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Daily Life with a Huge Dick

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Daily life with a huge dick and a horny family

The sun rose for another day on the farm. I tried getting up out of bed but realized that I was trapped in a bear hug from behind. Looking down past my bare D cup tits I could see that two tanned overly muscled arms had me in a death grip.

After some wriggling I was able to get myself out of the locked arms and got out of bed. Looking back at the bed I could see one of my older sisters, Bev, tightening her arms and hugging herself. I felt lucky that my back had been to her, otherwise her K cup breasts might have smothered me in my sleep.

Feeling a familiar weight coming from my crotch I looked down and saw my sleep condom was filled with a couple gallons of cum.

Ever since the futa virus swept the world a few years ago I had been stuck with a dick that was currently being held down around my knees by the cum balloon. As soon as I took the condom off, my dick instantly flew up between my tits in its full 17 inch glory.

I debated internally if I should fuck my sister who was currently fingering herself in her sleep. Or go see if I could find someone awake to fuck.

My throbbing morning wood decided for me. I rolled my sister onto her back and started fucking her pussy after removing her fingers. As I fucked her I watched her breasts bounce almost hypnotically. No matter how many times we fucked I never got tired of seeing her bare breasts shake around.

A few minutes was all it took for me to get her to cum, and her suddenly tightening pussy had me cumming too. Somehow she slept through me fucking her, so I just kept going without slowing down.

After a half hour of me constantly cumming in her, her midsection was visibly swelling due to the gallons of cum I’d dumped in her. My sister was still asleep, but now she was just massaging her breasts so she was probably partially satisfied.

I pulled my dick out from her pussy and realized it was still harder than steel. So I left my sister to her pleasant dreams and went to search for breakfast and pussy. I put on an oversized t-shirt, leaving my dick on the outside of the shirt, and ventured out of my room.

In the hall I ran into my youngest sister. She must have run out of condoms since her entire torso was plastered in cum. She had just graduated high school and was really enjoying the freedom afforded an 18 year old. Her morning fucking must not have satisfied her libido since she was still fingering her pussy as she walked down the hall, when she caught sight of my hard cock her eyes sparkled like she had struck gold.

“Hey Jill, looks like you need some help taking care of that lovely hard dick.” Ginny tried her best to be seductive but with a face splattered with cum the attempt fell flat.

“Don’t come close to me until you shower off. As much as I enjoy sloppy seconds I just put on a clean shirt!” I left out the fact that my shirt had a couple wet spots from where pre cum had dripped down.

Looking a bit miffed Ginny went to the shared family bathroom to shower off. I could only sigh at her immaturity and continue my hunt for breakfast and pussy.

The futa virus had left me, and about 1 in 100 girls, with a dick alongside my pussy, but for all other women in the world it had turned their horniness dial up to 11 and got it stuck there. It had also killed off most dudes but now that dicks like mine were available no one really cared.

In the kitchen I found another one of my younger sisters, also in the nude but she was clean at least. She was waiting for toast to pop and while waiting she was using one of the many vibrators kept in the kitchen on her clit.

I decided to help her out and in a surprise move rammed my dick up her pussy. “Fuck me Jill! At least tell me you are there before fucking me! You scared me half to death!” Despite her protestation Krissy kept playing with the vibrator.

We made idle sisterly banter as I fucked her, before the toast popped up I had managed to cum once and got her to cum twice. Instead of putting jam or butter on her toast Krissy just used the vibrator to spread our combined love juices onto her breakfast.

After she put the vibrator back in the kitchen sink alongside the many others, Krissy hopped off my cock and went to eat her toast, cum still dripping down the inside of her legs. My dick still as hard as ever I poured myself a bowl of cereal. Unfortunately it turned out the fridge was lacking any milk.

Fortunately a source of milk walked into the kitchen at that moment. My second oldest sister Jenny was severely pregnant, her J cup breasts were actively dribbling milk. Unlike Krissy, Jenny was wearing clothes but barely any, just a thong and a bra with the nipple area cut out. Jenny had said she didn’t want her favorite bra to have milk stains on them.

“Hey Jenny, would you be willing to donate some milk for a good cause?” I put my bowl of cereal in front of her on the counter and tried giving the younger sister puppy eyes.

