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Daughter in Charge Ch. 04

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Mom and I sent Dad to the nearby drug store for sunblock, something we’d been running short of. We looked on as he got dressed. I couldn’t stop smiling, in fact I was on the verge of bursting out laughing, as I watched him go about it. The brown film on his nose fascinated me.

“Get moving, shit-nose.” I said, and Dad began to hurry. His foot got tangled in his pants leg and he stumbled.

“Did you hear your daughter, you moron? She said ‘get moving’, not ‘fall over’ “. Mom said, giving him a kick that sent him stumbling again. This time, he fell to the floor.

“I’m sorry, dear. I shouldn’t have hurried.” Dad said. He was blushing, and I could see beads of sweat forming on his upper lip.

“If anyone asks what that is on your nose, you tell them you’ve been nuzzling your wife’s asshole. Understand me?” Mom continued, standing over him.

Dad struggled to his feet, finally getting his pants on, and securing the belt.

“I will, dear.” he said.

“Let’s roleplay it,” I said. “just to be sure you get it right. I’ll be the checkout clerk.

‘Goodness, Mr Carne! What’s happened to your nose? Can I offer you a Kleenex?’ ”

I began.

“No, thank you, miss. I had my nose up my wife’s asshole, and this is the result. I wear it proudly. I am a loser, a small-dick lowlife, and there is no higher honor for me than to display my inferiority in this way. Thank you for your concern,miss, just the same”

I could see through the front of his pants that old Dad was getting off on the exchange. Jeez. What a mess of a man!

“That stain had better be there when you get back, Robert. Do you hear me?” Mom said, ominously.

“Yes, dear”, came Dad’s meek reply. We sent him on his way.

Mom and I donned our bathrobes and went to the kitchen. I popped open a bottle of white, and we sat at the table to chat.

“So, Jen, what do you think, so far?” Mom said, swirling the wine in her glass.

Mom, I think this is a blast!” I said. And, indeed, it was the most fun I’d had in quite awhile. “I can’t believe Dad is out there looking like that! I love it.” I said, giggling.

“Well, I think he may get a few curious looks, but nothing more. Still, some insightful person might surmise the truth. And that, dear, is another area where we hold the reins. Sending him out in public like this. There’s always a chance of him being found out for what he is.”

“You mean, like, a loser?” I said, knowing full-well that’s what she meant. I just liked saying it.

“Exactly, Jen. As far as any meaningful sexual relationship is concerned, being a loser is the high point for your father. Doing as a woman tells him to do, that sort of thing. When he gets back, we’ll work on establishing your role. I’m sure he’s dying to worship you.”

“Okay with me!” I chirped. I definitely had developed a taste for seeing Dad begging. All I needed to do was stand in front of him and he would become just a big piece of pathetic putty,. ready to be wrapped around my finger. That much had already become very clear from our encounters up till then.

“First, we’ll punish him for his mistakes. He knows full well that he’s not to look at either of us without our say-so. And he’s failed twice today.”

“So,” I began hesitantly, “the belt?”

“Yes, hon. I haven’t shown it to you yet, have I?”

“Is it just for… you know, like, whipping him?” I said, and I could feel power and a beautiful carnal sensation flowing through me as I said this.

“That’s what it’s for. I’ll show you how to handle it. It takes a bit of practice.” Mom said.

“You have an eager student on your hands, Mom!” I said.

When Dad returned, we went back to the bedroom where he stripped and put his loser outfit back on, then knelt before us.

“Hey, Mom. Can we get one of those fake nose-and-eyeglass things? I think that would look hilarious.” I volunteered as I appraised Dad. It was kind of like having a Barbie doll that I could dress up as I pleased.

“We can, and we will, Jenifer.” Mom said, giving me a smile of approval.

“But for now, we need to address your father’s errors. Why don’t you remind him of what he’s done.” Mom said, then went to her dresser and removed a coiled belt from the top drawer. She unfurled it, and let it dangle at her side as she walked around Dad.

“Look at me, Rob.” I said, and Dad raised his eyes.

“little Rob, little, little Robbie,” I began, pointedly staring at his diminutive penis.

“Taking sneaky looks at Mom, looking at me without permission. You’ve been bad, haven’t you, little Robbie?

