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Daddy’s Girls Do the Beach

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It was very warm outside and I was in the cool of my air conditioned apartment when there was a knock on my door. I wasn’t expecting anyone ad was just lounging in my boxers. I walked over and opened the door to find Andrea and another beautiful young thing.

“Hi Mike” Andrea said as she kissed me on the cheek. “This is Georgia, my roommate. Mind if we come in for a minute? Got any beer?”

“Certainly not” I said as I admired the curvy body of Georgia. “I’d be crazy to turn you away! And you know I have beer.”

Andrea walked in and headed for the fridge where she knew there would be cold beer. Georgia stepped inside and said “Thank you for inviting us in. It’s nice to finally meet you. Andrea has been bragging about you fucking her and eating her pussy. She claims you are very good.” Then she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

My cock was already half hard from looking at this beautiful baby, now it was sticking out of the front of my boxers.

I could hardly speak as I watched her ass wiggle as she walked over and sat down on the couch. Her short red skirt and white tank top only magnified the body underneath. As she sat down I could see the red thong she was wearing. Wow, I wanted to fuck her immediately.

I was about to head for the couch when Andrea came out of the kitchen with three beers. She walked over and set the beers on the table by the couch and walked over to me.

“Looks like there is some business to take care of before we drink” she said as she grabbed my dick and began to stroke it. “We can’t let this go soft now can we?” she smiled as she kissed me on the lips.

Andrea dropped to her knees and kissed my dick on the head. Then she licked around the head like an ice cream cone. She licked around and around and up and down all the way to my balls. Then she sucked each of my balls and then sucked them both into her mouth. My head was spinning as I enjoyed this woman’s talents. She leaned back and stroked my dick and looked at me and smiled, she knew I loved this. Then Andrea swallowed my whole cock all the way down her throat. She did this again and again so fast I thought I would explode. I had to think about getting kicked in the nuts by a horse to keep from cumming all over her. I wasn’t ready yet.

I looked over at Georgia and she had her panties off and was rubbing her smooth clean shaven pussy. She looked at Andrea and me and grinned a very mischievous grin. She rolled her panties in a ball and stuffed them into her pussy. She rubbed her clit and pussy as she watched us. I almost lost it.

Andrea was working on my cock like a wild woman. She was going to get a mouth full of cum and Georgia was helping her out by sticking four fingers into her pussy and licking them off. All the while watching Andrea sucking my cock.

Georgia pulled her panties from her pussy and looked at them. They were soaking wet with her cum. She got up and brought them to me and stuck them in my mouth. She ran her hands through my hair and kissed me on the cheek.

The smell and taste of this woman sent me over the edge and I started to shoot cum into Andrea’s mouth. She caught the first several blasts in her mouth, then pointed my cock at Georgia. The next couple shots of pearly goo hit the beautiful belly of Georgia. A couple more shots hit Andrea and she looked at me with a mouth full of my jizz and swallowed it. She sure knew how to make me happy.

Andrea licked my cock clean and turned to Georgia and licked my cum off her friend. She made sure she got every drop. I think they both liked it.

I stood there with the panties in my hand and sucked in the smell of this wonderful young girl. She was going to be fun to be around, I could tell.

Andrea stood up, kissed me on the lips and turned to get the beers. She handed each of us a beer and said “Whew, I think I earned this one!”

Everyone laughed and we sat on the couch and started talking about what we would do over the upcoming weekend. I told the girls that I had planned on going to the beach and hanging out on Saturday. I told them they were welcome to come if they wanted. They agreed to it and I knew I would be a hero for showing up with these two hot babes at the beach. I couldn’t wait.

After an hour of talking and planning, Georgia complained that her pussy was still wet and that Daddy hadn’t shown his pussy eating skills. She almost demanded that I service her.

That was all I could take. I grabbed her and pulled her across my lap. Her beautiful ass was looking up at me and I proceeded to give it a solid spanking. My hand slapped each ass cheek several times until they began to turn red. I continued to slap her ass even though Georgia pleaded with me to stop.

“Daddy please stop, you’re hurting me” She begged.

“You must learn to be patient” I explained to her. “Not act like a whore.”

