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Daddy with Benefits Ch. 02

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“Ok, nothing to worry about, I’ll say you slapped me when I suggested it and you threw the money in my face. A few chicks have done that.”

“Oh.” I said disappointed, why was I disappointed? “I guess that would mean I couldn’t waitress again wouldn’t it?”

Daddy just made a noncommittal face.

“Can I see a video with you in it?” I asked without thinking.

“Err I guess.” He fished around and pulled out a DVD, Daddy sat on the sofa and I sat pressed right up against him, like we did when we watched a movie together.

The screen jumped to life again and there was a busty blond girl sitting on the edge of the coffee table right in front of me with her legs spread wide and her smooth shaven pussy open slightly. I was struck by how much like me she looked in the stockings and garter belt.

“Is it working?” She asked.

“Yep.” Came Daddy’s reply from behind the camera.

“I don’t normally do this kind of extra you know.” She stated.

“No of course not” Said Daddy, from behind the camera, I could hear the laughter in his voice.

“Would you like me to play with myself first?” She asked lifting one foot up onto the coffee table and spreading her pussy.

“Sure why not.” Daddy replied still out of shot behind the camera.

The girl on the screen started to tease herself, She was clearly already quite horny as she soon had two fingers inside herself and we could hear the wet sounds she made.

Daddy stepped round the camera and the girl on the screen immediately stopped playing with herself and slid off the coffee table and pulled Daddy forward and pulled his trousers down, Daddy’s thick hard cock bounced free, Daddy, it seemed, had quite a weapon tucked away there. Without missing a beat the girl quickly sucked it into her mouth and began vigorously bobbing here head up and down his shaft. Her cheeks going hollow as she sucked him furiously.

With a loud smacking sound Daddy pulled himself free of her mouth, she looked up at him and tried to get his dick back in her mouth, Daddy didn’t let her but he pulled her up off the floor and sat her on the edge of the coffee table, she spread her legs willingly for him.

“Oh yes Baby, fuck me.” She cooed.

“Not just yet sweetie, time for some tongue.”

“Fuck that, gimme your dick, please don’t make me beg.”

Daddy chucked and lowered himself to her pussy, slowly he began to lick her wet pussy, he obviously found the right spot pretty quickly as the girl started to moan and groan as he worked her. Her hand came over Daddy’s head and grabbed a hand full of his hair, trying to drag him deeper into her pussy.

“Oh Fuck!” She groaned slowly as she came on the tip of my Daddy’s tongue.

Daddy pulled away from her pussy, which was almost dripping wet and turned to the camera and raised and eyebrow while grinning, her pussy juices coating his chin.

“And that, Steve, is how you eat pussy.”

The girl propped herself up on her elbows and looked down between her breasts.

“Baby, show me how you fuck pussy.”

Again Daddy turned to the camera. “Don’t mind if I do.”

He scooped up the camera and pointed it down between the girls legs, I could see the red flush in her chest. She grabbed Daddy’s dick and started to pull it into her pussy.

“Steady there, it’s not a toy.”

She let go of his dick and he pushed it all the way home, she groaned deep in her throat as he filled her willing pussy. As she let her head fall back completely. Daddy started to fuck her in long deep strokes, clearly the way she wanted it as she groaned and wriggled underneath him. Quickly he brought her to the very edge of her climax and held her there, denying her any release. Her eyes opened and focused on Daddy.

“Please” She whimpered.

“Please what?” Asked Daddy.

“Please fuck me.”

“Tell me what you are.”

“I’m fucking horny.”

“You can do better than that.” He replied starting to pull his dick out of her.

“I’m bursa escort bayanlar a horny slut who needs to be fucked.” She gasped out reaching for him trying to get him back inside her.

“Try harder.” He commanded.

“I’m a dirty fucking slut who needs her cunt filled with your cum.”

“Good girl” He said sliding his dick back inside her. “Would you pay me to cum in your cunt?”

“Oh fuck yeah!” She cried.

“Well give me the money then!” Daddy demanded, the girl didn’t hesitate, she reached behind her and pulled out the wad of notes and handed it to Daddy.

“Now fuck me, you bastard!” She yelled.

Daddy put the camera down, even though the angle was funny I could see Daddy grip her by the hips and ram his dick hard into her, her squeals of delight echoed round the room as he pounded her to heaven

“Oh god” She panted over and over as Daddy made her cum again and again, then he tensed and he pumped his cum deep into her willing body. Daddy withdrew after a few seconds and we could see the nice cream pie he’d left in her, thick cum dripped off her pussy lips and onto the floor.

OMG I was so fucking horny! My own Daddy was a sex god! He had totally own that little bitch. Shit, she was a slut, just like me.

I looked Daddy in the face for the first time, suddenly I was so aware of my nakedness, and how hard my nipples were. He was watching me intently.

