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Days of Our Lives: A Mother’s Touch

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It was mid afternoon when Kate decided she would go to see her son Phillip. John had not returned to the office and she did not have anything else pressing to do. Since she had moved out of the house she never did see Phillip as much as she would have liked. When she arrived she peeked in the window and noticed Victor and Nicole going at it on the couch. She knocked loudly on the door to disrupt them. Kate hated that whore of a younger woman that her ex had left her for. Kate knew that all Nicole wanted was money and had no real feelings of love towards her husband. Victor answered the door with his clothes thrown on his body.

“What the hell are you doing here?” He asked her with a scowl on his face.

“I came to visit my son”, she said. “I see you are busy so I will just go on up stairs.” “Is Phillip home?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said as he turned away.

She was angry to see him with that slut and she wanted to get back at him. She had the feeling that even though they were not together she knew that he would be jealous if he saw her with someone else.

Up in his room Phillip was listening to music and sulking in his sadness over his loss of Chloe as he often did. He felt as if he had lost the love of his life. Had no idea that High School relationships were not the kind that usually lasted. He was heartbroken. When Kate walked in she noticed that he looked down and upset.

“Are you still crying over that lying little girl?” she asked him.

She told him he needed to just forget about Chloe and move on with life. Let me help you get that girl off your mind she said placing her hands on his shoulders. She massaged him there for a second allowing her hands to run over his arms and his chest. She felt how strong he had become and she was impressed. She thought he must have been putting some time in at the gym. At first Phillip was a little shocked with the way she was touching him because it seemed more then he was used to from her. It felt wrong, but at the same time it felt really good. He turned to look at his mother and saw the face he missed having around.

“I am going to take care of you honey,” she bursa suriyeli escort escort said.

Then she kissed him on the forehead. He thought that was what she meant, but then she kissed him again, but this time on the lips allowing her tongue to enter his mouth.

She continued to kiss him passionately as she let her hands explore his well-built body. He knew this was incredibly wrong because she was his mother. Well, in reality Vivian Alimain had carried and given birth to him, but Kate had raised him. However, that was of no importance to him now because he could not stop. He just went along as she stripped off his and her clothes. She took his hands and guided them to her breasts. As he touched them she quivered.

He stood there looking at his mother. She was so sexy and had an amazing body that he had never really took notice of before. She sat him down on the bed and sat with him. She told him that it was ok. She told him to go ahead and touch and kiss her breasts. He had never done this before, but he gladly began to pleasure her. Kate moaned and encouraged him as he sucked on her nipples and cupped her breasts in his hands. She stroked his cock and felt him growing. He kept getting bigger and harder.

Kate knew he was ready, but she wanted to make sure her son knew to take care of the woman’s needs before his own. Kate sat on the bed and spread her legs wide open allowing a view of her wet pussy. She guided her son’s hands there and let him explore. Phillip ran his fingers around her pussy and pushed them inside gently probing. Kate then put her hands on the back of his head and guided his mouth to her cunt. She instructed him to lick her there and he did. He slipped his tongue inside her pussy and licked tasting her juices.

“MMM yes, now find the clit honey,” she said. “The little ball above my pussy,” she added.

Phillip ran his tongue higher knowing roughly where he needed to go. Kate gasped and he knew he had found his target. He licked and licked and Kate held his head pushed her cunt into his face. She moaned and squirmed and shook and came spraying bursa ucuz escort her sweetness all over her son’s face. Then she gently pushed him down on the bed. Phillip lay there in amazement as his mothered lowered her head and took his penis into her mouth. She sucked him slowly moving up and down his shaft and twirling her tongue around the head of his penis. Phillip was suddenly lost in the warmth and wetness and the wonderful sensations he was feeling.

Kate heard the muffled whimpers of her son’s pleasure. This provoked her to suck harder and deeper taking the entire length of his engorged cock between her pink skillful lips. Next she rose up and looked into her son’s eyes. Kate could tell he was starting to understand. She slowly slipped over him and began to rock her hips to meet him. The heat and passion became intense as they moved back and forth. Again Phillip had the feeling that it was all wrong. But no one had ever touched him this way before. It was like nothing else he had ever known. Forbidden and taboo, but so hot and unbelievably sexy at the same time. Kate knew that there was nothing like a mother’s touch.

They continued for a while and Kate felt him growing bigger inside of her. She knew now that her son was not a little boy, but a man and a well hung one. He pushed deeper into her as he ran his hands over her breasts playing with her nipples. Kate’s hands were clenched around Phillip’s back. Her nails digging into his skin as she pulled him tightly against her. Victor had finished with Nicole and was wondering why Kate had not come down yet. He walked up the stairs to see what was happening when he heard the sounds. He opened the door a crack and saw his son losing his virginity to his mother. The thought should have made him sick, but they looked really hot together and it turned Victor on. He felt dirty watching them and he liked that.

He took hold of himself and gave himself the best solo orgasm of his life. Kate began to moan and push harder against her son. She arched her back and took hold of his hips as she rode his cock. She rode fast and hard but never rough. Phillip bursa üniversiteli escort pushed into her as hard as he could. Kate had multiple orgasms as her son pounded himself deep into her wet cunt. Her body felt alive in a way that she had not felt for the longest time. Phillip’s body became tense as his release neared. He felt this powerful sensation in his body and a tingling that spread throughout.

“Oh yes mother,” he yelled as he spilled inside of her and felt his whole body relax.

Kate kissed her son on the forehead dressed herself and walked for the door. Victor hid out of site and she walked out of the house. Phillip could hardly believe what had happened. But, she had been so fucking hot and sexy not like a mother. He knew that she had to be better than Chloe or any girl would have been. He knew that he would have to get some more of his mother’s touch soon.

As Kate walked out of the house she smiled. She was extremely surprised at how good her son had been for his first time. For a brief moment she had the feeling it was a shame they could never be together again. However, she knew it had to be that way for so many reasons. She thought back on her other two sons Lucas and Austin. It had been sort of her tradition and she had guided each of them into manhood. Always just that first time and never mentioned or done again. She only wanted to teach them and to show them how good it could be with the right woman. So they would never settle for less and never have cheap meaningless sex.

She also smiled at the fact that Phillip had been the best. Austin the oldest had been too much of a nice guy. Too intimidated by the mother issue and by the simple fact of a woman’s naked body. He had been afraid to really touch her. His nervousness had hindered his performance. She remembered how she had to coax him the entire time. Always reassuring him it was ok to touch her and to be touched. It had not been easy but once Kate had gotten her mouth on him he had been helpless. Lucas the middle child had been too eager and too quick. He rushed into his finish and had not listened when Kate had tried to show him how to please a woman. This had disappointed Kate because she was very fond of Lucas. They had a close bond and she had expected more from him. More than just the horny teenager pumping her until he selfishly came early. Phillip she felt had a good basis as he was eager to tenderly touch and to go slow and make it last. She knew someday to some girl he would make a great lover.

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