“I will Daddy, I’ll behave, I promise” Georgia cried. “I promise, Daddy, I promise”

The tears rolling down her cheeks were all I could take and I leaned over and kissed her red ass cheeks and massaged them to relieve gebze escort the pain.

Andrea smiled at me and she comforted her friend. “Daddy will make you behave. You will learn how it is very quickly” She said as she dried Georgia’s tears.

I continued to work on the wonderful young ass and pussy in front of me. It was time to prove to Georgia that Andrea was right. I am the best at eating pussy and ass.

I licked the sweet crack and reached down and pulled her ass cheeks apart. I worked my tongue into her crack and worked from her pretty pussy to her hot little asshole. It was puckered up and looked like it was scared. I worked it with my tongue, around and around until it relaxed and looked happy. There is nothing better than a happy asshole. I worked my tongue back and forth between Georgia’s pussy and asshole. Kissing and licking my way up and down that sexy ass.

I looked at Andrea. She was massaging one of Georgia’s tits with one hand and jacking herself off with her other hand. She looked at me and smiled.

I finished undressing Georgia and picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Andrea got up, tore the rest of her clothes off and followed us. I laid Georgia down on the bed on her back and spread her long legs and looked at her sweet pussy. I leaned down and began to eat it like a starving man.

Andrea lay beside Georgia and began to stroke my hardening cock. She was close to me and was watching me lick the pussy of her friend. She knew Georgia was loving this as she had been in her place many times. She smiled at me, she knew I loved that.

After several minutes of this tongue fucking, Georgia was thrashing around on the bed and cumming all over my face. Her cum was running down her legs. I licked for all I was worth, but could not keep up with it.

Andrea leaned over and said “Fuck her now. Fuck the shit out of her, Daddy!”

Who was I to argue? I got up and moved between Georgia’s legs and Andrea took my dick, spit on it and guided it into her roommate’s slippery pussy. It slid in all the way to my balls. Georgia moaned as I began to work it back and forth.

“Please fuck me, Daddy. Please fuck me hard” she moaned as she grabbed my hair and pulled me toward her.

I started out slowly and each stroke got quicker and quicker until I was hammering her young snatch with all I had. For several minutes I banged away until I was about to fall over. I slowed down and massaged her clit with my finger.

Georgia was screaming with ecstasy as she came again and again. She was holding on to my arms and pulling herself into me as hard as she could. She was fucking me as much as I was fucking her.

We were all covered in sweat and I could not hold out any longer. I began to pump cum into the beautiful young lady I had a hold of. Spurt after spurt of hot baby seed filled her and started oozing out around my big white dick. It ran down her crack and made a wet spot on the bed.

I continued to work my dick in and out of her hot pussy until it fell out of her with a plop. Cum ran out of her worked over pussy and added to the wet spot.

I collapsed on the bed next to Georgia. She was breathing like a woman who had just run a marathon. Her tits were rising and falling and looked so sexy that I had to lean over and suck on one nipple.

Andrea flopped down on the other side of Georgia and started sucking on the other nipple.

Georgia ran her hands through our hair and said “You two sure know how to treat a friend!”

We all laughed and rested a while. We were a sweaty mess and we all agreed we needed a shower. I led the girls into the shower where I cleaned up both girls and they cleaned me up, too.

Then we changed the bed sheets and all crawled in and went to sleep. Both girls kissed me on the cheek and said “Good night, Daddy.”

“Good night, Babies. Daddy loves you both” I said as I felt a soft curvy girl snuggled on each side of me.

Life is good.

Saturday couldn’t get here quick enough. Early in the morning the two best looking women I knew were standing at my door waiting to get going. I made them load all the stuff in my pickup truck and then we were on our way. I was watching the asses of these two curvy young girls as they loaded the truck. Boy, they were looking good in their bikinis and short skirts.

I stopped at the local restaurant to get some coffee. The girls came inside with me and the first person we ran into was Randy, a friend of mine that I played poker with. He could hardly speak to me when he saw the gorgeous girls I was with.

“Hey Mike, who are those babes?” he asked as he stared at the girls. “Where did you find such pretty young girls?”

“Randy, those two girls are going to be naked in a couple hours and I will be having my way with both of them.” I bragged to him.

“Bullshit” Randy laughed “They will never fuck you! You’re old enough to be their dad.”