“I’m sorry, Mecidiyeköy Escort Jen. I didn’t…”

I was getting good at face-slapping, and the one I delivered then was perfection itself.

“That was a question, dopey.” I said sharply, as Mom draped the belt over Dad’s shoulder.

“I have! I have been bad, Jen!”

“That’s better.” I said,

“Kiss the hand that slapped you, turd.” I said, holding out my hand to him. Dad immediately planted the softest, sweetest kiss to the back of my hand.

“When you’re bad, what happens?”

“Your mother gives me a strapping, Jennifer. I often need it.”

“Well, looks like you need it again, mister shit-nose.” I said, getting into the role.

Mom chimed in. “This will serve as a tutorial for Jennifer, Rob. She needs to learn how to whip you properly.” I came closer to him, and said in a quiet voice: “How does that sound, Robbie?”

“I deserve it, Jen. I guess I’m just a fuck-up.”

“Ain’t no guessing about it, Dad. You are a fuck-up for the ages. Kiss my feet.”

Old Dad got way down and began groveling at my feet, kissing them.

“Good boy. That’s my Robbie. That’s my Dad.” I said appreciatively. He really could be very tender!

“Okay. Get up.” I said. “Your wife is going to show me how to use that belt on you.”

Dad got up, his pitiable little penis pointing to the ceiling. Boy, this was going to be good. “Go to the closet.” Mom said, and Dad scampered over to it. The door was open. He clutched the side of the door with both hands, facing away from us. Mom approached. I could see Dad’s knuckles turning white with the anticipation of the blows to come. Mom went to where she could face Robbie. She held out her hand with the belt wrapped around it.

“Kiss it.” she said, and Dad gave the belt a fervent kiss. Mom went behind him and took a spread-legged stance.

“I’ve found this to be the best way, feet apart. It helps control where and how it lands.” she said.

“Got it, Mom.”

“Okay, then.” Mom said. She rewrapped the belt around her hand so that the optimum length was free for swinging.

“About sixteen to eighteen inches, Jen.” she instructed. I waited breathlessly.

Mom took a good swing, and the flat of the belt came down on Dad’s right buttock. He flinched slightly, but otherwise did not move.

“See, Jen? Watch, if you come at him from the level of his ass cheeks, it will land properly. Observe.”

Again, Mom swung, and this one was even harder. It made a great sound, too! Whack!!

“You’ve really got it down, Mom.” I said, watching the two stripes emerge rosily from Dad’s cheek. I walked to the side for a different perspective. Old Dad’s boner hadn’t subsided one bit. This freak was enjoying it!

“Does the whipping make you hard, Robbie?” I said with mock interest.

“Your mother… your mother… she whips me when I’ve done wrong.” Robbie said through clenched teeth. Dad was definitely suffering in all kinds of ways.

“Yes,” Mom said. “I keep him down.”

Suddenly Dad had some kind of fit. He started crying and trembling. I tried remembering stuff from my first-aid class.

“I want to be … I’m trying to be… good!” he said between sobs. I looked on in disbelief. “Robert! Control yourself at once.” Mom seethed, and Dad started to pull himself back together. Mom rained down blows on Dad’s legs, his ass, his back. But he had shut up.

We took a break, first duct-taping Dad to the toilet in the bathroom beside their room. We knocked out one bottle of wine while preparing our snacks. We were having a good old time! I did some impersonations of Dad when he was doing all his sissy crying and blubbering.

I fell to my knees in the kitchen.

“Oh! I want to be such a good little boy!” I protested, my body quivering with fright.

“And he does, too.” Mom said., chuckling “He has the mentality, the vulnerability, of a child. Deep down, he is a frightened little boy. And that gives him a certain value in our circles. To have a slave who is so thoroughly weak and dependent is uncommon.It’s like finding a rare mushroom. That sort of thing. That incident now, Rob just falling apart, that’s the little boy living in a middle-age man’s body. Those moments are the creme de la creme. It’d when I feel I own him completely.”

While talking, we had put together a couple of plates of finger food. Smoked salmon, pate, some baguette bread. We toted our repast up the stairs, spread a cloth on the floor, and proceeded to eat picnic style.

When we’d finished, Mom took a pocket knife Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan and went to release Dad from the bathroom. She was back in a minute with him crawling behind her.

