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Daddy’s Little Tease Needs Money

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“You cannot be serious,” he said to his wife. “We are already funding ninety percent of her fees. When she graduates, she’ll have a far smaller amount of loan than nearly all her friends.”

Sam was feeling exasperated. His wife had just suggested that he should give their daughter, Poppy, a present of a thousand dollars for when she started university at the end of the summer.

“But why will she need it?” he bemoaned. “You’re buying her clothes and then she’ll have her monthly allowance.”

He considered his daughter to be thoroughly spoilt. His wife, Nancy, was going away for a few days on a business trip. The taxi was coming for her in an hour but, immediately she returned, she was off for four days to New York with Poppy. The amount they would be spending on clothes in the Big Apple would be far in excess of what he would consider appropriate.

Nancy sounded chiding as she said, “Sam you know her allowance will only just cover her food and rent. She’s a young woman now and will need money to enjoy herself. I know she’s been worrying about it. I think it would be a really loving fatherly action if you presented her with the money while I’m away. Please darling, do it for me. After all you’ve got plenty.”

She was right that he was financially very comfortable. Sam was a director in a local company that supplied plumbing equipment all over the state. It had subsidiaries in a number of towns. He was just mean with his money. However he could not refuse his wife anything when she talked to him in that loving way. Sam was as attracted to her now as he was when they had first seen each other. She had been married to a friend of his at the time, but as soon as their eyes met he knew they were both in trouble. Pretty soon they were fucking at every opportunity. They found they both had the same strong sex drive and Nancy loved his huge cock. Consequently his friend and Nancy were divorced and Sam married her soon afterwards.

The sex was incredible. They made love every night, often twice. They bought an extra wide bed and the bedhead rail was spaced so that Nancy could grasp it when she rode him or when he took her from behind. Nancy was a real screamer and he had to soundproof the bedroom to prevent the neighbors hearing. When Poppy came along they put her in the bedroom opposite, but when she asked what the noise was when they accidentally left their door ajar, they transferred her to the bedroom at the other end of the house next to the storage room. If Sam had one disappointment, it was that Nancy didn’t let him fuck her in the ass. She explained that she found the idea of anal sex distasteful. So she was still an anal virgin and Sam had never enjoyed a woman’s anal orifice. Still, he consoled himself, everything else about their sex life was great. Even after all these years, with their daughter about to leave home, they made love every night and if he took a Viagra pill they fucked all night. He was now really going to miss Nancy even though she was only going to be away a few days and he would have to jack off frequently.

It was always the same when she went away on her business trips. He was horny as hell. He remained faithful, spending his time jacking off, mainly because he couldn’t be bothered to have an affair. He was pretty confident she was faithful as well. Not that she’d lost any of her youthful attraction. In fact her breasts had grown remarkably large and her big round ass shouted “take me from behind.” The men in her office, especially the younger ones, must have been continuously drooling over her voluptuous figure. It was not that Sam would mind that much if she had sex with another man, it was more his fear that she would become emotionally attached to someone else which would endanger their marriage. He thought that she had the same awareness of the dangers of her playing away. To relieve some of her sexual drive she took a ‘Big Boy’ vibrator away with her but was still raring to go on her return. Sam never was away on business. He should have been travelling quite a bit visiting the firm’s various enterprises, but he was lazy. Nancy pointed out to him that, as one of the related businesses was located near the campus where Poppy would be at university, he could combine a business trip with a visit to see his daughter, but that didn’t appeal to him.

Sam wondered if Nancy could continue to be faithful if he did go away on business trips. One day he’d seen her eying up their eighteen year-old nephew, Frank, Sam’s older sister’s son, who cleaned their pool once a week for some pocket money. Sam had joked with her about it and Nancy had laughed it off. However, when they were having sex later that same evening he’d suggested to her in a whisper that Frank would love to fuck her. She’d groaned aloud in response and thrust hard back at him, unable to hide how the thought turned her on. He enjoyed encouraging her fantasy as it made her even hotter than usual in bed.

The taxi was drawing up outside. Nancy kissed him softly on the Bakırköy Escort lips and squeezed his cock through his pants. “Just put Poppy’s mind at rest over the money. I’ll be giving your pork sword the treat of its life when I come back from New York,” she whispered.