“Wow, you totally owned her!”

Daddy smiled.

“Would it be so bad, you know, if maybe we kinda did that?” I asked slowly.

“You’re kidding right?” He asked softly.

“Well, you know, it’s not like we’re planning to have kids or anything it’s just sex.”

“Yeah, but I am your father.”

“I know, but like, you know, you did her so well, no one’s ever fucked me like that.”

Daddy, just sat there looking at me.

“And you know I had so much fun tonight, and $450 is a lot of money.”

“I could ask one of the other guys to come back if you’d rather not do it with me.”

“Are you kidding? That little slut just came like a million fucking times? I wanna get some like that!”

Daddy just grinned at me.

“Common, please Daddy, it’ll be fun. It’s only sex, and then I can waitress for you any time, wouldn’t that be cool, right? Me like this any time you’d like it?”

“Ok then. Only if you’re sure.”

“Just get the camera!”

Daddy went and got the camera and the tripod. I sat myself on the edge of the coffee table, just like the other slut had. I checked my nipples were still nice and hard, they were and I rubbed my pussy making her open up a bit, ready for sex.

Daddy fussed around with the camera for a few minutes.

“Daddy, I want you to call me a slut while we fuck.”

“I’m not sure if I can sweetie.”

“Please?” I begged “It gets me so hot being called a slut.”

Daddy walked over to me and lifted my chin so I could look him in the eye.

“Baby, I’m really not sure I can.”

“Please, for me, I love it I promise. I’m feeling really slutty, I’ve been walking around all night naked with four guys fingering my pussy and groping my tits and I loved it, if that doesn’t make me a slut I don’t know what does.”

“Do you want to be my slut?” He asked.

“Oh yes Daddy, I’m your dirty, horny, willing slut.” It felt so good to say that. I could feel how wet I was already, that other bitch has nothing on me!

Daddy stepped back behind the camera and the red light came on.

“Is it on?”

“Yep” replied Daddy.

“Everyone always wants to fuck me at the end of the night.”


“Oh shit yeah, I can’t remember the last time I worked a do like this and didn’t get fucked at the end of it.”

“Is that a fact?” Daddy asked.

“Yeah, but normally they all stay to fuck me.”

“Don’t you mind?”

“I expect it! You guys have been making me feel so horny all night fingering me and playing with bayan sarisin escort bursa my tits.”

“That’s quite slutty.”

“Slutty is as slutty does” I replied grinning. “Now are we gonna fuck or what?”

“Why don’t you show us all how slutty you are?”

“Pass me that bottle.” I said pointing at an empty beer bottle. Daddy passed it over too me and I lifted my foot onto the coffee table and started rubbing the cool glass of the bottle around my hot pussy, teasing myself before slowly sinking the bottle up to the neck into my pussy, I started to pump the bottle in and out of my pussy, slowly working more of the wider part inside myself stretching my pussy open.

Daddy stepped round the camera and just like the other slut I slid off the table and onto my knees. I reached for Daddy’s belt and started to unbuckle it. The bottle slid out of my sopping wet pussy and dropped onto the floor. His lovely cock bounced into view and wasting no time I grabbed it and stuffed his length into my mouth, I sucked and sucked, determined to be better than the other bitch who’d had Daddy’s cock. I cupped his balls and pulled him as deep into my mouth as I could get him. I let his dick pop out of my mouth and I licked sloppily up and down his shaft sucking his balls one at a time into my mouth. Daddy stood there holding my hair away from my face so the camera could see me sucking like a pro.

“Do you like that?” I asked wiping his dick all over my face.

“Oh fuck yeah, you’re a great cock sucker.”

I couldn’t reply as I was again deep throating my Daddy’s hard dick. He dragged me off his dick by the hair and sat me back on the coffee table. I spread my legs as wide as I could, exposing my soaking wet pussy for the camera.

“Are you gonna fuck me now?”

“Would you like me to fuck you?”

“Oh yes, please fuck me Baby.”

“I wanna taste your cunt.”

“Anything you want Sir.” I panted putting my hands behind my knees and lifting both my legs off the floor spreading myself even wider for him. Daddy knelt between my legs and I could feel his breath on my wet pussy. He teased me for a few seconds before licking me from asshole to clit and back again. I was trembling from his one lick when he did it again, circling my clit before stabbing his tongue into me.

He spread my pussy lips with his finger opening my hole up for him allowing him to work his tongue deeper into me, I couldn’t hold it and just like the slut in the video I grabbed his hair and jammed my pussy into his face forcing as much of his tongue into me as I could get. I came hard and fast as he worked my wet pussy. Daddy sat back on his heels and admired my pussy all quivering and wet from his onslaught. I lowered my legs back to the ground and waited to see what he wanted to do next.