“Take these plates downstairs, wash them, and put them away. Be back here in three minutes.” Mom ordered, indicating a clock on the bedside table.

Dad flew into the task as we stood by, our arms crossed and amused smiles on our faces.

“Go, Dad! You can do it!” I cheered. Robbie continued working at Mach 1 speed, breathing heavily.

“Time’s running out, Rob.” Mom said, swinging the belt at her side. Almost a minute had passed.

He ran to the stairs, went down them like a bullet, and in seconds we heard water running and plates clattering.

“Dry them, too!” Mom shouted. I looked at the clock. I wasn’t sure what the consequence of not making it back in time was, but it must have included a serious ass-kicking!

Next, we heard loud thumping on the stairs as Robbie made his frantic ascent. There was an extra big thump, and we knew, in the midst of intense giggling, that moron-dad had tripped in his haste.

Dad entered out of breath, his face flushed.

“Very good, Robert. You had twelve seconds remaining. Perhaps I need to make these tasks more challenging.”

“He did good, Mom.” I said, approaching Robbie who had by then resumed his kneeling position.

I came to him and extended my hand.

“Go ahead.” I said softly.

Dad kissed the back of my hand. I brought my pubic mound to where it was only inches from his face. I looked down at my pathetic father with the silly red and white polka dot bow on his head, and his nose stained with Mom’s residue, and his cheery pink slippers. I reached out and petted his head gently.

“I’m really enjoying myself, Dad.” I said. “It used to really suck around here, but now…,” I said, continuing my petting, “now, I’m loving it! Oh, and good work on that dish-washing job. Super job, Dad.” I said, and stroked his face. Tears were running down it.

“Okay, Mom. My turn, right?” I said.

“Should I go over a few things first, hon?” Mom said. But I was ready. Ready to put some stripes on my Dad’s ass!

“Let me try it first, and you can give me tips as I go.” I said, turning away from Dad. I walked over to Mom and she gave me the belt. I wrapped it carefully around my hand as I’d seen her do.

“Go to the door, Dad.” I said, and he went to the closet door and assumed his position. I came quietly up behind him, running the supple leather through my free hand. I let the belt slide over his shoulder so that he could see it.

“Your daughter is going to whip you with this.” I said into his ear.

I took up the stance Mom had advised. I took a few trial swings through the air, and I could see Robbie shiver with the sound of it.

‘Well’ I thought, ‘time to dive in.’

The first stroke was off, and the flat of the belt didn’t make full contact. I guess it hurt, though. Dad kind of muffled a moan. Damn. I wanted to get this right, and I would. Mom came close beside me.

“Get down a bit lower this time, Jen, and swing straight across.” she said, simulating the motion. “Go on. We’ve got all night to do this.”

The next few strokes showed improvement, and I was pleased. I wanted to whip his back, too. It was unmarked, a blank canvas. I straightened Dad’s position so that his back was more available. It was a bigger target, so I was able to concentrate on the motion of my swing, and leave the target-practice aspect to the side for then.

And, boy!, did I ever get into it! I approached him from either side, finding new areas to focus on, all the while admiring the abstract and increasingly complex criss-crossings of the stripes and welts. I was going for sound, too. Which made sense, since a good ‘crack!’ sound meant full contact. But even more, I loved the sound of it.

After about twenty minutes of whipping, Dad’s back and ass were beautifully marked. I took a break, and Mom and I stood there admiring our work.

“Should we be concerned about here?” I said, pointing to a stripe on Dad’s ass cheek that had turned a light purple, and where the skin was slightly broken.

“We’ll put some salve on it later, and a bandage. it’ll be okay, though.” Mom reassured me.

“Well, now,” Mom said. “I’d say we got a lot accomplished here. Your father has been reminded, yet again, that he is a basic, off-the-rack loser. Nice work, Jen.” Mom said, and I felt a satisfaction in hearing her words.

Mom instructed Dad to move from the door Escort Mecidiyeköy and to kneel in front of us.

“Look, hon. Your father still has that… stuff on his nose.”

“Can we take a picture, Mom?” I asked with schoolgirl enthusiasm. “Please?!”

“Sure. Get your phone.” Mom said.

We did a quick photo shoot with closeups of Dad’s face and ass. Perhaps someday we could make an album. A family album with all of us in it.

