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Dear Diary Ch. 02

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Oct. 15

I know last night I was just deflecting Mike’s worries by us having sex all night, but damn it felt so good. Too just let go like that, to relent to the animal inside myself, and that is what it felt like. I think Mike is going to be sore today, and not just from sore muscles…I left a large number of bites on his hide last night, even drawing blood at times. Maybe I should get checked for rabies?

It’s amazing that my problem with Peter is due to sex and my pressure valve to relieve that stress is sex with my husband. I’m not going to deny that what my getting excited over what Peter does isn’t wrong and I know I should surely come up with some way to stop the situation, but I have to now admit it to myself, that I find myself looking forward to my daily sparing sessions with Peter. I have to also admit as well that it bothers me; especially that it’s exposing my daughters to my shameful display when Peter does indulge himself. Granted they aren’t children anymore, but young ladies, but mothers really shouldn’t do these things in front of their children…no matter the ages involved. I wonder still if I should have told Mike after it started, and I now look at my own behavior and even wonder if that an option now. If Mike found out how much I’ve given over to the situation, would he want to forgive me, much less understand.

I find myself longing for and dreading each day as the children get home, knowing what approaches and looking at my own decisions each day. Well I need to wrap this up, they will soon be home and I need to start getting things done in the kitchen anyway.

Oct. 18

I wasn’t able to write about what happened Friday until now. It’s Monday morning as I sit here and I still can’t believe what I let happen yet again, a further broadening of what I’m allowing and doing each afternoon. I must say I put on a good act for Mike when he got home Friday, though I had to pretend to be sick and didn’t eat supper, going to bed early. He fawned over me Saturday thinking I was sick still and too be honest I was, just not from a virus. How could I have thought that all of what has been happening wasn’t leading up to this and why in the hell did I wear that damn dress…

After Susan put down her journal, she felt a wicked thrill run through her and decided to change out of her jean pants and slide on an old skirt she had which Mike had always considered plain but which made her feel sexy. It was made of a very thin material, so she felt almost naked while wearing it, but it was very dark and not sheer. It was also very long, hanging only a foot above the floor as she wore it. As Susan slid it on she had another wicked idea and removed her panties, thinking it would add to her eroticism, feeling less between her and Peter when he performed his daily ritual. She had worn it around the house before, it being old and very comfortable and she had retired it from service for purposes of wearing outside of the house. She moved to look at herself in the mirror, turning to look at herself, feeling very free, inviting and thinking the dress would enhance her sexual stimulation for her, and she could pass that onto Mike later that night…probably the whole weekend. She smiled at her image in the mirror, thinking as she always did when she wore this dress, that she looked quite sexy for being forty-two years of age. She gave her image another flip over as she left the mirror and adjusting her new clothes she left the room.

Susan entered the kitchen and started preparing for supper, pulling things from the fridge and setting them out on the counter top. She figured on making homemade spaghetti and meatballs, so she started chopping the vegetables to go in the sauce and meatballs. Just then the kids got home. They were getting home sooner this past week then they used to in the past, because Mike had gotten a used car for Peter to drive and he took the girls to school each day, all three of them going to the same High school. Susan cried hello to them as they walked into the living room. They all said hey and she smiled at them over the partition, still in a good mood from the sex marathon the night before.

“I’m making spaghetti guys so I hope you’re hungry.” I told them all as I looked up at them. I always made way too much spaghetti when I made it so there would be leftovers. Peter and Mary walked past her as they went to their rooms to drop off their school things. Genie stop at the kitchen table, placing her book bag on the table and Susan assumed she had homework, which she usually did now at the kitchen table, at least the past month or so at any rate. Genie came over and gave her a half hug, seeing as her mother was busy with her hands still messy from the food. Susan leaned her head over as her daughter embraced her side. “You have a good day honey?” Susan asked her daughter as she moved off to rinse her hands to grab the meat from the fridge. Genie’s eyes followed her, nodding her head as Ankara escort she looked at her mother.

“Yeah mom, it was ok today. I made a B on that math test today.” Genie told her mother. Susan flashed her a smile from the fridge as she closed it up and moved back to the counter.

