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Dahska’s Trial

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As Dahska stepped in front on the ruling lords her legs trembled with fear.

Dahska you have broken our most holy laws, The eldest lord spoke with a mighty boom.

How do you justify this transgression Dee? Her father the youngest lord by some 400 years trying to make sense of her betrayal.

She is a common whore lords that is all, She must be cast out for us to remain pure. Dahska’s best friend and the reason she was in this mess spoke for the tribes.

The lords in unison We know the laws we made the laws.

But what I wonder is your involvement in all this? The lord of the giants whispered.

N N Nothing I have no involvement in this case. Ashley assured him

She is the one father not me. Dahska’s outburst shocked the tribes who started to mummer among themselves.

Silence. The lords boomed.

But But. Dahska stammered.

Guards silence her. The three huge guards moved toward her. She punched one in the nuts rupturing one of his twelve balls. Dropping down on his knees. She then dove toward the other two landing with a kick to the shin of another guard. She wriggled around and was struck by her cousin Brawlen the best fighter in the tribes. She lay on the ground. knocked out.

Brawlen wake her. The lords demanded.

Brawlen emptied a large barrel of stale piss on her face.

She woke not able to move for she was bound at the arms and legs with a strong rope. She tried to scream but was gagged with cloth wrapped around an iron ball and tied to a belt wrapped around her head and fastened in back with a lock. She could breath through her nose but would almost vomit every time she did so the stench of urine drying on her body was so strong. Yet she was also getting wet between her legs at the treatment and being watched by all the tribes.

See my lords she is the one look at her sex. As Ashley pushed Dahska forward her head hitting the floor and ass up turned her modest under garments flipping forward exposing her moist pussy.

She is so wet. Slut. Whore. The crowd cheered at Ashley deeds. The smell of lust filling the room. Males in the tribes started to pull on their manhood. Females rubbing themselves to even more heighten bliss. As the young woman of just eighteen cycles lay head down in her own juices.

Ashley pushed first one then three fingers inside Dahska’s sex. The young woman grunted her displeasure. As Ashley withdrew her fingers and quickly shoved her whole hand up Dahska’s twat. Dahska full of Ashley’s hand fell down shaking. Moaning and grinding her sex on Ashley’s hand Dahska moved herself down farther on Ashley’s arm. Ashley’s arm now elbow deep in her quim. Ashley flicked Dahska’s now blood engorged clit with such force that Dahska pissed. Not just a bit but a flood coating Ashley from breast to mid leg and pooling around her own body. Ashley with a look of discussed pulled her arm out of the escort fatih warm confines of Dahska’s cunt with a slurping pop. Ashley wiped her arm on Dahska’s hair. The cool air and Dahska’s piss made it easy to see Ashley’s out stretched nipples under her soaking wet garments. Walking before the lords she pointed back at Dahska who was still humping the ground splashing in her own piss. Look lords see what she has already done to our tribes.

The lords looked upon the crowd and beheld females fucking three or more males at once. Some were taking multiple cocks in one hole or the other. Sucking cock, asses with two or three cocks in them, Pussy’s stretched past breaking holding two cocks and a hand. One female had two hands in her ass and two feet in her cunt while she stuffed her mouth with three cocks. Females licked each other while being fucked.

Stop this lords please. Ashley begged them. All the lords rose from their seats and walked out in to the crowd. The fucking and sucking stopped as the lords made their way toward Dahska the feeling of lust grew in them. Soon they were shoving their way to her sex. Once upon her they ripped at their clothes and hers. The first lord to take her mouth did not remove the gag he instead rammed his cock in shoving the iron ball half way down her throat. He fucked her face and came in her eyes. It burned, but she was more concerned with her lack of air. Blurry eyed she found salvation. The cock of the giant lord at close to two feet long she knew it could dislodged the ball now blocking her breath. The only question was if she could handle the five inch thickness. No time to stall she slipped the massive head into her mouth and without stopping swallowed half the huge cock before it hit the metal ball. She pull back a bit and bit down on the giants cock just hard enough to piss him off. The giant reacted as Dahska thought he would he punched her in the side of the head and yelled. If you ever do that again I’ll. As he pulled her piss stained hair yanking her face down farther on his cock. Come on so close Dahska thought to herself. He pushed the rest of his cock in to her hungry mouth and as Dahska’s face rested in the nappy nest of the giants pubic hair she cried the iron ball fell out of her throat and down to her belly.

She was so thankful to this giant that she hummed with joy. The vibration in his loins sent him over the edge and he filled her belly with cum gallons and gallons of cum. He pulled his shrinking cock from her mouth.

No please you saved me how can I repay you lord? Dahska’s eyes still covered in cum from the first lord gleamed at him.

What? You have more you would do for me? The giant questioned her.

Yes, yes anything lord. Dahska pleaded.

Very well I have not cleaned my ass in ages. The giant turned and stuck his ass out.

