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Daddy Made Me, 2011

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He saw her breasts shake through her tank-top as he grabbed her. She wasn’t wearing a bra which only added to his consternation.

The image of her breasts swaying under her shirt, the effect it had on him, was fleeting but what it generated in him was a beginning to an end. His twenty-one year old daughter Alex seemed to sense it.

Half sitting on the dining room table, Nicholas wasn’t looking at his daughter’s breasts. As they talked he was looking at her, accustomed to them, even now at eye level, peripherally entering his awareness jostling so sexily through the cotton of her tank top. Her nipples like cones, mounds, puffy, standing out from the overall upward slope of her breasts. He admittedly had these rapid flash of thoughts. Imagined gently sucking them, licking their undersides, his hot wet mouth enveloping his daughter’s warm puffy nipples.

He noticed her arms and shoulders seemed even more sensually feminine, something about the cotton tank top she had on. He noticed her curving hips, her soft belly just visible above the short skirt cut to hang on her curves with no belt. He could see the lines of her pelvis. Her bare thighs. Her buckled black boots pushing her ass up, making her legs seem so long. She had such beautiful hair. Such beautiful eyes. Her lips, made him want to kiss her. His daughter was lovely. His wanting her was an unconscious though constant desire.

Nicholas glared at his daughter, Alex.

“Who the hell is this guy anyway? Tell me.”

Her “new boyfriend” was an older man Alex had only seen once. She’d met him at the local bar several weeks before. He was in his late forties, her father’s age, but she lied about it just to piss him off. Nothing happened between them, but she wanted him to think something had, that she’d been seeing the older man regularly.

“It’s none of your business, Daddy” she sneered, turning defiantly daring to go out the kitchen door.

Nicholas burst forward from leaning against the heavy wood dinner table. In one swiping motion he grabbed her by her upper arm, his hand wrapping hotly around her slender bare skin, the suddenness and friction seeming to tear his little girl in two. His strength and her lightness, the violence of that physics like a ballet spiraling out of control unexpectedly practically flung her through the air.

Alex sprawled waist first into the kitchen table behind her father. The momentum spun him around too, now standing over his daughter, on her belly on the table, her legs splayed wide, her legs dangling in the air. She was just able to get her hands in front of her in time, her feet coming off the floor, her heavy boots kicking up behind her, the things on the table bouncing, up and then back down with a metallic glass clanging sound as she hit the table top.

Alex lay there stunned. Even Nicholas was surprised. That one, sleek, devastating movement.

He instinctively leaned over her, pressed his right hand down in the middle of her back.

“You’re not going anywhere” he growled.

He saw she was alright. He’d never been this aggressive before. His heart was pounding. He didn’t want to admit it, maybe couldn’t admit it right then, but he felt it, thought it: He liked it. He felt a surge of energy, blood and adrenalin rushing through him. He felt his balls tingling, his cock getting hard. He felt it in the pit of his stomach.

His daughter’s back was hot under his hand. Her short little skirt, ridden well up over her bare upper thighs exposed the soft round panty covered cheeks of her bottom, her tattoo across the small of her lower back probably one of the sexiest things he’d ever seen. He noticed how her hair looked wild, half covering her face, her eyes peering out hotly from under it.

Alex wriggled until her boot toes touched the floor. Her legs straight out behind her, her skirt up over her bottom, she felt vulnerable, but was angry at her father as he stared at her tiny, little panties, so tight, her skin glowing. Her femaleness did more than catch her father’s attention. He could hardly believe his eyes. Her little bottom was thrust up on the table edge, her legs spread wide apart. He saw between her legs, and his cock ached raging hard. A neatly sewn slit in the crotch of his daughter’s lacy black panties framed her soft little bare pussy. The slit spread open enough he could see the lips of her pink sex.

“Let me up, Daddy. Let me up. You have no right” Alex yelled at her father, recovering her senses, wiggling and fighting to push herself up off the table. He pushed down on her back.

She put her weight on one boot-toe, and tried to kick at him with the other, face flat on the dining room table, her breasts mashed into its hard surface, hoping her boot would do equal damage. Her expression was one of seething rage. Fiery, she fought to get up from under her father’s big hand. He was standing to the side of her, seemingly effortlessly holding her flailing body down which just enraged her all the Rize Escort more. Her leg was hitting his leg with her shin and not her boot, succeeding only in showing her sexy bare legs, opening the slit in her panties exposing her to her father’s gaze.

