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Daughter Amazes Daddy

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Our morning sex had to end, Mother would be returning very shortly, so Daddy and I agreed to having sex later in the day without Sara. Sara looked disappointed, but understood.

I dropped to Daddy’s lap, sucked his semi-rigid cock into my mouth, and gave him a promise to do more later. His hips lurched to me. I felt like the teasing little vamp.

The afternoon and evening did not go as planned. Daddy nor I were not able to get time alone, so all our play, our touches, our glanced promises went for naught. By bedtime, I was extremely horny. Getting ready for bed, I was determined to have Daddy some how during the night. But his engorged status did not go unseen. Later, Daddy filled in this part of the story for me.

“My what a big cock you have,” your Mother stated abruptly as I walked to the bed. I thought she had quit looking, but was pleasantly surprised.

“So much better to fuck you with,” I played. Your Mother nodded, noting my play with her words.

“Well, will you be my woodsman,” she grinned slyly, “and save me,” she continued. “I need a very big wood tonight,” she followed. My cock jumped in size in my shorts. I wanted Patti, but knew she would understand. I could not pass her mother’s request. I stripped off my shorts, jumped into bed, and rolled to my back. Your Mother grabbed my firm cock, stroking up and down the shaft softly.

“My god honey, it still is the biggest cock I have ever seen,” she stated, glancing to me.

“When would you have the chance to see another,” I asked quickly. Caught in mid thought, she looked puzzled.

“Never,” she stammered. “I was just making a comment,” she followed. The sexual moment was passing quickly, her attitude would soon be curt, and then no sex would follow. Should I? Or shouldn’t I? I pondered whether to move on her, or let the moment pass.

“Are we, or aren’t we,” she asked, glancing to my eyes. She felt the moment as well. She was turning the tables on me, making it my decision to fuck or not. I had been here many times, it meant I would have to make her cum three to four times by hand, then she would be aggressive, suck my cock for a couple minutes until the first taste of precum got in her mouth, then she would straddle me, and fuck me till I came. As she rolled off, I would playfully swat her ass, tell her what a great fuck it was, and roll over and go to sleep.

“Absolutely,” I muttered, shoving my hand to her crotch. Her cunt was wet, her lips slick as I shoved my finger between her labia, pushing down to shove my finger into her cunt. She groaned as expected. The rest, as they say, was according to Hoyle.

I have to admit though, I was more aggressive in pounding my cock deep in her cunt. I hammered her, thrusting hard, lifting my hips up high, pushing deep into her body. And I made her take a look at her lips stretching to hold my cock in her cunt. She even made herself cum once more, flicking her clit quick, hard as I thrust in and out of her cunt. It was good to fill her needs, and empty my nuts. As usual, we were louder than we should have been. She always was a screamer, and even though sex was not near as often, she seemed to scream as loud as ever. I knew Patti would have heard her.

For some reason, I woke about 1:20 a.m. Your Mother was sleeping soundly, so I rose to use the bathroom. I made a quick decision to go to Patti’s room. She was sleeping soundly. I sat on the edge of the bed, stroking her hair softly. “Baby, hey sweetie,” I whispered softly. She stirred, her eyelids fluttering. Groaning softly, she acknowledged my caresses of her hair.

“Daddy,” I whispered. I stretched my arm out, grabbing the top of the covers, pulling them back till I hit him. He jumped up as I continued pulling the covers off my body. Totally naked, I knew I looked terrific. Daddy stripped off his shorts, and crawled into my bed. I pulled my body close to his, my arms wrapping around his neck. I moved to kiss him, kissing him so softly. I needed Daddy, needed him to feel my urgency, feel my lust. I draped my leg over his hip, pulling my crotch toward him. His cock jumped to life, instantly growing in length, girth, and firmness. Growling as I felt his cock growing. “Good,” I whispered. “I need you Daddy,” I groaned. “Make love to me, make me cum Daddy,” I continued softly. He kissed my neck, tasting my flesh gently. I bit his shoulder, groaning into his flesh.

He moved slowly, kissing his way down my body, kissing the nape of my neck, sucking the flesh into his mouth gently, He kissed over my collar bone, his tongue licking my skin, he then nibbled over the rising mound of tit flesh, kissing, licking, nipping as he moved to my hard nipple. His mouth, tongue licked the firm bud, standing at full attention, rolling his tongue all around the taut flesh, sucking it gently into his mouth. His tongue danced over the nipple, rolling it between his teeth and tongue. My breathing halted, my breath exhaled deeply, my hand pulling his head to my body, arching, pushing my tit to his mouth. He slid his hand down Ankara escort my body, reaching between my legs, his middle finger parting, slipping into my wet cleft. A low, guttural groan filled my senses. I spread my legs wide, pushing my pelvis to his probing hand.

