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Debauchery of Vijaylakshmi Ch. 05

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Vijaya lay snuggled in Uday’s arms, her skin sliding gently against his as he breathed. He was sleeping peacefully, for once, because of his recent treatment. Adding to his relaxed state was the strenuous lovemaking he and Vijaya had just indulged in. Vijaya, on the other hand, was wide awake, her mind endlessly circling, giving her no peace and over and over and over again she relived the events of the past few days. Her conscience was determined to give her no peace. Guilt was a sour knot in her stomach, a bitter coating in her mouth.

How had she gotten into the whole mess? That was the question that kept repeating itself in her mind and over and over and over again she kept trying to answer it – with justifications, life or death reasons. Then why are you enjoying it so much? Looked and asked her conscience.

So she tried to tell it that she wasn’t really enjoying all the extramarital sex. But it was a stupid denial. She had enjoyed it, and she knew it. She had enjoyed the carnal coupling with Ripu KN on the sun-baked pool deck, his thick cock pistoning in her dripping, hungry vagina. She had enjoyed the juicy, uninhibited screwing with Badri Dayal, had relished the feel of the big Panjabi slamming his powerful phallus into her tender pussy. And, worst – or best – of all, had been the lesbian tangling with Sandhya KN. Vijaya had had several brushes with lesbianism in high school, during her gymnastics career, and while she had been a dancer. In high school there had been hesitant experimentation at slumber parties, although not by Vijaya herself. Two of her girl friends, whose reputations were already shot, had tussled wildly one night, thighs driving into pussies, while Vijaya and the other pajama-clad nineteen-year-olds had watched, giggling nervously.

On the gymnastics tour there had been a lesbian romance that all the team members had known about. Vijaya had been careful not to make friends with either of the lesbians. At the Mall where she had worked Vijaya had been propositioned by one of the older girls. Shocked, sickened, and a little frightened, Vijaya had brushed the girl off rudely. And now, Vijaya reflected, she had done it with another woman. Instead of it being sickening and disgusting, she had enjoyed it. She had enjoyed it easily as much as she enjoyed sex with Uday, or Ripu KN, or Badri Dayal. She could still remember the intensity of the orgasm Sandhya KN had brought her to with her sucking and chewing. Vijaya could still remember the taste of Sandhya’s streaming, dripping, cum pussy, the overpowering scent of female sex.

The memory brought a perverse flicker of sexual excitement that made Vijaya tense her crotch muscles. Desperately, she thrust the memory out of her mind, and tried to focus it on her other troubles. Had she locked her desk at work? That thought sent a chill up her spine. The listing agreement Ripu KN had signed was still in her desk. Granted, it was hidden. But what if someone went into her desk looking for a yellow pad? Then Vijaya remembered that during her senseless dithering before coming home, she had locked her desk.

Who would she have to go to bed with next? The question surged tantalizingly to the surface of her mind. Why would she have to go to bed with anyone else? She had the KNs’ agreement to sell, and Badri Dayal’s to buy. There was no one else to go to bed with.

Vijaya tried to deny that this conclusion gave her a feeling of disappointment. She didn’t want to go to bed with anyone but her husband! She didn’t! But she did. Irrationally, perversely, she did want to have other men than Uday. And the hideous fact was that it really didn’t matter too much who it was. An orgasm was an orgasm, was an orgasm. And the orgasms she had gotten from Ripu KN, Badri Dayal, and Sandhya KN had been fully as good as any that she had ever had with Uday. They had, in fact been better, because of the “forbidden fruit” aspect of them, a strange house, a strange setting, with strangers. Nothing like it had ever happened to her before in her life, had it? She had never been wild or wanton, had she? Oh, she hadn’t been a virgin when she had married Uday. In fact, she hadn’t been a virgin when she had met Uday. But she had never been promiscuous – had she?

She had blocked all recollections of a certain incident for years. She had deliberately forgotten that incredible night because of the shame she felt about it. But now it loomed large in her mind as she lay in the grasp of her trusting, unsuspecting husband. Maybe that one wild night was more her true nature than the life she had been living ever since. Vijaya opened the floodgates of her mind to that long suppressed memory . . . It had been her senior year in graduation college, in March, near the end of both the basketball and gymnastics seasons.

“Come on, Rajesh, let me have some more orange juice,” Shampa urged, reaching for the can.

“Ah-ah-ah, no you don’t, not right now,” Rajesh replied, holding the can out of reach in his left hand while he steered the convertible with his right. “Give at home with the gils izle me!” Shampa demanded, leaning across, making a dive for the orange juice. The car slewed wildly to the wrong side of the road.