As she tried to get up from under his hand, Nicholas suddenly grabbed her left arm behind her, and then grabbed her other wrist, pulled it behind her as well, holding her two slender wrists together behind her back, one on top of the other in his one big hand, pushing down on her.

“Daddy, what the fuck, are you, doing? You, you asshole, what are you doing?”

In one motion he pinned her kicking legs under him, pressing his knees behind her’s so she couldn’t kick. The heat from her legs on his thighs, that energy passing between them was, divine. His balls felt hot and full. His cock was straining in his pants. The big head pushing against the thin fabric of his old jeans.

Alex was shocked by the sheer brute strength of her father. He’d never, ever been this rough with her. He hadn’t even spanked her since she was young. Here she was, bent over the kitchen table, her ass pressed up, her legs spread, her fathers weight against her, his legs pinning her’s open.

She felt the heat of his legs on her’s, his energy electric, pass into her as well. She felt it inside her. It felt good she was surprised to acknowledge, warm, familiar, her feet outside his, her calves hooked on the outsides of his shins, forcing her legs spread wide, only the toes of her boots touching the floor, his knees pushing hot into the back of her legs, bending her knees enough she didn’t have any leverage. She didn’t know yet that her father’s cock was straining in his pants, that the hardness she felt bump between her legs was the underside of his erection, that the big swollen head of his cock was pointing up and straining inside his pants just above her bottom.

“Are you through?” Nicholas growled.

Alex tried to wriggle loose. Nicholas pressed against her pinning her down. Her arms behind her back, her father’s legs pressed on her’s. She couldn’t move.

Nicholas imagined bending his knees so the head of his cock touched her pussy.

“Daddy! Let me, the fuck, up!” She was panting hard. Out of breath. Sweaty. Completely physically overpowered.

“I should have spanked you a long time ago!” he practically hissed at her. “You’re going to do as I say, or I’m going to give you a spanking you’re never going to forget.”

“Fuck you, Daddy! You can’t spank me! You bastard, let me go!” She’d come back home, just planning to stay for awhile, and she was way past her father telling her what to do.

Nicholas looked down at his daughters panty covered bottom, her bare pink sex through the slit in her panties. His cock seething hard, the head just inches from his daughter’s bare pussy, he surprised himself that he was enjoying Alex’s struggling. He was getting off on it. His wife, time, and again told him he needed to be more assertive. Even with her. He grinned to himself. This assertive enough? he mused. He thought he’d have to do this to her, too.

He suddenly stepped out from behind Alex, repositioning himself so only his right leg now pressed into the back of her left leg. He half leaned over her, his cock grinding into her hip.

“Stay still!” he commanded.

“Fuck you, Daddy, let me goooo!” Alex yelled out, wriggling and straining against his grip.

“Fuck me? No, fuck you, lil baby!” Nicholas said with a calm and purpose in his voice that surprised and frightened Alex.

He wasn’t yelling. His voice had changed. His grip on her took her energy away. He had her pinned down so tightly she couldn’t move. The initial adrenalin rush subsided, and panting hard, she felt herself giving in.

“Daddy, let me go. I’ll, I’ll tell, Mom” she threatened, her voice shaky. She could feel her upper legs exposed. The heat of her father against her hip. It registered. He was hard. He was grinding his cock against her.

“Leave your mother out of this” he growled back at her. She tried to look back at him. She caught his eye, and Alex watched his expression change. She thought if she maintained eye contact, he’d snap out of it, would let her up. She’d never seen that expression on her father’s face. It startled her. She watched him turn his head, his eyes look down at her bottom.

She felt him, hard against her thigh. She felt his cock jump against her through his pants. Him push it against her, grind it against her hip as if he weren’t, as if he were just holding her down preventing her from struggling. She remembered her panties, and felt a moment of panic. She tried not to believe he could see her pussy through the slit in her panties. Her legs were spread wide. Her belly on the table top, her bottom pushed up and out.

