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Daddy, Princess, , Kitten

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When I was eighteen or nineteen, I worked at this expensive little bookstore. Paul, a thirty-seven year old, blue-eyed fantasy machine, was my boss. We flirted on occasion, but it was nothing serious.

Come to think of it, there were quite a few teenage girls working there. We were all friends, and we loved competing for Paul’s attention. We never called him Mr., we were on such friendly terms.

I’ll never forget the first Saturday in August, when the truth about Paul came out. I had just arrived at work and no one was in sight. All I could hear were a few little giggles near the back of the store.

My friend and coworker, Eliza, grabbed my hand and told me to be quiet. “Paul’s on the phone, shh.”

They made room for me and I pressed my ear against the door. Paul was breathing very hard and saying, “Aw yeah little girl, that’s what Daddy likessss, oh yeah, you’re gonna suck Daddy’s cock so good… mmm, you’re gonna make Daddy come! AHH!”

I covered my mouth with my hand. Was that really Paul in there? He couldn’t really be talking to his daughter, he must’ve just been talking silly with his girlfriend.

Work seemed so long that day. I longed to ask Paul about his family life, his sex life, and his daughter. I searched his eyes for something unusual, or incestuous. While all the other girls seemed sort of creeped out by the idea, I was more than curious.

In fact, I was so intrigued that I couldn’t fall asleep that night. Even though the chances of that really being Paul’s daughter on the phone with him were slim to none, I wanted it to be her. I painted a picture of Paul’s pretty daughter sucking his juicy cock until he came. I had heard about incest before and thought it was flat out disgusting, but this time, it was really turning me on.

Paul’s daughter was eighteen, too. Her mother had died a few years ago in a car accident. I always felt really sorry for Paul, but his daughter, Rita, sure did resemble her mom.

I looked at my digital clock, it was 11:30. Surely, a grown man like Paul wouldn’t be asleep yet. I snuck out my window and drove to his house. I knew the way since I had been there before with the other workers for get-togethers.

Anxiously, I rang the doorbell. Paul answered it. He was dressed in his dark green robe and was barefoot. “Hi, Paul, I’m sorry to bother you, but I just can’t stop thinking about you.”

Paul smiled and put his arm around me. Beşiktaş Escort He led me inside and said, “I’ve been thinking about you a lot, too. I was hoping one of you girls would hear my sexy little phone conversation.”

Whoa! It was all staged? I felt so humiliated. “Oh my god, why did you do that?”

“Don’t misunderstand me, Jen, I really do have hot sex with my naughty little daughter.”

Wow, Paul was telling me a lot. “Oh, that’s nice.”

“Nice? Honey, it’s spectacular. You couldn’t possibly understand. I know, why don’t you sit down and watch for a while?”

“Oh, I couldn’t.”

“Come on, you’ll learn a lot, and I know how much it excites you.”

“Well, alright.” I sat down on his couch and out of nowhere, Rita came in and sat down next to me.

“Hi Jennnny! Me and Daddy were just playing.”

“Rita, you’re eigheen years old, why are you acting like you’re four?”

Then Paul picked Rita up and said, “That’s how Daddy likes her to act.”

Rita’s pigtailed, curly hair bounced with her father’s movement. Paul put her on his coffee table and undressed her. “Look at my little girl. Isn’t she sweet?” Rita giggled as Paul tickled her stomach. Then Paul sat her up toward me and spread Rita’s legs, so her pink pussy was staring right ar me. “See how smooth baby’s pussy is? Daddy shaves her everyday. Isn’t that right Princess?”


“Sometimes I spank my baby, when she’s bad, but sometimes, I spank her because she’s good.” Then Paul turned his back to me and kissed his teenage daughter passionately.

A million different thoughts were running through my head. I mean, it was a very sexy vision, but it was my boss and my friend! I knew them both, how long had they been doing this?

“Look at my babygirl’s perky little breasts.” He took one in both hands and squeezed it.

“Oh, Daddy, that feels soo good!”

I was secretly a little jealous. Maybe I wished I had a hot Daddy who’d please me and spoil me the way Paul did with Rita.

“Aww, Princess, Jenny looks a little left out, doesn’t she?”

“Yeah, Daddy, I bet she wants to suck your big hard cock, too.”

“No, really, I’m fine.”

Paul came and sat down next to me. His naked daughter followed right behind him and sat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around her tightly. “It’s okay, Jenny, you don’t have to be shy. You can be my little daughter, too.”

I think Beşiktaş Escort Bayan my eyes gave me away. Something about watching Rita’s smooth legs rubbing against her father’s was driving me insane.

Paul leaned in and kissed me, “You’re mine now.”