Vijaya felt Syed’s arm tighten around her. She was practically paralyzed with fright. Her fingers turned white around the can of orange juice she was clutching. “Knock it off up there,” Syed urged. “Come on, Shampa, cool it, will you?”

Shampa glanced sourly at Syed, but did flounce back down in the

seat. Her two short ponytails flicked as she tossed her head in

aggravation. “Rajesh the Prick,” she taunted. “Rajesh the Prick won’t

let me have another orange juice.”

“Where we going?” Syed asked, trying to change the subject.

“I don’t know,” Rajesh said. “Since the cops clamped down on

that fire road in the hills, where is there to go?”

“Darn cops,” Vijaya grumbled, wrinkling her nose as she took a

swallow of orange juice. She really didn’t like the taste of orange juice, but

didn’t want to be a poop about it. But she did sincerely share

her crowd’s opinion of the cops closing down the fire road. So

what if there had been trouble up there? If the goons from across

town hadn’t gotten into the act, no one would have been the wiser

about that old road being a make-out place. Now no one could use

it. And it was where Vijaya had lost her virginity, too. It wasn’t

fair at all.

“Let’s go to college!” Shampa suggested abruptly,

characteristically leaping from one mood to another.

“College!?” the others asked in shocked disbelief.

Rajesh glanced sideways at his date. “You have had too much

orange juice. College’s the last place we want to go.”

Shampa shook her head, making her ponytails flip wildly. “Uh uh, it’s just the place to go. ‘Cause I got a secret.”

Vijaya took another swallow of orange juice, almost enjoying it now she was beginning to get giddy.

“What’s your secret?” Syed asked. He slid his hand down to cover Vijaya’s breast.

Vijaya snuggled under his arm and reached for his hand. She pressed it down on the gentle mound of her breast, feeling the lace of her bra scratch her nipple and make it burn. “Yeah,what’s your secret?” she asked casually, in an attempt to hide what was going on between her and Syed. The tremor in her voice betrayed her, but no one seemed to notice. “I know a way of getting in,” Shampa announced in a hushed tone, as if she was revealing the location of buried treasure.

“Awww, come off it, Shampa,” Rajesh snorted. “They’ve had that place locked up like Fort Knox ever since someone trashed it last year.”

“Yeah,” Syed said, still fondling Vijaya’s warm breast. “They even put in a lousy alarm system.”

“I know a way in,” Shampa insisted pertly.

“Oh yeah? How?” Rajesh demanded.


“Come on, you’re bullshitting me.”

“I am not! Give me some orange juice and I’ll tell you.”

Rajesh handed over the orange juice. “All right, talk.”

Shampa took a swig of orange juice, then a second. When Rajesh reached for the can, she held it out of reach. “Okay, I’ll tell you,” she agreed. “Better, I’ll show you. Honest and true, there’s a way to get into the college, a safe way.”

“Let’s give it a try,” Syed said. “Should be fun.”

“What if we get caught?” Vijaya asked, worried in spite of the orange juice.

“You chicken?” Shampa challenged.

“Course not,” Vijaya said quickly, stung. “Let’s go.”

“Park at the Pizza Hut,” Syed suggested. “That way no one’ll notice the car.”

From the Pizza Hut, the four of them crossed the street. ijaya squeezed Syed’s hand tightly with excitement and nervousness. She was dry-mouthed, and glad that Shampa had several orange juices stowed safely in her big tote bag. In a few minutes, they were all standing in dark silence.

“S-Syed?” Vijaya whispered softly, her heart pounding.

“Right here.”

“See, I told you,” Shampa boasted, in full voice. After the tense silence, it sounded as if she were shouting.

“Ssssshhhh,” Rajesh said desperately. “Jeesus!”

“No one can hear us,” Shampa said boldly. “Come on.

“Where?” Rajesh asked.

“Take my hand, Dummy,” Shampa instructed. “Hey! That’s not my hand!”

“Lots more interesting than your hand, though,” Rajesh replied.

Vijaya wondered what was going on in the darkness.

“Not now,” Shampa informed him primly. “Right now, let’s get going. Come on, everybody link hands and follow me.”

As they shuffled their way through the darkness, Vijaya wished she had a hand free so she could check whether she had torn her dress when they had slipped through the window into the basement. It was brand new, a close, clinging sheath and it had cost her a month’s allowance.

The corridors of the empty building were dark and mysterious. The only light came from FIRE EXIT signs. ayak işleri izle Their red glow reflected eerily off the polished floors and as the four of them rambled and romped through the building, their voices and footsteps echoed weirdly back at them and soon they were chasing hilariously through the building, darting in and out of rooms and halls. With the heart-thumping excitement of the forbidden, the boys went into the womens’ rest rooms, and Vijaya and Shampa giggled at the urinals in the mens’ bathrooms. Rajesh stood in front of one of the tile urinals, pretending to use it. When he was challenged to really use it, with all of them watching, he blustered his way out of it, and the room.

