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Daddy’s Little Girl

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I walked up the stairs, headed for my office. I hadn’t heard my daughter Abigail since I’d entered the house. I was tired and feeling kind of lonely. My daughter was one of bright spots in my life and days when I came home and she wasn’t there to hug me after my tough days at work made me feel that way. We’d been alone since she was about 5 or 6. I’d watched her grow into a beautiful and mature 18 year old. A straight A student who spent most of her time cheering or playing piano. I worked at a job where I spent countless hours slaving away for my boss; the owner of the company. I had assumed after be coming a junior partner I would at some point become a partner and now after five years I decided it was never going to happen.

I rounded the corner at the top of the stairs feeling sorry for myself and wondering where my little girl was when I noticed the door to my home office was closed. I approached the door silently to hear soft moans, whimpers, and my daughter pleading for me to help her. I assumed the worse and barged in with my brief case raised above my head prepared to bash someone in the head with it. Instead I find that my daughter is bent over my desk, her fingers stuffed into her cunt as she watched porn on my big flat screen. I did keep my porn in my office so that my daughter wouldn’t find it and now here we stood. I watched as she sank to the floor in embarrassment. I hurried over to wrap my arms around my naked daughter.

“I’m sorry Daddy,” she sobbed.

“It’s okay,” I said as I waited for her to calm down. My head was spinning as I took it all in; I noticed the porn she was watching. It was one of my favorites, about fathers and daughters. I realized that my daughter was apparently having the same fantasies as I was. As she calmed down, I decided that it wasn’t going to be fantasies anymore. I stood up and pulled her with me; I sat in the chair and pulled her into my lap. “Now tell me what’s going on,” I commanded.

She looked very nervous and glanced up at me through her hair and eyelashes. Tears started to well up into her big green eyes but she started telling me what was going on.

“Well, I…I have been watching porn and…and…”

“And masturbating,” I finished. She nodded. “And what were you fantasizing about,” I asked.

She shook her head to say she wasn’t going to answer. So I turned her around and placed her on my knees, “Now, I want you to sit there and watch this.” I pulled my legs apart so I could see her cunt. I heard her whimper.

“Have you ever watched this with the volume on?”

She shakily shook her head no. I could see her hands shaking slightly as she sat them on her thighs. I turned the volume up. I watched her blush from her toes up to her ears when she heard the girl on the screen beg her daddy to fuck her. I saw her pussy flood in excitement. I turned it down a little.

“What were you doing when I walked in?”

“Playing with myself,” she whispered.

“And what were you thinking about?”

“I…I was thinking about…” she began. She stopped.

I leaned forward and placed my hands at her waist, “You were thinking about me fucking you. Weren’t you?”

She whimpered, and hung her head.

“Watch the screen,” I commanded; she lifted her head to see the screen. “You were thinking about my cock slamming into your tight little fuck-hole weren’t you?”

Her body flushed and her nipples beaded as she listened to me and watched the tiny blond on screen get fucked by her daddy’s huge organ. He stuffed her cunt full of cock and pinned her in doggy style so she could take his forceful thrust. I leaned back in the chair and stretched my legs farther apart so she had to grasp my knees and go on tiptoe in order to maintain her balance; doing so thrust her pussy back within reach of my hands. I watched Ataköy Escort her cunt flush and flood. She looked back at me and whimpered. I could see her need, smell it and almost taste it she was so excited. I waited, and nodded. She took this as her sign and adjusted herself so she could balance and finger herself. I wiggled and she almost fell. She looked back at me.

“That wasn’t what the nod was for.”

She whimpered and went back to balancing on her toes her hands on my knees; I could feel her hands grip my thighs when she got more excited by what was on screen. I noticed several times this happened when a young girl would be getting fucked in the ass by her Daddy. She also seemed to like when the Dad’s on screen would take control and force the little girls to take whatever they choose to give them. I reached out and begin caressing her ass and pussy area; I would let my fingers get very close to her sweet opening but wouldn’t touch her. She didn’t seem to notice that she tried desperately to get my fingers inside her. Finally she looked back at me with her big puppy dog eyes.

“Go ahead; ask for it like you were before I got in here.”

She shakes her head, still embarrassed.

I stroked my fingers over her soaking cunt.

“Ohhh, Daddy please help me,” she pleads and then whimpers.

