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Daddy’s Cum Pt. 05

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****Rachel POV

My heart was pounding, anticipating what Daddy wanted to talk about. Waking up to him cumming on my face gave me hope, as strange as that sounds. I took this as a sign that he was agreeing to move forward in our relationship outside of just father and daughter. He let out a tired sigh, which gave me a moment of fear. Navigating these changes is so confusing. I just need him to outwardly tell me that he wanted me and we were going to pursue this fully.

“Baby, I need you to go take a shower before we talk.”

I felt even more fearful. Now that he came, he couldn’t look at me like this? Did he just get caught up in the moment? Or maybe he was disgusted now. I had just swallowed his cum and was sitting there with cum drying on my face. I felt my face fall but stood up to do as he asked. As I began walking toward the bathroom, he placed a hand on my shoulder to stop me.

“Lovebug, how about you take a bath? I’ll help you clean up.”

My world lit up as soon as he said this. Though, it didn’t feel like a sexual statement. I think he wanted to take care of me, which I love- because at the end of the day, I was still his baby girl. His hand slid to my lower back, and he guided me to the bathroom. I felt like I was walking on air. When we got to the tub, he turned the water- holding his hand under it until he was satisfied with the temperature. He kept himself dressed as the tub filled with warm water, while I stood naked waiting for instruction.

“Go ahead and get it,” he said this in a soft voice with a kind smile. All I could think was of how lucky I was to have a dad like him. I slipped one foot into the water and then the other, finally I laid down. My dad cupped my face, feeling as if he was admiring me, and leaned over to kiss me softly on the lips. I opened my mouth to speak, and he slowly shook his head- telling me to not talk yet. I closed my mouth, like a good girl, and awaited for what he would do next. He let go of my face, reaching for a large cup, filled the cup of water, and softly poured water over my head to wet my hair and face. He did this a few times, thoroughly wetting my hair. He then grabbed the shampoo, squirt some onto his hand, and began to lather my hair. All I could do was close my eyes and slip into my happy thoughts. I felt truly cherished in this moment. I heart another bottle open and was soon greeted by his hands, rubbing what I assumed to be face wash, slowly on my face.

“I’m going to rinse the soap off of your face now, don’t be surprised by the water.”

And I truly wasn’t. I didn’t jump or anything when the warm water rinsed away the soap from my face. I trusted him completely. He continued to rinse the shampoo out of my hair, and then applied a conditioner. I could tell it was conditioner, because it made it easy for him Avcılar Escort to run his hand through my messy curls. He massaged it into my scalp and softly kissed me again.

“Stand up honey, I’m going to wash you.” Again, I did as he said. Opening my eyes, I saw the world in a different light. Colors seemed brighter, the air more fresh- but I knew that in reality, I was just happy. I did notice though, that he was washing my body innocently. There was no sexuality behind the action, just pure caring for me. He moved slowly across my skin, and I felt worshiped. He then pulled the drain from the tub and switched on the water to shower mode. He held the wand away from my body, letting the water from the shower head warm up before rinsing me. Again, he did this slowly and lovingly. There was no hint of lust or want, yet I felt sexy still. After I was clean, he turned the water off and grabbed my hand to help me exit the shower. I stood on the rug beneath me and let him dry me with a towel, caressing me. He then reached my hair and massaged the towel into my hair to dry it the best he could. I smiled, but then a thought came to me. He did this so well, he must have done this for my mother before. My smile dropped and jealousy overcame me. I grit my teeth a bit, peeved at the image of him caring for my mother like he did me. I knew they were married, but I wanted to be the only one.

“Whatever is going on in that head of yours, stop it and relax. We are going to get you dressed and then talk, okay?”

I nodded. He always knew what to say to me. He guided me to my room and approached my dresser, obviously knowing his way around as he did the laundry often. I was surprised to see him pull out one of his T-shirts from the back of my dresser. He smiled and brought it over my head and let it fall, dressing me. I blushed a bit. I didn’t know he knew about the shirt. I had taken it on a whim the other day, because it smelled like him.

“Now sit.” Of course, like his good girl, I sat on my bed. He pulled my desk chair over and sat near me, but I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t sit with me on the bed.

“Now we can talk, love. Okay? I couldn’t think straight with you… looking the way you did, and we have to have a serious talk.”

“You liked the way I looked?”

“I’ve never seen anything so sexy in my entire life. But you’re distracting me. This conversation isn’t about sex.”

“It’s not?” My voice sounded babyish and confused, but I was completely happy. Even if he didn’t want this to continue sexually, his actions proved that he still loved me.

“No, baby. I already know we want each other… sexually. I know you told me you’re in love with me, but I also know things escalated quickly last night… with me spanking you and asking you to cum for me… and Avcılar Escort Bayan then again this morning with me… er… doing that to you. I’m sorry about that, by the way. I shouldn’t have came on you like that. It was aggressive and assumed of me to do that.”