“Your father’s been good, Jennifer. You decide on the reward.”

“You know, Mom,” I said as I recoiled the belt and returned it to the drawer. “I’d like to start with the basics. A show of respect for me as his new co-owner, and a ‘thank you’ for giving him the whipping.

“And?” mom said, prompting me.

“Well, Mom,I was awful jealous of you when Dad was cleaning and making love to your ass and your asshole earlier. I think it’s time he showed me respect there, too.”

“And he will.” came Mom’s assured reply. “Do you want to use the chair, dear? The way I did?”

“It sure looked cool. Yeah.” I said, and I slowly walked past Dad to the chair. His eyes were downcast, to be sure. I positioned myself and got comfortable.

“Get over here, Robbie.” I said sternly and, as he came towards me on his knees, I lowered my torso so that my ass was spread wide.

“Look.” I commanded.

“That’s your princess, Dad.” I said, and gave my sphincter a squeeze so that it was winking at Dad.

“Do you pledge undying fealty and respect to my anus, father?” I queried.

“I want to serve it and serve you always.” came Dad’s fervent reply.

“Excellent!” I exclaimed. “But for now, I need a bit of… what’s the term… Oh, yes, refreshment!” I said, and craned my head so that I could look him in the eye.

“So, Dad, get in there and make it feel really good? You got that?”

“Yes, Jennifer. Oh, thank you, I…”

“Put a lid on it loser boy, and get to work.” I said.

Well, Mom was certainly right! Dad knew what he was doing back there. Mmmmm. I just rested in the chair with my ass in his face, and he showed great finesse and tenderness at the task.

“You can direct him, of course, Jen, if you want a different flicking motion, or deeper penetration. He’s very good at getting into all the grooves and folds of the anus. Isn’t that right, Robert?”

“I try to do well, dear.’ came Dad’s reply from between my cheeks.

“And how do you like your daughter’s asshole, Robert? Are you getting along with it okay?”

“It’s so beautiful, dear. I’m lucky to have two such lovely anuses to serve.” he said, then proceeded to dig and flick at my hole.

“Go Dad!” Shit that’s good! mmmmmmm. I think you should get a trophy, or something. I mean, you could go out on the lecture circuit showing other losers how to please their women.” I said, and Mom laughed.

My encouraging words put Robbie in a higher gear, and I could feel the tip of his tongue reach still further into me. I reached between my legs and touched my clitoris which was swelled a bit and oh so sensitive!

“Good work, Dad.” I said, as my breath was deepening. Shit. I could cum from this sort of thing! I never figured. Anyway, it seemed that verbal praise put Dad into some kind of horny heaven. Whenever I spoke kindly and softly to him, he got a bit deeper, and his kisses were more ardent and sweet.

‘Hmmmm’, I thought, ‘how many of my classmates have a father at home who not only pays for her tuition, but loves nothing better than french-kissing her anus! Wasn’t I a lucky girl!

By stimulating myself, I was closer to climaxing by the second. It seemed Dad could sense this, and his attentions were more urgent. Mom could see this, too.

“Very good, Robert.” she said. “Show your daughter how much you respect her.”

With mom’s added incentive, i could feel Dad’s warm face grow warmer still between my cheeks, and his tongue become more frenzied in its ministrations.

“Oh, Fuck!!” I cried out. “Fuck, yeah, Daddy! Show Jenny how much you love her asshole!”

Then, like a great wave breaking on some dark, wild beach somewhere inside me, I began to buck with the first throes of my orgasm.

“Arrrrrrgggggghhh!!” I practically screamed. Dad was whimpering excitedly, drawn up into the heady maelstrom of my sexual power. I could feel it engulfing him, making him into a mere speck in the boundless beauty of my cumming. He kept at it, and my anal muscles grabbed greedily at his tongue.

Finally, the waves of pleasure waned. Dad rested his head on the seat of the chair, below my ass. He was breathing heavily. I got up and stretched.

“Whew! That sure felt good.” I said, still feeling an electric glow from it all. I went to Dad and gave him a pat on the head.

“Good boy, Dad. I’m very pleased with you.” I said, and Dad began to weep. Pretty fucking cool, I’d say! Things were moving along nicely.

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