She could feel the air on her exposed open little pussy, the fabric of her panties stretched, the slit exposing her sex to her father. Her Rize Escort Bayan feet on the floor, standing on her toes, he was seeing her. Her panties. Her pussy. She could have tried to close her legs, but she didn’t. She suddenly became acutely aware of the warm night air between her legs, on her bare upper thighs, her father pressed hot against her, his breathing hard, panting from the exertion, hers, echoing into her ears from the table, and a warm feeling deep in her groin, in her belly. Neither of them said anything for what seemed like an eternity.

Then it happened. Her father’s hand came crashing down on her bottom with a loud, slapping smack! Alex’s entire body seized, bounced. The hot burning sensation freezing her ability to make sound before the next crashing slapping spank hit her squarely where the first had landed. She was struggling under him now, her bottom hot, burning.

“Daddy! Stop! You, can’t! Stop it, Daddy!” He spanked her again, ignoring her pleas, his fingertips slapping around her hip, the flat of his hand searing into her flesh. She tried to move her hands to cover her stinging bottom, but her wrists were held down too tightly. These were calculated spanks. He picked and chose where to spank her next. She knew he felt he could do this with impunity. Her bouncing and trying to turn her bottom away from him, only spurred him on further. Made him harder.

Alex was frightened, completely drained, regretting her rebellious impetuous attitude toward her father. He seemed to be done spanking her. She’d really just wanted his attention, and now she was getting it, good or bad, she had his full attention.

She’d never seen him be this forceful. She’d never sensed this side of him. She’d never felt what she was feeling between her legs with him. She was soaking wet. It was all throwing her off. Her mind was racing. She felt a flooding sense of love for him.

Nicholas was staring between her legs, at her lovely round bottom encased in the black sheer lacy panties, her sensually soft glowing smooth thighs, both now showing the red welting slap marks of his big hand. Her bottom pushed up so high, her shiny black leather boots making her legs look even more sexy. He let himself think it; she was so fucking sexy.

His cock ached. She was breathing hard. She was spent of energy. She looked roughed up. He looked between her legs again. She moved in such a way that her pussy, her pink sex seethed in his thoughts. He thought of her jiggling breasts before this began. Her nipples.

As if in slow motion, her slight squirming movements made her bottom move ever so erotically causing the slit in her panties to open and close provocatively, ever so slightly, and his cock, raging rigid hard jumped hot against her hip. The lips of her bald little pussy were shiny wet. She was liking this, too. It was turning her on.

Alex felt her father’s hand touch the back of her thigh, low above her knee. His big hand. Warm. Hot. His whole palm covering the whole of her leg, his fingers spread out, sliding up along her hot bare skin, the electric hot sensations of his touch traveling straight between her spread legs.

She looked back at her father, the grey in his sideburns, the grey in his little patch of hair under his chin. The day old stubble on his face matching the length of his shaved head. She’d run her hands over his scalp many times, loving the feel of his soft bristly hair, teasing him, her sexy Daddy she’d think to herself. Her sexy Daddy, now practically raping her. The thought sent a wave of tingling electric humming between her legs, into her breasts and her nipples.

“Daddy?” she breathed, a sense of urgency, of worry in her voice. She realized the precariousness of her position, her father’s power over her gripping her wrists, her arms behind her back, his hand on her leg, his cock hard and pressed against her hip, her bottom burning hot, her pussy throbbing, slippery wet.

She was so turned on. She thought she should fight, but how could she fight, when she liked it? She didn’t want to admit it to herself, any more than her father could understand or reconcile his own feelings, the way his body was responding. Even if she was his daughter, he was surprised by how turned on her struggling made him. His balls hot, and his cock hard. He felt wild, uncontainable.

The power of the sexual control he felt swept through him like a furnace, gripped him, took him over. So much so, whatever inner conflict he may have felt was swept away however precious by the sheer, overpowering nature of this beast. By the sheer sexual arousal he felt for his daughter. It was the same for Alex. She felt herself submitting to his strength, his forcefulness, wanting it, admiring it, desiring him for it.

Seeing how wet she was, he wondered if he’d stop if she weren’t? Or if he was continuing because she was? He studied her bottom, her thighs, and couldn’t resist feeling the glowing smoothness of his daughter’s Escort Rize legs. Squeezing her wrists, pushing down on her arms, he touched his whole hand to the back of her right leg. She was so warm, so soft, so smooth.