Rolling her eyes she reluctantly agreed. “Fine, I’ll güvenilir bahis fill a bowl for myself as well, also you have to go down on me while I fill them.” I figured that was a good deal so as she bent over to get her breasts closer to the bowls and I got behind her and got to work with my tongue.

My mouth work isn’t as good as my abilities with my cock so I was only able to get Jenny to cum once but that was enough to fill both bowls up with her milk. Now I had breakfast but still no sign of getting my cock to go down.

The kitchen was mostly empty, Krissy was still eating her toast, but based on her face I’m guessing her girlfriend was busy eating her pussy under the table. Our mother was also at the table fondling Jenny’s pregnant belly, also she was finger banging her pussy while giving motherly advice.

I took my seat and did my best to eat around my dick. You would think after having a huge dick for a few years I’d have learned to move my utensil around it, but I still constantly knocked my spoon against my dick.

“Looks like you still need help taking care of your cock.” A smug voice came from behind me, Ginny had finished showering and was now groping at my breasts through my shirt. She hadn’t bothered to towel herself off, or put on a towel. Her nude damp body was now getting my shirt all wet.

I decided to ignore her, like I always did when she got rough. “Ignoring me eh? Let’s find out how long you can ignore your shirt being soaked in cum!” Ginny then joined Krissy’s girlfriend under the table and started using her tongue in all parts of my groin area.

She was very, very skilled. So it was only a few minutes until, with suppressed moans, I let out the first jet of cum. After another half hour of incessant orgasms my shirt, head, and the entire kitchen table were covered in cum. Everyone else had hastily evacuated from the dining room to prevent being covered too.

I sighed in resignation and took off my shirt, unfortunately I had the bad timing of letting off another spurt of cum after my shirt was off. Now my tits were dripping cum from them.

Once I was as nude as Ginny she jumped from under the table and hopped on my cock with surprising speed. Without any hesitation she went all the way down to the base of my dick. The suddenness caused me to let out another torrent of cum inside Ginny.

When I had poured enough cum into Ginny that her midsection was starting to bulge and cum was leaking out of her pussy, I realized that she wasn’t planning on getting off anytime soon. So I used all my leg muscles and lifted her onto the table. She was no longer the one setting the pace and I could fuck her silly.

After another 10 minutes of furious fucking, Ginny’s midsection was swollen to the size of a basketball and the river of cum was flowing out of her pussy and into the kitchen. I pulled my cock out, hoping that it would be down at last. I was not so lucky, the fresh(ish) air caused my dick to let out another spurt of cum that covered Ginny in another layer of baby batter.

With my cock still hard between my breasts I left Ginny to recover on the kitchen table. She was half unconscious, but kept telling me to come back and keep fucking her until she was satisfied. I shook my head at her unwillingness to call it quits. Gulping down a cup of OJ to replenish my fluids I started looking for more pussy.

In the living room I found Krissy and her girlfriend lying down on the couch. They must have just finished a vigorous makeout session since the girlfriend was lying on top of Krissy and they were both kissing each other in an exhausted manner.

Jenny’s girlfriend, who was also a futa, was laying on another couch watching them make out. She must have cum a couple times already because her tits were drenched in cum.

I decided to add to the show and got behind the pair on the couch. Choosing wich pussy to fuck first is always fun, I went for the girlfriends pussy first since I hadn’t fucked this girlfriend yet. Without any more hesitation I plunged my cum soaked dick into the girlfriend’s pussy.

She must have assumed that it was a dildo in her pussy since she didn’t react too much, just started kissing Krissy more passionately. Those two were so much in their own world that they didn’t even notice when I removed my dick to start fucking Krissy as well.

After I had cum several times in each of them Krissy broke off their kissing session. “Come on Sara, if Jill won’t fuck us properly let’s fuck her, and show her how it’s done.” When I was busy cumming on Sara’s back they quickly pushed me onto my back. Sara jumped on my cock and started riding it like mad, while Krissy put her pussy over my mouth and started grinding my face.