I thrust two fingers inside her shaking body, and feel her begin to quiver. I pull them out and hold them there, “Now what were you fantasizing about before I came into this room to see you fucking your brains out with your scrawny fingers,” I growled at her.

“I was thinking about you fucking me,” she whispers but then looks back at me, “Please Daddy I need you. I need you to make me cum.”

She whimpers as I again stuff my two fingers inside her cunt, I can see that it’s stretching her tight hole, and I can feel her riding my fingers working herself towards a powerful orgasm. As she got closer I stuffed my thumb into her tight and apparently virgin asshole. She gasped and began to cum. I pulled my cock out of my pants and thumped her onto the floor she gasped and continue to spasm as I pulled her head up and stuffed my hard dick into her mouth.


She immediately followed this command as I fucked her mouth stuffing my cock down her throat. Her fingers were digging into her pussy at a blinding speed.

“Get your fingers out of your pussy,” I commanded as I fucked my little girls face. She moaned as she extracted her fingers from her hungry hole. The vibrations around my cock as she did this set off the most powerful orgasm I had had in my life.

“Swallow,” I said, “Swallow little one. That’s it.”

As I finished cumming I noticed I was still hard and my daughter now had cum dripping down her thighs. I scooped her up and pressed her belly back into the desk, I spread her legs as wide as they would go, I could hear the movie and smell my sweetnes of my daughter as I drove my tongue inside of her. I could feel her arch up as though she was attempting to get away but I held her fast. She moan and whimpered as I worked her young body, my tongue swirled and dipped inside her and all around that sweet hole.

When I could her in her voice she was getting close I would back off and then pick up the speed until she couldn’t take it and then I finally let her explode. As she did this I stood up and shoved my cock inside her snatch and began fucking her. I could feel how tight she was as I mercilessly shoved my huge dick inside her; I could feel her stretch as she continued to spasm around me. I continued to pay no attention to her tiny body’s reaction to my intrusion as I pounded into her.

Her tight, young pussy continued to spasm

for a full five minutes as I fucked her. I reached around and under her to grab Ataköy Escort Bayan her tender nipples. I pulled at them and could feel her getting more and more excited. Her body was very responsive, and it was driving my crazy. As I approached my release I moved one hand to her ass. I began working two fingers into her virgin asshole. She was moaning and whimpering from the stretching of such a tender spot but I continued my joint assault.

My lust making me insane, I had wanted her for so long and now I had her pinned beneath me. With my other hand I grabbed her hair and pulled her back so I could whisper in her ear, “When I’m done with this sweet pussy of yours I’m going to fuck your ass.”

She groaned and began to cum again, the force and the sucking motion of her tight cunt set me off and I spewed my load into her. She relaxed and continued to cum as she collapsed against the desk.

“I bet you think its over don’t you?”

She nodded.

“Wrong, I said I was going to fuck that ass and I’m going to fuck that ass.”

“Daddy, nooo…please.”

I saw how your little pussy got excited when you saw the other girls getting fucked in theirs and I felt how you pushed back against my fingers. I’m just going to give you what you want.”

She whimpered and acted like she was going to get up and leave, but I grasped her hips and pressed her hard into the desk. I freed one hand to grasp my cock and aim it at her delicate opening. She tensed as I started working my thick dick into her ass. I slapped her ass hard and while she relaxed I shoved the first two inches of my dick inside her. She whimpered and began to try and wiggle away from me, but now that I had my dick in her I could use both hands to hold her. I waited and kept telling her to calm down and it would make things easier.

When she finally did I began to fuck the two inches I had in her slowly, except that each time I slid inside her I stuffed a little more into her tight ass. She groaned, I groaned, the people on screen groaned. I worked us up to another orgasm. I reached around her and began stroking her clit.

“Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want me stuff my fingers in that tight hole? Do you like having your daddy fuck you?”

“Yes, Yes, Yes. Daddy, please? I need you.”

At this whimpered plea, I stuffed two fingers inside of her and began finger fucking her while I jammed her ass full of dick. She quickly learned the rhythm and together we worked ourselves to completion. This time afterwards, I collapsed on top of her on the desk.

“I can’t wait until tonight to fuck you again, but for now let’s go take a bath.”

We went into the bathroom and I ran the bath as she cleaned up a little. We climbed into the tub and soaked. I gently scrubbed her clean and massaged her.

