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David Winters’ New Housemaid

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David Winters finished mowing the yard.

He always used an older, motorized hand-mower as part of his own “keep-fit” regimen and it was paying dividends.

At 57 years of age, he stood just over 6 feet tall and had a physique that most younger men would have been proud of.

While never claiming to be “film star” material, he was still an attractive man, with a gentle, yet unmistakably strong personality that drew people to him and without his being aware of it, made him very popular with the ladies.

He had never enjoyed working in the garden while his wife Vera was alive, but since her sudden death from a brain aneurysm two years previously, he had felt this strange connection with her whenever he mowed or raked the weeds from the flower garden she had treasured for so long.

He walked the lawn-mower back to the small barn, housed it away and looked over the yard with an approving nod.

“Vera would be pleased,” he thought, then , smiling whimsically to himself added out loud: “But if she saw the inside of the house, she’d kill me.”

House work was definitely not David Winters’ forte.

For him it was a constant battle to try and maintain the house as scrupulously clean as Vera had done. He was always the first to admit that his efforts fell very short of her extremely high standards.

Dusting and cobwebs were his bug-bear. The kitchen sink was a regular dumping ground for cups, drinking glasses, knives and forks. He saw no point in using the dishwasher when he seldom had a “load” to warrant its use.

In the bedroom, he changed the sheets once a week and endured the horror of “laundry day” always wishing that someone would invent strong paper sheets that he could just toss into the trash whenever he needed.

Some of the members at the bowling club had suggested he should find someone either to come live with him and get free room and board in exchange for housework services or perhaps they could come in once or twice a week and make sure the place was “ship-shape and Bristol fashion”. He didn’t particularly like the idea of having someone live with him, initially because of his strict moral upbringing that had stayed with him through the years, but he did take the time to mull over the notion that he might be able to find someone suitable and trustworthy for a weekly clean-up session.

Several weeks passed and after one horrible, hectic day of frustration with “that stupid vacuum cleaner,” “who the hell would ever think of looking up to see if the ceiling fans were clean” and two specialty wine glasses dropped and smashed to pieces in the hot water in the sink, he decided it was time to take the bull by the horns and get some help.

He called several local churches, but they didn’t know of anyone who would be interested in that sort of work; he talked to a few friends and they were as helpful as the proverbial “hole in the head”, then he decided to stick up a 5 x 3 index card on the local grocery store bulletin board, requesting:

“Domestic Help: Once or Twice A Week —regular housecleaning for widower. Good wages,” and he scribbled his name and address.

He thought that he would be inundated with inquiries, but three weeks passed and the phone never rang once.

He had all but given up on the idea, when one Saturday morning, as he was finishing his regular lawn-mowing, a young woman stopped at the bottom of his driveway and waited for him to come near enough for him to hear over the drone of the small engine.

“Are you Mr. Winters?” she asked very politely.

He nodded and bent down to switch off the motor. She smiled warmly as he walked towards her and she held out her hand, with his bulletin -board index card in her fingers.

“I dropped by to see if you were still looking for someone to help with the housework. I’ve just arrived back in town to help my mom recuperate from hip surgery and I have a few hours free each week. I can provide you with excellent references.”

David couldn’t help but take a few seconds to look her up and down.

She stood about 5 feet 8 inches, shortish blonde hair, certainly not a stunning beauty, but there was something particularly attractive about her whole demeanor and personality.

Although he had never been a good judge of women’s ages, he put her at around 25 to 28 and indeed wasn’t far wrong. Later he learned , she was 26.

“Well, I am still looking” he said and then , smiling broadly he added, “as a matter of fact, I’ll be honest with you, you’re the only person to reply to the ad.” Escort Güngören

She returned his smile and laughed:

“Then I guess Karma has thrown us together. You need my help and I sure could use the little extra money.”

David had no idea who or what Karma was, but he suggested that they go inside and take a look at the place and give her an idea of what she was going to be required to do.

As they moved from room to room, she just silently nodded as he pointed out his failures as a housekeeper and then finally, they returned to the living room . He invited her to sit down; they discussed the wages and finalized the job description and she agreed to start the following Monday, see what she could get accomplished and if necessary she’d come back on Thursday.

David walked her to the end of the driveway where she turned and held out her hand to say goodbye. Her grip was firm for a young woman, yet there was a delicate touch to it . She smiled, released his hand and turned to walk away.

Suddenly David remembered that he hadn’t even asked for her name. He called after her and reminded her of his lack of mental alertness. She laughed again and said:

“My full name is Maylena — it’s a long story —but everyone just calls me May, like the month.”

“Ok then Miss May” , David responded “I’ll see you Monday.”

She waved cheerfully, turned and walked away. David watched her leave, not with any sort of “dirty old man” ideas, but certainly appreciating the special beauty this young woman exuded.