Her pussy was still dripping with a mix of my cum and hers. It wasn’t the first time I’ve eaten my own cum but I was kinda regretting pumping so much into her. I couldn’t see anything from my position but I could hear Krissy and Sara still kissing each other like newlyweds.

After a solid 15 minutes of non güvenilir bahis siteleri stop fucking I felt the need to taste something other than my cum, also I could feel Sara getting heavier and heavier on my hips as she swelled with cum. So rolling over I dumped them both on the carpeted floor, they were in the midst of cumming so they moved to the 69 position to keep the fun going.

My fellow futa must have been a lightweight because she was passed out on the couch, cum still occasionally spurting from her hard dick as she had a wet dream or two. I figured I had already fucked one sleeping person today so why stop there. But since my pussy hadn’t had enough attention today I decided to ride her cock instead of fucking her.

She had a decent sized cock at 13 inches, not as big as mine but still respectable for a futa. I wondered if she shared my problem of always being hard and needing to fuck. I figured that since she had a dick she had probably been affected by the futa virus so she was likely as horny as I was.

Without further thought I hopped on her dick and used her tits to give myself a tit job. Jenny’s girlfriend half woke up once or twice but only for her to swallow a few loads and then go right back to a deep sleep. She came several times in me, enough that my midsection was starting to swell up.

Just as I was getting into my rhythm I glanced at the clock and realized I was fucking late for work, also I was out of sick days and fuck days. I didn’t have time to shower, or even put on clothes, I just put a condom on my still ejaculating cock, and ran out the door.

Now ever since the futa virus raged through the world making everyone eternally horny, laws regarding public nudity have been slightly relaxed but not by much. But if I got told off for it by a police officer over it I could just fuck her until it was just a slap on the wrist. Police officers get horny too.

On the bumpy drive to work I managed to cum several times until the condom over my dick was full of several gallons of cum. By the time I managed to pull up to the office I could feel the car tilting dramatically towards the driver’s front side.

Opening the door of my car I struggled to get out from behind the overinflated cum balloon, I then struggled even more to get it out of my car. With a mighty heave I pulled it out of the door where it burst on the ground, covering my legs, and the car next to me, in a thick layer of warm cum.

I decided to ignore this new layer on my legs, electing to just put on a new condom and my security badge and run into work. All I could think of was how late for work I was, also how annoying it was that my security badge kept bumping into my still erect cock.

As soon as my boss saw me though she almost forced me into the office shower. The office shower had been installed when the building was first built to accommodate overnight workers and bosses fucking their secretaries. Nowadays though it was used for people like me who came to work coated in cum.

My boss joined me in the shower and we had some fun before getting to work. I fucked her for a while in exchange for not getting marked late. Fortunately there was a condom dispenser in the shower area so I could get a new one before leaving the shower. Of course I didn’t put on a fresh one to fuck my boss.

I walked the hallways to my office completely nude aside from my security badge. Unfortunately my cock was still hard, so every time I took a step, my badge would swing against my dick, the slight stimulation was causing me to start filling up the condom again.

Even though I was nude passing employees took little to no notice of me, aside from gazing lustfully at my dick. Some flashed their tits to see how much it would cause me to cum so I had to hurry to my office where I had several packs of condoms. Because even though nudity was tolerated in the office, leaving a cum stain was a fireable offense. Apparently it was a rule from the company’s founder who was a repressed prick and didn’t want anyone else getting some in the office if he couldn’t.

I did my best to get through the crawl of work, I had an actual job so I couldn’t blow it off by fucking the office like I wanted to. Meetings were especially tortuous, sitting at a table with fellow employees who would finger themselves or each other while sneaking glances at my dick. The most I could do is rub my cock below the table, hoping that the condom wouldn’t burst in the middle of the meeting.

After the meeting was over one of the participants followed me back to my office. She was particularly gifted in the chest area, with an E cup bust. She had been sitting next to me braless and in a very open shirt that barely covered her nipples, and when the boss wasn’t looking she would move her shirt to expose one or both breasts to me.

Once we were both in my office I pushed her back onto my desk, lifted her skirt and started fucking her with all my pent up frustration. I had to still wear a condom so that made things annoying iddaa siteleri for me, changing out the condom every few minutes to prevent it getting stuck in her meant that even after a half hour of fucking we were both only half satisfied.

