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Dave’s First Time Pt. 02

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Chel got dressed after an encounter. She wanted her client out as soon as possible. Once the job was done she liked to be alone for a while, take a shower and clean herself thoroughly. Furthermore, her mind had not been really into her job at the time. The client did not even notice it; he was too busy with her body. But, Chel´s mind was wandering, thinking; a client had called her earlier that day and she could not stop thinking about him. She was supposed to have a video call with him in less than 1 hour.

While taking a shower, she thought about the call with this intriguing client…

“Hello, is this Chel?” Said the client in a very timid voice.

“Hi baby! Yes, it is me. Do you want to make an appointment?” She responded on her sweet voice.

After Chel’s response came the silence, total vacuum. She even thought it may have been a dumb joke; It happened all the time in the business. She was about to say some funny insult before hanging up when the client finally said something.

“Y-y-y-ye-yes. I-I-I saw your a-a-a-ad and I want to a-a-a-arrange t-t-the eh, well y-y-you know… the thing.”

Chel´s mood changed immediately, even feeling guilty for thinking about insult him. In all her years she had not had to deal with this situation. She did know that it was a possibility, some of her friends told her about it, but, she never experienced it firsthand. Now, she was in the middle of it.

“it is ok baby, relax,” She said, being nervous herself, “When do you want to meet?”

“I-I am free after tomorrow, a-a-at 5 pm. W-w-well, i-if it is ok f-f-for you. B-b-b-but…” Said the client before cutting himself.

“What is it baby?”

“I-I-I would like to, to eh, well, you know…” an audible sigh came from the other end of the line “I would like to discuss some details on a video call if you do not mind.”

This was a big no for her. A younger Chel faced this before. A client, a banker he said, asked her for some sort of prove before they meet. Being quite unexperienced she thought the request reasonable, so she went along. The video call was nice, the client was flirtatious and funny. She felt secure enough with him to show her a bit more of her skin, but soon it was clear that he was using her and was not interested in paying her for anything. When, she finally came into her senses she decided to hang up and block him. After, such an experience she had decided to not fall into that game again. So, even though the current guy seemed nice and frank she was not willing to let her guard down. Not willing to be rude she came şişli escort up with something.

“Fine sugar, we may arrange that, but you will have to cash app me 50 extra before the call.”

“I-i-it is ok. J-j-just s-s-send me your details and I will send the money as soon as possible.”

She did not expect the answer and was starting to convince herself that he may be sincere after all. However, she was not willing to run any chance.

“OK sugar, I’ll send it. Call me this afternoon, at 3 pm. I will be waiting you baby.”

“G-g-great. B-bye eh… umm, eh, darling.”

That was the end of it. Chel had send the info requested and tried to continue with her routines. But she was thinking about it all day long. The last word had chilled and blushed her. She was familiar to all kind of names; most of the time her clients would call her babe or sluttier things and she would play along. But, thus far only one man had called her darling. As a matter of fact, he was not a man when he called her that, he was just 18, her only boyfriend. The mention of the word brought her back to more innocent times, when she and her sweetheart would goof around and love each other madly. Those days she would give away her love instead of selling it, and only to him. The memories came to her and then faded leaving her with a bittersweet taste. Yes, back then, it was different, she was different, she would do things for love, not for money. The client’s innocence awakened something on her, that nostalgia of when things were simpler.

As determined as she was about not letting all this cause a fuzz on her mind, she was barely focused throughout the day. Burned her food, broke a cup, forgot a special request from a client and forgot to feed her cat. She was trying to convince herself that the call was just a kind of trap or joke. After all, this mysterious client had not sent the payment yet. Furthermore, he had not even given her a name! Chel, closed her eyes: OH yes, of course he did not give me a name… The disappointment was total; she was feeling dumb for letting this matter go over her head. Still, she felt some disillusion, her darling, let her down… She turned off the shower faucet and got out feeling quite strange about all the deal.

Chel was disappointed, she may have felt distrustful about the mysterious client, but she was curious as well. He represented a strange opportunity to experience something new and old at the same time, a connection to how things were before. She repeated to herself: He was just wasting your time! He was bluffing! While thinking about this she lied on her bed, but the silence was annoying her. She did not want to think about that anymore. So, reached out for her phone to play the loudest music she could when she froze… Mysterious guy had sent her the payment and a message to confirm the video call…

All of a sudden all the feeling she had experienced earlier came back and were more intense. The chills, the nervousness, even her curiosity when through the roof. She took a pullover, got dressed, cleaned up her room a little and confirmed the meeting.