“Yes Daddy, make me cum,” I whispered, breathing heavily. I rolled to my back, pulling him with me to keep his lips locked on my nipple. His hand explored my body, fingers deftly slid up and down my soaked slit, sliding over the engorged clit, sliding quickly, penetrating my wet hole. “Did you make momma cum,” I whispered softly. “I heard her, her passionate screams filled my head. I closed my eyes, I could see you fucking her,” she breathed as I lifted my hips to capture his invasion of my body. My trembling hands wrapped around his cock. “Is her taste still on you,” I asked softly.

“Sorry baby,” he whispered, apparently having not thought of that.

“Don’t be Daddy,” I responded quickly. “I want to taste her,” she whispered. “I want to know your cock was in her body, covered in her juices, spitting your cum deep in her as you do me,” I growled. I moved quickly down his body, licking, nibbling, until I grabbed his cock with both hands, squeezing, bringing any precum up his long shaft, to form a bubble in the eye. I slowly sealed my lips on the head, my tongue probing into the slit, then washing over his sensitive flesh. “MMmmmmmmmmm,” I groaned. “I can smell her, taste her Daddy,” I whispered huskily. I dropped quickly, taking him completely into my mouth, licking around the head. Pulling back, my tongue bathed his shaft, his cock cool with the night air. Moving quickly, I sucked the head of his hard cock between my lips, forcing it through my tight lips, and sliding down his shaft. My mouth opened wide, lips pulling off his shaft, pushed into my throat, and swallowed his entire shaft again.

“Jesus baby,” he groaned, appreciating the abilities I had. My head bobbed faster, teeth raking over his skin, teasing, tantalizing, even torturous over the sensitive flesh. His hips jumped to shove his cock into my mouth.

“How did you fuck her Daddy,” I asked as I pulled off his cock, my hands pounding his

shaft from the crown to his body.

“She rode me,” he breathed. “Cowboy,” he answered, barely able to talk as I pounded his cock.

“Did she cum on your cock,” I growled, leaning to lick the head.

“No baby, never has,” he stretched the truth. Without his fingers or hers masturbating her clit, he could not remember her ever having cum on his cock. “Damn close though on hundreds of occasions,” he grunted out. “We would make her cum by hand while my cock was in her body,” he finished.

“I need to cum Daddy,” I whispered, my eyes closing, picturing my body erupting in orgasm. “Make me cum Daddy, please,” I whispered.

“Lay down Baby, let Daddy eat your beautiful pussy,” he responded. He pushed me to the side, my body dropping to the bed. He moved quickly between my legs, diving into my wet slit. My breathing stopped, my hips jumped up to offer him my sex.

“Oh yes Daddy,” I breathed softly. “Eat my cunt Daddy, make your baby girl cum for you,” I continued talking. “Do I taste good Daddy, do you love to eat your baby girl’s cunt,” I muttered almost incoherently, pulling his hair, pulling him tighter to my wet cunt. Opening his mouth, he captured my swollen clit, sucking it into his mouth, his teeth clamping down to hold me as his tongue thrashed my sex. He shook his head yes, tugging on my clit as he sucked it deeper, stretching the skin, flicking my nub hard. He quickly slipped two fingers into my wet hole, shoving them roughly, unhesitatingly into my soaked cunt. Gasping, I lifted my hips high. “Yes Daddy, fuck your baby girl,” I whispered softly. I rode his tongue, his fingers with abandon. My hips thrust, lifted, shook, humped, and rotated under his mouth and fingers. My body raced toward orgasm quickly. My breathing changed, my breath coming in shallow gasps, held then released over and over.

“Daddy,” I grunted loudly as my body erupted in orgasm, my body lifted, froze under his mouth, and shuddered, dropping flat to the bed. My legs clamped over his ears involuntarily, my hands pushing his head away from my cunt. “Let me fuck you like momma did, please Daddy,” I pleaded.

He rolled quickly, pulling me with him. He fisted his cock, standing it straight up. I rose to one knee, lifting the other leg, grabbed his engorged cock, slipped it back and forth through my soaked lips, the aimed it to my wet hole. Shifting, I started stuffing his hard cock into my wet depths.

“Your cock is so big Daddy,” I whispered through clenched teeth. Lifting, dropping, grinding, my body swallowed his cock deep, my wet channel sliding deep unto his pelvis. Our bodies joined, my hands on his chest, his back arched, I rocked my hips, grinding his cock deeper, my juices dripping down his shaft, matting his pubic hair.

