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Dark Wood, Leather and Sex

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The office of Emre Özdemir was dark wood, leather and smelled faintly of sweet tobacco.

The big man was sitting at his large Mahogany desk in a leather office chair that creaked slightly as he turned to address his guest.

Mr. Oz was a large, fifty-two year-old man with a dark complexion and rugged good looks.

As a boy he had come with his parents from Turkey, and his father had slowly but surely built a small and successful repair business over the years.

Later, with Emre at the helm, it had become a very large, very successful business.

Years of managing the shop had left him a little overweight, but his broad shoulders and beefy arms helped balance it out. He had been a successful wrestler in college, a two-time heavyweight conference champ.

But his father had other plans for him, and running the family business put an end to it.

He looked across the scattered paperwork on his desk at the curvy, blonde, twenty-year old college girl standing there and felt a tingle in his crotch.

The top button of her blouse was undone, allowing a peek at her plump, round breasts straining against the material.

He thought for a moment he could see the outline of her nipples under the soft fabric.

The girl was lovely.

Her face, with the high cheekbones, pert nose and big blue eyes, framed by her blonde hair was familiar to him, but now at twenty years old, she seemed different.

Her father had been bringing his cars to Emre’s shop for years for repair and maintenance, now she was doing the same.

She had put on weight at college, and her Rubenesque figure filled out her outfit in a most pleasing way.

The older man approved.

Emre drew his gaze back from her bosom and gestured for her to take a seat.

“Please, Miss Heather, sit. Cigarette?”

Emre knew that smoking was no longer fashionable, but he wanted to be polite. He very much wanted to have one, and to his surprise the young woman nodded. She took one of the mild Turkish blends from the ornate box he kept them in, and bent over his desk as he lit for her.

Again his gaze flitted to the busty girl’s cleavage as she leaned in.

He watched her round, shapely ass move in the short skirt she was wearing as she moved to the large leather couch to sit.

“I’m sorry Miss Heather, the older cars can be expensive to fix. What can I do?” The swarthy older man said, his palms outstretched in a kind of shrug.

“Mr. Oz, five thousand dollars? I need my car for college, for work. My Mom and I don’t have that kind of money.” the young girl said, her big blue eyes pleading.

“There is little we can do. The transmission is no good, and even a used one will cost this much.”

“Mr. Oz, I’ve been coming here for a long time, isn’t there something I could do?”

Night was falling, and after a long day Heather had hoped to have some good news about the car.

The shop was now closed, the last mechanic rolling the overhead doors down and locking them before leaving. The large shop was dark and quiet, the only light was Mr. Oz’s upstairs office where the two sat.

Emre looked at the twenty year old girl sitting across from him again. His heart was beating very fast.

Her blonde hair was up in a ponytail, and as she leaned forward her low cut white blouse exposed more of her cleavage, a push-up bra accenting the round curves of her tits.

“Well, since you asked. There could be one thing.”

“Mr. Oz, anything. You don’t understand how important this is.”

“If you do this one thing for me, then I can do something for you.” he said in a serious tone.

The large, dark-complexioned older man leaned back, the leather chair creaking. He brought his hands together in thought. He sighed.

“It’s been several years now since my wife left me. A lonely time. So, I spend all my time here, late into the night sometimes. Alone.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that Mr. Oz.”

Emre’s wife had found out about an affair he was having with a much younger woman. He had met the twenty-five year old at an auto show in a nearby city, and spent a year traveling there weekly to meet his lover. Things had been bad with his wife for a long time, and he once went two years without sex. He later discovered his wife was fucking one of his young mechanics, so things ended peacefully. But lost his wife, his lover and nearly lost the shop.

“Please, call me Emre. ” he said, smiling.

“You are an extremely beautiful woman, Heather. This has a power over men. You have it over me, you know. Do you understand what I mean?” he continued.

“I’m not sure.” the young woman said, feigning naivety. She was beginning to understand what he meant.

“If you were to, let’s say, be intimate with me, I would show my appreciation in a very large way.”

The young college student began to understand what the older man was getting at. She had known the gregarious shop owner for years, and she had spent a lot of time in the shop with her father.

This was before her dad suddenly left her isvecbahis yeni giriş mother, leaving her to raise Heather alone.