“I liked it, Daddy. I’m glad that you did it.” A lustful look came onto his face when I said that, but then he shook his head.

“You’re doing it again. We need to have an actual conversation.” My eyes couldn’t help but watch as he readjusted himself in his shorts, obviously getting hard. I wanted to offer to take care of it for him, but I knew he would say no.

“I want you. I want you as my Daddy and my lover. It isn’t just about sex for me. I am really in love with you and want to be with you.”

“I want the same thing, too. I am concerned, though, about your mother. For obvious reasons.”

I fought the urge to roll my eyes. I had never resented my mother before, but I was starting to. I didn’t want him to think about her. Only me.

“Hey, now. Don’t get ahead of yourself. I can see you stewing. Your mom and I haven’t been in love for a long time. But she is your mom and my wife, I can’t keep this from her. If we are going to be a couple, she deserves to know.”

I perked up at that. All I focused on was that he agreed to be with me. Telling mom? That would be easy compared to my confession to him. Hell, we could do that right now.

“Alright, let’s tell her.” I stood up, ready to march to their room.

“Honey, she’s not here. Did you think I would bathe you like that with her here? She’ll be home in an hour though, so I suggest you put some pants on. If you’re really ready to tell her, we can.”

I grumbled a bit when he suggested I put pants on. I liked being bare around him. Then a wicked thought came to mind… we did have an hour.

“Do you want me to put pants on? I mean… right now, I don’t even have panties on. You don’t want to play with me?” I knew the answer was yes, but I had to play my cards right. Maybe we could make love now… I beamed at the thought.

“I can see what you’re trying to do. No, we will not have sex without being honest with your mother first.”

I let out a pout, which I knew turned him on a bit. I was still fighting to get my way. My pussy was already wet, and I wanted him in me.

“Spread them, Rachel.” I immediately did as he said.

“We are not going to have sex, yet. So, get that out of your mind for now. But I did get to cum this morning, and you swallowed like a good girl. I’m going to reward you.”

I was giddy with excitement. I didn’t know yet how he was going to reward me, but my legs were spread and there was an orgasm insinuated. I’d be happy either way. He got on his knees in front of me on the bed, Escort Avcılar and lowered his face to my pussy. He let out a breath, which made my pussy quiver and clench. I let out a moan at the sensation. Before, I would have been worried that I wouldn’t be able to cum like this. Shane sure as hell struggled with it. But the moment his tongue slid up my pussy, I knew I would cum easily. He withdrew for a moment, making me whimper.

“I’ve been fantasizing about this pussy for a long time. So, I’m going to go slow. You can cum whenever you want to; you don’t need permission like last night. Just try to be quiet, in case your mom gets home early. I don’t really want to go to jail, and the sight would probably give her a heart attack.”

I wiggled my hips up a little bit. Inviting him to lick me again, and he sure as fuck did. He slipped his tongue in between my lips, slowly drawing more pussy juice from my cunt. He then began to roll it around my clit, making me moan aloud. One of his hands slid up my knee and rested on my thigh, while his other hand explored the area around my pussy. He dipped a finger into my entrance, pulled it out, and then dipped it in again- accompanied by another finger. His thick fingers were stretching me and pushing far into my cunt; the sensation was amazing. I felt full, even though I had been getting fucked by Shane for months. My Daddy’s fingers were even more than poor Shane’s dick.

Daddy then made a “come here” motion with his fingers, curling them inside of me, making him reach that untouchable place deep in me. Rubbing my G-spot, which I honestly didn’t think was really, felt like a deep ache in my pussy. It was pleasurable, but completely foreign. Daddy then swiped his thumb around my clit in a circular motion, eliciting another moan from me. I fought to keep my eyes open, loving the sight of my Daddy’s face between my thighs, but my tingling pussy urged my eyes to roll back- and so they did. The feeling of his fingers pumping in and out of me, while he slurped on my pussy lips, was too much- and I lost the final fight.

I came. I had been hoping to make it last longer, but I had been dreaming of this for so long… My pussy continually clenched around Daddy’s fingers, and I roughly grabbed his hair- holding his face against my pulsing pussy. I rolled my hips, hopelessly searching for a way to get him further inside of me. His fingers were now hammering into me, and a scream bubbled up from my lips. The stimulation from his mouth was suddenly gone as he sat up and pressed his mouth to mine- effectively shutting me up. I could taste my juices in his mouth when my tongue tangled with his, and though I had tasted myself before, I tasted much sweeter this time. I sucked the rest off of his tongue, eager for more. When my pussy finally stopped clenching his fingers and the wave of exhaustion fell over me, I slumped on the bed, unable to move. I couldn’t even open my eyes to look at him and laid there helplessly.

“That was much too quick, Lovebug. Don’t worry, we will have more opportunities in the future. You lay here and get your rest.”

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