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Daughter’s Cravings Ch. 03

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In this chapter 19 year old Jennifer and the love of her life: her father become intimate as they plan a romantic get-away after he sells his company. Her dreams of him being her lover and endowed become shattered.


When my father had first told me about merging with the Chinese company we were at dinner at his private club in the city. He had the waiter bring out the most expensive bottle of champagne and he toasted to me being the most beautiful girl in the world and said that once the merger went through I was going to get a sizable allowance on top of my already expensive monthly rent and expense account.

He said that once the merger went through he was going to take me to a lavish resort for a month. When I asked about my mother he told me she would be going to California to look at homes in Beverley Hills while we were sharing quality time together. The thought of being alone with my father in an exotic place in the world for a month had me instantly turned on. After toasting our lips met as we kissed in way that made a little popping sound. It was a kiss that had the makings of something very sexy between us.

That night I wore an outfit to really impress my father and admittedly to turn him on too. I wore a black mini dress that clung to my body like a layer of skin. The dress was extremely short, showcasing every inch of my long, slender legs. The back was cut into a deep V that went right above the top of my ass. The top was off my shoulders. Under the dress I wore a sinful black thong that made my ass look sinful.

I’ve been told by so many men, including the German art dealer I fucked the month before that I had a perfect ass. The thong I wore was just what I wanted to drive my father crazy. It looked even more sinful when I stood in front of my bedroom mirror wearing my pumps. Wanting to look absolutely sexy for my father I wore a pair of tan thigh high stockings which accented my flawless, tapered legs, and a pair of black open toe pumps to make me look sinful

I always loved the way my father would steal glances at my legs when we would be driving through the city in his private limo or I’d be sitting beside him in his Mercedes. Without thinking I caught him, he’d look at my stocking crossed legs and high heels with a hunger in his eyes that really excited me.

I loved crossing and uncrossing my legs deliberately when I was wearing a mini skirt or short dress or even frayed jean shorts, knowing he couldn’t keep his eyes off me. To further drive him crazy I always wore high heels just to add to his excitement for me. That night I dressed for dinner I really wanted him to take notice of my long legs, so to further draw attention to them I wore a pair of black, open toe high heel pumps.

It was so intimate as we sat beside each other in a very private area and sipped champagne and talked about the merger, and the lifestyle we were going to enjoy as a result of the merger. Even though my father and mother are together I felt as if I was his date. I also knew he meant the merger was going to improve a lifestyle that would include my mother, but I felt he was really talking about him and me.

Even though I had deep resentment towards my mother because of her sleeping in bed with my father when I wanted it to be me next to him I had to admit that my mother is a very sexy woman. All my friends and boyfriends always commented on how ‘hot’ she was. She’s 55 years old, although she could easily pass for 30, has shoulder length black hair and is 5’8″ tall and weighs about 115 pounds. She works out constantly and has measurements of 38DD-22-34 that guys are always falling over themselves to see.

Throughout dinner my father told me how sexy I was and that he couldn’t wait to spoil me rotten when the big deal went through. Being in such an excited state we both were getting a little tipsy after the second bottle of champagne and found ourselves kissing playfully a few times after we toasted his success. Each kiss began to get more heated and after a while the kissing turned really intimate as our tongues began to explore each other’s hotly.

“You’re so sexy Jennifer,” my father said kissing my neck as he ran his hand up my stocking covered leg to the top of the lace trim.

“Oh god,” I groaned from the touch of my father’s hand on my stocking top. “That feels so nice,” I said in a hot breath as I felt his fingers trace over the nude part of the stocking then across the side of my thong.

“Very sexy baby,” he said as his hand went to the front of my aching cunt while Niğde Escort the other hand ran across the front of my braless tits, which made my nipples push though the sheer material making them rock-hard.

“Oh god, you’re driving me crazy. I’m on fire baby,” I said in a hot voice, as my tongue came out to meet his.

Kissing harder, my father pushed my legs apart and moved my thong to the side and began running his finger across my aching clit and finally between my wet fuck-lips. Not showing any resistance I whispered in his ear,

“Oh God…Fuck me. Fuck me baby.”

Kissing each other like sex-starved lovers my father began to finger fuck my wet cunt while his thumb circled my throbbing clit. It was the thrill of my life to finally have the man of my dreams and kissing me, telling me how sexy I was and with his fingers deep inside my boiling pussy. It was his pussy now, I thought to myself as I felt it get ready for a climax that was building for years.

“Oh baby, cum all over me,” my father whispered in my ear. “I want to feel that sexy pussy cum Jennifer,” he groaned in my ear.

“Oh baby,” I groaned as I tightened my legs, as my tongue twisting against his.

Losing all sense of where I was, my pussy exploded in a flood all over my father’s probing finger. After I came we kept kissing passionately, and continued our kissing throughout dinner. I was so aroused, so turned on and needed to touch his cock.