I love you Daddy! I love your cock too,” I told him, monotone in inflection. “Did you cum Ankara escort bayan in her Daddy,” I asked. He nodded yes. “Good Daddy, come in your baby girl. Fill my cunt with your cum Daddy,” I breathed, my hips exploding on his cock, rocking, thumping, grinding his cock deep in my cunt. He grabbed my tits, rolling the nipples, twisting the hard flesh. “Did you pinch her tits Daddy,” I asked, looking to stare at his hands on my tits. “Do I fuck like momma,” I asked softly, staring into his eyes.

“Yes baby,” he grunted out, not answering every question. His balls boiled, his orgasm ripping through his balls, erupting, spitting cum into his long hard shaft, and spewing into my waiting depths. I stopped all movement when he erupted, grinding my hips deep to his pelvis. Each spurt flexed his shaft, each spurt felt in my body as he shot his juices into my yielding body. “God Baby,” he breathed, pulling me close, his arms wrapping around me. “I love you too sweetie,” he whispered. “I love you too,” he repeated softly.

We lay there for several minutes, not moving, just catching our breath. My hips rocked lazily on his flaccid cock, grinding the wet flesh against our bodies. Humping back and forth, I groaned again.

He leaned to kiss me softly, our lips brushing gently.

“Thanks Daddy,” I breathed softly. “Go back to bed now,” I instructed. He kissed me once more, rolled to the edge of the bed, grabbed his shorts, rose and walked briskly back to his room. I went to the bathroom, squeezed out any remaining fluids, wiped my slit, threw on my shorts, and headed to back to bed. I was definitely sated. I had had Daddy again, filling my hole in less than an hour. He had both of his women in a short several hours. I drifted off to sleep very quickly.

Daddy’s alarm came abruptly, shouting in his brain. Exercising first, he finished with his 4-mile run, grabbed a cup of coffee, and headed to the shower. He was ready to leave for work early. His mood was exceptional.

“Monday is my favorite day,” he sang to himself, knowing he had taken liberties with the real song. He was very chipper.

Sherri, his new admin since Vickee left, arrived early as well. Unknown to me at the time, Sherri was his newest office sex toy, hired first to serve his sexual needs, and then to do a superb job as his personal assistant. Sherri traveled with him all the time on his corporate plane. Hot, passionate, she fucked Daddy at his whim. I had seen her many times in the past year, always a step back, demure, but a very attractive total package. Somewhat pretty, dressed to the nines, a full figured lady, she had ample curves, a quick smile, and a very nice smile.

I got a call late in the day from Daddy, asking me to join him for a dinner meeting in the city. Dad liked me to join him on occasion to get a feel for what he did, kinda like the “bring your daughter to work day” held each year. I dressed very nice, a wide necked blouse, buttoned to show cleavage, with a blue, short skirt, and no panties. I did stuff a pair into my purse for later. I let mom know Daddy would be working late with me this evening, and headed down to his offices. All the way to the office, I fantasized about having Daddy take me on his desk. By the time I arrived, I was almost dripping, horny, and ready for Daddy to have me.

“Hi Sherri,” I said as I walked briskly past her desk. I noted her flushed face, which perplexed me. “You ok,” I asked?

“Terrific,” she responded, smiling softly. “Absolutely terrific,” she said.

“Hey Baby,” Daddy said, smiling as he took in my attire. I walked around the desk, leaned to give him a light kiss on his lips, lingering a little longer that necessary.

“Feel my legs Daddy,” I whispered. His hand reached to my inner knee. “Up,” I breathed quietly. Daddy’s hand slid gently up my inner thigh. As his fingertip approached my cunt, I widened my stance slightly. His finger brushed across my wet slit. He groaned, realizing I was not wearing panties. I squatted slightly, pushing his fingertip into my wet slit. “God Daddy,” I growled as he groaned. “Want to fuck me right here,” I asked lustfully? I reached to his lap, my fingers curling around his chubbing cock. I stroked it for good measures.

“Yes I do,” he groaned. “Go close the door,” he whispered. I could barely move quick enough. My cunt throbbed, I am sure juices would be running down my thighs momentarily. I shuddered as I walked. I was going to fuck my Daddy in his office. I turned quickly, getting back to his desk. Daddy had pushed his coffee cup aside, patting the desk. “Sit here sweetie,” he instructed. Stepping between him and his desk, I plopped my butt on the desk. Daddy moved between my legs, kissing my thighs as I quickly pulled the skirt up, exposing my pussy. Daddy pulled his chair closer, kissed slowly up my thighs, heading toward my wet slit. I reached to stroke his hair, opening my legs wider. In seconds, Daddy’s tongue stretched to probe my slit, his tongue poking at my engorged clit. I scooted closer to the edge of the Escort Ankara desk, opening my legs wide, propping my feet on his chair. I bowed my back, tilting my hips to his mouth. Daddy sucked my clit into his mouth, circling his tongue around the sensitive flesh. I was so close to cumming at that instant, I almost screamed.