He slid his hand up her thigh, his fingers pointing down, wrapping around the contour of her leg, gripping the thick of her leg in his big hand, his cock pressing into her hip.

Her panties were pulled up tight, the lovely globes of her bottom curving into her upper legs, pulled tight over the mound of her pussy, the slit wide open revealing the smooth of her inner leg and the bald lips of his daughter’s sex. She was so pink, so shiny wet, he wanted to lick her, to taste her, to press his mouth over her slippery wet sex, to pleasure his own daughter with his mouth, his soft warm wet mouth, his lips, his tongue.

She looked back at him over her her shoulder, the side of her face pressed into the table top. He was in love with her in that moment, so captivatingly beautiful, so much like her mother. The way her legs were spread, her knees bent, her on her toes, her bottom thrust up, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

He could smell her soft fragrance, a perfume she wore, and he inhaled her. He rubbed his hand up and down her upper thigh, taking her in, all of her, her fragrance, her heat, her sounds, her breathing. He couldn’t stop himself if he wanted to, and he didn’t want to; and he wasn’t, not for anything. He’d gone too far, knew he was going to go further.

Alex laid still. Only moments had passed. She was still breathing hard from the exertion and anger of their tussle, from the sudden jolt and then the heat of the spanking her father had given her. She was amazed at how quickly she’d tired. It was true, she’d heard fights only last seconds, minutes. She’d submitted. She didn’t want this to end, whatever this, was. She was wet, and hot and wanted more. She felt the exact moment when she completely submitted to her father, to her lust.

She found herself relaxing, breathing hard, the feel of her father’s hand stroking her thigh, her submission taking on new proportions, his fingers sliding along her hot skin, purposefully coming so close to her now slippery wet little pussy.

She knew he could see her through the slit in her panties. She arched her back, lifted her bottom, felt her pussy so wet and hot and aching, open more. She wanted him to see her. She wanted her father to see her bald smooth shiny pink slit she’d shaved just hours earlier getting ready to go out. She wanted to be this man’s, babygirl. Maybe she always had. Wanted to fuck her own father. The thought made her wet.

She loved touching herself after she’d shaved, the area around her little cunny so sensitive, little electric jolts shooting up inside her. Her father’s thumb stopped in the dimple of her upper inner thigh, first on her right leg, then his hand running up her left leg, his fingers squeezed, that so sensitive place, and he knew it. She was so beautiful. He stared at her pink little pussy. He wanted to touch her. He wanted to taste her.

Alex’s pussy tingled. She felt hot, her father’s fingers felt good, and embarrassed, it was her father, by how aroused she was, and was becoming, she didn’t want to admit even to herself, how hot this was, aroused by her father’s strength, his control of her.

He stopped just short of touching her pussy, but his fingers so close, exploring her, touching her hot skin no less made Alex’s pussy hum with a whole new kind of feeling. She willed him to go further, to touch her. She willed him to want to lick her. Oh god, her Daddy licking her, his tongue, his mouth on her hot wet sex, the thought made her cream, she felt herself flood, slippery hot wet.

Nicholas stared at her pink little pussy, and imagined licking her. What she might taste like. Imagined his cock pushing its way inside her, spreading her open. His cock aching throbbing hard in his pants. Alex imagined the same at almost the same moment, a hard cock, her father’s cock, fucking up inside her. His fingers, his mouth, his tongue. She wondered what kind of lover her father was.

He knew he was making her hot. She’d stopped struggling, mostly anyway, a few wriggles and jerks he supposed to keep up the appearance of this being nonconsensual. He decided to let her think he didn’t know she was so obviously turned on. Alex struggled, tried to wriggle out from under her father’s grasp, not because she wanted to get away, and he knew it.

He could smell the fragrance of his daughter’s pussy, hot and flowing with her juices, making his cock ache even more. He slid his fingers along her left leg again, his fingertips like hot teasing prods gliding up along Alex’s skin.

She wriggled once or twice, feigning an attempt to pull free of her father’s grip on her wrists which she could easily have broken away from at this point. She felt she needed to resist. He was her father. He was touching her, sexually. She shouldn’t want this. She felt confused. She had been so horny getting ready to go, to see if she could find this guy again at the bar. She wasn’t meeting friends. Her mother was out. It was just her and her father, here alone in the house, no one would know.

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