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Dawn’s Dark Desires Ch. 02

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No Angels: Dawn’s Dark Desires

All Rights Reserved by the author © 2018 Paul Garland

Part 2

The following morning, I was relieved that Dawn was still in bed when I left for work. The events of yesterday seemed almost surreal and the guilt I felt at fantasizing about Dawn while having sex with her mother was heavy on my mind. I needed to get my head around it all and the last thing I needed was to see Dawn strutting around half-undressed.

It took me a while but eventually, I managed to focus on work, until a lunchtime text message from Dawn had my head spinning again.

Dawn: You know you asked me to tell you whenever I do things?

Me: Yes. Go on.

Dawn: Would you mind me seeing Martin later? Obviously, he’s worried about what happened and wants to talk.

Me: Is it just talking?

Dawn: No, that’s why I texted you. I’ve told him you’re understanding about it but he still wants to see me face to face to make sure and then have sex.

Me: Well, if it’s just that, then okay. I wish you’d break up with Ryan though. This is cheating.

Dawn: I know. I will when I’m ready. Trust me?

Me: I don’t trust you. That’s the problem.

Dawn: Love you too. Lol.

That was the end of the message exchange, but for the rest of the afternoon, my head was all over the place. What did she see in this guy? From what I’d seen on his Facebook page and from the brief few minutes I’d confronted him in the car park, this Martin wasn’t anything to look at. He was at least forty, as old as me maybe, balding and of average build. She’d even said his dick wasn’t anything special. He was just ‘good at fucking.’ It just all felt wrong but I had no idea what to do about it.

That evening, I only saw Dawn briefly. She was already dressed for her night out by the time I got in from work, in a pink blouse, leather jacket, and knee-length skirt. She looked gorgeous and I could totally see why Martin wanted her, the dirty old bastard.

I told her to have fun but be careful. I couldn’t say much more with Becky being there, but Dawn gave me a knowing smile as she left, promising that she wouldn’t be home too late and not worry about anything and then five minutes later, another text came through to my phone from her.

I went to the bathroom, careful to hide the text from Becky.

Dawn: Thank you for understanding.

Me: It’s fine. Just keep me in the know so I can look out for you.

Dawn: It’s just me and Martin having a chat and some fun tonight. Don’t worry.

Me: Of course I worry. You’re my step-daughter.

She didn’t text again and I managed to distract myself with watching some TV with Becky, who herself seemed distracted.

“You okay?” I said casually although inside I had a bad feeling, perhaps paranoia that somehow she knew something.

“Yes,” she said with a smile. “Work’s getting me down a bit but hopefully be better next week.”

Becky had been promoted to manager at where she worked but wasn’t taking over until the coming Monday. Her colleagues had been giving her shit about it ever since it was announced, but fingers crossed it would all calm down once she got away from them and into her new office.

I knew there was no way she could have known about Dawn and me, but it was still a relief to hear that was all it was. I felt like I should tell Becky, Dawn was her daughter after all, but I’d promised Dawn and I wasn’t one for breaking promises. As long as I kept an eye on things, it would be okay. Becky didn’t need any more worry or problems on her mind right now.

Dawn came home at just past midnight, as Becky and I were getting ready for bed. I looked down the stairs and she waved up to me. From the wobble in her unsteady walk and the smile on her face, she’d had a few drinks and a good time but at least she was home safely.

As I got into bed, I heard her come upstairs and go into her own bedroom, then literally a few seconds later my phone screen lit up with a message from her.

“Who’s that?” asked Becky, as she slid into bed alongside me.

“Just a Facebook notification thingy,” I lied, leaving my phone on the bedside table.

“Okay. I’m going to try to go straight to sleep tonight. Sooo tired.” Becky yawned. “Is that okay?”

“Yes, I’m tired too,” I replied and Becky rolled over away from me and turned the lamp off, plunging the room into darkness. I gave her a few moments to settle down, then carefully picked up my phone and opened the message.

Dawn: Do you want to know about tonight?

Me: As long as everything is okay, it doesn’t matter. Just glad you’re home safe. You don’t have to tell me everything.

Dawn: I know I don’t HAVE to. But do you WANT me to tell you?

Me: Did something happen that I need to know?

Dawn: Martin and I are fine. We fucked. Nothing you NEED to know but I just thought you might enjoy hearing about it. You seemed to enjoy it last time. I saw your hard cock in your shorts.