New York! Damn it! He was forgetting that she would be going off with Poppy the same day she was returning from her business trip, so not even one night of sex for them in between her business trip and New York.

“Oh and don’t forget that Trevor’s mother has said she can stay with them on Friday night after the prom,” Nancy shouted over her shoulder as she got into the taxi.

Trevor was Poppy’s boyfriend. Sam had no reason to say no when Poppy told them of Trevor’s mother’s invitation, but he wondered where they’d all be sleeping.

He thought about his daughter. She had always been pretty, like her mother, but since she had recently turned eighteen, she had become a real beauty. Her long lithe legs were topped with a beautifully round firm bubble butt. She had the slim waist common to all teenage girls that enjoyed running, but her breasts were unusually large for her age, so much so that Nancy had to buy her a special running bra. Her long blonde hair, when not in a ponytail, cascaded over her shoulders. Sam had to admit to himself that to him his daughter was now an object of lust.

He tried not to stare at her but sometimes it was impossible for him to look away. She looked delicious when she was bending over to tie a shoelace or when she was stretching up to reach for a book off the high shelf, her tits pushing her T-shirt outwards. Sometimes he felt she was intentionally teasing him but dismissed the idea as just his imagination. Some days after he’d been watching her butt moving or her tits swaying, he’d really given Nancy an especially hard fucking and when he shot his cum it was his daughter he was thinking of.

As Sam waved his wife off and closed the front door he wondered what his daughter was doing. Her cousin, Beth, his older sister’s daughter, who was the same age as Poppy, had called to see Poppy an hour before so he presumed they were both in Poppy’s bedroom.

Beth and Poppy were both finishing school this week, with the last day, Friday, ending with the school prom. They had always been good friends. Recently they’d both joined the cheerleading squad for a local football team. They had wanted to improve their technique to help them pass the audition for the cheerleaders’ team when they went to college. Sam hadn’t seen either of them in their cheerleader outfits, but he imagined they would fill them out very attractively. Beth did not have the classic beauty of Poppy. Her face was not as perfect, with a slightly turned-up nose, but she was a sexy girl. She had dimpled cheeks which gave her a saucy smile which suggested that she was more sexually aware than Poppy. Her tits, though a nice size, were not the fullness of Poppy’s, but her ass was scrumptious. It was bigger than was the latest fashion but was round with a shelf at the top emphasizing the start of those gluteal muscles. Sam had spent a whole school race watching Beth’s butt through a pair of binoculars.

At the end of the summer, both girls would be going to the same university, continuing their friendship to the end of their education.

He thought about the thousand dollars he was going to pay Poppy. He had the cash. He kept two thousand dollars in fifty dollar notes in his safe. This was mostly to pay a builder who did some repair jobs for him every now and again and liked to be paid in cash, but it was also to cover any emergency. Sam decided to pay Poppy the money after Beth had left the house.

To take his mind off his wife’s departure he decided to fix a shelf that was wobbly in the study and walked to the storage room where he kept his tools. It was a hot day and to get some air he opened the window. Beth’s voice carried clearly out of what must have been Poppy’s open bedroom window. Their conversation was about the fact that they were short of cash to spend on drinking and partying when they attended Welcome Week at university.

“We’ll need as much money as we can get to enjoy the frat parties. At least I’m getting a part-time job at KFC on Main Street,” said Beth, “but you’re going to have virtually no cash at all. Couldn’t you get some cash from your dad? Uncle Sam’s got plenty of money.”

“He’s just a mean old man.” said Poppy sounding as if she was gritting her teeth.

“He’s certainly a horny old man,” laughed Beth, “the way he’s always grabbing my ass. He grasped it again today as I came through the front door.”

Sam listened with indignation. He had hardly touched her. He had merely guided her through the door and if his hand had lingered a little longer than necessary on her delicious buttocks then it was purely accidental. He’d noticed at the time that Beth had given him a cold look as she always did when he had an accidental sneaky Bakırköy Escort Bayan feel.

Beth was continuing, “Couldn’t you offer him a handjob for cash. You could charge him even more for a blowjob. You know he lusts after you. You’re always teasing him.”