Daddy tugged at my clit, his teeth clamped firmly over the hard nub. His tongue danced over my flesh, licking down my lips, nipping, chewing gently. I saw stars, my mind flashing many bright lights. I lost cognizant thought. Daddy devoured me, assaulted my sex button, thrashing my wet slit. He dropped lower, shoving his tongue into my hole, licking, sucking my juices into his mouth. My butt flexed involuntarily, humping up and down on his tongue. Closing my eyes, my body raced toward my first orgasm of the afternoon.

“Oh God Daddy,” I whimpered. “So close,” my voice trailed off. I knew I only had seconds. Grabbing a handful of hair, I pulled his face into my cleft, twisting his head back and forth as he tongue fucked me. A shudder built deep in my body, my orgasm reaching from deep in my core, erupting through my hips, escaping through my cunt. “Oh yes Daddy,” I cried out softly as my orgasm exploded in my body. Daddy grabbed my clit, his tongue thrashing it hard, fast, mashing it against his teeth. Biting down firmly, he flicked the bud harder, tugging as well. My orgasm maintained its’ peak, lifting my thoughts, my needs higher by the minute. My cunt begged to be penetrated, to feel his huge cock enter me, slide deep in my body.

“Fuck me Daddy,” I instructed. Standing, Daddy dropped his pants, pulled his shorts down, fisting his huge, engorged cock. He sat back in his chair.

“Come here, turn around,” he commanded. I moved quickly, my cunt throbbing, soaked, needing his cock. I pulled my skirt up over my ass, stepped to straddle Daddy’s legs, placed my hands on his thighs as he guided my ass toward his lap. Fisting his cock, he swiped the head back and forth along my wet slit. I hesitated, letting him find my hole. With his free hand on the small of my back, Daddy pulled me back, dropping my ass, shoving his cock into my wet cunt. The head pressed hard against me, then exploded into my body as I dropped to his lap. My eyes bulged as his huge cock invaded my body. I humped up, down a couple of times, driving his cock balls deep in my wet cunt. I leaned back flat against his chest, his cock buried in my body. His hands now grabbed my hips, flexing his butt, lifting, driving his cock deep, flexing his thighs to lift my body up several inches, then slamming me back down on his cock.

His hands reached over my hip bones, his finger finding my clit, thrashing it back and forth as he plunged his cock in and out of my cunt. Sensitive, my clit responded quickly to his masturbation, my body screaming for a second orgasm. I tilted my head back against his shoulder, Daddy turning his chair facing sideways. He humped me hard, driving every inch of his cock into my body, his fingers thrashing my clit. My body exploded into a second orgasm as I lost all thought, only wanting Daddy to fill me again, to shoot his cum deep in my cunt. His hands moved quickly up my body, grabbing my tits, pinching my nipples.

At that instant, a guttural groan started deep in my body. My hips thrashed, rocking back and forth on Daddy, driving his rigid cock deeper, grinding, humping him. Her mouth clamped over my spread lips, sucking my clit into her mouth. My eyes flew open, Daddy thrust his hips up, jamming his cock deep as I grunted hard. Sherri looked deep into my eyes. My hands reached for her, pulling her harder to my clit. My jaw clenched, my teeth bared, I growled at her.

“Suck me,” I commanded. Her head thrashed back and forth, tugging, almost ripping my clit from me. My body erupted again, a powerful orgasm ripping through my body as Daddy drove his cock deep. I rocked back and forth hard, grinding his cock deep into my body. Lifting his hips, a thrust, a hard, deep grunt gave way to shooting his cum into my body. Spurt after spurt erupted from his magnificent cock, Sherri sucked more gently on my swollen clit. My senses regained composure, my thoughts organized, I looked to Sherri, her eyes smiling. She licked slowly, her mouth open, her tongue licking upwards, lifting, and strafing my clit. Her cheeks glistened from my juices. I caressed her face as she moved upwards, her hand reaching around my head, pulling her mouth to mine.

She kissed me softly, her tongue darting into my mouth. I could taste me on her lips. I hungrily sucked her tongue into my mouth, groaning deeply. Daddy’s cock was slipping from my cunt. I reached to hold it in my cunt for a minute longer. Sherri reached to my hand, flattening over my hand, the heel of her hand pressing firmly on my clit. I growled into her mouth again. Sherri sat back on her haunches, letting me rise, and move off my Daddy’s lap. I turned just in time to see her dive forward, her hand wrapped firmly around Daddy’s limp cock, and suck the sticky flesh into her mouth. She growled deeply as she devoured his flesh. Daddy stroked her hair. I moved to kneel beside her, watching her suck to his balls, then pull up, stretching the flaccid cock. I reached to grab his balls.

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