hand on it while Robert comes,so You can feel the surge of His come when He blasts in My mouth,” instructed Debra.

Amy watched in awe as Debra took in most of Her boyfriend’s cock and then slowly sucked Her way to the tip of the head.

Robert moans got louder as He screamed.”My God! I’m coming, I’m coming, here it bursa merkez escort comes Debra.”

Load after load shot into Debra’s mouth and She finally had to pull Robert’s cock out and take some of His come on Her breasts.

Amy said, “My God I can’t stand this, I have to get some of it,” as She kissed Debra and shared Robert’s come.

“While You two are kissing I guess I will have to clean up Robert’s cock,” said Maria, as She lifted the semi-hard cock and began to lick it clean.

Robert’s cock was hard again and Debra knew She had to finish Amy’s lesson. She pulled Amy down on the floor on top of Her as they kissed and sucked each other’s nipples.

With Amy laying on top of Her, Debra spread their legs open and said,”Give Me that cock, fuck me, fuck me Robert.”

The sight before Robert’s eyes was unbelievable. His naked girl friend laying on top of a naked Debra and His cock ready to go between the legs of Amy and into Debra.

As Robert pounded away, Amy felt Robert’s body on Her back each time He entered Debra.She could feel Robert’s cock rubbing Her between Her legs. In no time at all Debra began to scream, “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming. Kiss Me Amy. Kiss Me, Kiss Me!”

At the same time, Robert unloaded in Debra and Amy began to scream, “Oh My God, Oh My God, something’s happening. It feels so, so good!”

Robert was temporarily out of action as Amy and Debra kissed and fondled each other.

“Well,” Maria said. “I bursa sınırsız escort bayan guess I’d better clean You up again Robert,” as She started to suck and lick His softening cock.

“My, Debra,” She said, “You really taste good.I think I would like to have more of this.”

“Amy,” said Debra, “I really love You, and I believe that Robert’s cock is so big I better give You some personal instruction with some of My toys before You try to handle Him.”

“Whatever You say Debra,” sighed Amy. “You can do anything You like to Me.”

“Robert,” said Debra, “I will need You to fuck Me some more just to make sure that I am able to give the best instructions to Amy.” “You don’t mind do You Robert?”

“Oh God no”, replied Robert, as He pictured beautiful little Debra, with Her legs on His shoulders as entered Her with His monster cock.

“Amy, You are a lucky Woman to have a man with a cock like this. It’s even bigger then My Dad’s,” said Debra.

“Debra, how did You know what Your Dad’s cock looked like when it was hard?”, asked Marie.

“Well before I got married I used to take care of Dad’s buddies on His poker night and sometimes Dad needed relief too.” joked Debra.

“God, Debra, did You fuck them all?” asked Amy.

“Well it was only six guys and Dad sometimes make it seven, so it was no problem, said Debra.

“I got $10 for blow jobs and $20 to $50 for a fuck, depending on whether the guys were winning or not. I saved enough to buy My first car. I called it My “Fuck Wagon,” laughed Debra.

“Debra, You might consider My Frank, as His cock is even bigger then Robert’s.”

“Well the next time He feels Me up, Frank may get a little surprise,” laughed Debra.

“Debra, are You going to be home tomorrow morning?”, asked Marie. “I’d like to talk to You about something.”

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