She was with her phone 5 minutes earlier. Looking at herself with the camera trying to look as good as possible. She played with her hair in order to make the best out of it, when the client finally called. Chel took a deep breath, checked herself for the last time and finally answered.

“Hi baby!” She said with a smile.

“Oh… eh… hello, I-I-I am Dave, we-we talked, you know, this morning,” said a red faced young man. He was a twenty-six-year-old guy, thin, with dark hair and eyes. Not particularly handsome, just an average young adult.

But Chel was delighted, his nervousness made her more comfortable. She even giggled unintentionally.

“Yeah, I knew it was you. I kind of like your name Dave.”

“Thanks. I like it too…” He said and after an awkward pause he added, “I-I-I mean yours! Your name is really nice, I like. I-is that your… you know, like your real name?”

“Oh,” she blushed, “It is just a nickname.”

“Ah, I get it…” He said slightly disillusioned.

“So, tell me baby. What was that you were talking about this morning.”

“Oh yes, the thing, yes…” Said Dave trying to avoid visual contact and blushing even more. “I have to… well, is something I think you should, eh… You may need to know.”

“OK, I am listening.”

“It is just that…” But he stopped, his face could not be redder his ears were almost steaming.

“It is ok baby; come on tell me.” She said on her sweetest voice.

Dave sighted loudly and while rubbing his eyes finally admitted it:

“I am virgin!”

“Baby, it is fine, no need to worry.” She same on the same tone getting closer to the camera, wishing she could hug him, “Come on, it is not a big deal.”

Her voice had the desired effect, Dave regained his color and appeared less troubled. He even looked at her and smiled.

“Look baby, it is totally fine. Just did not happen, is far more common of what you think. Also, some find it very attractive.”

“Do they?” he said perplex and with his eyes wide opened.

“I do,” Chel said smiling. Luckily her hair covered her ears which were turning red at an alarming rate.

Dave was less lucky he laughed and turned red again.

“So, tell me: Are you ready to do this baby?”

Dave stared at her, closed his eyes, sighted and finally assented.

“Great baby,” She said smiling with her heart throbbing, “This Friday as you said at 5 pm. Is it ok?”

“Y-y-y-yes, b-b-b-but wait!” said Dave trembling. “I want this to be special.”

“I know honey; I will take good care of it.”

Dave smiled and just assented with a smile.

“OK, I will send you a message with my address where we will meet. Do you have a special request?” But she corrected herself quickly, “I mean, beyond what you said. Is there something you like me to do?”

“C-c-c-could you be… eh, like barefoot, when… you know… when we meet.”

Chel smiled and assented with a little giggle.

“I will do it baby, don´t worry.”

They fixed the price after that, a special price she remarked, 200 for two hours. After it the said good bay and hung up. Chel’s mood experienced a total change. She was looking forward to her meeting, so much so she did not arrange any other meeting for the next day. It was going to be special as she said. Instead, she cleaned up the department the next day and left her cat with a friend. She wanted it all to be perfect.

The day finally arrived. Chel felt like she hadn´t in a while. When to the gym in the morning, made some yoga there and chatted there with her friend about some sordid details about their business. But even so, her mind was in Dave. That afternoon at thirty past four she prepared some last details. Then disaster struck! Her friend called her begging her for help! She had forgot her wallet and was in a cab two blocks away from Chel´s building. Seriously? Today of all days?! Chel could not believe it, still she had to help her. She ran down the stairs, went all the way to the location of her friend and after some weird indications and misunderstandings she finally found her. She had no much time for chatting so paid the driver and said good bye to her friend who was still apologizing and thanking her.

The whole deal lasted 25 minutes, Chel was afraid she may encounter Dave on the door, but he was not there. Chel breathed alleviated, so as fast as she could she entered the apartment and took a shower. She finished just on time, it was five o’clock. Maybe I still have some time, she thought, so she decided to paint her toenails. Ten minutes passed and nothing, maybe… she thought, so went to the door, opened and effectively he was there not daring to knock.

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