Eventually, the four of them pushed into the huge, dark, echoing gymnasium. Scooping up a loose basketball, Syed and Rajesh dribbled and passed wildly around the floor while Vijaya and Shampa tried to provide some opposition. When they were all panting, they slumped down on a tumbling mat that was along one wall. Orange juices were opened and the only sound was panting and gulping. “And that was the way Syed and I demolished Concorde International for the Regional Championship,” Rajesh boasted when he had caught his breath.

“What was the way?” Vijaya asked. She was tucked comfortably under Syed’s arm again. Shampa had one hand high on Rajesh’s thigh, and Rajesh’s fingers were stroking the slope of one of Shampa’s breasts. The sight made Vijaya feel hot.

“That display of basketball virtuosity, of course,” Rajesh answered, after taking another slug of orange juice.

“Well,” Shampa said proudy, “Vijaya and I brought the gymnastics team its championship.”

“Hey,” Rajesh exclaimed, “how about a gymnastics exhibition?”

“How about it?” Vijaya asked dubiously.

“Syed and I have never seen you two do your stuff,” Rajesh pointed out. “We always have a basketball game when you have an exhibition, remember?”

“Yeah,” Syed agreed. “Hey, which of you two is better, anyway?”

“I’m first on balance beam and vaulting,” Vijaya said, “and second in floor exercises and uneven parallel bars. What are you, Shampa?” Vijaya asked the question with just a trace of cattiness.

She knew Shampa was a distant third in everything. “The judges are prejudiced,” Shampa said sourly.

Vijaya had some more orange juice, and was emboldened by the beverage.. “Bullshit!”

“Well, they are. They think I’ve got too big a fanny. You, you’re just built like a small man, that’s why they like you. Bunch of perverts, that’s what they are.”

Vijaya was surprised at Shampa’s vehemence.

“I’ve got an idea,” Rajesh said quickly. “How about a contest right now?”

“Right now?” Vijaya asked dubiously, suddenly aware of her intoxication.

“Sure,” Syed said eagerly. “Rajesh and I will be the judges.”

“But . . . but . . .” Vijaya stuttered. “The only thing out is the mats.”

“So, floor exercises,” Rajesh commented. “You’ve always said that’s the most demanding. And besides, it’s not your strongest event, and it’s not Shampa’s either, so it’ll be more even.”

“Yeah,” Shampa agreed. “Why not?”

“We-we don’t have our uniforms with us,” Vijaya pointed out desperately.

“So who needs uniforms?” Shampa demanded, encouraged by Vijaya’s reluctance. “Come on, Vijaya. You chicken? You afraid I’ll beat you?”

“Of course not,” Vijaya snapped. “But how’re you going to do a cartwheel in a tight ghaghra?”

Shampa bounded to her feet. “That, my little precious, is simple!” She reached behind her and quickly unzipped her dress.

Vijaya watched in shock as Shampa pulled the dress forward and down her arms. The dusky girl’s bra seemed to shine in the light from the EXIT sign nearest them. Without hesitating, Shampa pushed her dress down and off and stepped out of it. She stood in front of them in only her bra and panties, slender, graceful, and pretty.

“Well, come on, you chicken?” Shampa taunted. “You think you can beat me fully dressed? Let’s give the guys a real show, okay?”

The orange juice and her pride goaded Vijaya to her feet. “Okay,” she agreed. Her fingers shook as she reached for the zipper at the back of her dress.

“Let me help,” Syed offered gallantly.

Vijaya turned her back and felt the zipper go down. Then she stripped her dress off. A hot flash of excitement boiled through her as Syed and Rajesh goggled at her slender beauty.

“Come on,” Shampa urged.

“How are we going to do this?” Vijaya asked. “We don’t have any music.”

“Screw the music,” Shampa snorted. “It always mixes me up, anyway. Tell you what. I’ll do something then you see if you can do it. Then you do something, and then I’ll match it. Okay?”

“Okay,” Vijaya agreed, feeling cool air touch her bare midriff between her lace bra and skimpy panties. She could feel Syed’s eyes on her buttocks as she walked over and stood beside Shampa on the mat.

“Here goes.” Shampa launched herself across the dark floor aynen aynen izle in a series of graceful cartwheels. Halfway through, something white flew through the air. The dark haired bounced to a halt and covered her bare breasts with her hands. Her bra had let go under the strain.