Unfortunately we both had jobs to do so we had to leave things as they were. As she left my office I could see her pulling a large dildo from her purse, she would probably use it under her desk.

Finally work was over, I started counting down the minutes until I was home and could take off the stupid condom. On my way through the hallways I could see several of my coworkers debating if they wanted to come home with me or go home to their lovers. I also received a warning from my boss that a VIP would be in the office tomorrow and to wear at least one piece of clothing and not just a condom. As I exited the door I felt someone roughly grab my ass.

It was Fenny, she was wearing a see through blouse and a barely there skirt, no underwear as well. She could be a bit rougher than most people but loved my dick as much as anyone in the office.

“I’m coming home with you today, I haven’t had a proper fucking in over a week and I need a good dick.” Since that statement was coming from Fenny I could only assume that she had worn through all her home dildos and sex toys, and replacements were on backorder.

The entire drive home she was fingering both hers and my pussy. Fortunately I had enough strength of mind to keep from crashing, but the condom filled up way too fast. Fenny carefully poked a few holes in the bottom to allow it to leak out and then returned to fingerbanging me.

By the time we got home we were thigh deep in cum, I just had to hope that none of it managed to work its way into the engine. Once again I had to heave to get the overinflated condom out and once again it burst on impact.

Once I had gotten the last remnants of the condom off my cock, Fenny instantly pushed me down on the lawn and started riding my dick like there was no tomorrow. Now I have nothing against an impromptu fuck session but when it’s on the grass it can be supremely uncomfortable. I could feel several rocks digging into my ass and back, and there was the tickling sensation of ants crawling over my foot.

Because I’m so nice I let Fenny cum at least once before tossing her off. After that I ran to the house so we could fuck in comfort.

I just managed to sit down on the couch before Fenny jumped back onto my cock, riding me in reverse cowgirl position. Left with nothing to do except let her ride me I reached for the TV remote and tuned in to see whatever crap was playing.

Nowadays TV shows have less CGI action in them but they do have more graphic fuck scenes. There’s nothing quite like seeing Mistress America giving an ass fucking to bad guys on the DD+ channel before knocking them out with her shield.

Eventually I got bored and fell asleep as Fenny was fucking me, needless to say she was a very boring lay. I dreamed that I was walking through a nude beach, admiring the scenery and cumming all over the busty babes. But there was no water and I was getting very thirsty.

Then I found a water fountain that wasn’t working except for a slow moisture. I couldn’t move my head for some reason so I had to stick my tongue out to catch the water. Moving it quickly to try and drink as much as possible I found that my thirst was slowly being quenched. The fountain then started to erupt in gushes and covered me in water.

That’s when I woke up and found one of my younger sisters’ girlfriends sitting on my shoulders. The water fountain I had been drinking from in my dreams was actually her pussy, and the reason I was now soaked from head to asscrack was because she was a squirter. She was very skinny with small tits but for some reason I was still insanely thirsty so I kept working my tongue.

“Cindy! I finished changing the sheets! Let’s continue where we left off.” A voice called down from upstairs and with a grin, Cindy nimbly got off me and skipped upstairs. She was in her mid twenties so she was definitely too old to skip but I didn’t mind watching her ass bounce up the stairs.

Looking down I realized why I was so thirsty. Fenny was still riding my dick but in an unusual way. Her midsection was now swollen to the size of a large exercise ball and she was now on the floor. Rolling back and forth to try and fuck me as much as possible.

Figuring that she probably had had enough I pulled out to let a stream of cum cover her back. “Come back, I’m not done.” Fenny let a weak groan out as she tried to get up after me but soon gave up when she realized she could either have her feet touch the floor or her hands but not both.

“Give it up Fenny. Even my dick has had enough.” That unfortunately was only half true. My dick was now at half mast, twitching and dripping with my cum and Fenny’s juices, ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

Ignoring her further calls for more dick, I left her to deflate slowly and went to rehydrate. One of my sisters who had been fingering herself while watching us fuck, took my place behind her and began lapping up my cum with unnerving fervor, but then again even before the futa virus struck the world she was a cum eating enthusiest.

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