After a few seconds, he shook himself out of his stupor, returned to the house and switched on the TV to watch some idiotic comedy show.

He fell asleep for about an hour, woke up with a start, wondering if he had had some sort of weird dream, but the several pages of her resume laying on the sofa cushion dispelled his doubts.

He got up from the chair, went to the kitchen to find something to eat, and suddenly found himself whistling one of the old pop tunes from the “oldies but goodies” radio station.

Monday came after what seemed to be a boringly long weekend.

At precisely 9 am , as agreed, the front doorbell rang.

David opened it and was taken aback by the vision that stood before him.

She was wearing a loose fitting blouse, with the top button undone, not enough to reveal anything sexual but enough to let him know she was certainly all woman.

A neat pair of jeans and what looked like brand new runners completed her outfit. There was an air of mysterious sexuality about her that caught his attention like an some hidden magnetism.

“Ok here I am” she smiled and waited.

David stood like some awe-struck teenage groupie before coming to his senses.

He shook his head and lied: “I’m sorry. I forgot all about today. Come in . Please.”

She stepped inside, asking him if he would prefer her to come back another day. David reached out, took her by the arm, and guiding her into the living room said: “not on your life. This place needs a woman’s touch today. I’ve hardly lifted a finger to it all weekend.”

She laughed an infectious laugh that was both simultaneously girlie giggle and yet elegantly mature.

“I guess then I’d better get started,” and with that she walked on through the living room to the kitchen.

Again David watched her go, admiring her perfect shape, her barely noticeable sensuous walk and suddenly found himself burning in the face when he realized that for the first time in years, a hard-on was beginning to bulge in his trousers.

He scolded the idea out of his mind with “God man, she’s young enough to be your daughter. Get a grip on yourself,” and he left her to her tasks while he retreated to his office den for some emailing he had been postponing for several days.

Several hours passed ,then she knocked on the den door, poked her head inside and said:

“Well, that’s the first day’s work done, but I really do think I should come back on Thursday. You are right—this place does need a woman’s touch.”

She laughed that laugh again that he was beginning to enjoy.

He stood up, and as he walked her to the front door, he said: “Well, you are a woman, so get touching.”

As soon as he had said it, he realized the sexual overtones of his words.

He face reddened and he stammered out his apologies, explaining he didn’t mean anything crude . The more he tried to recant his words, the more embarrassing the situation became. May reached İnnovia Escort out and touched his arm.

“I know you didn’t . I know you are a perfect gentleman. Don’t be mistaken, I checked you out before I came anywhere near this house, and I trust you totally.”

There was a softness and maturity to her voice that made David gasp slightly. She squeezed his arm, and with a “See you Thursday,” she turned, skipped down the front steps and was gone.

The rest of that first Monday, David Winters couldn’t get her out of his mind.

Thursday came fairly quickly and David was trying to appear nonchalant as he stood at the top of the front steps waiting for her arrival.

Again, almost on the dot of 9 am, she turned into the driveway and seeing him in the porch, waved excitedly and ran to the steps, taking them two at a time.

“Well, this is nice,” she said, “but if you have the time to stand here waiting for me, I dread to think what this house is like inside.”

David didn’t deny his waiting for her, but held open the door for her and as she walked past him, she lightly put her arm around his waist and tapped him on the back.

“It’s so nice to be with a real gentleman “, she smiled and continued, “I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again.”

Without another word, she proceeded to the business at hand and David excused himself to his den for no other reason than he had to get somewhere private and “settle down”.

The morning concluded without any further contact or incident.

Around noon, she knocked at the door again, opened it slightly and said:

“OK Mister Messy . I’m off. Try and keep the place the way I’m leaving it until I get back here Monday.”

David felt no hint of insult from her words, especially as he looked into her eyes and saw the cheerful sparkle that made her barb easier to take.

“I will do that your Royal Majesty”, he replied mockingly, then turning back to his desk, he lifted an envelope, held it out to her and said:

“Don’t forget this”.

She moved into the room and retrieved what she knew were her wages.

Suddenly she seemed embarrassed taking it and, sensing her awkwardness, David took hold of her by the shoulders and said:

“This is not some form of charity. You have worked hard and have earned this.”

She slipped the envelope into her pocket and suddenly stood up on her toes and kissed him gently on the cheek.

“Thank you,” she murmured and quickly turned and left the house.

David stood at the side of his desk, savoring her gentle touch and the waft of perfume he caught as she came near.

“God, if I was thirty years younger,” he muttered to himself, then hearing the doorbell ring, he gathered himself together and went to answer it.

When he opened the door, May was standing there with the envelope in her hand.

“I think you made a mistake,” she smiled, “I only worked about 5 hours and this …..” she trailed off as she opened the envelope to show a crisp , new $100 bill.

David shook his head and laughed———

“Hey, I pay what it’s worth to me , and the job you have done here is worth that to me. And what’s more”, he added, “I not only got my house cleaned, I also enjoyed some very nice company.”