“You are right, my friend, they call me Daddy” I smiled as I looked at Andrea and Georgia as they were getting some coffee. darıca escort

Randy turned and called to the table where Steve and Larry were sitting. “Guys, look at what Mike is taking to the beach!” he called to the guys.

The guys got up and walked over to the front of the restaurant and were drooling over the two girls. Andrea and Georgia walked over to me and Andrea said “We have coffee for everyone, Daddy are you ready to go?”

I looked at my poker buddies and smiled. “Tell them what we are going to do today, Andrea.”

She looked at the three men and said “Daddy is taking us to the beach, then we will take turns fucking and sucking him all day long. You should come and watch.” She turned and walked out the door. All the guys could do was watch as the tall, curvy little slut walked away shaking her wonderful ass as sexy as she could.

Georgia then looked at them and said” If you guys are smart, you will show up at the beach. You never know who might get a little today.” She smiled at them and bent over to pick up her purse and you could see the shape of her beautiful ass with a small bikini bottom trying to cover it. I was getting hard and I know those guys were too.

I should tell you that Georgia is about five and a half feet tall with long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes and a smile that makes you think she is an angel. Her behavior will make you think she is a little devilish! She has a wonderful ass and long curvy legs with a pair of tits you would love to suck on. Truly a girl that would excite any man.

Andrea as you know is tall and has great boobs but her best feature is her perfect round ass. She would look at you and smile and you would do whatever she told you. Her pretty face and brown eyes would let her get anything she wanted. She knew it too!

“Well, I gotta go, boys” I laughed as they all were awe struck watching those two get into my truck. “Maybe we’ll see you at Stripper’s Point later?”

Stripper’s Point was a small cove along the beach where everyone went to sunbathe nude. People didn’t bother you if you ran around naked and there was usually a party going on somewhere in the area.

I walked away and left them standing there with their mouths hanging open. When I got into the pickup, Andrea joked. ”That was fun teasing those guys. They looked really funny just standing there staring!”

“Yes” Georgia laughed “I thought they would piss themselves just watching!”

“You know you two just made me a hero with my poker buddies?” I smiled. “They will be talking about this for weeks.”

We laughed and joked about the guys all the way to the beach. When we arrived we carried our supplies to the water and looked around for the best spot. There were only a few people there and we found a perfect spot and made ourselves comfortable. The girls lost all their clothing in a couple seconds and we all stretched out on the beach towels to get some sun.

After a while I decided I was going in for a swim. The girls opted to stay and tan. I swam for a while and then came back. As I walked toward the girls I was thinking about how beautiful they both looked lying there in the sun naked. As I walked toward them and admired them, my cock began to respond to my thoughts. When I got to them, I had a big hardon.

Andrea was lying on her back and she looked up at me and smiled. “What brought this on?” she asked.

“The two of you” I answered. “Sweet young, curvy little sluts make me horny as can be.”

“Let’s dry you off” Andrea laughed and grabbed a towel. The only thing she dried was my dick. And before I knew what was happening she had the towel over her head and my cock in her mouth. She started to work on my dick like only she could do. She was not only good at sucking cock, but she really liked it. She would look you in the eyes while your cock was in her mouth and down her throat, and you thought you were in control. Truth is that Andrea was in total control, you would do whatever she wanted you to, and she knew it.

I heard Georgia moan and looked over to see her with three fingers rapidly working in and out of her sweet pussy. I knew what had to happen next.

I turned around and lay down on the towels on my back. Andrea kept up with me and never missed a stroke on my dick. I had Georgia straddle my head and she lowered her beautiful ass down until my tongue was working its way into her wet pussy.

I worked on that pussy until I felt her tense up and cum on my face. She began to squirm and to grab my hair and pull my face into her crotch. I was trying to suck her clit and it was like she was riding a bucking horse. I grabbed her hips and held on for all I was worth.

Georgia screamed “I’m cumming, don’t stop, Daddy. Suck my pussy harder!”

I tried to please her and she rewarded me by cumming in my face again. She came so much that even my hair was wet. Her body went limp and she rolled off my face and lay beside me breathing very heavy. After catching her breath she leaned over and kissed me on the lips and said “Thank izmit yürüyüş yolu escort you Daddy. That was pretty awesome!”