“But it’s always such fun seeing him trying to hide his erections,” laughed Poppy.

The little bitch thought Sam. He should have realized that she knew he was ogling her as she paraded her beautiful body around the house. Her teasing, which he’d thought was unintentional, had been driving him nuts.

As he fumed, Poppy was still talking, “Anyway Beth you’re disgusting! There is no way I’m going to jack off my own father, let alone put his cock in my mouth.”

He was not surprised by Poppy’s outburst of disgust at the suggestion she could pleasure her old dad in exchange for financial remuneration, but to say he was disappointed would be a gross understatement.

However, his feeling of hopelessness lessened considerably when Poppy added, “Anyway, how could I ever suggest anything? I could hardly say to him ‘Dad would you pay me a hundred dollars for a handjob?”

His opinion of Beth then appreciably increased when she constructively suggested, “You don’t have to be obvious. You can engineer a situation, a cuddle maybe, then gradually push it a bit more. If you sense you’re getting a response that says ‘go no further’ then you could just drop it.”

“I don’t think I could do that,” said Poppy, “After all, I mean ‘Yuk’ he’s my dad for heaven’s sake.”

Poppy’s lack of enthusiasm was disheartening for Sam, but he was inwardly cheering Beth when she finished the discussion with, “Well honey, it’s up to you, but we’re both going to need money to enjoy ourselves partying in that Welcome Week and I’m getting a part-time job and you ain’t.”

Sam crept out of the store room and walked out into the garden to think. The possibility of his little girl giving him a handjob was too exciting to contemplate. There was no way now that he’d tell her about his intention to give her a thousand dollars, at least, that is, until he was sure there was no possibility of getting her hands around his cock.

He wondered what he could do to help her engineer the situation as Beth had suggested, but decided that it was more likely to frighten her off. In the end he decided that if she approached him for money he would need to be robust in refusing her in order to push her to resort to offering him something in return.

He spent the rest of the day in anticipation of what could happen but, if he was honest with himself, he put his chances very low. He and Poppy were not tactile with each other and hadn’t really cuddled since she’d hit puberty. When she bothered to kiss him goodnight, it was a peck on the cheek.

Poppy was out at cheerleader practice and Sam didn’t see her again until quite late in the evening. He had showered and changed for bed. He was dressed in pajamas and was watching the late night news when Poppy strolled into the lounge. She was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Her long blonde hair swirled around her shoulders as she sat in a chair on his right.

Is this it? He thought, as she sat quietly watching the TV for a few minutes. He was hoping that she was trying to get some courage to approach him about the money.

Suddenly she took a deep breath and spluttered out, “Daddy, I need some money for when I get to university to purchase some essentials for Welcome Week. It would be really helpful if you could lend me one hundred dollars.”

To start with, the way she had used the word ‘daddy’ rather than ‘dad’ suggested she was trying to milk the old paternal emotions. The other clever ploy she had used was to use the word ‘loan’ making it sound as if it would be at no cost to him.

He considered carefully his response before replying. He wanted his refusal to sound in such a way that a cuddle might follow.

“Honey, you know you will always be my little girl. I’ll miss you terribly when you go off to college, but what you’re asking for would be a gift not a loan and I don’t think you would stop at a hundred dollars. Regrettably I must say ‘No’, I’m sorry.”

He thought that his gentle reply would be the start of a conversation, but the way she got up abruptly and walked out of the room, made him realize that even if she’d intended for things to develop she’d now lost her nerve.

It was therefore a very disappointed daddy who climbed the stairs. He went into his bathroom and prepared for bed. He was just finishing cleaning his teeth when, in the mirror, he saw Poppy enter the bathroom behind him.

He smiled encouragingly and said, “Hi darling, is everything OK?”

As she stepped up behind him she whispered, “Daddy, saying what you did downstairs made me realize how much I owe you. I’ve had a wonderful upbringing. You and mom have been great.”

He was conscious that she was saying very loving things that were Escort Bakırköy very heartwarming, but he was also aware that this could be the start of something exciting. Therefore he tried to keep the conversation soft and continuing.

“Daddy’s going to miss you a lot, honey,” he replied in a low voice that, he hoped, conveyed emotion.