Vijaya was halfway through her third cartwheel when she felt one of her own straps break. She finished up then held onto the strap, pulling the cup up over her small breast.

“Well, come on,” Shampa urged. She was still covering her breasts with her hands. “If you stop now, I win.”

“But . . .” Vijaya stuttered.

“Chicken!” Shampa snapped.

“Okay, you asked for it,” Vijaya flared, nettled. “You have to match me this time.” Releasing her strap, Vijaya quickly shed her bra so it wouldn’t be in her way. She took a series of quick steps, then hurled herself through the air into a front flip. anding on her feet, she rolled immediately into a front somersault, then stopped in a back-straining arch, and touched the back of her head with one foot. Her panties were climbing into the crack of her ass uncomfortably. When she relaxed, ending in an arched push-up, Shampa had moved up beside her. The girls were facing Syed and Rajesh. The two boys were staring hungrily at Vijaya and Shampa, at Vijaya’s nearly nude body, at her bare, young, sweet breasts. Vijaya felt a flash of shame and excitement burn through her. Beside her, out of the corner of her eye, she could see Shampa’s fuller, rounder breasts. Shampa’s nipples were hard, sharp and excited.

“Like it, Rajesh?” Shampa asked teasingly. “Who’s winning?”

“Haven’t seen enough of the gymnasts yet,” Syed said quickly. Vijaya instantly saw what he was driving at. She flushed, and wanted to stop right then and there. But Shampa didn’t.

“Damn panties are getting in my way,” Shampa complained, rolling gracefully to her feet. With her back to the two men, she stripped them down and off. Then she darted across the mat, her pale buttocks rolling and jerking, flashing white as she danced through a series of spins, then arched through the air in a flip with a half twist so that she ended up facing Vijaya, Syed and Rajesh.

Vijaya was frozen with shock. Shampa was naked! In front of both the men! Vijaya wasn’t a virgin, but had also never been naked in front of any man except Syed – never two at once.

“Come on, chicken, or you lose,” Shampa taunted, posing boldly, her naked nineteen-year-old body a study in light and shadow. “Come on. Chicken!”

Stung, and also slightly giddy from the tumbling and the orange juice, Vijaya got to her feet. Maybe Shampa had a legitimate gripe about her panties – they certainly were uncomfortable cramming up into the crack of your ass and your pussy. Keeping her back to the men, Vijaya stripped hers off. Quickly, before she really thought about it, she duplicated Shampa’s routine, keeping up the charade that they were involved in a competition. All the way through the maneuver she was aware of the men watching her naked crotch, could feel the mounds of her breasts quivering and shaking from the strenuous exercise. She was getting more and more excited from the wild, naked gymnastics performance in the empty, darkened gym.

She slammed to a halt facing Rajesh and Syed and saw the way they were watching her, and Shampa. The whole thing was incredibly erotic, wildly exciting.

“One more time,” Shampa panted, “and I think we’ve got them.”

“Huh?” Vijaya asked, winded and bewildered.

“Those two,” Shampa whispered, pointing at Syed and Rajesh.”They’re about to cream their pants just from watching us.”

“But . . .”

“Watch this,” Shampa ordered, and took off across the mat. It looked like any other routine, except that it didn’t end at the edge of the mat, but went on across the floor.

Vijaya didn’t want to watch Shampa laying herself nude across Rajesh’s lap, but couldn’t stop herself. Shampa was offering herself to him, completely, boldly, unashamedly, while Syed and Vijaya watched. Shampa curled her arm around Rajesh’s neck and drew his head down for a devouring, open-mouthed kiss. Then she challenged Vijaya. “Well, come on!”

Inflamed with a weird lust, Vijaya followed the same route that Shampa had, and wound up in Syed’s arms. His hand reached out and engulfed her breast and she kissed him, boiling with excitement.The embrace became shamelessly erotic, as Vijaya began stripping Syed of his clothes. Then they were both naked, squirming and writhing and feeling each other up – hot cock and dripping, pussy, soft breasts and slick skin.

“Hey, look,” Syed said softly, turning so Vijaya could see Shampa and Rajesh.

Vijaya snuggled against her steady. His arms were around her. One hand was on her breasts, the other on her naked pussy. She was watching Shampa straddling Rajesh. Shampa lifted Rajesh’s prick, and stopped, poised over it. She aimed its pink bulbous head up into her pussy, her nearly hairless blonde pussy. The labia were plainly visible in the light from the EXIT sign. Then she lowered herself on the tower of blood and gristle, pushed herself down on the turgid phallus. Her young face was twisted with lust as she fucked herself wildly on the big cock.

“Shit!” Syed swore softly, his hand digging into Vijaya’s pussy, his finger working in her soaking, oozing opening.

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