I didn’t reply and put my phone back down. She was obviously drunk and teasing me. Or trying Ankara bayan escort to. My phone lit up again with another message, illuminating the room with thin white light. I picked it up quickly in case it caught Becky’s attention.

Dawn: So? I know I don’t HAVE to tell you and you don’t NEED to know, but do you WANT to know?

Me: You’re drunk. Go to sleep.

Dawn: Come to my room when mom’s asleep and I’ll tell you everything.

Me: Go to sleep. We’ll talk about this tomorrow.

Dawn: I have his cum inside me. I’m still horny and want to tell you.

Me: Goodnight, Dawn. I’m turning my phone off now.

Before I could switch it off though one more message arrived in my inbox. A picture message. As tempting as it was to open it, I carried on holding down the power button, then as soon as the screen went black I tossed it across the room so I wouldn’t be tempted to turn it back on, and then laid down, pulled the covers over my head and tried to get some sleep.

Of course, I barely slept. The next day, I woke up with an erection so painful it almost hurt but Becky had risen before me, so I wrapped my dressing gown around myself to hide it in case Dawn was awake, unlikely as that might be.

I could hear the shower running and the bathroom door was ajar, so as I walked past I could hear Becky singing. Quietly, I pushed the door open and sneaked in, closing it behind me and tiptoed close to the shower door until I could see the outline of my lovely wife washing through the frosted glass as she sang. Then I stripped off naked, throwing my dressing gown and shorts into the laundry basket before yanking the door open and jumping in the shower beside her.

“Hey!” she half-screamed before I covered her mouth with a kiss. Then after a hesitant moment, she kissed me back and not even bothering to close the glass door, I lifted her up and eased my cock inside her.

“Good morning,” I grinned at her in between kisses, then she buried her face into my shoulder as I started fucking her hard against the tiles, the water running down my back. I was so turned on, that it only took a couple of minutes of hard thrusting until I felt myself cum deep in her pussy and just as I did, Becky’s neck kisses turned into a bite, hard on my shoulder. It wasn’t enough to ruin the moment, but it did hurt a little and was surprising, for Becky.

“Ouch,” I raised my eyebrows. “What’s with the bite?”

“Don’t you like it?” She immediately looked sorry and I felt bad for her.

“Well, yeah, it’s fine but a bit of warning might have been good,” I laughed but then stopped. As I’d put Becky down, I looked over her shoulder and saw Dawn. She was standing just outside the bathroom door in just a dressing gown, looking through the clear gap that I’d accidentally left. She mouthed the word ‘wow’ and then disappeared from view with a smile.

“What?” Becky’s eyes followed mine to the door.

“Nothing,” I laughed again. “I just noticed I’d left the door open and got worried if the kids or Dawn had got up.”

“It’s Saturday,” Becky shook her head as she wrapped a towel around herself. “The kids won’t be up for ages and I doubt we’ll see Dawn much before midday if she’s been drinking last night. We could even go back to bed for an hour if you fancy carrying on from where you just left off.”

I stared at her. I’d just cum but how could any man resist an offer like that? Plus, she was doing her lip bite thing. It always turned me on when she did that.

“Get in the bedroom then,” I said, snapping my own towel at her and she ran out of the room with a giggle. As I followed her back into our room, I didn’t see Dawn but couldn’t help wondering how much she’d seen. Becky had dropped her towel and was waiting on top of the bed covers and for a crazy moment, I hesitated in closing the door fully until Becky told me to ‘shut it and come here.’ I did as I was told and for the next half an hour, we had great sex. It started off with Becky slowly sucking my cock to full hardness, before she got on top of me again and rode me slowly until we both found our orgasms, her first in a back-arching but silent deep O and then a minute or two later, my own, cumming deep in her pussy as she continued to grind into me.

Finally, after a sleepy cuddle, we got up and had another shower, separately this time as both the kids and Dawn were up and about. Miraculously, I managed to avoid Dawn until we were all dressed and downstairs. I couldn’t believe she’d seen me and her mother together in the shower like that and had no idea how I’d feel if she brought it up.

I was in the kitchen, making some lunch when she breezed in, seemingly devoid of any hangover whatsoever. I enviously remembered being eighteen and when my recovery from alcohol was as good as that. These days, if I got drunk the hangover would last several days.

“Good night?” I asked Dawn as casually as I could because just then Becky walked into the kitchen. I didn’t want anything to appear ‘off’ or awkward at all.