“Genie, that’s great.” Susan said to her as she drew closer, she knew her daughter’s weakest subject was math with Genie more often than not making a C or a D on a test so a B was good news. Susan stooped down and pulled a few mixing bowls out for her to fix up the meatballs in, then stood back up, looking at her daughter. “Do you think you can keep making them, it would be good to pull your grade up in that subject?” Susan asked her in an off hand manner. Genie smiled slightly.

“I hope so, I’m feeling better with what the teacher is going over and you know I always don’t do well when I first get back to school each year.” Genie said in an thoughtful voice as she looked at her mother. Susan just nodded.

“I know Genie and I’m sure you will pull the grades up now, but you had me worried when you said you made D’s on 3 of your math tests. But I’m glad you made a B today sweetie.” Susan said, smiling again at her daughter before turning back to her preparations. She opened the hamburger meat and dumped it into the biggest mixing bowl. Genie saw her mother was busy, so took a seat at the table and started on the little bit of homework she had before the weekend started. A few minutes later the other two came walking back into the kitchen, Susan glanced back at them for a second as they entered the kitchen and walked pasted her. Mary sat down at the kitchen table and grabbing the newspaper started to skim over it. Susan looked back down and started to mix in the vegetables into the bowl. She noticed Peter as he entered the living room and turned on the Television, finding a show he liked and turned around and left the room. Susan grinned, thinking her son was now so predictable. She heard him walk back into the kitchen and stood beside her.

“Anything I can help with mom?” Peter asked her and Susan smiled to herself, thinking if she didn’t give him anything, he would find some small reason to start out his post school grab session.

“I don’t know, can you help with anything?” She replied playfully, trying not to chuckle at him. But she nodded and looked at the cabinet next to her head. “I guess you can hand me the spices out of there, I forgot to get them out before this…” She said, showing her meat covered hands.

“Ok mom.” He said as he moved behind her, and she felt the beginning contact of his hips as he positioned himself behind her, and she saw his arm open the cabinet. She began feeling his first thrusts into her and she grinned ever so softly, shaking her head. “Which ones mom?” Peter asked her as he placed his other arm on the counter top near her side and started to rotate his hips into her, hunching his back slightly.

“Umm, the next one over…yes that one.” Susan directed him and as he leaned up to grab the small bottle she felt a hard thrust into her and she heard herself moan. She began pushing her hips back into his now, biting her lip softly as sweat started on her brow. He set that bottle down on the counter as he rose his hand again, and again thrusting hard into her, causing another moan to escape her.

“What now mom?” He asked as his fingers skimmed over the small bottles and he saw her head shake with each bottle. He had to lean even more into her to reach the last one and she nodded as he touched it. “Is this what you want mom?” He asked her as he grabbed the bottle, but also pushed hard into her ass and held himself there, his erection pressing forward and down his legs… pressing where he took her pussy to be. She nodded again.

“Yes, that’s what I wanted.” She said as her body moved of its own accord and her hips gyrated down and onto the lump in his pants. He watched his hand drop and softly placed the spice bottle on the counter beside the other one. “Is that all the spices?” He asked, thinking that was all she normally used but wanting any excuse to continue his dry humping of her.

“That’s all I need sweetie.” She told him, her body still grinding into his. She thought he would now leave as he usually did…she knew he liked to tease her many times during the next few hours before his father got home. But he stayed, and she noticed he slowly moved his hands onto her sides and she gasped softly at the contact. She was hard pressed to continue her kneading of the meat and vegetable mix, her hands now hardly moving in the bowl. Her breathing grew more rapid as she felt his hand skim over her shirt, but leading down instead of up and it was only as his hands slipped inside her shirt did she realize what he was doing. She stopped breathing for a second and held still before she shook her head quickly, but slightly. “No.” Was all she said as she felt his hands continue up, now at the Ankara escort bayan bottom of her bra.

“Shhh.” Was the only thing he said as he thrust into her, pressing her into the counter and then his hands enveloped her breasts, beginning to massage them. She gasped at the contact and thrust her hips back into his, her body pushing back so that he had to take a step back to remain standing, but he continued his thrusting. He no moved his fingers so that they could caress her hard nipples which poked hard into her bra and his palm.

