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Daniel Pt. 02

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Some time had passed after my initial meeting with Daniel at the Halloween party, he and I dated but we were both too busy with our lives to really commit to anything, so when we were free we would get together to have sex. The boy was an excellent cocksucker his ass incredible, I could get lost in that boys ass his smaller than usual cock had me mesmerized, I loved to suck him to completion. We decided to get together for the upcoming holiday, Christmas as we both did not have any family to get together we would spend the weekend in bed in a lodge in the mountains. Two days before the trip Daniel messaged me

“Would it be okay if Peter my friend joins us? he is alone he really wants to play I mean meat meet you, he is the same age as I am basically the same stats, but he has a huge cock. We play often, I told him about you he wants to meet you.”

A threesome for the weekend, dam these two boys could kill a guy like me, but I would die with a huge smile on my face. I pulled up to Daniel’s we got the SUV loaded and were on our way. Daniel gave me a very seductive kiss when he walked up to me,

“If this is what I have in store for me this weekend I will be in heaven.”

Daniel’s friend Peter was an attractive guy for sure his long locks of hair were what caught your eye when you first met him, he had a full beard, beautiful eyes, Daniel introduced us, Peter came up hugged me grabbed my crotch,

“I look forward to playing with that later.”

“Me too I hear you have a huge cock as well.”

Peter leaned in kissed me full on the lips, dam the boy was a great kisser. Daniel did not seem to be impressed. My cock was at full mast,

“Okay guys we have to get going before it starts to get dark.”

Daniel sat in the passenger seat, his hand on my leg the whole drive, he and Peter talked about work, day to day things, the drive was good the weather Ankara bayan escort was perfect, not to cold, not too much snow. I got us signed in and our key for the cabin, it was a one room cabin, with a huge bathroom, over sized shower, the hot tub on the front step was perfect. The snow started to fall as we got settled in, Daniel and I started dinner for the three of us, Peter sat, drinking a glass of wine, we would have something simple to eat, then we could play.

After dinner dishes were cleaned up we decided to hit he hot tub, it was dark enough we could all get in naked, it would truly be a clothing optional weekend. I got the cover off the tub Daniel came out naked, Peter right behind him, Peter did have a huge cock, not as thick as mine, a tad shorter, uncut and dripping precum. I went in the cabin to strip down, I came out my cock at half mast arching out from my body. Peter was the first to grab my cock,

“Its so big, so thick, delicious looking.”

“Let me get in the tub first Peter then you can fondle the goods.”

I had one on each side of me, their hands all over my body, mostly on my cock, I was rock hard, ready for action, I had my arms around the boys necks, Peter had a beautiful cock long sleek, and still dripping precum. Daniel’s cock was rock hard, these boys were ready for some hot action. I looked forward to plowing Daniel’s ass once again. We headed to the bed, we had a king sized bed, lots of room for us to get busy, Peter wanted to suck my cock, I wanted to rim Daniel’s ass, Daniel would suck Peter’s cock, we got into position, I went from Daniel’s ass to his dick, I loved sucking his little cock.,

Peter was good but Daniel was a better cocksucker, the boys had me stand, Daniel sucked my cock while Peter rimmed my hole, I grabbed the boys heads, pulling them both inwards to my cock and ass. My cock would blow at this rate, too Escort bayan Ankara much stimulation, I fed Daniel a massive load of cum, Peter wanted some of my load, so Daniel snowballed with Peter sharing my cum with each other, they passed it back and forth, eventually each swallowing their share. I laid back watching as the boys did a sixty nine, I had my very own live porn, they took instructions on what to do to each other.

I loved to watch Daniel swallow Peter’s long cock down his throat, you could see his cock hitting the walls of Daniel’s throat the boys soon had me hard again, I wanted a taste of Peter’s cock Daniel’s ass needed a cum injection from me, I had Daniel on his back, my cock deeply lodged in his hole, Peter stood over Daniel feeding me his pole the boy had a perfect cock, it slid in and out of my mouth effortlessly, Peter got down on his knees feeding Daniel his ass while I continued to eat his pretty cock. The combination of me sucking his cock, Daniel eating his ass, Peter’s balls soon unloaded their sweet cum in my mouth.

I fed Daniel some of Peter’s cum, letting it drip from my mouth into Daniel’s, Peter was spent, he would need a few minutes to catch his breath, then we would take turns fucking Daniel from both ends. We took a short break to have a drink, Daniel was so horned up, he needed to get fucked and suck some cock. The thing I liked most about Daniel was his ass was always so clean, you could fuck that boy for hours, never a mess. Daniel got my cock rock hard, I wanted at his beautiful ass, he got my cock slicked up, I lubed up his hole, slid it in, his hole was somewhat looser than the first time I had fucked him, but it was still so nice to slide your cock into.

Daniel went to town on Peter’s cock, fondling his balls, fingering his ass, I fucked Daniel hard, Daniel could not get enough, he wanted double penetration, I laid on my back, Bayan escort Ankara Daniel climbed on, my cock sliding deep into his bowels, Peter pointed his cock, pushing his cock into Daniel, his ass would not allow him to enter, Daniel forced his hole, Peter’s cock slowly slid in, my cock was being squashed in Daniel’s tiny hole, Peter finally got his cock in, in unison we pulled out and slid back in, You could see the pain in Daniel’s face,

“Are you okay Daniel?” Daniel grimaced,

“The pleasure of pain right?”

Slowly his ass adjusted to the intense size of our cocks packed into his little hole. Peter went to town, he fucked Daniel hard, my own cock got a workout, without even moving. Peter was the first to shoot his load, my cock could feel his load draining into Daniel’s hole, this warm feeling all over my cock and balls, my cock was overstimulated my balls released I shot my load draining my balls once again. I took Daniel’s cock into my hand and stroked him to completion his cock splattered me I was covered. We all laid there catching our breaths,

“How is your ass Daniel?”

“Feels like I just had a baby.”

We played the entire weekend, we eventually fucked Peter, at both ends, my cock was in every hole imaginable. We headed home on the Monday, we were all wiped out, I had never shot so much cum in my lifetime, it would take me a week to fill my balls back up. Daniel and I continued to play, him coming over to play with me often, Peter joined us a few times, but I never played with Peter on his own, I was pretty sure Daniel had asked him not to. It was okay for Peter to play with me as long as he was there to supervise. Peter and I never kissed on the lips again, I was pretty sure Daniel had made that off limits as well, I loved Daniel but he and I would never be a couple. I wanted to remain single, Daniel had other ideas I was sure of it. We played often some nights Daniel spent the weekend, other times the whole week.

The sex was amazing, we had threesomes, foursomes, large group sessions, but Daniel seemed to prefer it being just he and I. I knew I loved him and he loved me.

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