“Yes, it was good,” she replied coolly while leaning Escort bayan Ankara on the counter right next to me. A little too close. I shifted away uneasily but trying not to give anything away to Becky.

“I’m just going out to the shops,” my wife announced. I noticed she’d got her shoes on and she threw her coat on too. “Does anyone need anything fetching?”

“We don’t need anything, do we?” We’d done a thorough shop the other day, so I tried to talk her into not going. I really didn’t want to be left on my own with Dawn right now.

“I just need some bits for work,” Becky said, picking up one of the carrots I’d been chopping up and tossing it into her mouth. “I won’t be long.”

Before I could object further, she’d shimmied out of the kitchen and as I watched the car disappear up the drive through the window, Dawn sidled close to me again.

“What’s up, daddy?” she giggled.

“You know what’s up,” I hissed at her. “You were looking through the bathroom door.”

“It’s not my fault you left the door open,” she replied innocently. “What’s up? Are you embarrassed?”

“Of course I am,” I slammed dinner into the oven and turned to face her. She was standing there chewing a lock of her long blonde hair while suppressing a smile, looking so cute that it was too hard to shout at her.

“Don’t be. You’ve got a nice dick. No wonder mother loves you so.”

“Dawn!” I shook my head although I enjoyed hearing her say that. “This isn’t right. This whole thing…”

“I’m sorry,” she apologized. “Don’t be like that. I think maybe this morning was just karma biting you on the butt.” Then she giggled. “Oh, you have a nice butt too.”

I rolled my eyes purely because I had no idea how else to respond. “Just try to forget what you saw, okay? And not a word to your mother.”

“I promise,” she said. “As long as you keep your promise too.”

“And about last night…” I began but she cut me off.

“I’m sorry. I took it too far, didn’t I? Inviting you into my room and the comment about his cum still being inside me. Too much information?”

“Yes. Imagine if your mother saw those texts.”

“I guess,” she was fiddling with the bit of hair in her mouth. It made her seem even more attractive than she already was. “I just like the thought of telling you stuff. It’s nice to have someone to talk to about it all. And I thought, if it turns you on and makes you horny for mother, then it’s not a bad thing?”

I couldn’t deny that it had made me horny but it just felt all kind of wrong. “I don’t quite know what to do, Dawn. This is quite a mess that you’ve dragged me into.” All I could do was shrug at her.

She held my gaze, still chewing the lock of hair, and I stared back at her until eventually, she looked away. “I have to go out too. I promised Sarah that I’d meet her for a spot of lunch.”

Sarah was her best friend and they’d known each other since primary school. Another sweet kid. I hoped Dawn wasn’t corrupting her too.

“Does she know…?”

“Of course not,” Dawn looked aghast. “The only person that knows is you, and I’d like to keep it that way.”

And with that, she breezed out of the kitchen and up the drive out of sight just like her mother had, leaving me in a whirlwind of confusion.

The rest of the weekend went by without incident, and without seeing much of Dawn as she went out with her female friends that night, as an eighteen-year-old should be doing, and then saw poor Ryan on Sunday. Before she went to see him, I asked her if she was going to do the right thing and put the lad out of his misery if he wasn’t keeping her fulfilled but she shrugged in a ‘maybe’ kind of way and then left with a skip in her step. Becky was tired and moody all weekend, which I put down to being nervous for her big promotion on Monday, so I didn’t get sex all weekend and that’s why Monday morning happened.

Becky was up earlier than usual, to take the kids to school and then off out of the door to work equally nervous and excited. I wished her good luck and gave her a kiss and just as I was shutting the door, I heard Dawn come down the stairs.

“No shower sex this morning then?” I heard her comment from behind me and when I turned around, she stopped me dead in my tracks because she was standing there in just her underwear. Not just any underwear either. The fancy bra and panties were a matching set, white lace and very transparent and I had to take a deep breath to compose myself before speaking.

“Get some clothes on,” I managed to mutter. “Are you going out somewhere? That don’t look much like everyday sort of underwear.”

“Only if it’s okay with you?” Dawn smiled, then did a twirl in front of me. “Do you like them? Sexy enough for you?”

The bra was only a half-cup type, so her large breasts were threatening to spill out and the panties were so see through that I could see her slit, despite trying not to look.

“If what’s okay with me?” I somehow stammered, then made my past her into the kitchen. I had my breakfast to finish then needed to set off to work Bayan escort Ankara or I’d be late.