Meanwhile Andrea had climbed up my body and had sat down on my throbbing cock, sinking it all the way into her. She was slowly riding up and down on it and watching it disappear into her and then slide back out. She would take it and stroke it a couple times, spit on it and stick it right back into her pussy. She looked like she was really enjoying the ride.

I reached up and grabbed two hands full of firm tits and began to massage them. I rolled her long stiff nipples between my fingers and watched them grow even harder. She looked at me and smiled, she knew I loved that.

Andrea began to really pick up the pace and she began to moan and was really fucking me hard. She was jumping up and down on my dick like a wild woman.

“Look over there” she pointed.

Georgia looked and saw my three poker buddies standing there watching the show. They were looking at Andrea fucking the shit out of me. You could tell they all had hard dicks by the way their shorts bulged out.

Andrea was really riding my cock now and she yelled “Cum in me, Daddy. Fill my pussy with your hot seed.”

That was all I needed to hear and I began to pump what seemed like a gallon of cum deep in Andrea’s slippery pussy. I pumped about five or six good shots into her and she screamed with joy.

She looked at the three strange men looking at her and stood up. She fingered her pussy and we all watched as cum ran out of her and dripped into the sand. She raised her fingers to her mouth and licked my sperm from them like it was candy.

“There’s room for some more in there now.” She smiled as she looked at Randy, Steve and Larry and motioned them over with her finger. “Who wants to be next?” she asked.

Larry almost ran to her. He was in front of her before she was finished talking. It was kind of funny how fast he moved.

Andrea looked at the bulge in his shorts and said “Well, let’s see what we have in here.” She pulled his shorts off and he kicked them aside.

“It’s not as big and hard as Daddy’s cock, but I can work with it” Andrea winked at me. She sucked it into her mouth and worked it in and out as only she could. I knew what Larry was feeling and it sure is good. She sucked it for a couple minutes and then had Larry lie down. She climbed on top of him and squeezed his dick as she sat down on it. She worked the whole thing into her and then she began to slowly ride back and forth.

Larry reached up and grabbed Andrea’s thin waist and began to bounce her up and down on his cock. They were both really getting into it when I heard Georgia say “You two get over here, now.”

I looked around to see Randy and Steve standing there jacking off watching Andrea screwing the shit out of their buddy.

“Now!” Georgia scolded them.

They hurried to her with their dicks in their hands. She took over for them and they both smiled as she began to take turns sucking on their cocks. She sucked one and then the other, stroking the one in her hand and swallowing the one in her mouth. I watched her as she worked her magic on these two poor men. I could not get over how beautiful she was as the sun shined on her. Even if she was blowing someone else.

Larry started to cry that he was about to cum. That only inspired Andrea to work that much harder. She was literally fucking him into the sand. He had her by the waist and she was bouncing up and down so hard you could hear his balls slapping against her ass. She suddenly jumped off his dick and started jacking him off. Larry shot cum into the air and all over him and Andrea.

I thought he would pass out from the excitement but he managed to reach up and run his hands through Andrea’s hair and thank her. She looked him in the eyes and licked his cum off her hand.

Meanwhile Georgia had two cocks working on covering her in cum. She sucked one and then the other. Back and forth she went until Randy moaned and began shooting cum all over her face and tits. That was all Steve needed to see and he yelled that he was cumming too. He spurted a couple heavy shots into Georgia’s hair and on her neck. She was almost covered in strange men’s cum.

Georgia licked her lips and said “Now that’s a cum shower!”

Everybody laughed and I threw her a towel so she could clean up.

The girls got up and ran into the water to clean themselves off. My buddies looked at each other and then Randy turned to me and asked “Mike, can we come home with you tonight and party with these girls some more?”

“I don’t know you will have to ask them” I smiled.

When Andrea and Georgia returned, the guys told them they wanted to party more.

Both girls put their arms around me and said “No, we are going to go home and fuck Daddy. You guys had your treat, but Daddy gets special treatment.”

We grabbed our stuff and headed for the pickup. As we drove off, we laughed at the guys standing there looking like they had lost their best friend. Andrea drove and I sat between the two gorgeous curvy sluts and fingered their pussies and Georgia stroked my cock all the way home. It had been a pretty swell day at the beach.

I kissed both girls on the cheek as we rode home and told them “This is why Daddy loves you both.”

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