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Dave’s Surprise Ch. 05

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As I was driving home, Dave called and asked how work went and if Adam was there? I hesitated for a second and then he told me he knew what Rachel had done and it was Rachel, and not Marie, that forwarded the evidential e-mail to my office computer and to Adam’s computer as well. I said

“And Adam’s?”

He said it was a set up all along. Adam knew exactly when you would arrive and had set up his office just for the occasion. For what purpose or gain?

“Control Neal, Adam is all about control. You can consider it compliment if you choose. Truly he admires you, respects you and trusts you to a point but all the more reason he wants to control you.”

He also told me he and Adam had a “past” but would not elaborate. His advice to me was to put an end to it now… before it went any further, I almost told him what happened but somehow I think he already knew. I was not sure what role Rachel had played in all this, but I was determined to find out. Dave also said the only reason Adam is off his back now is he knows something Adam absolutely wants to keep private. Dave assured Adam as long as Adam respects the nature of their relationship as purely professional, Dave will never divulge his secret, nor will Rachel.

Dave went on to tell me the last 24 hours were controlled or at least manipulated to keep Marie and myself apart even down to the network failure yesterday, and it all worked as planned. I still did not get it, and then Dave told me it’s true Rachel wants Marie to herself but also me. Bombshell! Me? Why? Yes I found Rachel sexy and beautiful but she also seemed selfish, shallow and manipulative. Seems my impression was right on the money and I was even surer I wanted no part of Rachel. Plus, I thought she and Dave were in a relationship.

Dave also told me the poker games became sexual because one night Mike, Kevin, Rachel and he were all playing and drinking and the guys were teasing her about taking all 3 guys on at once. She said if she lost 4 hands in a row she would with one condition. The game went on and finally Rachel lost 4 in a row (she is an exceptionally lucky gaziantep escort player, or may cheat or both or she probably threw away 4 hands just to get her way). The guys pressed her to honor her commitment; she reminded she did have a “condition ” before she would comply.

She said the condition is Dave must suck cock right there in the living room and she did not care if he sucked Mike or Kevin or better yet both! Dave refused and Kevin and Mike offered to do it. Rachel said that was no “prize” for her since Mike and Kevin do it all the time and at that time Dave was essentially an mm sex virgin. That control thing again. Dave’s mind was going 100 mph and while the curiosity was there at times he was not sure he wanted to do it here and now especially in front of Rachel.

Rachel reached over and rubbed Dave’s cock. She could feel it swell inside his pants, she said, “I know you want to babe, all guys do deep down, they just don’t want to get caught!”

At that point Rachel took control and had Mike stand up, she unzipped him and dropped his pants to the floor. Mike stepped out of them and Rachel stroked his cock, already semi-hard. Mike stepped forward until his cock was almost touching Dave’s lips.

Dave closed his eyes. Although nervous with anticipation, the thoughts of his first cock excited Dave beyond his wildest dreams. Reality and fantasy combined and Rachel gently fed Dave his first cock. Slowly the long, velvety smooth cock slide into his mouth. He was so turned on by the sensation of a hard rod, hot and oozing of pre cum dripping from the head that Dave moaned with pleasure. Hearing the sounds of excitement, Mike started a gentle fucking action until Dave engulfed Mike’s cock completely in his mouth. Rachel was kind enough to choose Mike first because Mike’s cock was a nice average 6.5 inches and just right for a first timer, she would save Kevin for another time. She unzipped Dave and pulled his cock out and she had never felt it as hard as it was right now plus Dave’s pre-cum was literally dripping and was all the lube she needed to stroke him.

Dave found he loved sucking Mike’s throbbing cock. He forgot all about his inhibitions and went for that cock like a pro! Mike held Dave’s head and mouth-fucked him until Dave’s lips were all the way down to the base, Mike was moaning loudly and Rachel had a smug look on her face knowing she got her way as usual. Mike was close to climaxing and Dave felt the heat and swelling increase and wondered how he would handle his first load. Rachel placed Dave’s right had on Kevin’s 9 inches and both of them stroked Kevin’s big meat. Dave was hooked and he knew it!

Kevin said; “a deal is a deal” and Rachel started removing her clothes. The 4 of them went into the master bedroom where Rachel complied (more than willingly) to let the guys fuck her wherever they wanted. By dawn they were still going at it and all 3 guys ass, pussy and mouth fucked Rachel and kept her on an orgasmic high until about 9:00 AM the next morning. Rachel did get Dave to suck off Kevin too. She won, just like always.

That was a couple years ago and control is like a drug to Rachel. Eventually Rachel also induced Dave to indulge in anal with both Mike & Kevin while she and a friend watched and filmed. Dave was addicted to the sensation of having a hard cock slide erotically in his ass. Kevin had become a favorite. Later, Rachel would share her revelations with Adam to further cement her lust for control. I decided she had done enough to my life the past 24 and I did not want another “taste” of the evil Rachel. Dave hung up just as I was pulling into my garage.

When I pulled in I saw Marie’s BMW was inside! I was ecstatic! I felt the hood and it was cool, meaning the car had been there a while. I rushed back out and bought 2-dozen roses, filet mignon, king crab legs (her favorite) and a bottle of a special Jordon Cabernet. When I returned her car was still there! I entered my home and called her name, I was on pins and needles not knowing what to say. Then I found her note. She had gone to visit her parents in Italy and would not be back for 2 months. She hoped I did not mind that her car was there but if it was a problem Rachel would come over and move it.

She added she hoped we could work things out when she returned. Having the car there was no big deal as I have a 4-car garage but having to see her car every time I exit or enter my home for the next 60 days would be painful. I already missed her terribly and was anxious to get this turned around if possible. Rachel must be laughing her ass off. This entire 2 days was because of her “plan” to distance Marie and me and now she was 10,000 miles away!

I needed to do something but I was not sure what “something” was. I called Dave and told him about Marie leaving, he already knew and told me if Adam calls, now’s the time to say NO and never make it yes ever again. I figured I’d be ruined if I refused Adam and my career would go up in smoke. Dave assured me Adam had more to loose than me and if needed he would intervene and assured me Adam would relent.

Sure enough as soon as I hung up with Dave, Adam called. He told me to meet him at the office parking lot at 7:00 that night and “plan to be up late.” I told Adam I had plans and could not make it; he said,

“What plans? You and Marie are through and she is halfway around the world for at least 60 days! Be there at 7:00.”

He hung up and I called him back and ask if he wanted to get laid? He said,

“That’s the idea.” I told him “Good, go fuck yourself!”

Then I hung up.

I dreaded having to go to the office Monday but I had tonight and all day Sunday to relax. I turned on my computer and checked e-mail. To my astonishment Rachel sent me an e-mail inviting me to dinner Sunday (tomorrow). The audacity of this bitch! I was tempted to go just to tell her what I really think about her but I decided instead to reply “no thank you.” I knew that would drive her nuts, it did. She called me immediately and ask me to reconsider, I told her she had done enough damage and never to contact me again. She told me unimaginable pleasure and POWER awaits me if I just give it a chance.

Goodbye Rachel. I hung up. I had filet mignon, king crab legs and wine. I called my friend Dave and asked if he was free, he was. I said dinner is on me and headed over to Dave’s to relax.

…To be continued

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