“Oh shit…” Susan moaned softly when she felt her son start to pinch and twist her nipples through her bra. Her hip thrusts were now faster and harder then his and Susan knew that in minutes she would orgasm. What happened next slowed her movement, but didn’t stop them…she was too far gone to stop of her own accord now.

Susan caught movement out of the corner of her eye and she slowly looked over through her glassy eyes to look over at her daughters, and saw Mary moving her direction, then pass behind her. But she immediately lost all thought of Mary when she noticed that Genie had her jean and panties down to her knees, bunched together as her legs flexed out pulling the clothes taunt. Susan passed into a dreamlike unreality as her eyes now noticed Genies hand between her own legs, her fingers pumping steadily into her pussy. Susan could now hear the soft, liquid squishing noise as they moved and remembered thinking why she hadn’t heard the sound earlier. Susan faintly heard Mary talking, though she couldn’t tell what she said or too whom. She then felt the pressure from Peter pull away and she might have stumbled back but she now felt two hands on her upper thighs. In confusion she slowly looked back and saw Mary kneeling beside her, her arms at her thighs pushing against her.

“Mary, what are…?” Susan began to asked, then watch as Mary quickly lowered her hands and raised her mothers dress over her now bare ass. Susan stood up somewhat and moved to grab her daughters hands, but Peter moved forward and she felt as his now uncovered erection entered between her legs and his hips now blocked the option of pulling down her skirt. She felt his hands move off her breasts and quickly grab her hips. “Peter, stop it…” Susan cried out softly in protest, now feeling the cool air on her open pussy. She could feel the head of her sons cock as it bounced on and off her wet pussy, but she was at the wrong angle for him to enter her as yet. “Peter we can’t!” She protested again, using her hands to weakly try and push her son away from her.

“You’re soaked mom!” Susan heard her daughter say, and then felt Mary’s hand cover her sopping pussy and when Susan felt her daughter’s finger slide along the length of her slit; she couldn’t help but gasp aloud, feeling her body shiver. So much blood had rushed to her head it took her a few seconds to comprehend what her daughter said next. “She is so ready!” Mary croaked out, her throat deep with lust as she felt her mothers juices dripping from her hand. Before Susan could react, Mary reached down and pressed her bothers swinging cock up…up and inside their mother, easily slipping inside her flooded pussy as Peter pushed, burying himself to the hilt in one solid thrust.

“OH MY GOD!” Susan screamed out in sudden ecstasy, not expecting the sudden filling as each and every inch of her pussy was filled and she pushed back with all her strength, her body unresponsive to her will as her pussy muscles clamped down on the invading member and began her orgasm. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god….yesss…yyeessss…AHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed out as her head lay down on the counter top and her body jerked uncontrollably on Peter’s thrusting member, her hips now bucked back and forth with his, her tightened lips sucking on his shaft like a mouth as he buried it deeper and began to cum himself, pulling her hips hard to his own as his body lost all control.

“AHHH MOM! Awww god…ahhhhh yeahhhh!” he cried out as he held himself as deep as he could inside her, feeling each spurt of his seed an eternity and her sucking pussy was heaven. Susan continued to orgasm, even starting another as she felt each scalding spurt land inside her and knew he was filling her. Peter kept pulling her closer, wanting his entire body in this source of wonder and soon he thought he must whither to dust with the amount he was blowing into her. But after almost a full minute, his orgasm subsided, along with hers, though her pussy continued to milk at him and he now became aware that their combine juices were leaking between them and onto the floor below. Peter panted out when he heard soft moaning from the side and glanced at his sister Genie, herself in the throes of an orgasm…actually her second as she rubbed herself to the unbelievable scene before her. Peter felt a hand touch the entry point with his mother and knew it was Mary’s, but he just panted and kept watching Genie as she Escort Ankara thrust into herself once more and then relaxed in the chair, her body now feeling that wonderful after orgasmic contentment.