Heather remembered “Mr. Oz” as kind and fair. She always had thought the large dusky man was exotic and interesting and had to admit she had flirted with him a bit.

Now he was a little heavier than those days, but so was she, her “freshman twenty” weight evident in her soft, round curves.

She thought about the long year that had passed since she had caught her college boyfriend cheating on her.

The thousands of dollars to repair her Jeep loomed in her mind.

Heather also remembered the day she brought the Jeep in, his large hand lingering on her back as he guided her to his office.

She recalled the tingle between her legs when the large man’s hand slid down to the small of her back.

“If I …have sex with you… you’ll fix my car for me. For free.”

Emre paused, weighing his next words.

“Yes. That would be the agreement. It would never leave this room, you have my word.”

The voluptuous blonde girl sat back for a moment, lost in thought, arms crossed under her ample tits. She parted her lips as if to speak, then stopped.

“I’m very sorry if I’ve gone too far. I apologize for talking this way.. It’s just, you are a very attractive woman…” Emre broke off in mid-sentence.

“No. It’s alright. I’m very flattered. I like you, Emre, I always have. I think we can work this out.” the young girl said.

He watched as Heather sat up straight, put out her cigarette and began to slowly unbutton her blouse, revealing the lacy bra underneath.

She continued until the shirt hung open, her tits cradled in the lacy B-cup Victoria’s Secret bra, her blue eyes now serious.

“All repairs, with new parts.” she demanded.

“Yes, of course, no cost to you. You have my word.” the older man said, staring at the pale skin newly revealed to him.

She removed the shirt, revealing her soft, white shoulders, and ran her fingers down her stomach as she looked at the older man.

“If anyone asks, it was in return for some bookkeeping I did for you.” she said, her fingers tracing the bra holding her large tits.

“Yes, of course.”

She tossed the shirt onto the couch and moved around his desk to where he was sitting. He turned in his swivel chair to face her, staring at her tits, the nipples now hard and visible under the soft material.

Placing both hands on the arms of the chair the young blonde leaned forward and hung her boobs in his face.

He kissed the bare skin of each tit gently and she leaned back to undo the bra.

When the pair of round, full tits fell free his hands went to them immediately. Transfixed, the older man kneaded her breasts with his big rough fingers for a moment, before leaning in to take each nipple in his mouth, one after the other.

The girl let him kiss and suck her big tits for a long while, one small hand on the back of his head as he suckled her.

She could see the large bulge in his dress pants, and wanted a closer look at the big man’s cock.

The curvy blonde girl knelt between his legs as the big man leaned back in his leather office chair to watch. She undid his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled his dark, uncut cock out of his boxers.

He groaned as she gave his dick a few strokes, admiring it as she did.

It was not so long, maybe six inches, but it was one of the thickest cocks the college girl had ever held. She pulled the foreskin back to reveal the smooth bulbous head, wet with precum.

“Mmm, very nice.” the young girl purred.

What started out as a clear-cut trade in services to her was now starting to feel less of a chore.

If the older man finished quickly, maybe in her mouth, then they could get on with the deal.

If he doesn’t, Heather thought, it could be a nice fuck with an interesting older man.

As a bonus, the enormous repair bill would be erased in the deal.

She began by softly licking his thick cock, kissing the tip, running her tongue up the length, pulling the foreskin up and down, stroking the dark cock with her pale, small hand.

“Oh yes, yes that’s good.” the older man said, watching her make love to his cock.

While the blonde was focused on his cock, Emre unbuttoned and removed his shirt, revealing his broad shoulders, chest and large belly, covered in dark hair.

Heather, still kneeling between the large man’s legs, ran her fingers through his curly chest hair as she stroked and sucked him.

In one hand she held his huge balls, large as avocados in a tight sack. He moaned when she tugged on them gently.

At one point she stood and he rose up as well, his broad body towering over the short young woman.

Taking the pale blonde by the hand, he led her to the large leather couch.

He stopped behind her, pulling her back into his big body and held her tight, running his large hands over her large, soft tits, tugging her skirt down, pulling the thong off.

He wrapped isvecbahis giriş one massive arm around her, just under her boobs, holding the girl to him snugly. The other hand reached down to explore her pussy, his big fingers sliding into her wetness, probing between the lips of her slit.