Daddy positioned himself between my legs and held the camera straight down, I propped my self up on my elbows so I could watch his dick penetrate me for the first time. He rubbed the swollen head all over my pussy I started to moan as the tip brushed over my clit. Slowly he sank half his length into me,

Just like the other slut my eyes closed and my head lolled back as the feeling of wonderful fullness reached every fibre of my being. Daddy started to slowly fuck me, his dick fit better than any of the other men who I’d been with before. I looked down my body to see that wonderful thick hard dick sliding in and out of my easy pussy, glistening with my juices. I slumped back on the table unable to hold back a second longer as my second orgasm washed over me.

Daddy held very still and I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“Did you just cum?”

“Yes Sir.” I whispered.

“Did I say you could cum?”

“Err, No?” I asked hesitantly.

“Tell me what you are.”

“I’m a slut.” I answered.

“Wrong. Did someone give you money to fuck me?”

I nodded, desperate to do anything to get him to fuck me again.

“So bursa eve gelen eskort what sort of girl gets paid to fuck?”

“A whore.” I replied.

“So what does that make you then?”

“I’m a whore.”

“So a whore is just a paid cunt, for me to enjoy, you’re not here to enjoy my dick. You just lay there and let me fuck you.”

“But you fuck so good I can’t help but cum.”

“Well then, if you want to enjoy being fucked give me the money and we’ll just say you’re a slut who enjoys fucking.”

I didn’t hesitate I pulled the handful of notes I’d tucked into my garter belt and offered it to my Daddy. He took it and counted it.

“Where’s the other fifty you slut?”

I reached around looking for the last $50 but not finding it.

“I, I don’t know where it is.”

“I’m gonna punish you for that.” And without another word he slammed his dick back inside me and started to fuck me roughly, I was in heaven, my pussy flooded with even more juice letting him slide into me so easily then suddenly he slapped my tit hard, I glanced down, shocked and saw the livid red hand print on my breast, I became even more aroused at this new sensation, pain and pleasure mixed completely. I thrust my breasts up at him, Daddy smiled cruelly and slapped my other breast as he fucked me.

“What about the other $40 I owe you?” I panted pushing my heaving chest up at him.

“Oh you’re gonna pay that back too. Tell me what you want.”

“I want your cum in my hot little nineteen year old cunt.”

“Tell me more little slut.”

“I want you to cream pie me then send me home with your cum dripping out of my cunt.”

Daddy grinned at me and motioned me to carry on.

“All your cum’s gonna be dripping out of my slutty cunt, the cabbie will probably make me suck his dick when he realizes I’ve been cream pied by my client and there’s cum on the seat.”

Daddy thrust into me hard, his fingers digging painfully into my hips as he pounded me.

“And my boyfriend’s gonna be so pissed when I get home and he sees’ what a mess you’ve made of my cunt, and he’ll know I’ve sucked the cabbie off and swallowed his cum too.”

Daddy was slamming into me hard making it almost impossible for me to talk but I managed to.

“And he’s gonna fuck my ass so hard to teach me for just being a slut and too dumb to even be a whore and get paid to fuck. And all the time he’s fucking my ass I’m gonna be thinking of all your cum dribbling out of my slutty cunt and down my thighs.”

Daddy tensed and I could feel his cum pump deep inside my pussy, I clenched down hard as my own orgasm pounded through me.

Daddy held still for a few minutes buried deep in my body till he dragged his softening cock out of me, I felt so empty without him. I could feel his thick cum on my pussy and already it was starting to ooze out of my pussy.

“Make sure you film my cream pie.”

Daddy moved the camera round and held it close to my pussy, I reached down and spread my lips and pushed slightly letting more cum run out of my well fucked pussy and drip slowly onto the floor.

Daddy shut off the camera and stood up, I lay there propped up on my elbows, legs still spread as his cum dripped out of me.

He looked down at me.

“Sarah, you were amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard in my life.”

“Thanks Daddy, I wanted to be better than that other slut you fucked.”

“Babe, you total were. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“I kinda hope so,” I said looking at him coyly “Or is this a one-time thing?”

He looked slightly confused for a moment before the penny dropped.

“You want me to be your boyfriend?” He knelt down between my still open legs and I sat up and draped my arms over his shoulders.

“Of course, unless you don’t want to.”

“This is going to get very complicated.” He said.

“Besides, you haven’t had everything yet. Surely you want to try everything?” I teased.

Daddy leaned closer and kissed me. His finger tracked down over my cum soaked pussy and I could feel his finger tip, lubricated with cum, start to push into my asshole, he pushed it fully into me before breaking away.

“Shit, I’m guessing you’re not an anal virgin then?”

“Daddy, I guess you should know exactly what kind of a girl your daughter is.”

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