“Daddy,” she whispered, “I don’t think we should have done that. It was a bad thing and I was a bad girl for what I thought and did.”

“No, you’re not getting out of this. We fucked; we are going to continue to fuck. You’re going to love fucking me.”

She whimpered and tried to get out of the tub; I pulled her back in. I cuddled her back into my chest.

“Relax,” I said as I began to tease her breast as I massaged her upper body.

“Daddy, no. Please?”

She was very unsure and shaky when she said this, and so I continued. I sank us down a little lower in the water and instructed her to put her feet on the side of the tub opening her up to me. I started teasing her sweet pussy.

“Did you like when I did this to you earlier,” I asked.

She nodded.

“Do you like the way I’m doing it now?”


“Did you like feeling me buried in your cunt and ass?”

“Daddy,” she whimpered.

“Answer me!”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“If Escort Ataköy you ever want to feel that again. Say it LOUDER.”

She jumped a little when I yelled, “Yes Daddy, I liked feeling your big cock stuffed inside my virgin cunt and ass.”

I slowed my teasing down and then stopped, so I could wash her and get us into the bedroom. We climbed out of the tub and I started kissing her, my tongue sweeping inside her mouth. I walked us into the bedroom and she was back to being nervous, and thinking we shouldn’t be doing this. I still walked her to the bed and laid her down she tried to cover herself up. I lay on the bed with her, and ran my hands along her body.

“Relax, sweetie.”

We kissed and I parted her thighs. I started to her slightly swollen cunt.

“I loved fucking you earlier. And it made so fucking hard seeing your lips stretched around my dick as I fucked your face and throat. And seeing how wet it made you when I just fucked you; you’re going to be such a good girl for me aren’t you? I love you, sweetie.” I flipped her onto her stomach and pressed my hands into the small of her back. The action forced her hips to tip and present her tight cunt to me. She whimpered. I used one hand to aim my dick at her cunt. “Beg me for it.” I could see her juices leaking out of her tight lips.

“Daddy, please fuck me.”

“Such a good girl,” I whispered in her ear. I began fucking her hole slowly. “You like that cunt? You like having Daddy’s dick stuffed inside you?” She whimpered. I slapped her ass. “Answer me slut,” I commanded.

“Yes, Daddy I love having you fuck me.”

I suddenly recalled having seen a vibrator sitting in our bathroom one day and pulled out of her. “Go get your vibrator.”

She did and I waited for her to return when she didn’t I got up and went down to her room looking for her. She had the door locked. “Abbie, open the door.”

“No, Daddy I think we’re being very bad.”

I checked the handle and found it locked. I went down the hall after yelling out her, and got the key to the door. I unlocked it, and stormed into her room. She was cowering in a corner. “Get up.” She whimpered and stood walking slowly over to me. She was still naked and had the vibrator clutched in her hand. As soon as she got close enough I grabbed her by the back of her head pulling on her hair I lead her to the end of her four poster bed I shoved her over the end of it. My dick was swelling as I heard her whimpers. I snatched the vibrator out of her hand, and looked at it. I turned it on to its highest setting before stuffing it in to her ass in a single thrust. She screamed and I slapped her ass.

“Next time you’ll do what I say won’t you?” She nods and I stuff my cock into her tight hole. I began sawing my dick in and out of her. Her toes dangled off the edge of the bed. I grabbed the end of the vibrator and worked it in and out of her as well. Her hands gripped the blanket beneath her and she moaned softly.

“That’s it. I know you like it. Tell Daddy how much you like it. Tell Daddy how much you love being fucked by him.”

She whimpers but begins to tell me how good it feels to have me fucking her cunt and ass. How she’s been waiting for me to fuck her. I begin fucking her harder, causing her whole body to shake and her teeth to clack together. She moans harder. “Are you going to come little one?”

“Yes, Daddy your little girl is going to cum all over your cock,” she states.

I can feel the orgasm begin deep inside her rippling through her tiny body. She begins groaning and working herself up and down my cock as her body begins to orgasm. I feel her cunt rippling around my cock and I began spraying her with cum. I pulled the vibrator out of her ass. I tossed the vibrator on the bed and grabbed her by the back of her head; my fingers tangled in her hair and a lifted her upper body of the bed.

“Now, Little Angel, will you do what I say?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she replied.

I pulled out of her, and we crawled forward and collapsed on the bed, shortly after we drifted off to sleep.

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