Heather could feel his hard cock pressing into the small of her back as he nuzzled her neck.

One of his thick fingers found her clit and her knees nearly buckled with the jolt of pleasure as he rubbed it.

“Mmmmm, yes. I like that.” the young girl murmered.

The ex-wrestler held her tight, continuing to slip his large fingers into her pussy, his digits emerging slick and wet.

The girl put her head back, leaning into him, one hand reaching around for his hard cock.

His long middle finger slipped inside her, and he began to fuck her with it, the action making a wet sound.

For a long moment the pair stayed like this, the big man wrapping a burly arm around the short, big-breasted blonde, one beefy hand between her legs.

His fingers moved in and out of her pussy as she leaned back to kiss him, one of her hands enclosing his thick cock.

The older man had given in to his passion, enthralled with the beautiful young girl giving herself to him.

The girl had abandoned reason now, surrendering to her lust, the exotic older man’s sexual presence overwhelming her.

She had surrendered herself up completely to the large, dark-complected man.

The arrangement that brought them to this point now set aside, replaced with animal passion.

Emir turned his young lover to face him, kissing her and setting her back gently on the couch. Kneeling, the big man positioned himself between her legs as she spread them in anticipation.

Leaning forward he extended his tongue and slipped it into her pussy, tasting her sweetness for the first time.

“Ohh, God yes…” the young girl says quietly.

The big man began to run his tongue along her pussy lips, kissing her clit and sucking gently at the little bud.

Heather put two hands around one leg, pulling it back to expose her cunt to his tongue, and watched the older man eating her pussy.

As the dark skinned man rhythmically licked her, she felt the pleasing tension of an orgasm building.

The young girl took a breath and held it, waiting as his wet tongue continued to focus on her clit.

Suddenly ecstasy radiated from her wet pussy, traveling throughout her body in a series of waves.

Emre’s big rough hands held her down as she bucked and shook, mewling with pleasure.

“Oh , fuck, yes, yes, yes.” the young blonde exclaimed as she convulsed.

She collapsed back on the couch, the orgasm fading, her soft body trembling.

Emre softly kissed the skin around her pussy, then running his tongue through her wetness, causing her to shudder.

The big man rose up and stood between her legs, his thick member dripping.

The girl sat up, lustfully taking his cock in her mouth again, her body still shaking from the orgasm.

As Emre’s dark cock filled her mouth with its girth, she could taste the precum, leaking from the head of the older man thick hard-on.

“That’s so good, love, you’re so beautiful.” the older man murmured.

One hand filled with her curly blonde hair, Emre stood with his feet slightly apart, watching the pale young thing lovingly suck him.

The older man’s short, thick cock disappeared into her mouth and slid back out again, emerging glistening with her saliva.

She paused her sucking to catch her breath and sat stroking his fat dick, moving his foreskin back and forth over the wet head.

The large dusky man gently moved the plump blonde down onto the couch. She took up a position on all fours, her ample ass in the air in front of him, her big tits swinging gently.

Heather felt his thick cock rubbing the lips of her pussy, as he moved in behind her. Then a wave of pleasure as the big older man pushed his dark cock into her cunt.

The sensation of the big man’s above-average thickness stretching her pussy thrilled the both of them.

“God, you are so tight, love.” the big man exclaimed.

“Fuck, you’re so thick baby.” the college girl replied.

Both of his large hands found her ample hips and he began to stroke the young girl, the thickness of his member sending waves of ecstasy through her curvy body.

One of Heather’s hands was busy between her legs, rubbing her clit as the big Turk contined to fuck her cunt like a piston, fast and hard.

He slowed to watch his cock sliding in and out of the college girls wetness, taking his time with his fucking, enjoying the sight of his thick dick spreading her pussy open.

The anticipation as the young girl waited for each slow stroke to gape her cunt was too much.

Still rubbing her clit the young girl began to shake as another orgasm jolted through her. Wave after wave of pure pleasure shook her soft curvy body and she gasped out loud.

“I’m cumming baby, oh,oh, isvecbahis güvenilirmi uunh.” Heather gasped, convulsing with ecstasy.

As she came the big man leaned forward, his large hands reached down for her large tits, gently swaying as he continued stroking her pussy.

“Oh yes, I feel it Love. I feel you cumming.”