With no hesitation Dahska had her head in between güngören escort his ass cheeks tongue stuck in his hole. The stink was horrible but she sucked and licked the ass of the giant lord even when he farted. She inhaled and almost threw up but still she sucked. As another lord spread her legs and thrust himself in her well oiled cunt she pushed her tongue as far as she could in the giants ass and felt something hard she sucked at it and licked tasting a bitter mix. This whole time the giant was jacking his huge two foot cock and as he felt her sucking at his ass he could take no more and he blasted his cum in her face and hair and over her breasts she turned from her tanned bronze to a milky white from the nipple up. The lord fucking her cunt pumped harder and harder she looked at him with cum covered eyes and could barely make him out she yelled. Yes, take me I’m your cunt fuck me, use me, fill my pussy with your cum. Oh lord who are you? Her body shook with pleasure and just as he was about to cum he pulled out.

No in me in me cum in me lord. Dahska desperately pleaded.

I cannot my daughter. Her father was the lord who had taken her to such highs.

My ass. Fuck my ass daddy. Dahska rolled over and her dad slammed into her ass all the way in one thrust. Eh. The air rushing out of her. he pumped her ass and then shot his load in her. He continued to fuck her ass mixing his cum with her shit. The mixture bubbling out as his cock pistoned her asshole. he ran his hand down between her legs and brought some of the mix to her mouth. She licked at his fingers and he dipped them and again she cleaned the cum shit mix off his hand. She rolled the mix in her mouth and thought about spitting it out after thinking how gross eating her own shit was when dad slammed home and she swallowed the mix. Not bad she thought but I should try some more to be sure. She bucked her dad off her and turned on him. He was laying there cock straight up scum covered in a thick brown and white mix. She licked her lips and dove at it licking the base of all the scum first she found it wasn’t all that bad. So she licked her way up to the head and cleaned the shitty cum covered cock of her father. Oh dad you cum tastes so good. Dahska baby your eating your own shit to. Her dad sounded worried.

Oh God that’s so gross dad how could you fuck my ass and then make me eat my own shit off you dick don’t you love me? Dahska floored her dad he had no words.

Just kidding dad I knew you were fucking my shit I could feel it. The taste is not all that bad see and she pushed her tongue in his mouth. Kissing mixing her shit she put his cock back in her cunt and fucked herself on his shitty cock. The rough grainy texture of it rubbing her cunt walls was driving her wild.

More I need more cock now. Dahska out of her mind grabs three free cocks and starts jacking them. Two of the cocks bağcılar escort belong to lords the other to her cousin Brawlen. The oldest of the lords the one called Durst placed his wrinkled old cock at her hole and pushed it in next to her fathers. The two pumped her cuny hard when the smallest lord slid his long thin cock in her pussy also. She buck and cussed and still needed more. Brawlen please fuck me.

What? You slut why would I. Brawlen was messing with her he would fuck her rotten with no prompting.

I will do the things you have always wanted. Please.

No, you won’t liar. Brawlen baited her not knowing what she had done with her dad.

Name it stud. He had her, and she him.

Ewe Ahhh plop plop. There you go he handed her a plate of his fresh hot steaming turds. As Dahska grabbed one of the turds and put it to her mouth her dad smashed her hand on her face and rubbed it in all over. You were supposed to eat that now no fucking.

Brawlen give me something else please.

You eat that and I’ll work something up, I’ll be right back.

She took the plate and licked at the last pieces of shit on the plate her tongue turning brownish. The smell was overpowering but not as bad as the giant’s fart and not as good as her shit mixed with daddy cum. She looked around most of the crowd had fucked themselves out. Brawlen was returning with a huge mug. If she wanted his cock it was now or never. She bit in and chewed and another and another when he returned she had shit hanging out of her mouth and stuck to her teeth. She looked at him and smiled. Shit and cum covered her face and mouth and he laughed at her. She licked at the stains on the plate as he placed the mug down so she could she what it held.

Drink up that must taste like shit. she put her head in the mug and slurped.

Piss? She still could barely see with dried cum and shit in her eyes.

From about ten men and six women with a little something extra.

She was thirsty and it was salty but she drank as she dipped her hand in and brought it to her mouth to drink she’d also clean her face off in the piss. Soon she could see in the mug. Just then Brawlen put his cock next to the three others in her cunt. Oh yes so full thank you.

You better finish your drink or I’ll stop.

Brawlen can I ask what’s at the bottom of the mug?

Oh just some shit that was laying around the hall and some cum that I scooped out of some passed out women’s ass see. As he wiped he hand on her nose.

Oh God gooddddd. Dahska came hard and stuck her head in the mug and drank deep. The four fucked her hard and she finished her mug of piss and came that sent the four fuckers off and they flooded her cunt.

She passed out and the lords left. The rest of the crowd went home and the only ones left were Ashley and Brawlen and the sleeping Dahska.

I told you it would work now to put the rest of my plan to work. Ashley aimed and started to piss on Dahska’s face. Come here Brawlen. She grabbed his cock and he pissed she aimed it at Dahska pussy. Soon the lust lotus will grow in them all then I will have my kingdom back…

The end?

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