For years I had imagined my fathers cock. I imagined that he would be well endowed. Because of his distinguished looks and perfect physical features my only thought was that he would have a big cock. It seemed that a big cock would be the only thing that would make him anatomically perfect. After fucking the German art dealer, who had a slimier build to my father all I could think about was that my father would have a cock as similar as his was.

The 92 year old art dealer was enormous, with a 12 inch cock. I never in my life came so hard as I did with his monster inside me. I was so anxious to touch my fathers cock as the anticipation for him being endowed had my pussy ready to explode on its own.

As we ate our meal I reached over and reached for my fathers cock. Putting my hands on his crotch I instantly thought to myself that he wasn’t that wide around. The German art dealer was as wide around as a can of soda. I remember my fingers couldn’t close around half of it it was so massive. I began rubbing my father’s crotch and although he had a rock-hard cock I realized that he was by no means large. He didn’t even feel as big as some of the older men I was with who I met at the gallery I worked at. I didn’t show it, but I was more than disappointed to discover that he was average in size, most likely 5 or 6 inches at best. It was as if the imagine I had of my father had suddenly changed.

Although not the man I fantasied about for years, I was still turned on by him, especially the idea of how he was going to spoil me rotten once the merger went through. The reason I was disappointed was because of how sexy the situation was. Here I was dressed real hot in a micro mini dress that clung to my body, with thigh high stockings to accent my long, tapered legs and a pair of open toe high heel pumps locked in a deep sexy kissing exchange with my father who is an absolute hunk of a guy that all women drool over. The only thing lacking that could have made this absolutely explosive for me was if the man of my dreams was endowed.

The stage was set for something explosive between my father and me, especially with him being absolutely irresistible and the deal that he was going to sign which would make him rich beyond words and that he was going to in turn share it with me by spoiling me rotten.

While we ate and kissed he told me how bad he wanted me, and that my body drove him crazy. As I teasingly rubbed his hard, but average sized cock I confessed and told him how he always turned me on.

“I’ve imagined fucking you so many times,” I groaned in his ear as my hand ran over the bulge in his pants.

‘God, why you couldn’t be really big,’ I thought as I rubbed his average sized cock while remembering the 92 year old German art dealer and his massive cock a month before.

My disappointment faded as I began thinking about what I would get after the merger of my father’s business and I got wet again, and my lust for him grew to a whole new level. After dinner we left in his limo and kissed all the way to my apartment. At one point my father pulled Niğde Escort Bayan down the top of my mini dress and sucked my nipples to the point of making me cum.

Arriving at my apartment we kissed all the way to the penthouse in my private elevator. Reaching the door I squatted on my pumps and unzipped my father’s pants. Although I let out a loud groan, saying, “So hard,” it masked the disappointment in seeing a cock that was average in size. Ignoring his size I sucked him down my throat as I thought of all the years of wanting to suck him and ultimately fuck him.

“Oh god baby, your mouth is so hot,” my father growled, as I effortlessly swallowed him right to the base.

As I sucked him whole I drifted back to the 92 year old German and his massive cock and how my mouth barely went over his fat grapefruit sized cockhead. Feeling my father’s thin shaft throb inside my mouth and hearing his deep groans of pleasure I knew that he was going to cum in a few seconds. Holding onto his hips I sucked on my father’s cock like a vacuum hose. I was so horny to bring him off.

“Oh baby, cum in my mouth. Let me taste you baby,” I groaned then went back to inhaling his 5 inch dick.

That did it.

“Oh god Jennifer,” he growled as his cock shot four powerful blasts of cum into my mouth as I eagerly drank-down his hot cum.

It was very similar to all the other men I had fucked. They came hard, but it only lasted a few seconds. Not only did I fantasize about my father having a huge cock, but also imagining him shooting a huge load that lasted over a minute.

After cumming he pulled me up to him and we got lost in another hot kiss. It was a lovers kiss that I had waited years for.

“Baby, I want to eat your sexy pussy then I want to fuck you,” my father groaned as he kissed my neck.

“Oh fuck. Me too, so fucking bad,” I said in a passionate voice. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long,” I added hotly, just to add seriousness, and to keep him turned on to me.

I wanted to build up the excitement and said in a convincing voice, “But I want to save the best for last. Right after the merger goes through,” I said hotly and convincingly as I squeezed his hardening cock.

There was no doubt in my mind that if my father was really hung and came as hard as I imagined, I would have fucked him all night, but that all seemed a bit anti-climactic now.

“As soon as you sign the merger tomorrow you and I will celebrate in my bedroom Dad,” I said kissing him hotly.

“Oh god baby, I can’t wait to put my name on that document. I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long Jennifer. Your body has driven me crazy,” he said in a deep, confident voice.