She looked straight into his eyes without saying a word, then just as suddenly as before, she stood up on her toes and kiss him lightly on the lips, then turned and ran down the driveway and disappeared.

David stood in the doorway, shocked, pleased, mystified, unsure and questioning himself :

“What the hell just happened here?”.

The smell of her perfume still lingered in the air; he could still feel the soft touch of her lips on his and he decided there and then that he wasn’t going to try to drive the feelings away, but rather embrace them and enjoy them.

He went to the bathroom, and for the first time in years, masturbated with images of May careening through his head.

Then he cleaned himself, walked slowly to his bedroom and throwing himself down on top of the covers, fell asleep with thoughts of this beautiful young woman making him hard again and again.

Weeks went by and their relationship quickly moved away from employer-employee, to more of a mutual respect and care, although there were no more displays of affection between them.

Then after a busy weekend participating in a bowling competition, David arrived home late Sunday night, showered and collapsed into bed with no recollection that Kağıthane escort bayan May would be cleaning in the morning.

Around 8.30 am he woke with a start, trying to remember what he had to do for that day, but nothing came.

Instead his mind was overflowing with thoughts and images of May — thoughts that before would have made him feel ashamed, but now he relished in them and lay there, enjoying the pictures he had of her in his mind.

His hand crawled slowly to his manhood and realizing the size and thickness of his hard-on, he began a slow assault on himself and closed his eyes and almost unconsciously began to call her name.

Meanwhile, May had arrived and had rung the front door bell without response.

About 2 weeks earlier David had told her not to bother ringing, but just come on in and do what she needed to do.

Today, she opened the door, called his name and thinking perhaps he had had to leave early, she ventured in and set about her work in the kitchen.

Surprisingly, the living room and kitchen were almost immaculately clean and after about ten minutes, she decided to tackle the upstairs.

With David gone, as she supposed, she determined to tidy up his room first and perhaps even do his laundry for him. The bedroom door was already half- open and , carrying clean sheets in her arms, she pushed it open with her knee.

David lay on the bed, the covers thrown to one side and his fingers working his hard and thick cock in a steady up and down movement.

He didn’t even realize she was standing there as he moaned her name over and over again.

Then she moved and he turned his head and their eyes met and held each other for a few seconds.

He reached to struggle to cover himself as he face reddened deeper and deeper and she could see the shame and embarrassment in his eyes.

May dropped the bed linen and ran to the edge of the bed. She took his face in her hands and once again kissed him, parting his lips with her tongue and beginning a slow, soft caress around the inside of his mouth.

Breaking away she whispered:

“Please don’t say anything.” and she began again to tease his lips with hers as she lowered her hand and took hold of his stiff member.

David no longer had any control over himself and reached out to caress her breasts through her blouse, then fumbling the buttons open, he slipped his hand inside the cup of her bra and rested his finger on her nipples.

Together they massaged each other, tenderly and lovingly without saying a word, then May pulled herself away from him and quickly denuded herself and climbed into bed beside him.

Words between them would have been meaningless at this time. The passion they felt for each other took over, and their kisses and caresses kept driving each of them towards the climax and orgasm they so badly longed for.

Suddenly May knelt up above him:

“I want you buried inside me,” she whispered. “Come up behind me and take me.”

She moved to the other side of the bed, kneeling with her elbows on the pillow and her body raised high in the air.

David positioned himself behind her, and began a long, slow stroke of her slit, feeling the wetness of her pussy juices drip onto his shaft.

“David! ” she moaned, ” Now. Please take me now.”

He stroked the full length of her pussy several more times, then taking hold of her hips he thrust forward. His cock was perfectly aligned with her pussy lips and he penetrated easily and, unable to stop himself, he rammed his shaft straight into the depths of her waiting cunt.

“Oh Yes” she moaned, “now ride me hard.”

He began a slow thrust as she picked up his rhythm and soon together their bodies were working in unison. At times he reached in front of her and cupped her breasts in his hands, circling her hardened nipples with his thumbs.

Then they continued their movements , increasing the speed and the severity with which they pummelled each other.

“Yes! Yes!! Yes!! I’m cumming!! Ohhhhhhhh!!” May screamed as the pleasure of their love took over her whole being.

David thrust in and out faster and harder than he ever thought he could and then as the tightness hit his own body, he plunged into her deeply and locked their bodies together as the orgasm hit them simultaneously.

Stream after stream of his hot semen, spurted into her open cunt, as her muscles milked him until every last drop was received.

Neither said a word. Then as they both subsided, he leaned on her back and whispered, “May –thank you!”

They separated, rolled onto their backs and wrapping their arms around each other, they kissed again softly.

May pulled the top sheet over them and smiled at David as she lay in his arms ,and said:

” I think I might be a little late starting work today.”

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