Poppy stepped forward and, from behind, threaded her arms through his, bringing her hands around to rest on his chest, “Oh Daddy,” she whispered, “your baby girl is going to miss you terribly.”

The words ‘baby girl’ hadn’t been used by any of the family for years, so the fact she was using them now told him that he could yet receive his treat. Also, her hands, though high up on his chest, were very gradually working their way down, as if they were saying goodbye to his body. He decided that his best tactic was now to say as little as possible.

Poppy didn’t really know what to say next, but she found a way forward by whispering as her hands were sliding down his front, “Daddy, you seem tense, I wonder how I can help you relax?”

Her fingers had now reached down to the cord band of his pajamas. She hesitated at that point. Beth’s words of wisdom suggesting that Poppy should look out for signs from him that she should ‘go no further’ was in both their minds. Poppy hesitated, waiting, and Sam was silent. After what was a few seconds, but seemed like a lot longer, they both knew he was effectively, by his silence, saying ‘go ahead’. Her hands started moving again and continued their descent.

There was a loud silence as her fingertips, pressing against his stomach, continued down the outside of his pants to his groin. In the mirror it was impossible for either of them to ignore his boner which had raised his pajama pants like a tent.

Sam closed his eyes so that Poppy wouldn’t have to meet them. Poppy was breathing heavily from the drama of the situation, but finally got out the words in a whisper, “the money?”

Sam just whispered back, “a hundred dollars.”

Poppy whispered back, “two hundred dollars.”

Sam had anticipated this and was prepared with his reply, “a hundred and fifty dollars.”

There was no answer from Poppy but, as he opened his eyes slightly, he could see a smile on her pretty face as her hands moved up to the bow in the middle of his pajama pants and her fingers pulled both the loose ends.

His pajama pants then fell to the floor exposing his big boner pointing up towards the mirror. A loud intake of breath came from Poppy’s lips. For one horrible moment he thought that she was going to run out of the bathroom screaming, but she held her position.

“Daddy it’s huge!” she gasped. Poppy had never realized that an erect cock could be that size.

Sam didn’t say anything. He was breathing heavily. He kept his eyes nearly closed so as not to meet her gaze, but he could see her big blue eyes in the mirror staring over his shoulder at his rod which was swaying in front of him. Sam twitched the muscle at the root of his organ and his boner jerked up and down.

After what seemed like another long wait but was probably a few seconds she moved her left hand and wrapped it around the lower half of his thick stalk. Her fingers felt cool as she gripped him and in contrast his hard meat felt hot to her. She brought her right hand up and wrapped it around the top half with the tip of a finger just touching the rim of his helmet. It was the way a young kid would hold a baseball bat.

He kept his hands by his side as she agonizingly moved the fingers of her right hand up to grasp and squeeze the mushroom head.

As he groaned, Poppy whispered, “Daddy likes his baby girl doing this, doesn’t he!”

He groaned again as Poppy commenced a slow jacking motion sliding her gripping fingers over his helmet and whispered, “It must be awful for you to have a busty teenage daughter like me around the house.”

As she said this she pressed her tits in his back. She continued, “Daddy I do everything I can not to flaunt myself. You know I would never tease you.”

He knew this last statement was a lie, but if she wished to pretend otherwise he didn’t care. The way she knew just what to do with her fingertips on his glans made him realize she’d some experience, but he could also tell she’d never handled a boner as big as his.

With the steady stroking rhythm of her fingers, she was bringing him along nicely. Through his half closed eyes he could see a small smile of satisfaction on her face. As his breathing quickened she speeded up her stroking until suddenly there was an eruption of shot after shot of thick ropes of cum, flying with fiery pulses out of his tip to land on the bathroom mirror.

Poppy smiled delightedly as the evidence of his orgasm dribbled down the glass. Then, with a quick kiss on the back of his neck, she pulled her arms back and exited the bathroom.

He splashed the mirror clean. His next act would have astonished Poppy. His cock was standing as hard as ever and he closed his eyes and started jacking off, reliving his daughters delicious handjob. After cumming again, Sam eventually dragged himself to bed.

The following morning he left three fifty dollar bills on the breakfast table and then drove off to work.

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