Then Rita made a pouty face, “But Daddy…”

“Hey, you’ll always be my Princess,” he reassured her, “But now, Jenny is my little Kitten.”

“Okay, Daddy!”

“Good girl. Now I want you to get undressed, Kitten. You’re going to suck Daddy’s cock while my Princess eats your pussy.”

“No way,” I said.

“Now remember, Kitten, you can never say no to Daddy.” He tapped my nose with his index finger.

I didn’t know what I was doing anymore, but I didn’t care, my pussy was on fire.

I stripped and then Daddy said, “You have a very pretty body, Kitty. Doesn’t she?”

Princess looked at me with big eyes, “Mmmhmm, and Kitty’s got pretty long legs.”

“Yeah, I always wanted to try a blonde.” Then Daddy took off his robe. His body was amazing. “Here you go, here’s Daddy’s big hard cock. Suck it just like it’s a shiny cherry tootsie pop… and see how many licks it takes to get to the center.”

I took as much of it in my mouth as I could. He tasted so nice and salty. I got my mouth real wet and sticky for him. Then I felt Princess’s tongue touching my hard clit! Her girl tongue was so little and slick, it slid all over me.

I was so greedy as I took Daddy’s cock into my mouth. I wanted to do even better than Princess had ever done. He smelled so musky and manly, I loved hearing Daddy groan into me.

At the same time, I was pushing myself harder onto Princess. Her mouth felt so good! I had never felt such a smooth little tongue inside me before.

“Now remember, Princess, don’t let Kitten cum yet. That’s Daddy’s job.”

“Oh, but I want to make Kitten’s juices run down my face!”

“Do what Daddy says!”

“But Daddy! I can tell that she wants to cum. Her legs are shaking like crazy!”

“If you want to stay up and play with us, you’ll have to- UGH- UGHHH, oh Kitten, what are you doing to Daddy?” I started moving my tongue all over his fat cock and trying to take it down my throat. My cheeks were closing in on him, making him groan so loud. “Ahhh, oh my baby’s making me cumm!” Daddy’s cock was getting so big in my mouth.

Soon Daddy’s hot love juice was pouring down my throat. Escort Beşiktaş He grabbed my hair and started jamming his cock all the way down my throat until I nearly gagged. “Ohh, good girl!”

Then I felt Princess’s teeth scraping against my tender flesh. I was soo ready to cum.

Then Princess pulled away, “I’m sorry, Kitty. Daddy wants to make you cum first.”

“Anything you say.” Daddy then put ME on the coffee table and opened MY legs. I knew I was about to get it good. Daddy told me to hold still while he positioned his rod at my fuckhole. “Daddy, I need it soo bad!”

“Shh Kitten. Daddy will fuck you GOOD!” He pushed the head into my horny body, “Princess?”

“Yes Daddy?”

“Put your little hand around Daddy’s cock and try to push me into Kitty.”

“No Daddy, Daddy I need you now!” I protested.

“Daddy knows what’s best. Do it, Princess.”

Every second of it was torture, but it was worth it to see Daddy’s face as his slutty daughter felt her Daddy up. “Thank you, Princess. Now go sit on the couch and feel yourself while Daddy fucks Kitten.”

I heard Princess moaning loudly as Daddy started pushing his cock into me. It was such a switch from Princess’s little tongue. I had never felt such a hard cock before, it was like steel. “Ohh, Daddy, do it harder! I want to feel you fuck me real hard!”

“Anything for my little babygirl.” Then Daddy forced all his weight onto me, slamming his cock to the hilt. “Baby wants it hard, huh?” His voice sounded really deep and angry. He was thrusting harder than I ever imagined he would, and it almost scared me. “How’s that?”

“Oh Daddy, that’s really hard! Ahh, ahh!” My pussy was soo tight around Daddy. I was screaming and making high-pitched sounds that were really turning Daddy on.

“Fuck her harder, Daddy!” Princess said, cheering Daddy on.

“Oh Kitten, you’re so tight! I wanna slam you so hard!”

My pussy came and came again, but Daddy was not through with me. He held me still while he went all the way in and out, and then fed me his cum again.

Afterwards, he hugged me and said, “Ohh, that was magic, Kitten.”

Then Daddy licked our juices out of my cunt and patted me on the ass. “I need to fuck Princess now, or she’ll be mad,” he said, biting my clit with his beautiful, big white teeth. My pussy was still contracting.

I got dressed again and walked to the door, “Goodnight Princess, Goodnight Daddy.”

Princess walked me to the door, “Goodnight Kitten. I hope you come back again.”

Then Daddy ran to me, “I almost forgot, Kitten. Monday at work, I’ll just be Paul, but next Saturday, it’ll be just like this again.”

I kissed him on the cheek, “Okay, Daddy.”

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