“Shit Peter…you came!” Mary said in disbelief as the combined juice flowed between her fingers and she reached up her with other hand, bringing it from between her pants legs and caught the dripping juice in its palm. After a few seconds she stood up and bringing her hand to her nose, smelt the liquid, then seconds after she began licking the fluids off her hands and fingers so lost in lust and unable to stop herself.

“No, no, no.” Was all Susan muttered out as she began sobbing. Her legs now became rubber and she collapsed slowly to the floor, her shoulder and head hugging the bottom cabinets as she rested on the floor, her other arm covering her face, not wanting to see her children…or to have them see her. “No!” She wailed out, her body shuddering as she realized what had happened. She felt someone embrace her and knew it was her daughter Mary, Susan could smell the musky juices still on her daughter’s hands and Susan felt sick. “AAAAAHHHH! Get off me!” Susan screamed out as she thrust her daughter away and Mary fell onto her butt with a loud thud. She looked up as her son was pulling up his pants and buttoning them. She glanced over at Genie, her hands still near her uncovered pussy and open pants. “What have you done!” She moaned out loudly as tears streamed down her cheeks. She used the counter to lift herself on her shaky legs. “NO!” Was all she could scream as she ran from the kitchen and fled to her room, slamming the door behind her, leaving her stunned children behind her.

“Oh my god!” Was all Peter could say as he looked at her sister Mary, unable to move and just looked at her, then at the counter where his mother stood a minute before. He heard Genie sobbing now, her weeping getting quite loud and strong when Peter looked over at her. She had her arms up as if to embrace herself, her hands covering her wet face and eyes. Mary also stood stunned, but after a minute moved to her sister and embraced her, whispering soft words to quiet her. After a minute Mary began crying as well, in seconds becoming as loud as her sister. Peter backed up to the opposite side of the room and knelt against the oven as he lowered himself to sit on the floor, resting his head in his folded arms. It was a few minutes later, Peter was silently listening too his sisters crying, fighting back his own tears when Mary spoke. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I should never have suggested you do that to mom.” Mary muttered out as she looked back at him through her teary eyes. Peter looked up at her and shook his head.

“I didn’t have to listen…and it was my urges that started it. It wasn’t your fault, Mary.” Peter told her softly as he butted his head softly on the oven behind him. Genie’s crying ceased suddenly as she slowly looked up from her hands and looked at Mary, then Peter.

“You guys planned this! I just thought…you mean you did this on purpose?” Genie asked her sister in shook as she looked at Mary.

“No! We didn’t plan this Genie…it just happened. God, we didn’t plan any of it! It just happened. All Mary did was suggest I play with mom some and that was all. But if you have to blame someone, blame me. It was my damn…my damn hormones. That and me thinking mom always looked sexy.” Peter said shaking his head as tears now started flowing down his face, though he quickly wiped them away. Genie looked at him, then back at Mary. Mary stared at her with her teary eyes and nodded.

“I never planned this…could never plan on this. I…we were just having fun. I thought it was funny teasing mommy, then I don’t know…we both got really excited because we both thought mom would go off on Peter and force him to stop but she didn’t! And that’s when I told you about mom digging it, because I thought she was and I needed someone to talk to about it, well except Peter, but he already knew. I never thought it would get like this!” Mary cried out, shaking her head violently, and began beating her fists against her legs over and over again.

“Jesus!” Peter spat out as he jumped up and dashed toward his sisters. Genie was just staring at her sister with a look akin to horror, and she moved back slightly, her eyes wide. Peter grabbed Mary’s wrists and held them up away from her legs. Mary looked at him through her pained, teary eyes and half cried out, half growled as she then began to try and slam her forehead into her knees. “God dammit Mary stop it!” Peter cried out as he thrust his shoulder between her head and knees feeling her hit his back twice before she stopped trying starting to cry harder. After a few seconds he moved and let go of her arms, Mary pulled them to her chest, curling up into an upright ball. Peter looked over at Genie and she looked back at him, a frightened expression on her face. Peter sighed deeply and embraced his youngest sisters shaking body. He then looked up again and reaching out pulled Genie into the mass of the huddle. Genie accepted and moved closer, beginning to cry again and Peter forced back his own tears as he held them both.

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