“Martin’s got a day off work and has asked me to go over,” she leaned on the kitchen counter next to me as I tried to wolf down my cooling toast. “His friend is there too.”

“A friend?” I looked at Dawn, who was chewing her lip, waiting for my reaction. “Male friend, or…”

“Yes, male. He’s called Luke and apparently he’s very nice. And well hung.”

“Apparently?” I almost choked on the toast. “You’ve never met him?”

“Martin’s showed me a picture. He’s handsome. Hold on.”

Dawn left and came back after a minute with her phone, which she thrust under my nose as I finished my coffee. He was good-looking enough, but again he was much older than her although younger than me. Maybe in his mid-thirties. Then she swiped her thumb across the screen and I almost choked again. This picture was the same guy but naked. And his cock was huge. Not just long, but thick.

Dawn giggled next to me. “You can see why I want to go over?”

I cleared my throat. “Well, yes. How do you know that this is safe, though?”

“I trust Martin,” she kept swiping on her phone. “We’ve done this several times and he’s never picked a bad one.”

The way she said it was so casual that I felt like pinching myself to check if this was all real or just some long fucked-up nightmare. Then as I cleared away the breakfast dishes, she turned her phone screen towards me again.

“This is Ryan’s cock.”

The picture was a much smaller dick. Hairless and maybe no longer than three or four inches at the most.

“I feel even more sorry for the kid now,” I said. “I know he’s a nice kid and you like him, but if he can’t keep you happy in bed then it’s not going anywhere. You should do the right thing and break up.”

“Good sex is really important in a relationship then?” she asked. “In your opinion?”

“Yes.” I tried hard to concentrate on the plates and cups that I was loading into the dishwasher, but Dawn was leaning over the breakfast counter now and it was hard to not look at her body.

“I can see how you’ve kept mother happy all these years. You’ve got a nice dick too and you were really fucking her good the other morning in the shower.”

“I love your mother,” I said, trying to avert my eyes while fighting the erection that was growing in my shorts against my wishes.

“I know you do,” Dawn said. “22 Western Drive.”

She started walking back up the stairs. “What?” I called after her, not understanding.

“Martin’s address,” Dawn said over her shoulder. “You liked watching me. I’ve already told Martin that you feel like you need to keep an eye on me and he’s fine with you coming with me sometimes. He said you can watch if you promise not to ruin everything like last time. Maybe then you’ll understand.”

“I… I have to go to work.” I turned and straightened my tie in the mirror because I had no idea what to say. This eighteen-year-old girl had me in knots. “I’ll see you later.”

And with that, I practically fled the house, jumped in the car and set off to work but I only got a mile or so way and had to pull over. My mind was racing. Did she mean it? Or was she just trying to ask me in some odd way to escort her there for her safety? Was it just flirting, or a sexual thing? Was I overthinking this?

I couldn’t take any chances. I needed to be clear on if she needed me to be there or if she was just playing some sort of game, so I texted her.

Me: Sorry I left like that. This is kind of weird and I’m not handling it very well.

Dawn: I’m sorry. I embarrassed you again, I guess. I can’t help it, it’s just my way of dealing with it I think.

Me: Do you want me to come to his house to make sure you’re okay? I can go to work a little bit late, it’ll be fine.

Dawn: Yes, please. Be there in about 20 minutes?

I replied okay, then called work to say that I’d been held up and would be in before lunch. Twenty minutes felt like a lifetime. The house address was only a half mile from where I was, so I headed to a nearby cafe to compose myself again and as I sat with a hot coffee, I realized that I’d almost let Dawn down. My assumption had been right, that she’d wanted me there but didn’t just want to come out with it. Instead, she wanted me to come of my own accord, for whatever teenage reason. I wasn’t going to pretend to myself that I understood teenagers these days. It was a different world when I was her age.

I finished the drink and headed off to the house but a few minutes before I arrived, another text message came through from Dawn.

Dawn: This might sound weird, but come around the back of the house. The garden is private and the curtains are open. Martin doesn’t quite trust you to come in so he’s said you can just watch through the windows. I hope that’s okay? I’m there already, so just come round. X X

She put two kisses on the end of the text like it was the most normal thing in the world, and I found myself texting back the word ‘okay’ with two kisses just the same as I pulled up outside. The house looked really normal, hardly a den of iniquity, just a normal suburban home, and the rear garden was well kept and I understood her comments about it being private, being surrounded by high hedges on all sides.

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