Each hand wrapped around a big tit, squeezing them gently and tugging at her nipples. He held his thick cock deep in her, her pussy walls contracting around his member as she continued to spasm with pleasure.

When the orgasm faded he slipped his cock out, and sat down on the couch.

The young blond turned over and lay there, breathing hard, both hands on her tits, fingering her nipples, still shaking from the intense orgasm.

As the older man sat on the leather couch he reached out to her with one hand.

“Come.” he commanded.

Understanding, Heather took his hand and he pulled her up to him. She got to her knees then swung a leg over the big man, sitting on his lap facing him, reaching down between her legs to find his thick, dark cock.

Both of Emres hands held a large tit as Heather straddled the older man.

The young blonde rubbed the head of his thick cock along her wet pussy for a moment, before sitting back and slipping it into her cunt.

The blonde tossed her head back and slowly sat on his hard cock until the length was buried in her.

Once again the older man’s very thick rod spread her lips and rubbed up against her clit.

As his hands dropped to her hips she leaned forward, holding her tits in her hands to allow the older man to suck one nipple then the other.

He suckled her tits as she slowly moved her pussy up and down the big man’s shaft, stroking his cock.

The pale skin of her stomach rubbed against the darker man’s ample belly, as the young girl reached for his broad shoulders to steady herself.

Emre sat back and relaxed, allowing the pretty blonde to ride him, watching her big tits bounce as she ground her pussy down on his thickness.

His huge dark hands rested on her thighs as the young girl tossed her blonde curls back, eyes closed in ecstacy.

Heather was beyond reason now, having completely surrendered her body to the large, older man. His penis felt like it was filling every part of her pussy, the thick cock tugging at the shroud of her clit with every thrust, increasing the pleasure.

She loved the way his big rough hands felt on her tits, and how her pale skin looked in contrast to his.

Emre seemed content to let her ride his cock as long as she wanted.

Her college boyfriend would have cum by now, leaving her wanting a lot more.

After a few minutes Emre wrapped his powerful arms around the young girl’s waist and in one motion lifted her up and laid her down on her back.

Now positioned between her legs with the young soft girl under him, Emre took his member in one large hand and moved forward slowly and deliberately.

He paused there, one hand moving up and down the shaft, the foreskin sliding back and forth over the head of his cock.

“Please. Please fuck me baby.” Heather pleaded, watching the olive-skinned older man move between her legs.

Settling his large body between her thighs he took his very hard, fat member in one hand and guided it to her pink, wet, pussy.

The head of his cock was wet and dripping as he rubbed it up and down the pale girl’s slit, the glistening tip dipping between her cunt lips.

Holding her legs under each knee he spread her legs open and pushed them back, exposing her pussy.

Emre laid his cock on her the lips of her cunt, the head brushing her clit, and slid it back and forth, teasing the young girl before nosing the tip into her.

They both watched his dark cock slowly slip into her wet slit, stretching her lips wide. Heather put one hand on his round belly, rubbing the dark hair as she stared at the big Turk’s fat cock sliding in and out of her.

“Ohhhh, Love, you are heaven.” the dark-skinned older man whispered as his cock disappeared inside the young girl.

“Oh yes,…fuck me, please.” the girl gasped, and the big man complied.

Emre began fucking her hard, a series of long as she yelped with each penetration.

“Oh! Oh! Oh, ugn, ugn yes, yes fuck me..” the girl babbled as the older man’s powerful rhythmic fucking pinned her to the couch..

After a minute of his dark cock pistoning into her, the big man began to shudder, and he thrust his dick deep into the young woman and held it there.

She could feel his thickness throbbing in her pussy as it began to spurt cum in a series of powerful jerks.

The older man, breathing hard, held his cock in deep as it throbbed in her cunt.

His big body tensed and jerked as he orgasmed, his balls emptied into her, releasing over a year of sexual frustration into her pussy.

“Aahhhhh, yes, fuck yes.” he rumbled.

After a number of long, intense convulsions, his orgasm began to fade, a few small shudders jerking his frame.

“Don’t pull out yet. Keep it in me.” the girl whispered.

She wasn’t ready to let his fat cock go yet, savoring the feel of it inside her.

“Yes, love.” the big Turk replied, continuing to slowly move his thick but softening penis in and out of her very wet cunt.

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