As we kissed he told me that once the merger was signed he was going to send my mother to a very expensive spa in Beverly Hills while she went house shopping while he and I went to the sexy resort. I couldn’t let my father know that I was a little disappointed about his size, but I was really turned on by the thought of going away with him without my mother and that I was going to get a lot of added gifts and money after the merger.

I realized that it may not be the fuck I always believed and fantasized my handsome father and I would get into, or that he’d have a really big cock that could cum really hard and for a real long time, but with all the pampering and spoiling I was going to get from him it was still going to be an exciting fuck, even if I had to fantasize about him stretching me out really wide with a huge imaginary cock.

Dreams of becoming lovers take a harsh turn

The day of the signing I spent a lot of time carefully selecting a dress and lingerie to wear underneath for the celebration of the merger. Rolling up my stockings and attaching them to my long garter straps then stepping into my high heel pumps was so thrilling for me, electrifying my body as I thought about my father and I celebrating the merger by becoming lovers that night.

My body was on fire from the thought of all the things my father was going to do for me and that he and I were going to be spending a lot of time together. Especially time in bed together as lovers while we traveled to exotic resorts around the world. The idea of all that money my father was going to get from the lucrative business deal, and in turn spoil me with expensive things and exotic vacations added to the excitement of fucking him. Although I was now resigned to the possibility that my father did not have the type of cock I fantasied about, Escort Niğde the thought of all that money made me so hot for him.

When I heard my private elevator open I became instantly aroused.

“I’ll be right out baby,” I said as I put on my sheer white lace bra and walked out to greet my father in my sexy and very naughty outfit

Ready for the incredible news and the celebration to begin I saw a look on my father’s face that I had never seen before. It was a look of total shock and absolute devastation. I instantly went to him and put my arms around him to console him and ask what happened. With my arms around him I could smell alcohol, most likely whisky. This in itself was a surprise because my father was not a person who drank hard liquor.

He told me he had unbelievable news and to get dressed because he needed to sit me down and tell me what happened. It was as if he didn’t even see me. The way I was dressed didn’t seem to excite him. It was as if I was dressed in casual clothes instead of sexy stockings, garters a lace, transparent bra and high heel pumps.

Going to my room a pit formed in my stomach as I put on a long robe to cover my sexy lingerie. Walking back out to see my father hunched over with his head between his hands washed away the image I had all my life of him being strong, and confident. Instead, my father now looked like a very fragile man who was about to have a breakdown. Something in my stomach told me the news was not going to be good. I just never imagined it would be as bad as it was. I figured if the deal was taken off the table I’d still have my expensive lifestyle.

What I thought was that the deal was suddenly called off and that the negations had gone bad. I was shocked to learn the company had been ruthlessly taken over by my disgusting uncle and that my father had virtually signed away everything, including all his personal assets and the company’s assets. It seemed all of my father’s personal assets were under the business name.

As my father wept like a sniveling little boy, he told me he was penniless and my uncle now owned everything my father had. Suddenly the thought of losing my apartment and the expense account my father provided for me each month caused me to get violently ill. As I looked at him, the sight of him sobbing and crying actually turned me off. Although I should have been sympathetic I was not.

Suddenly the man in my life who I admired and held on a high pedestal was just knocked off by a man I absolutely detested for being arrogant, conceited and merciless; my own uncle. I began to see my Uncle as one who’d let nothing stand in his way of getting what he wanted.

Through his whimpering sobs, my father explained that my uncle now owned my parents’ home in Bridgehampton and the summer home in the Hamptons and he said he wanted them out by the end of the month, only 10 days from that day. He told my father he could stay on in the company as part of custodial services and that my mother could even work as a receptionist for him. He also said he would move him and my mother to a Brooklyn apartment in East New York, which has a reputation for being the worst part of the city, where crime, drugs and gangs are an everyday occurrence.

As my father went on about how my uncle deviously planned to take over the company, and how it was all legal, all I could uncaringly think about was how I was going to be affected and that I was about to lose everything, including my up-scale apartment and truly be out on the street.

I knew that my job at the art gallery was not going to come close to paying my exorbitant ten thousand a month rent and the additional ten thousand dollars in expenses I had each month as I lived the high-life in the city. As my father cried like a little infant and tried to apologize I got so indignant and scolded him for being so stupid and careless for allowing my despicable uncle to take away everything he had away from him.

I screamed at my father for what it was going to do to me and my lifestyle, and he just hung his head in shame knowing that there was nothing he could do or say. I walked away in a huff then went to my room and slammed the door. Taking off my robe and stepping out of my pumps then taking off my thong garter belt I rolled down my stockings then crawled into bed. I then heard the outside door close and knew my father had left. This is when the reality of what my life was going to become hit me.

I could not believe the change of events from me getting ready that night in a sexy outfit to drive my father crazy and to ultimately fuck him as we celebrated his successful business merger, but now all I felt was loathing for him for allowing this to happen. To be continued…

Hitting Rock Bottom-Shattered Dreams

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